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31st July 2001 Alex Wilson
Following a discussion at Palmerston after the Newcastle game, does anybody remember, (or preferably know!), how much Queens paid for Peter Dickson from Albion Rovers?

Alex here's a cutting from my scrap books, I think it was probably from 'Shoot':

30th July 2001 John Smith
Could someone ask the guy that reads out the team lines at Palmerston to read them out a bit slower, I always mark up the team line that is produced in the programme so that I can keep tabs on who is who, particularly important when there are some new faces to contend with.

It would be much appreciated.
30th July 2001 Sean Crilley
Hello again,

I wrote a message a few posts down and arguing the case of scots football and I said Scotland was densely populated but being a typical English person I got that very wrong, I mean Scotland is sparsely populated!!!
30th July 2001 Fraser Skimming
To Sean Crilley: I read with interest your comments and have some sympathy towards your points. Firstly though Scotland has a population density less than England and you can watch the big teams in Spain and Portugal for a couple of quid but..having lived in England for several years I used to be protective of Scottish footie but the rubbish which is shown on SKY every week ie Celtic or Rangers v no hopers is really embarassing ans a poor advert for the game.I watched Celtic against St Johnston yesterday and could not believe the time Lambert had to score that goal. Anyway I agree that watching Queens is more enjoyable than watching dreadfull 'launch it ' Div 3 but I might argue about the standard.Can't think of any Bobby Zamoras in Div 2.

Must say I think that Boksic is wasted at Boro....ouch, sorry!
29th July 2001 Sandy Orr
Message for Paul Pearson. Paul, the Travel Club would like to know if you are still travelling to Hamilton with them on Saturday. The bus is now full and there is a large number of people waiting on the reserve list. Could you give Jim McCormick a call on (01387) 270102 to confirm that you still require seats for yourself and Eric?

Anyone else looking for transport to the Hamilton game should also give Jim a call. If there are enough names there is the possibility of a second bus put on. Doonhamers Travel Club run buses to every away game, so if you plan to travel there is no better way to go!
29th July 2001 Mick Sharp
Just like to wish Peter Weatherson all the best, played in the same sunday league team (Newcastle Rock)a couple of years back.

The lad has huge potential, and hope this is his break.
29th July 2001 Fraser Skimming
I was at QPR v Chelsea today which saw Andy Thomson play the full 90 minutes. In fact he nearly converted the best move of the match which QPR won 3-1. Although in general he had a quiet but but effective game it was an absolute thrill to watch him up against Desailly a world cup winner several years after I used to watch him at Palmerston. Surely an all time great in the QOS Hall of Fame!
29th July 2001 Sean Crilley
Hello all,

I am from Carlisle and have a season ticket for Middlesbrough and Queens are my scottish team. People cannot understand why an english premier league season ticket holder would want to be involved with a scots div 2 side, a good example of this was earlier this year when on April 21st I was watching Queen Of The South vs Stenhousemuir and the following saturday I was watching Middlesbrough vs Manchester United but my point is that people class scots football as rubbish because they compare it to England, we have to remember that Scotland is more densely populated thusfore resulting in lower attendances which equals lower income which means poorer quality of players. I go to watch Carlisle when I am not at Boro or Queens and I think scots div 2 footie is better than english div 3 and I really mean that.I think if people who are sceptical towards scottish football came to watch a scottish match, there opinion would rapidly change.

I am very happy with the design of this years Queens shirt because I am 15 and for once I won't feel like I am wearing a top from the seventies!!! I hope everyone doesn't complain about the price as Queens are a desrving charity!
28th July 2001 Graeme Waugh
Hello all,

Congratulations to Queens on keeping Newcastle to a draw, and on doing very well in pre-season. There was nothing on ceefax or teletext about the match, not even the radio, and its especially hard to keep track When You Live In Pitlochry! I'll try to be down for the home game against Forfar. Glad to see the new kits are finally out. See You...
27th July 2001 Ian Raffel
Good pre-season results again - let's hope we can carry them straight through to the beginning of the season and beyond.

Just a quick thought - a friend is in the States at the moment and he has seen the initials QoS all over the place. Stands for "Quality of Service" apparently! Here's hoping!

Which is the reason we couldn't get when we originally set the site up Ian.
26th July 2001 Bruce Wright
Well known Queens man Colin Galloway (aka Sooty) turned up at Palmerston on Tuesday night for the Quakers game - nice one wee man.

Apologies in advance for the lack of a programme versus Quakers and United but both clubs, despite repeated requests, would not send me any info.

