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30th April 2002 Alex James
I congradulate Queens on a great season. I saw the beginning of the year and hope they do well in the first div. I still wear the gold medal my father got the last time they won in 1950 - 51. I hope to get over again next year and see them play. Once again good luck.
30th April 2002 Ewan Lithgow
re Alex Bomphray

That match between Dunfermline and Falkirk in 1979 which you refer to Alex was, until Saturday anyway, only the third highest Second Division crowd since 1975 reconstruction. Unfortunately we only replace it in third with Saturday's 6158.

The two bigger crowds were:

2 - Morton v Dumbarton, 6th May 1995, 6242

1 - Kilmarnock v Cowdenbeath, 5th May 1990, 8149

As you can see, we were just marginally (84) short of second but still almost 2000 short of Killie's record.
30th April 2002 Neil Mackay
just to say well done to barry donald. u left the sinking ship with captain b*ne leading the charge and well done to you. ive always been a big admirer of you and your sorely missed down ochilview.
30th April 2002 Sean Crilley
Being a 16 yr old Queens fan from Carlisle, it was nice to walk into school on Monday with my head held high!!! From now on, when my mates claim that Carlisle United are a bigger club I can refer to the 6,158 attendance!!!

However, my celebrations were somewhat spoiled by ant-Carlisle songs - come on lads we will NEVER play Carlisle in a competitive match and when it is your home town it becomes quite disheartening to see fellow fans slagging them off.

Am I mistaken or is Stranraer our rivals? I don't want people writing in saying that Stranraer is miles away because irrespective of where it is, they are our closest competitive rivals along with Ayr United. Carlisle maybe nearer but it is in a DIFFERENT COUNTRY if you have all forgot.

Come on Queens and Come on Carlisle.
30th April 2002 Wacek Kaczmarczyk
I took a lot of stick from friends and colleagues end of last season when I said that the Avec kit we had was awful. Peter Weatherson could hardly get one leg in front of the other cause the shorts were too tight. We looked a right old washed out bunch on a rainy day. Alas, a change to a designer Italian brand, FILA ( probably come out of Tyne & Wear I suspect )and bingo, how did we look this season ? Marvellous. Like the kit we played with style and panache, colour and cut, and we oozed with sophistication.

Away from home in our stunning yellow and blue stripes we have been awesome. I have to keep telling folk who dont go to the away games that its a completely different atmosphere to Palmerston. Those who were at Cappielow and Forfar recently will back me up on that. Our fans away from home deserve a huge credit. They have been worth a goal of a start. We always outnumber the home support. Long may it continue.

A word of thanks to Kenny Crichton and the lads in the Sun Lounge on Sunday afternoon for letting me hold up the Championship Trophy. It's a pity there was no one standing at the bus stop to see me !! Were they King Prawns that Derek Anderson was munching ? Get down the Nith Hotel for a meal. The portions are huge.
30th April 2002 Jim O'Fee
Ref Alex Bomphrays question on Palmerston attendances. In 1976 we had 11,000 for a Wednesday night cup replay against Ayr Utd - we won 5-4 after extra time.

In the next round we drew Rangers at Palmerston and 19,500 (you could hardly breathe) saw us get stuffed 5-1.

I've been a follower since the mid 60s . Biggest crowd I can remember at a league game was 7000 against Airdrie (as far as I remember they stayed off the pitch that day). That one was 1-1 - Jock Dempster scoring from a ludicrous angle.

Anyone else remember these games?
30th April 2002 Craig
Hello, congratulations to all at Queens after a long but very successful season. It would be nice to see as many fans at every game next year getting behind the team to steer them into the SPL!

Come on the South!
30th April 2002 Callum Watson
What a brilliant day Saturday was. Definitely my best ever QOS game, although they have been few and far between over the past 18 years since moving down South. Made the journey from Hants with three others well worth while. I'll be back more often next season for more of the same!

Vague memories of hugging Messrs Aitken and Weatherson in the Venue at around 1.00am!!
30th April 2002 Andrew Cook
Very well done to Queens last Saturday. A great day was had by all . Great to see Palmerston packed to the rafters and fulfilling the potential support the team has deserved all these years.

I live and work in Luxembourg so had to come home to Dumfries to see such a historic occasion but was not disappointed in the slightest by my efforts.

Well done to Andy Aitken in a great season who will be a future captain I am sure.
30th April 2002 Alan Jardine
Congrats on winning the title , a great season and a great squad. Having missed the last game due to serving in Oman, is there any video footage of the game ?. If there is nothing produced by the club I would apreciate anyone getting in touch who has a copy of the match. Please contact :
30th April 2002 Phil Vivian
From an AFC Bournemouth season ticket-holder, congratulations to QotS on the team's success and special congratulations to John O'Neill. I'm sure that I'm not alone among Cherries' fans in taking pleasure in seeing that John has won the SPFA's divisional Player of the Year award. Not sure that the female supporters down here on the south coast gave his physique the same close scrutiny though! Good luck for 2002-03.
30th April 2002 Richard Isaacs
Just returned from a rugby tour in Bulgaria to see the amazing attendance at the promotion party on Saturday - more than 6,000 more than anywhere else in Div 2. I believe we even got a mention on Radio Five Live about it being the biggest crowd at Palmerston for 40 years. This is a great achievement by everyone at the club - well done Queens. We have been starved of success for too long - lets make sure it is not another 51 years before the next trophy comes.
30th April 2002 Alex Wilson
Help please! I'm getting reports of the PA system failing again on Saturday, on the Glasgow street end, and the new stand. Could you please send in reports to describe what the failure was like, when it started to happen, were there other noises coming out of the PA? (I've heard there was a "beep-beep-beep" noise coming out of the speakers which apparently coincided with the emergency doors opening in the new stand). The trouble is the PA was working fine in the old stand, so I want as many descriptions as possible to try and track down the fault before next season in case it's an intermittent fault.
30th April 2002 David Main
Well done to Queens and all who contributed to such a great season. Magnificent support on Saturday, you are all welcome back.

Went to my first game in 1966 and have been waiting ever since for the first trophy. I have withstood all manner of mocking from supporters of other teams, now its my turn to enjoy.

JC now has a hard job to take us a stage further, and I know some players will not make the 'cut', but thanks to each and every player who contributed last season, it was great.
29th April 2002 Stephen Redpath
The support for this club is amazing. Last week Partick Thistle attracted just over 6,500 for their championship party to see them lift the 1st division championship and go into the premier league. Queens attracted 6,158 (almost capacity), with the ground almost full at 2.40pm, for our championship party.

