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28th February 2002 Alex Bomphray
Re Scott Kelly

Maybe Scott should check his facts out first-Morton changed back to Greenock Morton again a few seasons back, and have probably gone downhill ever since.

Disappointed I missed the game, but it was very exciting on teletext.

I wonder what the chances are of the Clydebank game being on this weekend are. Slim probably.
28th February 2002 Ewan Lithgow
For the benefit of "Scott Kelly":

In point of fact Tuesday's opponents ARE currently calling themselves Greenock Morton. The Greenock part has been dropped, restored, dropped and restored again several times in their history but has been in place since the mid 90's I think. Certainly the programmes from both away games so far this season see them refer to themselves as Greenock Morton on the cover, as did the one from the Challenge Cup Semi in 1997.
28th February 2002 Eric Fisher
FAO Scott Kelly. I think you are wrong there Scott,the name GREENOCK MORTON has never been dropped and is still on the club badge.
28th February 2002 Boris Petrov
Come on Queens!!!

I'm sure all those who follow the team through the Internet will know how it feels when you see a 6-5 result on the report page. First you think your Explorer has collapsed, then you wonder if it's a faulty page from the Olympics ice-hockey tournament.

I agree with fans who say the game was farcical but then 6 goals are always impressive!

Make me stare again soon!!!
28th February 2002 Bruce Wright
All the best to Bradley Harrison on his wedding tomorrow (Friday) in Crosskeys, Fife, from the Doonhamers Travel Club; QOS Fan Club; and the Globe Inn Doonhamers, (High St. Dumfries).

For those fans who don't know Bradley he, his father and brother travel all the way from the Kingdom of Fife to nearly every Queens game and have done so for many years.
27th February 2002 Roy Nicol
Phew what a game ! Was that the quickest goal ever scored at Palmerston ? Lyle and Weatherson look a great duo up front, but at 4 - 1 we just took our foot off the gas pedal and allowed Morton back in it . Steve Bowey deservedly took the man of the match award for a quality display and I see him linking up well with John O'Neil . The defence is still a bit uncertain though . Colin Scott needs to dominate his own six yard box more , the defence are too quiet , a bit more shouting at each other ! Two tough away games to come but confidence should be pretty good . Sixty points may be enough to go up so Queens need eight points from their next four games , and would have to win five of their last nine to reach that target . The last game of the season , against Morton , can't wait for that one !
27th February 2002 Ian Raffel
Amazing foresight by the Pools Panel on Saturday to give the Morton v QOS game as a 0-0 draw! Maybe it wasn't as windy then! I don't think there's been anything like last night's game since the 6-3 win over Stranraer on New Year's day a few years ago! I'm glad we managed to hold on. These games are nerve-wracking when you're down here in darkest England and relying on Ceefax and mobile phone messages, never mind being there!
27th February 2002 Scott Kelly
What can one say about the farce at Palmerston last night (Tuesday) - this wasn't a football match but a Shakespeare play "The Comedy of Errors". Three points are most welcome and all the players deserve great credit for trying to play in absolutely horrendous conditions. Sitting in comfort in the stand you did not realise how cold, wet and windy it really was out there. The Mickey Mouse defending by both teams was (hopefully in Queens case) down to the elements making it virtually impossible to play soccer.

The first surprise was Queens team-sheet who called the visitors "Greenock" Morton - this was dropped years ago. Also top strikers O'Neill and O'Boyle were missing and replaced on the bench by 18-year-old Leonard Walker ex-Leeds Youths and recently with Hamilton. One player who did catch the eye was Wolverhampton-born Morton striker Sean O'Connor who led Jim Thomson a merry dance before he retired injured to a generous round of applause from even the Queens fans.. I'll repeat, three valuable points but football-wise this was an absolute farce!
27th February 2002 F Sloan
With reference to Scott Kelly on our young 17 year old keeper.If you knew your football at all,doubtfull on your comments on this website. Almost all SECOND Division teams have an U 18 keeper on the bench . These boys get match practice on SUNDAYS in the S.F.L. U 18 League. Ask any Queens diehard who come along and support the boys. P.s. Where does an older keeper get match practice
26th February 2002 Lez Coupland
Come on the Queens! A toon like Dumfries is far too big to have a team playing in the 3rd division. Let's go for broke and put the Harkness years behind us forever.

