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30th September 2001 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
2nd in the league...there is no doubt about it, this is no false position - QOS are on their way to a promotion winning campaign!

Queens' brand of slick passing football is the basis of a strong challenge - an excellent advertisement to increase attendances at Palmerston. And on the question of attendances, surely the time is right to introduce "free" admission for under 16s at forthcoming home matches. This is a low risk strategy which in the short-term will attract new "young supporters" and in the long-term attract the lucrative family segment to Palmerston!
30th September 2001 Christian Nicholson
WOW. What can i say. What a start to the season. The Queens are looking stronger than ever and i am watching from Oman!! John O'Niell is all i hear and see on the net and it is all good. A very good signing, well done.

Keep up the good work and get the promotion i believe we are due.

Thanks for the shirt, it has reached me in Oman and i can now sit in the tent in the evening eagerly awaitng the news of our latest conquest, and it is boosting morale no end when i see results such as the one at Berwick.

Thanks for the morale, Keep it coming.
30th September 2001 Brian McKie
Come on Queens, lets break the bank and buy Feroz.
30th September 2001 Dave Hiddleston (Fids)
Great result Queens well done all the best from Dave Hiddleston, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hi to Ian Black & Jardy
29th September 2001 Chris Tinning
Great display on Tuesday against Aberdeen from both the team and the fans. Lets keep it up and get promotion at long last.

Just a note about O'Neil, certainly the signing of last season (above even Weatherson) just look at how our fortunes changed after he signed. However we've had a player at Palmerston in recent memory who may challeng him for skill, a certain Mr Tommy Bryce who played the same position with the same aplomb. Both great players and firm favorites with the fans.
28th September 2001 Stuart McKie
I would like to say well done to JC and the boys at Queens for a brilliant start to the season. The way they played against Aberdeen was a pleasure to watch. John O'Neil is one af the best players in the second division(what as signing) and JT is as solid as a rock at the back. Hopefully Peter will start scoring again and help us on our push to promotion. I just wish the fans who were at the Aberdeen game would come and get behind us in the league game where the players need them most.

P.S good luck on Saturday lads
28th September 2001 Simon McKell
I was down at Palmerston during the week for the Aberdeen game and thought you played excellent, a lot of talented players. The second half was one way traffic!! If JC takes you up to Div 1 this season you will be doing well to hold onto him and some of your players.

Good luck for the rest of the Season!

Yours in fitba'

28th September 2001 Ewan McNaught
Great performance against Aberdeen. I don't see any reason why we can't go up with Alloa, particularly if:

1- O'Neill maintains his form.

2- we can somehow persuade Feroz to join us for the rest of the campaign.

3- Weatherson finally starts hitting the net regularly.

Hi to Calum Watson. How are things? You can e-mail me at
28th September 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Alex Bomphray.

That's an easy one Alex.

You are correct. The League team we've gone longest without meeting in a competitive fixture, other than Peterhead who we haven't played as a League team, is MOTHERWELL. We last played the "Steelmen" in a League match at Palmerston on 1st May 1982, losing 5-2.

They beat St Mirren by almost 4 months. We last played them in a League Cup tie on 25th August 1982 at Love Street, losing 6-0!

Third longest is Rangers, who we last played also in a League Cup tie at Palmerston on 27th August 1983. We lost that one 4-1.

Raith Rovers and St Johnstone, both last met in 1989, are the only other sides we've not played competitively since the 90's began.
27th September 2001 Rob Smith
Thought you might like to read some of the quotes from the Aberdeen Evening Express following Tuesday nights game:

Feroz was absolutely magnificent
Weatherson looks a great prospect
McAlpine impressive on the overlap
Queens played better than most SPL teams have managed in recent seasons
Ebbe should search for a new striker down Palmerston way
Esson was top Don and saved the Dons from embarrassment.
The match was given 4 stars out of 5 & five Queens players were given 7 or more out of 10.
Well done Queens !!
27th September 2001 Scot Carrick
Brilliant display on tuesday night, JC'S past critism of the fans is unjustified as when we get a team giving there all like against Aberdeen we get behind the team and back them all the way, how many teams get beat at home and walk off to a standing ovation. As with a previous writer i have also read des's book, i have gained even more respect for him now but i get the feeling JC might not be too chuffed with some of the more frank comments in it.

Jon O'neill is perhaps the most talented qos player i have ever seen in 15 years supporting the boys.
27th September 2001 David Gow
Great performance against the Dons lads, well done. There was only one team playing silky football out there and it wasnae them!