For a club completely starved of success, we have shown the true feeling for this club by the numbers who did turn out. Not everyone will be back every week, but if the club shows the same sort of desire for success as has been shown this season we'll do well. We have nothing to fear.
29th April 2002 Ian Raffel
There have been many tributes paid to the players and management (and quite right too!) in the past couple of weeks. Now is the fans' turn. It was incredible to see the attendance from Saturday on Ceefax. I know that there were many who went for the occasion who can't normally go (this described me at the Hamilton promotion game), but it's still a wonderful achievement to have that many at the ground. Well done to everyone for creating what must have been a unique atmosphere. Hope to see you again soon next season!
29th April 2002 Chloe White
well played at the weekend queens, may this form continue!

it has come to my attention that the message board seems to be almost all male. i would just like to say there IS a strong contingent of female supporters and we want some RECOGNITION!!

just cause we don't play the pipes, but i must say the piper is very good and shows great support hopefully he'll be here next season.
29th April 2002 Alan Crawford
Well done to all involved from the ball boys(person's) to the tea lady's.
I wish I could have been there, lets keep the momentum going and do well in DIV 1.
It's great to see and read all the letters on the Notice board.

Go Queen's
29th April 2002 Andrew Coltart
Sensational results.Fantastic for Queens, great for the Fans and all doonhamers. Enjoy the celebration. We're all very proud
29th April 2002 Gordon Robison
Congratulations and thanks to Team and Town for making our wee party very very welcome on Saturday. Five of us made the 330 mile journey from Berkshire to enjoy the occasion and were not disappointed. One comment - there seems to be a small number of fans who appear to believe that those of us who cannot attend every game are somehow less deserving 'glory hunters'. I am sure, like me, far away fans served our dues when we did living in Dumfriesshire, and wanted to be there on Saturday to genuinely congratulate the club on a great achievement. I was three months old when Queens won the last championship and have followed every result since with the same pain/gain as any supporter. Good Luck next year and we will be back up when we can.
29th April 2002 Alec Graham
Well done Alan Gray. As a Workington fan I'm really pleased for him. Last season he was our supporters Player of the Year and it's great to hear he's won an award with Queens as well. Good luck Q o S for your Division 1 campaign.
29th April 2002 Morecambe WBA
well done up there. your attendance on saturday certainly made me look twice at the paper. have enjoyed reading all the messages on here. exiled albion fan still high on our promotion.lets hope we both do well. I may even make a trip up to dumfries next season. good luck
29th April 2002 Euan Coulthard
I would like to say a big thank you and well done to Connely and the boys and especially Ronnie Bradford whom have all done excellently to gain promotion and the championship! Big Ronnie is a hero!!
29th April 2002 Stephen Moffat
Every report ive read has claimed that weatherston got the 4th goal. i was pretty sure that sean o'connor had got it (no 14). could someone clear this up?

Don't believe what you read in the papers but do believe what you read on this website, see the match report.
29th April 2002 Robin & Euan Maxwell
Another special day at Palmerston,great crowd,four goals,J.T lifting the trophy,a few beers at the marks to the Doonhamers Travel Club on another excellent night.

I would personally like to thank Jon Crawford who did a magnificent P.R. job when Euan was getting autographs from the rest of the players and then came up and spoke to us just before we left.Well done Jon you are an ambassador to the club and are now a hero to a young doonhamer.

Once again congratulations to every body for the last few weeks and roll on August.
28th April 2002 Gary McEwan
I was at the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden today and in the souvenir shop there were copies of videos for sale celebrating Queens Park championship winning season of 1999/2000.

Is there any plans for a similar souvenir to be produced by Queens to commemorate a truly historic season. If Queens Park can do it, why can't we ?
28th April 2002 Matt Brown
Go on Queen of the South! Ya beauty!
28th April 2002 Alex Bomphray
Re Bill Windsor

I've checked out the crowd figures for us and Hamilton and I make their total 36190, average 2010, and our total 34053, average 1891. We had too many 1100 odd crowds while they only had one game with less than 1500.

Who cares, no one got anywhere near yesterday's figure.
28th April 2002 Rory Roxburgh
Congratulations Queens and all the best for next season i'll be watching you
28th April 2002 Rachelle McCrone
Well done to all at Palmerston. As a junior blue I am well pleased. I took my mum to the game and I think she might be a regular next season. Thanks to the sponsors 'Armstrongs' of the junior blue competition. I was lucky to be a winner and had a good time on Thursday night when I recieved a 'goodie bag'. See you all next season in Division 1
28th April 2002 Nigel Wood
Bouncy,bouncy,bouncy,bouncy, tra la la la la,brilliant what a day what a season thanks to Queens my trip from Hull was well worth it. I am still smiling and will be for some time to come. "Come on You South".
28th April 2002 Alex Bomphray
What a great day yesterday-great performance, great atmosphere, and what a crowd.

One or two questions to be asked, and, hopefully, answered. From my records it is the biggest league crowd I have ever been in at Palmerston, going back to 1966, the only one coming close being a 'round figure' 6000 v St Mirren on 20/9/67.The only crowds which have beaten yesterday's figure in the last 22 years were the cup ties in 1980 v Partick Thistle(7223), Celtic(League Cup,7021) and Kilnockie(7000??).

I also reckon it could have been a Division II record crowd since the advent of the Premier League etc in 1975. I was at a then record crowd for Dunfermline v Falkirk in May 1979 of 5995, and that was a game where both sides had a chance of the championship. Has that crowd been beaten since? I would tend to doubt it. Someone said yesterday that Partick had a bigger crowd at their promotion party game last season, but it was only 4624.

Does anyone out there have the answers?