Even the 2nd division (first) is too small for a town with a population of over 45,000 people and drawing power of the same as Aberdeen and the Dundee clubs.

Half-time 6-3, come on the Queens.
22nd February 2002 Sandy Barclay
As far as I understand it, 'A Lore burne' literally means 'to the lower burn', and comes from 1745 during the Jacobite Rebellion- town militia were called to the lower burn to prevent the Jacobites sneaking into the town round the back. Ironically, when the Jacobites did get into the town they set up camp on the site of what is now the Loreburn Hall! Erm, anyway, could be wrong, but am pretty sure that's where it comes from! History lessons on football web-sites! Whatever next?! On a footballing note, did anybody else see Andy Goram floating about the town last Saturday night? In the last week he negotiated his release from Coventry... how about signing him as cover for Colin Scott? Hahaha!
21st February 2002 Clark McBride
The name Loreburn is deeply rooted in the history of Dumfries, it needs a proper explanation so the best place to find it is at the Dumfries Museum website, click on
21st February 2002 Kevin Riddet
'A lore burne' means somethng along the lines of "to the muddy river". I think it's in latin. It's the town motto of Dumfries
21st February 2002 Russel Campbell
In reply to George Waddell. I believe "A Lore Burn" is a tributary of the River Nith which flows through Dumfries. I may even feature in one of the secondary school badges in Dumfries as well ?
20th February 2002 George Waddell
i have a friend in nottingham who regularly wears a queens top, he has asked me to find some information on the club badge, as he keeps geting asked what A-LORE-BURNE.means,i have asked around but have been unable to find anything out about it can anyone help. thank you.
19th February 2002 Craig Grierson
I have just finished reading Brian McCloy's ( The guybfrom Forfar that got sent off on Saturday ) sob story in Tuesday's Sun. What a hilarious story, if it were not for the fact that Forfar are playing Rangers on Sunday, there would have been nothing made of this so called story and as I am sure there were no Sun reporters at the game either, I can only assume that they are taking this guys opinions as being fact. I myself seem to remember being at the game and seeing a disgracful challenge being made on Joe McAlpine, one which the referee did not seem to have any hesitation in sending the boy off for and the look of disgust on the referees face when he was sending him from the field said a lot to me. For this guy and the Forfar management to suggest that the referee was influenced by the reaction of the Queen's Management team and the reaction of the crowd, is perhaps true as they both reacted in the same fashion in which anyone else would react to such a disgraceful challenge. The boy himself summed it up in the report in the Sun when saying that he would have loved to play in the Rangers game on Sunday so that he could have a kick at Barry Ferguson, an admission of guilt if ever I heard one
19th February 2002 Sany Barclay
Have to say that I would be hard pushed to think of having seen a more boring performance than Forfar's in the second half on Saturday, but at the same time, it's been a while since I last saw Queens look so assured. The balance in midfileld was cracking, but was especially impressed by the quality double-acts working the flanks. Atkinson/McAlpine and Gray/Connelly terrorised Forfar, and long may that continue!
18th February 2002 Scott Kelly
The mood in the Social Club was muted even although Queens won 3-1. Maybe the fans were expecting more in the second half which wasn't very clever and it could easily have been 2-2 apiece after Tosh missed an open goal when Scott rushed off his line in an effort to save after a balls-up with our central defenders. J.T. and Aitken had been ill/injured prior to Saturday and it showed in a rocky display in the second 45. However for once Queens got the rub of the green and a wickedly deflected goal plus 2 pens saw us home and dry with the other results (Alloa apart) going for us.