Just come back from a press showing of a Shot at Glory. It's surprisingly good. McCoist is actually very impressive and Robert Duvall's accent(based on Bill Shankly I would say without a shadow of doubt) actually comes off. The Queens game is well done, couldnae see masel unfortunately but the stadium looks good and I like the way we're the "big first divison team". Let's make it reality!! Ironic bit for me was Ian McCall playing for Queens (at last) and gracing the Palmerston turf. Should be a hit with any football fans and fans of wee Ally. Get along and see it when you can.
27th September 2001 Martin Cope
Had a great night at the Aberdeen game. Four of us came up from Kendal, enjoyed a pint in the "New Bazaar" and then headed to the ground. Great to see the place relatively full, with an expectant atmosphere - and we were not to be disappointed. Queens played brilliantly and took the game to the Dons, especially in the second half. Pity about the somewhat sloppy first goal, but little to be done about the second, which was wonderfully finished. But the commitment and work rate of the Queens' lads was superb, and the skills level excellent. If, and it is a big if, Queens can play to that level for the most part of the season, then promotion will be a strong possibility. Anywhere outside the top four would be underachievement, provided the club can keep this squad together. Can't wait to visit again, probably for the Hamilton game. Three points against Alloa this Saturday, please!
27th September 2001 Alex Bomphray
A great performance by Queens last night-they certainly did us proud. If we can keep this up in the league we'll surely go up. However, I remember a great performance against Hearts 2 years ago when we thought the same and look what happenned that season. I'm sure we'll do better this time.

Now that we have at long last played Aberdeen, which team have we now gone longest since we last played them now(Ewan?) I reckon it is either Motherwell(last time I saw Queens play them was 1982) or St Mirren(1977).

Finally hi to Callum Watson-you can contact me on
26th September 2001 Shanksy
Went to the Aberdeen CIS game yesterday.
i) Tidy Little ground, but arrived too late to have a pre match beer.
ii) You were well unlucky not to get at least a draw, Aberdeen's defence was garbage.
iii) The 1st copper who saw me said "away fans that way". Maybe it was the Burberry baseball cap I was wearing?
26th September 2001 Norman Fitzpatrick
Brilliant performance against Aberdeen,well done lads, keep it up & we're going up to Div.1. On the subject of penalties,did Alan Ball (is wonderful) used to take them for the first team as well as play centre forward for the reserves now and again? Of course the other possibility is that my memory has finally gone.
25th September 2001 Bruce Wright
Much discussion on the "unofficial" site re Queens goalscorers so the definitive list will appear in Alloa prog. on Saturday. The question on penalties is virtually impossible though I/Blacko/Andy Penn may give it a go sometime.
25th September 2001 Dave Hiddleston
The best of luck Queens against Aberdeen from a loyal 'Doon-Hamer' in Saudi Arabia I will be checking the teletext tonight.

Hope you haave a great turn out.

All the best from Dave Hiddleston (Fids)
25th September 2001 Callum Watson
Best of luck to QOS for tomorrow nights game against The Dons. As a QOS fan exiled in the South and following the English Dons I will be at Wimbledon v Millwall but will be glued to radio for news of Queens goals!! Hi to Alex Bomphray and all QOS fans. I sense from afar the smell of a good season and dare I say promotion is a possiblity!
24th September 2001 Graeme Waugh
Congratulations to Queens on their excellent victory over Berwick, and the past few weeks brilliant results. I am looking forward to this weeks game against Aberdeen, all going well I will be there to cheer Queens on, I hope Queens can muster as many fans as possible to Palmerston this Tuesday, and be able to out voice Aberdeen, well, good luck to Queen Of The South, I know they will win.
24th September 2001 Kevin Donnelly
I have just read Des McKeown's book and would recommend it to all football fans, not just Queens fans. The commitment of this man to play football is quite staggering and his deep affection for Queens comes shining through. Living in London, I don't get to read his column in the Scottish Sun so the quality of his writing came as a bit of surprise.

Given what he said about being on the bench at Thistle before he moved back to QoS and seeing that he is now on the bench at Palmerston one can only wonder what he is thinking at the moment. It would also be interesting to hear John Connolly's comments on the last chapter.

Great result yesterday, keep it going.
22nd September 2001 Dave Hiddleston (Fids)
Trying to contact Rab & Billy Gallagher cousins who now live in London, I am currently living in Saudi Arabia.