We can spend the next 3 months or so with smiles on our faces.
28th April 2002 PW- SK
WE LOVE YOU QUEENS WE DO WE LOVE YOU QUEENS WE DO OH QUEENS WE LOVE YOU!!!!! what a fantastic game yesterday, the atmosphere was amazing and it had to be the best Queens game ive ever been to-cant wait til nxt season! Peter Weatherson you are a superstar!!! good luck boys, and well done-you deserved it!!
28th April 2002 Martin Cope
Great day yesterday. On the ground by 2.00pm and it was almost full in the main stand! Excellent game and result. Queens did more than enough to both entertain, and win comfortably against, what was poor opposition. However, well done to the Morton supporters for coming down in numbers and adding to the occasion. I agree with John Connolly that we will need to strengthen the squad over the summer. The good thing is that we already have an excellent nucleus, with the likes of Alan Gray, John O'Neill, Peter Weatherson etc., and we will now be in a position to attract good players with Ist Division experience. Mid-table next year is the primary aim, but with the right additions, a top 5 should be possible. I say this with half an eye on what is happening with the S.P.L. If there is a major restructuring, Queens need to finish as high as possible to take advantage of any changes. Queens can sustain home gates of around 3,000 plus next season, and yesterday demonstrated what might be, if success can be sustained over a long period. Finally, well done to the players, management, chairman and club for a smashing season. But no basking in glory for too long. The real hard work now begins to take the club on to an even higher level.
28th April 2002 Iain Crosbie
Thanks everybody: players, manager, all at Palmy,and fans. You have made my decades. I've waited forty years for this. The run in has been the best footie of my life. After the gubbing at Alloa, the spirit shown by the team(and fans!) was immense: 10 goals for; 1 against. To watch such assured displays was a real treat. As JC says the spirit in the squad is terrific and he should take a lot of the credit for that. I now have more QOS heroes to put beside Ball,Kerr,McChesney,Law and the rest. BRILLIANT!
28th April 2002 Andy Paterson
I was fortunate enough to meet some of the players in the town after the game. I gather there are some significant contract negotiations going on next week. With this in mind I'd like to wish all of the guys the best of luck whether or not they are with Queens next season. Although there are one or two positions where we could do with some cover, I dont think anyone has let us down this season, and there several players who we have been lucky to hang on to and should have been playing at a higher level anyway. Hope we get the terregles street end opened for next season to accommodate even bigger crowds - if we can do it for Robert Duval we can do it for St Johnstone
28th April 2002 Eck Patterson
Well done today Queen's for a good performance and a few goal's for the hoardes who turned up.If we get a third of that crowd every week next season we'll be happy.Third highest crowd in Scotland today,THATS POTENTIAL.While everyone else in Scotland seems to be struggling we seem to be on the up,hope it's not too good to be true just staying up next year will be good enough for me,anything else a bonus.Canny wait to get a fixtures programme for next season,visit's to Perth,Paisley,Ayr etc. Anyway back to the Stella Artois WE ARE RESPECTED WHEREVER WE MAY GO,SO WE MAY TRAVEL BY THE ....... ....
28th April 2002 Derek 'Jaggy'
congrats on your championship. I had a strong feeling you'd do it this season, but 4500 gloryhunters! that takes some doing

enjoy Div 1, we did. c u in the spl
27th April 2002 Ian Patterson
Thank you Queens for providing marvellous entertainment and a season to remember. It was nice to get the opportunity to thank John Connelly and Ian Scott personally after the game.

Lets hope all those brilliant fans who attended today turn up in force next season ( through thick and thin )

Congratulations and enjoy your night.
27th April 2002 Craig 'Morton'
Congratulations queens fans.I am a morton fan,couldnt make it today due to work, but well done on your sucess-You deserve division 1 football and i, as well as many other ton fans, think u will do extremely well, you, like us, have a large pontential fan base and good luck in the future. Hopefully we will get back on track and join you up there soon.All the best
27th April 2002 Iain Crosbie

My 12 year old son was at Palmerston to day to celebrate Q.O.S. winning the second division championship and he was handed one of Andy Aitken's football boots (Who I would like to thank very much.)

Also If anyone knows who has his other boot could they please get in touch with me at or 01848 331516
27th April 2002 Sarah Holmes
It was definately always written in the stars!! :)
27th April 2002 John Rodgers
Once again congratulations on a fine win.4-0 over Morton, a great end to a wonderful season, I,m having a glass of champagne right now. It,s great for the fans to end on a high note.I,ve followed the results faithfully all season,and would dearly love to have been there today. Last saturday after the Forfar win I called a fellow Doonhamer who lives nearby and we went to an Irish pub in Los Angeles to celebrate.I will be out tonight for a few beers. Once again thanks to everyone at Palmerston for making me one very happy California Doonhamer.
27th April 2002 Alan Howitt
Just heard on the radio( my turn to work today) that there were between 5500 and 6000 in the ground just before kick off, excelent turn out! Went to Forfar last week and took my three year old grandson, we had a great time, unfortunatly I missed both second half goals, first stopping the wee one falling down the terracing, the second taking him for a pee, never mind says I "i'll see the goals on telly tonight" fat chance! Anyway good luck to the queens for next season.
27th April 2002 Gareth Holden
Congratulations to everyone associated with the super Queens. Enjoy today and have a few drinks for me. I'll be over next season to see 1st Divison football at Palmerston. All the best.
27th April 2002 Graham McGeorge
Just a little note from a far to wish everyone all the best for the big party " IN THE TOON " tonight.Wish I could be there.

All the best from the Big Apple.
27th April 2002 Jim O'Fee
Having spent 10 years on the terraces in the 70's seeing great stuff (the highlight was the 5-4 AET replay win against Ayr Utd with 11,000 in attendance) it was brilliant to be at Forfar last Saturday to see some tangible success. Well done everyone. Great too, to see big Alan Ball on TV looking fit enough to play.
27th April 2002 Alex Bomphray
Sandy Orr

Just put your winnings for Queens being champions towards your new season ticket Sandy.

Here's hoping for another 6 against Morton tomorrow.
26th April 2002 Iain Bell
CONGRATULATIONS to All the players of Queens over this last season and all the backroom staff, and John Connelly for giving us a fantastic season.

Sadly I`m going to miss the party at Pammy tomorrow, but Let`s go up in style with another win. See you next season, Colin, Will and Jack in Division 1

P.S. Colin remember to charge your batteries for tomorrow :)


and take the flash card!!
26th April 2002 Mark & Chris
The Cardiff QOSFC fans are still celebrating. You would not believe the amount of fans you have down here, and like Cardiff City this year you have found success. We aim to make it a double celebration by beating Stoke in the play offs next week. Division 1 here we come.

Well done the South. Come on the Bluebirds!
26th April 2002 Marsh & Dave
2 nutters looking forward to travelling from Stockport to see the final game!! My old man's been waiting for this moment for years!!

Come on you Queens!
26th April 2002 Sandy Orr
Is there any indication as to the prices of season tickets and gate prices next season yet? I may have to start saving now! Well after Saturday night anyway!

Don't think anything's been set yet Sandy, as soon as it is we'll put it on
26th April 2002 Christian Nicholson

4 Months in Oman and sadly missing my one and only chance to get to a game because of duty in germany was all made worthwhile on saturday. R
A huge well done to JC and everyone else linked to the club, you have all earned this and then some, my heros!!!!

Just when inverness thought they could run and hide!!!!!!!

Well done, thank you and keep it up.
26th April 2002 Rory Alexander
Shuld be a good game tomorow and a nice atmosphere in the terracing. I reckon their will be a full capacity and maybee even a pitch invasion at the end, LOL.

"stand up for the champions.......Sit down for the champions"

It will be funny if we chant that.

Anyways good luck in the 1st division queens (not that youll need it) And congratulations to the players and especially the travelling supporters for the excellent turnouts at the away games.
26th April 2002 Finlay Currie
well done to peter for coming to dumfries high to start the sponsored walk and taking part and for playing football at lunch time with a group of boys

could to see you supporting the community
26th April 2002 Stephen Redpath
I think we'll need a bigger ground for Saturday's game! Going by the number of messages posted on the site during the last few weeks, it seems as if every ex doonhamer from Brazil to Botswana will be making the pilgimage back to Palmerston.