I will attempt to do a team-sheet for Saturday but as United have 50 players their line-up is guesswork taken from recent games at Annan, Berwick and Alnwick. Hard to believe a Premier team would not co-operate.
26th July 2001 Phil Lawson
To. S.Barclay ( Ref. Alan Hogg )

I am a long life Ashington Fan and was very sad to see Hoggy & the other Ashington lads leave,however I started to look out for Queens because of this and followed the players progress.Alan is still at Queens at the moment and not injured, however he feels he is not fully fit, this is due to the lack of opportunities causing him to lose match fitness.Im sure if given the opportunity of a run out as against Annan he will put on a similar performance everytime..He has a string of clubs after him from the Unibond and Northern League but I think he wants to stay at Queens..I wish all the best to Queens for next season ,and I fully understand your concerns..
26th July 2001 Barrie Little
Sorry to see Phil Nixon leave, he always gave 100%.

Il Presidente has gone, good luck Il Presidente
25th July 2001 Sandy Barclay
Re Blyth Mags, for a decent night out, get yourselves off to Mulligans or Greens... two quality pubs which are pretty close to the town centre.
25th July 2001 Eric Fisher

Welcome to Dumfries. There are many excellent BOOOZERS in Dumfries but on match days before the game the pub at Palmerston is an ideal venue to meet some of the Queens support and enjoy the banter. The pub is located under the main stand next to the TESCO supermarket. SEE YOU THERE.
24th July 2001 Bruce Wright
Didn't realise that despite losing their manager John Connolly and seven players, to Queens last season Ashington won their league. Of the seven only Sunderland and Hogg are still around recently at Palmy.
24th July 2001 Bruce Wright
Well done to Queens fanatic big Nigel from Dalbeattie who travelled to Dumfries caught a train to Newcastle, another train to Chester-le-Street and a taxi to the ground in the village of Chester Moor where the local team plays - that's dedication for you.
24th July 2001 Blyth Mags
Newcastle fan travelling up on Saturday - where's the best boozers up there?

Just returned from Belguim for the game against Lokeren (Intertoto) & squad looking weak, due to injuries.

Its more likely to be a youth team with few reseves & the odd 1st team player returning from injury may play, but I doubt it.
24th July 2001 Sandy Barclay
Anybody know what the story is with Alan Hogg? I thought he'd been released, but was delighted to see him play a blinder against Annan, then the next day against Livvy he was sub, but wandered into the dressing rooms and didn't come out until the team photo at the end and hasn't featured since! Is he injured or has he left the club?
24th July 2001 John Crawford
sandy. ladbrookes have queens 14-1 to win the league. there's also an each way option which pays if we finish in the first three. i've not bothered with this because we are of course going to horse everyone this year and have everything sown up by february.

in case anyone is wondering, i have not given up my day job to play in defence for queens this year.
24th July 2001 Barrie Little
Re: odds on Queens

Ladbrokes online are offering Queens at 10-1! Too good to miss!

Any news on whether the new shirts will be available by next weekend??

Up the South
21st July 2001 Alan & Kathryn Ritchie
Hello from the sunny Dominican Republic. Just read the report on the two games and looks like things are going well. Just hope everything goes well for Darlington and Newcastle. See you at Hamilton.
20th July 2001 Sandy Orr
re John Crawford. Where did you see odds like that?! I'm up for a wee flutter on that. Looking forward to seeing you in the new season John.
20th July 2001 Tony Sandle
There you go Nicholbiff I told you I would post a message for you. Good Lucg to Queen of the South for the up coming season!!!! BIG T
20th July 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re John Crawford

No. Ladbrokes odds are the best I found (though some of the locals might be offering better). William Hills would only offer me 11-2, which is quite a difference. One of the two majors has it seriously wrong and I hope it's Ladbrokes! I certainly quickly took advantage of their generous odds.
20th July 2001 Didcot Robin
Hi me again, I just wanted to know if Queen Of The South has made any changes to there team this year by maybr' buying 1 or 2 new players to help the squad along in the season to come. I really want QTS to go up as champions this year, come on. I hated the past 3 years or so, eeing the blues losing each and every week, come on Queen Of The South.

From a Swindon Town supporter.
19th July 2001 John Crawford
has anyone seen better odds than 14-1 at ladbrookes on queens winning the league this year ?
17th July 2001 Cameron Scott
I was reading Gary McEwan's message. I wasn't aware that Des McKeown had written a book. Will it be available from the club shop?

Queens are looking good for the coming season, but it wouldn't be the first time that had been said! And how long is now that we've been in the 2nd division?! I'm only 19, too young to remember! I believe it has become our spiritual home!