Order Order We Are The Border (A 70's battle Cry at Palmerston)

22nd September 2001 Dave Bristol
i am a bristol rovers fan(small 3rd division team from england) and i am trying to addopt a smallish scotish team. i am familier with scotish football as i have seen rangers three times and i would thankful if some one could give me some inf on queen of the south thank you very much.
20th September 2001 Bruce Wright
Anyone out there explain how Clydebank do it? They are top of our league and played in front of only 151 fans on Wednesday night. How do they pay their players - you are not telling me that Barry Lavety, for instance, is playing for sweeties. Very bizarre situation indeed.
19th September 2001 Ross Glencorse
I live in Edinburgh and went along to the match at Cowdenbeath on Saturday as a neutral, primarily because I had nothing much else to do.

I was really impressed with the support Queens brought with them and thought they got behind their team well. It was good to hear some noise and singing from the terraces as the Cowden fans never even raised a chant or song for the whole 90 mins. Cheers, good luck for the rest of the season
19th September 2001 Scot Carrick
Looking forward to the dons coming, are we giving them the whole of the east stand, personally I think a section would be enough as i doubt they'll bring enough fans to fill it. Bad news about JT but I am looking forward to seeing the highly rated derek allan in action, Jon o'neill will score the winner
19th September 2001 Craig Ewan
Enjoy your site,Where is the best place to go for a beer before the cup-tie next week.

The best place is the Palmerston Lounge Bar, you will find it under the main stand, always a friendly welcome.
17th September 2001 Russell Johnston
I noticed fraser mclean saying about graeme brown of cowdenbeath...was that the no. 9?

I agree, i think we could do with some competition for the forwards like weatherson and feroz. That no. 9 had a superb game.
17th September 2001 Ryan Carmichael
I cant wait to see the Queens dump aberdeen out the cup, Palmerston will be packed and a few bob made out it too.
16th September 2001 Fraser Maclean
Not a bad result at Cowdenbeath although we really need to win these games. I wasn't too happy with the abuse given to some of the players. We should get behind the team during the 90 minutes and moan all we like after the game, there is no point in abusing players during th 90 minutes as confidence is such a vital part of football. Could we do anything to get Graeme Brown to Palmerston as he was excellent and would be a great addition ?
16th September 2001 Gordon Logan
PeterCopeland how are you and the troops Queens Going No To Bad Wedding Plans Going No To Bad Adios Amigo .
16th September 2001 Alexander MacLeoad
is there an alisdair morrison(barvas)in new zealand who supports q.o.s? the macleods(point) are now on line If you know who you are can we get your e-mail
15th September 2001 Jesper Bagger Nissen
I just wanted to check out the page, and found one of my friends from Denmark represented in the Internet Fan Club (Brian Koch).. hmmmmm... well - see you guys on OCHILVIEW PARK nov. 24th 2001...

13th September 2001 Ross Corbett
Saturdays bus to cowdenbeath leaves tescos at 1030 am only two seats left anyone interested phone jim on 270102.
13th September 2001 Ross Fielding
Does anyone know what the latest is regarding is there any publishing date for Des McKeown's book or what it's called.

We believe that Des McKeown's book will be published on the 17th September, as soon as it is available we will put an item on the news page.
13th September 2001 John McGonigle
Does anyone know when tickets will be on sale for the CIS cup game against Aberdeen

John, it is unlikely that any tickest will be printed for this match, it will more than likely be pay-at-the-gate, if we hear differently we will publish it on the News page.
11th September 2001 Alex Bomphray
Update on 'A Shot at Glory'.

Premier is at the McEwan's Scottish Peoples Film Festival(don't know where that is being held but is bound to be in the capital city(Glasgow!!) from 26-30 September and Robert Duvall is apparently coming.. General release has been put back a week to 12 October.
11th September 2001 Ian Raffel
Just spoke to a friend who took his son to the Northampton Town v QPR Worthington Cup tie here recently. They are QPR fans and asked the players for autographs during the warm up. One of the players said he would later, after a team discussion, and he was true to his word, signing the wee lad's programme. The player? Andy Thomson. Good on you, Andy, a gentleman to the end. I believe he scored, although QPR lost 2-1.
10th September 2001 Clint Osborne
We were in Scotland last week visiting various football grounds and wish to thank QOS for the warm welcome given to us, when we turned up at Palmerston Park without notice on Friday.

We followed this up with the match at Stranraer on Saturday. For a neutral, this was a top game to watch, which you should have won by the end.