My little jaunt down the '74 from Glasgow almost makes me embarrased in comparison!! Tomorrow is going to be very special. I can't wait.

26th April 2002 Kevin Donnelly
Amongst all the congratulations this week I feel we have missed some people out. They are the talented individual(s) who produce this website. The number of messages from abroad show how many people maintain an interest in Queens depsite a large distance and it would be impossible to keep in touch without the work you put in.

I was prompted to type this today after logging onto the Standard's website in the naive view that they would be giving the team big licks on their site. More fool I!

Keep up the good work!

I can't make the game on Saturday but I hope everyone there has another "best day of their life" experience.

Only you could say that Bruce.....

Thanks very much Kevin.
26th April 2002 Ian Baldwin
I'm an Arsenal fan in London but Queen of the South have always had a place in my heart, just wanna say congratulations on a great championship winning season and I hope that my boys can make it a double Champions season, well done again..Premiership next season ??
25th April 2002 Biro
ONLY 2 SEASONS AWAY FROM EUROPE.....Maybe the champange from Saturday night hasn't worn off yet.

What a match on Saturday, what a team !!!!!!

Have to say the Forfar fans were great. See you all on saturday, I'm bringing everyone I know , lets go for a record attendance as well as the point record.

25th April 2002 Morag Burton
Will Kerr Johnstone who used to work (well he was employed!) at Solway Offset get in touch with all the Queens boys/girls at the printers. We have lost your email address since you moved to the USA.
25th April 2002 Scott Kelly
Is it true that Queens want the fans to keep off the pitch on Saturday? I can understand keeping off while the Lord presenting the trophy is in situ but after that and a lap of honour by the team it would be great to repeat the marvellous scenes at Forfar - after all some of our loyal fans have waited many many years for this.
25th April 2002 Scot Carrick
Any early arrivals to Dumfries on Saturday might want to come down to the Kingholm to see the mighty Dynamo Doonhamers in action v Misc Morton in an ifa league match, If the weather stays ok there will be a pitch side barbeque and a an 8- page match programme.

the action starts 11.30, bring your singing vioce as morton are bringing a hefty away support for the match,
25th April 2002 Callum Watson
Well done Queens! What an absolutely fantastic season! The club have laid a great foundation and this has been built on by the management, players and fans. I hope that local businesses support the club next season with sponsorship alongside the fans so that the club can move to the next level and challenge for the premier league.

This is just reward for the fans who have stuck by the club through thick and thin. Special mention to the Edinburgh Queens fans.

Looking forward to my second game of the season on Saturday, educating a few Wimbledon fans who are accompanying me to all things QOS and a party to end all parties!

Once again well done to JC, the directors and especially the players.
25th April 2002 Andy Paterson
re whistle

euan - this was meant to be a rhetorical question, with a bit of irony thrown in. My point really was about the over-reaction of the authorities at games with 'low' crowds where they would just let it go at bigger games. However they redeemed themselves at the end of the game with a bit of common sense.
24th April 2002 Bruce's Daughter
Well Done Queens and all associated, especially the fans - you deserve it for the wait! Only negative point is that my dad seems to think Saturday 20th April 2002 was the greatest day of his life! Here was me thinking it might have been when his children were born!!!

Anyway lets hope all those that turn up on Saturday manage to keep turning up next year.
24th April 2002 Ryan Carmichael
Queens you r da best and always will be bring on div 1 GOODBYE STRANRAER hope everyone will be singing and jumpin on party day including new stand no wonder old firm are leaving theyre scared theyre gonna get thrashed by the mighty south well done JC and all the lads
24th April 2002 Paul Stock
Promoted as Champions!! Fantastic.

My team was relegated, Stockport County, but I will be at Palmerston on saturday to be part of the celebrations....if Callum can keep us out of the pubs.
24th April 2002 Nigel Wood
Like many of the other exiles who drool over this web site as our "WEE TASTE OF HAME"

I am bringing all of family hame to see the south as a fan of Queens since I was a wee boy, I am so proud of the club,so proud of the players so proud of JC, My friends here in Hull are sick of me mentioning QOS, very few in england support their Home Clubs which in itself is a tragedy, but come rain or shine, Traffic Jams,Speed Cameras,etc. I Will Be There. Thanks again to Colin For your excellent site

24th April 2002 Jim Hardie
Congratulations to Queens for a wonderful season. I have been in Melbourne for 12 years but still take an interest in the sides progress. Wish I could be there for the Morton game on Saturday. I hope my long my long sufferring friend Dennis Crosbie has a good bevvy this weekend.
24th April 2002 Ally Worden
I am planning to come to the Queens v Morton game on Saturday from High Wycombe and was wondering if anyone could give me directions to Palmerston once I get to Dumfries.

See the 'Visiting Fans' link on the second menu bar.
24th April 2002 Marvin Ross
Well done to Jc and all at QoS for a wonderful season. We are now one of the most exciting team in the country in my opinion, this is mainly down to our pacey wingers Joe and Alan Gray. Hope JC stays and all the best for next year.
23rd April 2002 Scott Kelly
Absolutely fabulous display on Saturday to clinch the title at Forfar, let's hope for even more of this versus Morton as there is sure to be a big crowd and it would be the icing on the cake to finish a memorable season with another victory in front of lots of people who are not regular followers of the team - go for it - Up the Queens!
23rd April 2002 Frank Pauwels
Congratulations to the team, the coach, the management the supporters,and all who who have worked to bring about the success so well deserved.It is only one step up now to the top.Go Queens.
23rd April 2002 Robin Maxwell
well done to everyone connected with the club . was not at forfar but had a great night out in Dumfries last night .while we are all congratulating the present squad surely a mention must go to messers Hawke,Mckeown,Sunderland etc for thier contributions earlier on this season
23rd April 2002 Martin Spangle
Congratulations boys and girls from a Fulham fan.I've been following your results since I was a nipper and was born just after your last Championship.My mum's name is Queenie so I couldn't follow any other team could I?

Well done once again.

23rd April 2002 Donald (Barney) Macdonald
Well done QOS. As a Doonhamer,living in exile these past 25 years,I have followed your progress with varying degrees of interest over the years. My early days at Palmerston witnessed the likes of Mike Jackson,Peter Mitchell,Hugh McLean,and of course Allan Ball. Great that those who have supported them from those days have at last been rewarded.Have a good day on Saturday.
23rd April 2002 Craig Grierson
Great game and result on Saturday, never thought I would see this judging by what I was watching just two seasons ago when we only stayed in the division thanks to Hamilton. Big congratulations to all involved both on the park and behind the scenes. Just like to add that this is a fitting tribute to such a dedicated fan as Willie Johnstone ( Pecker ) who died earlier on in the season, just sad that he is not here to see it. I'm sure he's sitting up there loving every minute of it though, just like the rest of us.