Forgetting that though, we must stay positive and hope for some good early results. This has been our problem in recent years, being slow out of the blocks and having to salvage the season late on.

Come on Queens, this year!!
16th July 2001 Eric Fisher
I enjoyed the Annan tournament and Queens are looking good for next season. Everyone is looking fit and with several impressive new boys on show we are in much better shape than at this stage last season. However the fact that we scored eleven goals and conceded six in two matches may serve as a timely reminder that thoughts of promotion should be put on hold for the time being.
15th July 2001 Tony Candland
hello, i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there was programmes for the annan tournament?,and if so could anyone supply me with a few of each?,or at least one. i am a queens fan, and i will be attending the forfar game on the 11th aug...cheers tony
12th July 2001 Pompey Yellow
Message for Derek Allan, Good luck for the new season mate, and be careful to watch out for referees giving indirect free-kicks. It is amazing how funny that can be!

All the best, Tractor.
11th July 2001 Richie Cross
Re:Geoff 'Burnley. Chris Marsh is my brother in law and I've told him about your message so he'll have a look soon. He thinks he still has your phone number somewhere but says it's been a couple of years!!!
11th July 2001 Scott Duffy
When will the new queens shirts be avalible to buy from the queens shop or this website?will there be any extra merhendise from this webpage. come on the blues this season

The last info we had on the strips was late July and all that becomes available in the Club Shop will also be available online on this site.
11th July 2001 Geoff 'Burnley'
Thank you for all who had replied to my posting,I hope to get in touch with Chris as he has a few friends down here who would like him to get in touch. Also if any Queens fans are interested in coming down to Turf Moor please let me know. Lets hope we both have something to celebrate at the end of the season. Geoff
11th July 2001 Mikey Duffy
RE: Norman Fitzpatrick

I am a Newcastle/Queens fan, NUFC have confirmed it will be the reserve side but there is a long run of fixtures so it is doubtful many big players will appear, Shearer, Cort, Lee are all out of the main squad and need a warm-up so who knows?? Were can i listen to Queens` Matches?
10th July 2001 Gary McEwan
Good to hear Des McKeown speaking at length on Radio Scotland's "Life Beyond Football" on Saturday afternoon.

Among other things he was talking about the book he's written. Due for publication in September it is a diary of last season, describing a year in the life of a part time footballer and underlying the sacrifices he and other part-time players have to make to play the game. Quote: "I earn 10% of my income from football, but spend 90% of my life preparing for it."

Hope the Queens shop get its order in , or perhaps Bruce Wright could acquire the serialisation rights for next years programme !

Up the Queens.
10th July 2001 Didcot Robin
Queen of the south is the only scottish football team that I have respect for and have liked for a while. I hope that Queen of the south get there heads straight this season and blow the top off of division 2, come on you blues!!!!!!!!!!!!
9th July 2001 Eric Fisher
Spot on Ken Grier with your comments. We are still short of players who can punish teams. Nellie needs wide men to lay on the goals and we need more creativity in mid-field.
8th July 2001 Ian Black
On the other Queens web site the question on Peter Handyside was asked if he ever played for Queens ? For the record he did play for us, he played in a friendly v Threave rovers (away) 2nd August 1990/1991 season Queens got beat 2.1 .
8th July 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Geoff "Burnley"

The one to whom you refer is Chris Marsh. He certainly doesn't go to Queens games any longer and hasn't for some years now. I don't know whether he still goes to Burnley much or at all. He works across the road from me and I'll ask him next time I see him the street if I remember.
8th July 2001 FAO Geoff Burnley
8th July 2001 Ken Grier
Come on guys , lets not get carried away ! A crop of good signings , with Thomson and Davidson my standouts but if we have to have any hope of promotion we need wide players both right and left that can deliver the kind of service that , Kinnaird apart , the front men did not get last season . We also desperately need a consistent goalscoring partner for Nelly . I would love to see Paul Walker , Ian Harty , Brian McPhee or numerous other suspects audition for these roles as we have crewed up shrewdly in other areas of the team . Great signings to date JC but we need at least 2 other juicy wingers/forwards before I put my 10 on for promo... c'mon sign them up and I'm sure that it can be our year .
7th July 2001 Norman Fitzpatrick
Good to see S.Davidson back in the fold.With Wetherson,Thomson,O'Neill etc. we must be in serious danger of going up this time.Any news on the Newcastle Utd. squad for 28th July?
7th July 2001 Geoff 'Burnley'
Does anyone know a scottish QOS / Burnley fan, I know there was a young man who used to come from Dumfries on a regular basis, I think his name was Chris, is he still going to Burnley games?? If any one can help I would be most grateful.

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