All the best for the rest of the season, hope you get promotion as you are clearly geared for a better division.
10th September 2001 Eric Fisher
Totally agree Ross - there is not enough effort being made to promote the team around the town and district. PRONTOPRINT apparantly are producing fixture posters free of charge for the club but I have not seen a single one. I have contacts with the information shop on the high street and hopefully posters displaying Queens matches will be on show in the future. Various pubs in the kingdom are willing to have fixture lists for the Old Firm on full view but our local team is forgotten.

Different subject - According to the Courier the film by Robert Duvall now named SHOT AT GLORY is being shown at the Burns Centre between October 26 and November 1.
10th September 2001 Ross Corbett
9th September 2001 Ewan McNaught
Hi Alex. To be honest I wouldn't say "one of my daughters' birthday" as I don't have any daughters!

However if I did have more than one daughter I would be grammatically correct to do so.

Sorry I had to dash when I bumped into you in Broughton Street the other day (I was late for a dinner appointment with "she who must be obeyed").

Didn't make Stranraer this weekend but I'll be at East Stirling on Tuesday and Cowden on Saturday.
9th September 2001 Scott Wilson
re Ewan Lithgow

Thankyou, 4 explaining that 2 me it's much appriciated. Most people wouldn't bother to explain or take so much time 2 write that letter why I couldn't get the shirt. I didn't mean 2 sound selfish but, I know it sounded selfish it's just that I was getting annoyed seeing loads of people walking around at the games with them on and I couldn't get one. From, Scott Wilson.

P.S.Thankyou 4 taking the time 2 write that long letter it must have taken ages 2 write and I now fully understand the situation.
9th September 2001 Ken Grier
A message to John Connolly ... well done on a great 2cd half fightback at Stair Park but please , please sign a couple of goalscoring forwards . We may miss out on our best chance on promotion for years due to our lack of finishers . 1 goal in 6 games from the front two is not good enough , especially when our rivals have finishers of the quality of Harty , McGrillen or Lavety . C'mon Queens push the boat out that extra mile ( it may help if we trained 1 night per week at Palmerston and the other night at either of 2 venues - Newcastle or Glasgow to overcome the objection that some players may have to joining us ? ) . Best of luck for the rest of the season .
8th September 2001 Ross Corbett
Well I am just back from Brussels absolutely massive Scotland support but what amazed me was the number of QUEENS FANS also the number of people sporting Queens tops who were total strangers .I would like to go back to sundays game against stenhousemuir what a terrible turnout but once again no advertising whatever happened to the posters displayed in pubs and shops throughout the region.With a bit of publicity throught posters media and maybe even visits to schools and clubs Queens could easilly have had 2000 plus at palmerston on sunday.
8th September 2001 Alex Bomphray
Sorry, grammatical error, as Ewan McNaught would say'one of my daughters' birthday'-I think that's right now.
8th September 2001 Alex Bomphray
I was at UCI today to see Crocodile Dundee 3(One of my daughter's birthday) when I saw a poster advertising 'A shot at glory', but quoting no dates. I made enquiries and was told that it will be showing(ther at least) on October 5!!

Great news that it is out at last

I wonder which of Stevie's many goals it will show.
8th September 2001 Mikaela Swede
I'd like to say hi and good luck to Stuart Connolly.

7th September 2001 Ken Grier
Colin ,

This may be of interest to your readers , as I continue my 1 man campign to publicise QOS to the world .

>From Simon Pia's diary in todays Scotsman

" Flying High
The Famous Grouse is sure shaking up its image as a tipple for auld worthies but thats becasue things are shaking up in the boardroom .

If you can raise your eyes from the Diary of an evening you may have noticed that the grouse on the television in its latest advertising campign is tap dancing , ice skating and involved in a Benny Hill "chaser" routine ,

Brand Director , Ken Grier, a Queen of the South fan and one of lifes enthusiasts-now no cracks please about you would have to be to support the Doonhamers -is convinced that the latest 3m advertising campign will give Scotlands favourite nip a competitive edge .

However, he was clearly a little exasperated when trying to describe the content of the new advertisements to his fellow directors .

" When his verbal descriptive powers failed to make any impact" , Kens colleague tells us " he leapt on to the boardroom table and proceeded to act out each ad. You could call it executive charades , but we were a wee bit worried when he got to the Benny Hill bit that he'd have a bit of an accident".