23rd April 2002 Ewan Lithgow
re Bill Windsor

I think I actually said 4000 - 4500 but I hope you're right about the 5k+.

re Andy Paterson

Whistles are banned at all football grounds, reason being that they confuse the players, who may stop when hearing a whistle from the crowd thinking it was the referee. Nothing unusual in that, the referee was quite right.
23rd April 2002 Jorden Murray
Well done Queen i think that it has been the best football year of my life and i owe it all to john connaly.

THANKS John i love u.
23rd April 2002 Gary McEwan
Like my Dad in 1951 I made the trip up to Forfar and was wondering how the size of the travelling support compared to 51 years ago
23rd April 2002 Ben Allen
I used to support the Scumraer but now seeing i am such a glory hunter and realised the scum would never win anything i now support the Doonhamers. Come on the Queens!!!!!!! Bring on the old firm
22nd April 2002 Bruce Wright
Probably the greatest day of my life - absolutely wonderful - I was still bevvied up on Sunday night and felt as rough as a badgers....

Congratulations to everyone concerned especially Ronnie Bradford who didn't make the game because of illness - I really felt for him that he missed out. Also don't forget the catalyst in the rise of QOS - Norman Blount. Let's make the Morton game a cup-final and end the season on a big high.
22nd April 2002 Stu Mckie
I'd just like to say well done Queen Of the South for gaining promotion and also to Benny Mullen,whom i'd take out for a pint any day!!Go on the QUEENS
22nd April 2002 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
Congratulations to the playing staff, management and all who have contributed to this season's outstanding success! In particular, I salute Ronnie Bradford and John Connolly for transforming Queens from being a 3rd Division quality outfit to a 1st Division one in only 2 seasons!!

The scenes at the end of the Forfar match were without question the proudest in my 25 year association with the club!!

Here's to a pipe band, ticker tape and fireworks for the Morton match!!!
22nd April 2002 Shirley Brown Eyes
I Feel a song coming on!!!!

22nd April 2002 Scot Byers
Well done Queens. It was great on Saturday and all the Critics that think Queens are heading straight back down will get a shock. Queens are playing great football. I truly think that Saturday was one of the Best Days of my Life. It was great to see the players joining in with the fans. Well Done again. Lets collect the trophy in style this week against Morton. 10-0. C'mon
22nd April 2002 Moira and Roger Hudson
CONGRATULATIONS QUEENS on your Division 2 Championship Win and on your promotion.

We have very much enjoyed our visits to Palmerston Park over the past seven seasons and in particular this season.

We look forward now to Division 1 football.
22nd April 2002 Roderick Wyllie

Well done Queens. As a supporter since I was a very wee lad going to Palmerston with my Dad in the late 40's, to training with the team when a schoolboy at Dumfries Academy and then following what Queens have done ever since, I am thrilled at the results achieved this season. Each Monday morning since I immigrated to Australia (22 years ago) I have read The Sydney Morning Herald to find out the weekends result. I wish the team all the best for the coming season -- give them hell !!!
22nd April 2002 Pam Magee
Just wanted to say how proud i am of everyone. We have had our ups and downs over the years and we have finally acheived something that makes up for all our hard work and dedication. Saturdays game at Forfar was outstanding and the players efforts in the game were sensational, it was obvious that Forfar were never in the game from the moment the whistle was blown for kick off. I am honoured to be part of the club and wish you great hope and success for the following seasons to come. Thank you.
22nd April 2002 Kevin Donnelly
I would like to offer my congratualtions to all at Palmerston on winning the Championship. I am completely overjoyed at the team being rewarded for all its hard efforts. I would especially like to congratualte John Connolly. Having read Des McKeown's book and his comments on JC at the start of the season I did wonder if JC was the man for the job. Fortunately for us all he stuck to his own views and has been totally vindicated. With Des going down with Stenny, I know who is having the last laugh now.

Well done everyone!
22nd April 2002 Kevin R Faulds
Well done Queens! Too long in coming,but deserved nonetheless! Will be there on Saturday,if I can get in!
22nd April 2002 Jim McKinnell
Congratulations on your promotion and keep up the good results. Sorry my Father was not alive to see this happen.

Yours and all the best from Jim McKinnell, Bendigo, Australia.
22nd April 2002 Ian Sharpe
Well done John Connolly and all the players, Directors and back room staff.Like many Queens fans I have waited patiently for a championship win. Looking forward to celebrations on Saturday.
22nd April 2002 Fraser Ball
CONGRATULATIONS and thanks lads for a wonderful season, you've made an exiled Doonhamer very happy.

If anyone has any photos from Forfar or fancies taking a camera or(even better) a digital cam corder to the Morton game, I'd love to get hold of them.

Please, please send to

Up the 'South
22nd April 2002 Hazel Hume
Congratulations 2 the boys! It was a very good game, the goals were crackers. Well done luv Hazel n Claire
22nd April 2002 Brian Jag
Congratulations to Queen Of The South on winning Division 2 Championship. Special regards to Rocky and the boys we see at the Scotland games. Trust you all partied as we did. Best wishes for next season.
22nd April 2002 Bill Windsor
Dig Up Your Grannies

further to a discussion with our very own Ewan L. on Sunday re- attendance for the Morton game ;

WE need 4,276 (to not only top the current Second Division attendance record BUT to exceed the Hamilton season aggregate total!!)

So here's hoping my 5,000+ is nearer than Ewan's 4,000 guesstimate.I mean I personally can think of several long distance friends coming to the game never mind the "occasional" fan crawling out of the woodwork AND one half of the (G)old-digging firm aren't playing !!

As Bob D. says "you don't have to be a weather man to know which way the wind blows" I say you don't have to be an accountant to figure out we need YOUR GRANNY DUG UP. Go get!! Here's looking forward to a w/e to remember.

Any chance of us getting to know what's organised for Saturday/Team Bus tour route/times etc so we can get the word out ??
22nd April 2002 Barrie Little
FAO Alex.

I've got both the morning and evening programmes on tape. If you want a lend contact me at and I'll bring the tape down on Saturday.

Paddy singing "Hey Baby" is not to be missed!!
22nd April 2002 Andy Paterson
I'd like to add my congratulations to everyone at Queens including those behind the scenes from the chairman to the backroom staff. A quick nod of appreciation to Norman Blount from me as well for putting us on the right track. And a quick appreciation for Forfar for their sporting end of game choice of music. What was the deal with the police and the whistle though? Is there a rule about no whistling in the crowd that only applies to 2nd division games?
22nd April 2002 Alistair Robertson
Congratulations on the championship.

My mother was born in Dumfries but moved south after the war, but I've still got lots of family in the area so I've adopted QOS as my Scottish team.

It's a double celebration for me as my local team Reading FC have also just clinched promotion from the 2nd Division.