New man Bowey was excellent and, dare I say it, coming from non-league football, looked a lot fitter than some of his Queens team-mates (Gray is not included in this as once again he was tremendous). Now the better weather is here perhaps Warren Pearson can step up the fitness training as the Saturday/Tuesday games kick-in. Hopefully our big squad will see us through this mega-important spell although I still cannot believe we have not an experienced back-up keeper in the squad just a young boy from the under-18's.
18th February 2002 Lee Hartley
I've been a Queens fan since I can remember, but following my home team of Burnley means I can only cheer em on from afar. I had a weekend away in January with my wife in Edinburgh and I watched the game at Cowdenbeath. I was mega impressed with the following and with the teams performance. We hope to get up for a home game in April and would appreciate a recommendation for a decent Bed & Breakfast. Heres hoping or a promotion year !
16th February 2002 Graeme Waugh
Well done Queens,

What a game, every player on the pitch put in 110%, like they always do, but this time QOS came away with a result that reflected the performance of the team. The atmosphere at Palmerston was excellent, the fans were kept on the edge of their seats, that's the kind of football, I, and I'm sure most of the fans would like to see every week, keep it up Queens!!

The two new lads have settled in well, they looked as if they have been here all season.
11th February 2002 Scott Kelly
Another mega-disappointing result at Berwick with Queens totally unable to unlock the home side's excellent defence (even the big 'Gers struggled). Once again it is obvious there is no pace up front - O'Boyle, Moore and Weatherson are all as slow "as a week in the jail" and it makes you wonder where the next goal is coming from - even O'Neill has not netted for well over two months (1st December) while we have scored a paltry 12 goals at Palmy this season in 11 league games. Three points is a must against Forfar as we then face six games in 20 days which no doubt will decide if we are good enough to go up or not as after this hectic spell there are only seven games to play. On the bright side big J.T. "The Silhouette" was outstanding and the defence is quite solid, but I cannot fathom out having a young boy as a sub-goalie if Scott gets hurt we would be in trouble as the lad has absolutely no experience at Division Two level, where is big Campbell anyway and, for that matter Glancy?
11th February 2002 Alun McShane
Come on the boys!! me love the Queens till I die.

Up Puck.
11th February 2002 Graeme Queen
I think Queens should have beat Berwick easily as they an excellent squad.
10th February 2002 Russell Johnston
Shortened match report: had all the possession, createed no chances, dismal as per usual!
9th February 2002 Stuart McKie
I was wondering if Gordon Burn and Martin Glancy are still at Queens, as they don't seem to have played for a while. Glancy could be useful as against Berwick we didn't have any strikers on the subs bench when Peter went off injured.
8th February 2002 Kevin McCormick
Why not have a drink in the black and gold supportes club just behind the main stand.
7th February 2002 Phil Howden
I am planning to go up to Berwick from York on Saturday to watch the Queens.

Any suggestions of a good pub to visit for some pre-match entertainment?