Ian Good , chairman and chief executive of parent company , Edrington, had clearly seen nothing like it in his 30-odd years with the group and for once was speechless.But , such was Ken's thespian prowess , Ian gave it the nod .

A fourth advert is being made , but our mole says maybe it would not be a good idea if Ken acted this one out. He might get the sack . Watch this space .

( The ad. in question by the way is called Office Party and features the bird photocopying his backside at an Xmas do ! )

Who says us QOS fans( and Famous Gouse drinkers ) are mad ?!
6th September 2001 Bruce Wright
Re: two requests from Russell Johnston for info on bus times. All you have to do is phone Jim McCormick on 01387 270102.
5th September 2001 Sandy Orr
Greetings from sunny San Stefanos in Corfu. Gutted That I will miss the Stranraer game, but when I'm watching Sky Soccer Saturday with a cold Mythos in my hand I won't be too distraught as long as we are beating the Cleyholers!

Still to get my photo for the programme, but as always my Queen's top is hanging above the bar in the Condor. The Corfu QoS supporters club will be egging on the Doonhamers!

5th September 2001 Russell Johnston
Hi, does anybody know if theres a bus going to East Stirling for the CIS cup match on tuesday night and it there are any seats available?
4th September 2001 Eric Fisher
There are a few QOS shirts left at the INFORMATION SHOP at the midsteeple on the High Street.
3rd September 2001 Barrie Little
Will do Ross. My flag is somewhat smaller but perfectly formed and will be proudly displayed from Edinburgh to Glasgow to Liverpool to Amsterdam to Brussels and then back again!
3rd September 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Scott Wilson

Your points are noted Scott but you need to understand the situation. Since I work in the shop, let me respond to you.

Firstly, both the Home and Away tops are available in the following adult sizes - Small; Medium; Large and XLarge. As of today we have temporarily sold out of both the Small and Large Home tops though. Since you say that you "still" can't get a top to fit, then I presume you are none of these sizes. XXLarge and all childrens sizes are still unavailable at this time.

This situation is obviously not one that we are particularly happy with but is unfortunately the commercial reality of dealing with such a high profile supplier as Fila. Plenty of people on this board have, with some justification, criticised the quality of shirts in the last few seasons. This year therefore, moves were made to secure a supply contract with a major market player (Fila) who are also responsible for the Scotland national top amongst others. However, the realistic fact is that we are small fry to Fila. More Scotland tops will be sold in a day than we'll sell in a season I'm sure. We are NOT a priority for the Fila manufacturing department. That's the price we pay for the quality and reliability of supplier we are now using. It might be different if we could guarantee thousands of orders but we can't. We will only sell a few hundred in total over the season, the majority of which are adult sizes. The cold, hard commercial fact is that we sell far more tops in the normal adult sizes than we do in childrens sizes. Thus we have prioritised getting the adult tops before the childrens ones.

I am sorry you are unhappy but there is very little we can actually do about the whole situation. If we use a "smaller" unknown supplier, other people will complain about the amateur look and poor quality. Hopefully, the size you want will be available for the next home game which isn't due until the tail end of the month. In the meantime please bear with us. We're doing all we can to obtain the other sizes.
3rd September 2001 Ken Grier
The 2cd goal from John O'Neill today was one of the best I have ever seen at Palmerston ,dribble and seamless one touch ! Please Please keep it up next Saturday Queens as we badly need a win over the Cleyholers . Well done John Connolly ( we do still need a wide man and a goal scoring forward though ! ) C'mon you Queens !
2nd September 2001 Scott Wilson
Good result today but, I was annoyed today to turn up at the Queens game today and discover that 3 games into the season and still can't get a Queens top to fit. If this carries on for much longer I won't bother getting the top because there'll be hardly any games left to wear it by the time it comes. Anyway a good result today and keep up the good work Queens.
2nd September 2001 Russell Johnston
Congradulations to queens for such a solid performance at the back and in midfield.

Especially considering the quality of the officials today. The linesman on the galloway news stand during the second half was abysmal. Shocking offside decisions and terrible communication with the ref.

Well done to john O'Neil on scoring two magnificant goals.

PS. Does anyone know if theyre are spaces on the travel clubs bus to stranraer next weekend?
1st September 2001 Ross Corbett
See you in Brussels barrie theres about sixteen of us going over from the doonhamers travel club look out for the massive qos flag.
30th August 2001 Barrie Little
Any Doonhamers making the trip to Brussels next week? If so I'll see you there.

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