Here's to Division 1 next year
22nd April 2002 Craig Smith
Well done to queens for a super win at forfar to win the league. Lets finish of the campaign in style by smashing morton at home next week.
22nd April 2002 Trevor Mckie
PROMOTED at last and league champions I don't believe it. COME ON QUEENS!
21st April 2002 Garry Widdop
Congrats to everyone involved at the club. Good luck and best wishes for next season. Keep up the good work.
21st April 2002 Hugh McLachlan
Having lived in Dumfries until 1947 (when I palyed for the Academy Junior XI and fancied myself another Roy Henderson!)and having still followed the Queens for almost 60 years (55 years from Canada) I would like to add my congratulations for a great year.

The internet has been a great boon to follow the team through its trials, tribulations and triumphs - before all we could get was the score and standings if the newspapers had space to fill - now I don't think some of them even carry the scores other than the SPL. Now I feel as though I am a part of the celebrations thanks to the websites that have appeared.

Maybe next time I visit I'll make it to a game and then really be back home!
21st April 2002 David Main
To Alex Wilson - I taped the BBC report on Saturday night and it will never be erased! I'm sure others in Dumfries taped it (I'm in Edinburgh), but if not you know at least one copy exists.
21st April 2002 Sandy Orr
I'd just like to add my congratulations and thanks to all at Palmerston that have made this a VERY big year for me to remember. Everyone at the club deserves the praise which is being heaped on it at the moment. I bet Colin can't wait for the close season to see his family rather than spend hours updating this site!

The photo's on this site and Stuarts really bring more memories flooding back of the game. For once I can't wait for my return to work to face all my colleagues who have spent the last few years slating my team. I also won't forget to pay Mr Ladbrokes a visit to receive my winnings!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU Queens!
21st April 2002 Cooter London
If anyone has photos of the Forfar game or the the party against morton next week i would very much like to view them.

I am stuck in the land of Fulham Brentford and QPR

Send pics to
21st April 2002 John Rodgers
Congratulations to everyone at the club including the long suffering fans.Great result at Forfar.Now onto the Morton game where the biggest crowd of the season is expected.Hope the team goes all out to win that match too as a lot of new and old fans could be won over with a good performance and result.From a doonhamer in California.
21st April 2002 Barrie Little
Magnificent, absolutely magnificent. Last week I admitted to having a wee tear in my eye, this week I was greeting like a lassie!!

This is what supporting a team like Queens is all about. It might be a long time coming but when we win something we know how to party.

Let's break all the attendance records next week and turn Palmy into a real party zone.

Allez Queens.
21st April 2002 Ewan McNaught
Well done Queens for a superb season and a well deserved title triumph. Credit to Ronnie Bradford, John Connolly and the players (and Norman Blount before that) for breathing new life into a moribund club. This "sleeping giant" has finally awoken.

The last 3 away wins at Morton, Stenny and Forfar have been sensational (still don't know what on earth happened at Alloa but who cares). Yesterday was probably the most convincing performance by a Queens team I've seen in the last 20 years. Hard to believe Forfar still had an outside chance of promotion. They never got a kick. We were first to every ball and the side oozed confidence and quality. If it had finished 9-0 it would not have been an unfair reflection of our domininance.

We have the basis of a squad which can do well in the first division but I'm sure JC won't rest on his laurels. He'll carry on fine-tuning the team as he's done so succesfully over the last couple of years. For my money he's got to be the most promising manager in the Scottish game right now. A nice combination of shrewdness and (a touch of)ruthlessness. If a player can't cut it he's history and someone new comes through the revolving door. I've a feeling a few guys may fall by the wayside in the close season and a few new faces arrive but let's not hear any dissenting voices. Let's pay tribute to those who got us there but place our trust in JC to augment and improve the team further.

But let's not forget JC is also big enough to change his mind about a player. I think he wrote off Andy Aitken initially and unfairly tarred him with the same brush as the rest of that awful team he inherited. However Andy bided his time and eventually JC restored him to the first eleven. I think Andy's excellent centre-back partnership with JT has been a huge part of our success in the second half of the season.

I get the feeling everyone respects JC but some of the fans have not yet fully warmed to his management style. He's abrasive, strong-minded and pulls no punches. These are qualities to be admired. He is a winner and he's done a magnificent job. Manager of the season? Manager of the decade more like.

Forget all this talk of Alex Totten. Our most important signing of the close season will be JC on a new extended deal.
21st April 2002 John Perkins
Congratulations on your championship Queens! I am a Hereford United supporter but being born in Dumfries means that I always watch out for QOS results.

Hope that life in Division One goes great.
21st April 2002 Kevin Ansell

well done the QUEENS!!! division 1 here we come.
cant wait for next saturday - we will be there!
make the celebrations special with another win.
21st April 2002 Colin Creighton
CONGRATULATIONS Queens! What a way to clinch the championship. It was a truly awesome performance. I can't remember the last time I saw a game which was so one-sided, Queens dominated from start to finish, the quality at times was quite breathtaking (if it hadn't been for the Forfar goalie and some bad finishing we could have ran up a really embarassing score). The fans made it seem like a home game. Another performance like that next week in front of a home crowd would really be the icing on the cake.
21st April 2002 Joe McCrink
Congratulations and celebrations to all connected with Queens. I emigrated to Australia in 1989 but was a regular at Palmerston with the boys from Clarencefield and the Crichton for many years before coming "Down Under ". Enjoy the moment, I will be having a cold one myself.
21st April 2002 Alistair Moffat
Congratulations,to everyone associated to the club. Well done to the lads,it brings a nice wee warm feeling inside which I can't tell anybody about because where I live(Cambrigde)no body would understand how proud I feel right now. I can't wait till next Saturday to watch the lads lift the trophy in front of all the fans.

Well done again.
21st April 2002 Ian Black
As it says in the Bible the "QUEEN OF THE SOUTH will rise again" and yesterday we did ,the sleeping giant has finally awoken.

Supporting Queens for over 30 years we have had our ups and down but yesterday was the best.

A big big thanks to JC his staff and all the players and to Ronnie and his board (and not fogetting Norman Blount) for making this season so special.

Next Saturday lets fill Palmerston to bursting point and make it a sea of blue and white and have the biggest party Dumfries has seen.

The fans this season have been fantastic at home and away and with more and more younger fans going to the games the future of the club support looks promising.

21st April 2002 Ian Magee
Well done to everyone at Queen's sorry I cannot be at the last game as I have to go to Leeds. Being at Forfar more than makes up for it. See you all in Division 1 next season.
21st April 2002 Alasdair Morrison
Congratulations to all involved at Palmerston Park. It reminds me of the sixties when I was a young lad. Although I live in New Zealand, the Queens' results are always the first I look for in the Monday paper. (My wife just said "I bet I know what you're YAHOOING for!")