It would be good to have a natter with some other Queens fans!
5th February 2002 Boris Petrov
With reference to Robbie's remark on the Bulgarian branch of QOS supporters: branch Boris had to appear humble because at the time when the Livingston game was played his team Botev Plovdiv FC were mid-table in Bulgaria's Premier. John Hannah was hard-up and promised to take part in a low-budget film "A Football Heart" so he posed. As to Diego Maradona, he stood proud all afternoon waiting for his 10 free pints of stout for knocking England out of the World Cup. He didn't get any...somehow the Scots recognized the Englishman disguised in an Argie shirt.
4th February 2002 Scott Kelly
Queens got what they deserved from Saturday's match - nothing! The "Duffle" stated publicly that it was a "must win" game and had his troops fired up and really well organised. Amazingly for this important fixture Queens were the opposite - lethargic, passes going astray and teamwork non-existent. Several players were way off form. Playmaker Connelly didn't play at all while Atkinson had a nightmare before getting hooked at the break. The punters feel a bit sorry for Paddy as he is fielded wide left which clearly didn't suit him. It looks at times we are playing with two left-backs! Perhaps J.C. or Scotty can explain this formation. I've read other fans on this site saying it before and I tend to agree that up front Queens lack the one vital commodity you need in the modern game - pace. O'Boyle is 34 with dodgy legs so he has some excuse but "Merrick" needs to work on his speed - how about getting in a sprint coach - Livvy's George O'Neill springs to mind. On the plus side Aitken played well but man of the match had to be Gray who gave his all and more. He must be in the running for player of the year as he is "Mr Consistency" and his 24 starts is more than any other player. Now it is on to Berwick who are on a 10/11 league match unbeaten run and ominously full-time Hamilton have also stepped up a gear winning their last six home games. The league is wide open but Queens cannot afford to lose many more games - of the last 10 promoted sides from Div 2 only Stranraer 11 lost were in double figures.
4th February 2002 B L Wright
I bet John had wished he had kept his opinions until Sunday morning after ripping into Alloa immediately after the game - it is always better to calm down first even if many Queens fans will agree that they are boring. As it was Terry Christie really blasted John in Monday's "Sun" telling him to serve his apprenticeship first before commenting on other sides. Reluctantly I've got to hold my hand up and say Christie must be doing something right as he has had lots of success in the lower leagues and the "Wasps" have now beaten us 3 times in the last six games.
3rd February 2002 Gordon Brown
Frustrating game yesterday but I felt that we were worth a draw if only we could have penetrated a stout Alloa defence.

I would like to see John O'Neil playing behind Peter and George up front as I feel that would be our most attack minded team provided we did not concede too much in midfield by doing this.Any supporters for this line up?

It's going to be the tightest run in for a long time this year so let's not let yesterdays setback put us off too much. At least we are in the shake up at the moment.
3rd February 2002 Hessa Coventry
Congratulations on Queens' current form. We are Coventry fans, but have family connections in Castle Douglas and always look for the Doonhamers' result. Here's to promotion this year. Good Luck
3rd February 2002 Robbie Purdie
With reference to the visit of the Bulgarian branch of the QOS supporters branch Boris was clearly not overwhelmed with the company he was in.

John Hannah posed well as did Diego Maradonna on that great day prior to our defeat.
3rd February 2002 Cainan Roberts age 11
I have lived in crocketford near dumfries for 11 years and I have only recently been to 3 queens games and I have really enjoyed them.I am going to go to every home game I can and next season I am going to get a season ticket for my birthday.

p.s you are a great team and you are going to win the league.All the fans are rooting for you.
2nd February 2002 Brian Nicholson
Whilst visiting relatives in Dumfries in early December from Australia I decided to take my children to visit Palmerston.

I cant begin to tell you impressed I was by the reception we received being allowed to wander freely around the ground, through the change rooms and even being taken into the trophy room.

The hospitality shown to me and my family emphasise what a family based club is all about.

We all came back to Australia with our gifts from the shop and each of the kids treasure their own little Dougie.

Thanks again to all at Palmeston and good luck to the Queen's for the rest of the season.
2nd February 2002 Gregor Wilson
I forgot about Jjohn O'neil's. And I meant promotion to SPL in 02-03. P.S. Good luck today Queens.
1st February 2002 Gregor Wilson
Well done Queens on toping the fair play chart. Good discipline will help the promotion push. I can only remember 1 red card this season- Peter Weatherson against East Stirlingshire in the CIS Cup.

Come on the Queens. [SPL in 02-03]!!!!!!!!

Also John O'Neill versus Morton at Cappielow.
31st January 2002 James McGarva
this is the year for the queens 1 division here we come, john has done a great job since he came and deserves all the credit for signing players like george and colin scott great signings, well done and i know we can do it.
30th January 2002 Boris Petrov
Congratulations on keeping up this fantastic site. I am a 25-year-old Botev Plovdiv FC supporter from Bulgaria. ALSO, I have supported the Doonhamers since 1994 when I met some fans from Dumfries and we have been on exchange visits. I am sending two pics for you - one from the good old days when Livingston were still playing the National Lottery in Div. 2 (end of August '98 Queens v Livingston 0-1), as for the second one you know where it's at. Hope to celebrate promotion, even online!


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