All the best for next year.
21st April 2002 Dave Hiddleston - Fids
WELL DONE QUEENS BRILLIANT, A big thanks to Ian Black for keeping me informed on the score via the phone from Forfar to Saudi Arabia.

Hope you all had a great night when you got back to Dumfries.
21st April 2002 J Mio
Big congratulations to the Queens, smashing end to an absolute stormer of a season. Well done boys. Good luck for Div 1
21st April 2002 Andrew Ross
WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! It was great to see Queens win the league. It was also brilliant to watch the party celebrations on Sportscene last night, I even seen myself. I reckon there was about 1,000 Queens fans there yesterday.
21st April 2002 Robert McRae
CHAMPIONS, well done to everyone at palmerston. waited over 30 years for this, and am more proud than normal to say im a queens fan.
21st April 2002 Iain Hill
Congratulations to Queen's Management, Players and loyal Supporters on a great achievement.

New Zealand has just lost the right to co-host the next World Rugby Cup (funny shaped ball game) so how about filling the void with a Doonhamers' Victory Tour?!! Looking forward to next season, the present high should see me through our winter.

21st April 2002 Andy Penn
What a great day at Forfar ! Amidst all our celebrations a word of thanks to Forfar ... the town has had to cope with Livi, Partick and now us invading their pubs and winning the League at Station Park in the last 3 seasons. Not only did their team offer very little resistance to a superb Queens side but they very magnanimously played "We are the Champions" through the tannoy as everyone ran on to the pitch at the end.
21st April 2002 Dougie Traill
Previously, I have aired my delight at QotS being promoted !

But the joy I feel today is nothing compared to it.

Winning the 2nd Division Trophy is even better than the charity match against Man.Utd. (6-3 to Man.Utd)

And that was even better than when John Collins slotted past Taffarel at the '98 World Cup.

Let's not wait 51 years for our next trophy !!!!
21st April 2002 Douglas Waterson - Hamburg
congratulations on winning the league from a doonhamer in exile.
21st April 2002 Alex Wilson
Anybody know how to get a copy of Saturday night's BBC report on the Queens match at Forfar? Please, Please, Please......
21st April 2002 Steve Whitby
WELL DONE QUEENS !! Glued to Sports .com on the computer last night watching for the results. A great night for me as Woking FC avoided relegation too!! I'm flying back to Scotland tomorrow to go to saturdays game. Good luck for next season from a Queens Cards fan in Thailand. See yous on Saturday!!

Who said I was mixed up!?
21st April 2002 Tony Findlay
Just got up to check the result.

Congratulations QOS on Division II Championship from Singapore.
21st April 2002 Graham Scott
Championees championees ole ole ole!!!!!!!Quote by Graeme Pool (Just Married)

Exeptional score by the queens today well done all the way from Limerick In Southern Ireland.

see ya in palmerston ol boy we know oor mannors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st April 2002 Kerry Johnstone
Congratulations to everyone involved with QOS, and thank you for bringing some football happines to an exiled doonhamer in the USA. I just wish I could have been there to see it happen.


All the best in DIV 1 from the New England QOS Supporters Assoc.
21st April 2002 Stuart Rae
After 27 long years, this is my proudest Queens moment. We did it in style as well and if we had won 7 or 8 -0 I don't think Forfar could have complained, as we played them off the park. It was as good as we've played all season. Every player was on form, and I thought that Weatherston, McAlpine and Gray were outstanding. What a difference from the dispaly against Alloa 2 weeks ago. Great team effort and great support again from the fans.

'Stand up for the Champions', 'Sit down for the champions', 'Stand up for the champions'.

P.S. Can we not get a campaign going for the Terregles Street end to be opened up at Palmerston, and for us to be allowed to switch ends at half time? The team always seem to play better shooting towards our fans behind the goal. It's refreshing going to places like Forfar and Alloa where we can have the team coming right at us in both halves.

Hope for the biggest crowd of the season on Saturday.
21st April 2002 Martin Smith
Praise be to modern communication! 51 years ago no one could experience this great feat save for those present - now we can all share in the greatest moment in Queens long history. I was there today and I can safely say that I've never seen a better performance from a Queens team with so much at stake. Congrats to one and all, and for those not there wait 'til next April for the same!
21st April 2002 Bill Windsor
CONNOLLY-GRATULATIONS Thanx for making grown men cry (& me too!!). Excellent game of fighting passionate football & can't wait for next week/season.Lets savour the moment & thank Jon C. & the whole team for their sterling performance.

Real sorry to see that our very own Mr.Ronnie Bradford was missing today & hope sincerely he'll be well enough to take a well-deserved bow next week .The bottom line must be its his "fan-attitude" thats futhering the cause & here's hoping that the future is ROYAL BLUE !!

Who needs the ol' firm ????

best wishes
bill windsor
21st April 2002 Graham McGeorge
Yes we are dancing in the streets of New York.Well actually just me.Going in to Manhattan tonight to celebrate.Congratulations on winning the championship.It's been a great season.All the best next year in Div 1.Enjoy the party next week everybody.Wish I could be there.

Cheers Graham
20th April 2002 Benny Mullen
WELL DONE QUEENS!!!! Like many today I could not I followed the game through sky sports, tonight I will go down to my local for a few pints and saviour the moment. I can not wait for the Morton game so I can see Queens lift the trophy.
20th April 2002 Gordon Harper
Well Done Queens!

Thanks for a great day to remember.
20th April 2002 David Main
Congratulations everyone at Queen of the South! It was 3-0 going on 13-0 today, i really enjoyed the afternoon and the celebrations at the end.
20th April 2002 Eck Patterson
SUPERB today Queens,what a way to win the league,i felt we really have now set the standards out that we're going to need up the in the first,it's so obvious that when the confidence is there,we will be able to give the lads in the First a run for their money.Looks like we're gonna have that 4000 plus crowd to see us lift the trophy next weekend,the support today was again out of this world.Roll on next Saturday!! CHAMPIONEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20th April 2002 Stu McKie
Well done queens first division football next season.I will always love u.
20th April 2002 Derek Kirkpatrick - Peterhead

Heard both your's and Scott Carrick's messages, good stuff Derek
20th April 2002 Alex Bomphray
What a great performance by Queens today and what a goal by Nellie.Sean's was pretty good as well.

Well done to the boys on winning the championship.Hopefully it won't be the only thing we win as I've had 36 years to wait, but that makes it so much sweeter. Great to see such a big Queens support there again, and good to get onto the pitch again, 16 years after the last time at Arbroath.

Good to see the website supremo climbing over the fence with the rest of us-well done Colin.

Looking forward to a big crowd next week. We Edinburgh guys are having our own celebration on Saturday night. Roll on next week, and no worries about what the possible permutations are to get us up and be champions which most of us have probably had for the last few weeks.

Well done John Connolly, well done Queens.
20th April 2002 Cameron Scott
Guys you trully are the greatest! Thanks for not letting up against Forfar!! Gutted I can't make the Morton game, unfortunately I'm in Canada at the moment, but you can count on my support for next season when I'm back in the mother-country! Good to hear from Brycie and Flannigan! Make sure it's a massive party next week against Morton, but don't be too hard on them guys, nobody likes to be relegated!!

Let's make sure we can hold onto resently signed players for next season, in particular we need to be signing Lyle.

Thanks guys for making a life-long Queens supporter in Canada a very happy man!!!
20th April 2002 John Byers
Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!

Well done Queens.Waited 36 years for this,going for celebration drinks.

20th April 2002 Robbie Purdie
Things just got better.

Watched the match on Sky Sports Saturday with Owen and our families, looking forward to hearing reports from Callum, Andy, Jim and Whitey.

Not a champagne fan but enjoyed "Moet-something-or other" this afternoon.

20th April 2002 Stewart Ivins
c'mon the queens!!!

My uncle , Jimmy Paterson took me to see Queen of the South at Palmerston when I was about 7 years old.

Roy was playing in goal. This guy had played for SCOTLAND!!!

I've never forgotten it...

Kind regards to all my friends
20th April 2002 Chas Edwards
To the Queens fan from Stowupland: if you fancy a wee celebratory bevvie next Sat in Ipswich let me know. We'll likely be the only fans in blue with anything to celebrate but there you go.

Queens fan from Claydon
20th April 2002 Gavin Foster
Well done to all at Queen of the South.I've been a supporter for 50 odd years and today you've made me very proud.Here's to success next season.
20th April 2002 Andy Ross
I would just like to say WELL DONE TO QUEENS ON GAINING PROMOTION AND WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!Also Bill Sturgeon doubted the lads but i had true faith in them,WELL DONE
20th April 2002 Allan Penny
Champions!! Doesn't it have a good ring to it? QOS have finally done it and deservedly so. Congratulations to everyone at the club all the way down from Ronnie Bradford to the tea ladies and the other unsung heroes who have worked hard to put Queens where they are today - the Champions of Division 2!!

When are we going to put more seats in so the club can be ready to move up to the Premier League. Partick have done it so why not us - lets keep going to the top!!

Champions, Champions, We are the CHAMPIONS!!
20th April 2002 Peter Crawford

20th April 2002 Ian Campbell
Well done Queens on your championship from everyone one at Kello Rovers football club. Agaian well done:-)
20th April 2002 Ian Harkness

20th April 2002 Danny Copper
well done this season from doonhamer living in glasgow now

who used to go to school with ronnies daughter many moons ago
20th April 2002 Graham Scott
Just a short note to say well done to everyone involved at Queens on gaining promotion to the 1st div. I was wondering if someone could tell me if the Queens are keeping the same strip for next season? Once again well done for making me a proud queens supporter!!!!!!
20th April 2002 Belly Notts C
im a notts county fan in yes nottm
i follow your results closley
so good on ya me ducks for pro to div 1
20th April 2002 Robbie Purdie
Will we see the potentially championship winning game highlights on "Carlisle United Sports Action" Monday night Border TV... or will there be highlights of a Cumbrian wrestling match instead?
20th April 2002 Kenny Moyes
Apart from having as skilful a team as I can remember, the main ingredient that this present Queens side has that previous teams didn't is discipline. JC deserves tremendous credit for this. Apart from when Anderson was sent off recently, I can't remember any player being suspended this season.

The last time I went to Forfar with great expectations was in 1977 when we played them in the League Cup Quarter-Final 2nd leg. Queens lost 1-0 and were knocked out. I was devastated. Hopefully we'll clinch the title tomorrow and it'll make up for all the disappointing years of under achievement.

To JC and all connected to the club - thanks for a great season. Go and win the title in style!!
19th April 2002 Mathew Hodgson
im a carlisle fan and ive always followed the queens results and id like 2 congratulate all the players staff and fans on gaining promotion to div 1.
19th April 2002 Duncan Bevis
Super Queen's

You've made an exiled Scot very happy. I work at a school in Coventry and always have the micky taken by the kids about my they all know who you are!! Congratulations on promotion.....Premier league next season?????/
19th April 2002 Dumfries and Galloway Tourist Board
Dumfries & Galloway Tourist Board wish to congratulate Queen of the South on their promotion to Division 1. Everyone is now cheering the Queens on to become the champions of Division 2 and we wish you every success in the final two games.
19th April 2002 Stuart Rae
Well done EVERYONE at Queens . We're all proud, and it's great that everyone is sitting up and taking notice. I agree with previous quotes that Norman Blount also deserves some credit for laying the foundations of our success when he was chairman. It's only recently the results have started going our way, but off the park we started building for this years ago. All the same well done to Ronnie Bradford. I liked what I heard about John Connelly when he was appointed and so far it's spot on. I said at that time of the lucky escape 2 years ago when Hamilton had points deducted, that it couild be a real blessing in disguise for us. You just need to look at East Fife and Stirling Albion to see where we might have been if we'd gone down, and we certainly wouln't be playing to crowds of 2 - 3000.

Lets gate as many fans as possible to roar us to the championship. Those who have't worked it out should know that if we draw both games Alloa could pip us on goal difference, so we need to ensure that we win one of the 2 games. Celebrations this weekend and a party next weekend would be perfect (and save our nerves!). Promotion is great but after 27years of seeing us win nothing (except the Border Cup!) I'm desperate to see us win the championship.

P.S. Nice to see the messages from Tommy Bryce and Craig Flannigan. It's a pity Brycie wasn't a few years younger and still with us. He deserved some success for the service he gave us. (Flannie wasn't a bad player either if only he could have kept injury free).

18th April 2002 Stephen Moffat
funny story about the promotion. i had to go to the aberdeen hearts game instead of going to palmerston to watch my favouritte team.

anyway, aberdeen had just let in 2 goals in the last 2 minutes and everyone was sitting there depressed. then over the radio, we hear queens have been promoted. me and my dad give a loud cheer and just about the whole stand look at us like madmen (which we probably are supporting queens!)

not that funny but im happpy anyway, and ill be at forfar to see us win the championship
18th April 2002 Bradley Harrison
A huge congratulations to all the staff at QOS for making this season a very memorable one, to those die hard fans who have stuck with it over the years I know the current feelings are very mixed. We are not used to success, we usually quite enjoy the relegation tussles and now we have secured promotion it feels quite surreal, I don't think it has fully sunk in yet, the main reason being because most have not sleep properly for the three weeks leading up to last Saturday because of the worry. Personally I think a lot of credit should go to Norman Blount for his tireless efforts whilst he was incumbent as Chairman. From tiny acorns grow giant oaks and I would like to give Norman great credit for growing the acorns. To those travelling up to Forfar this Saturday from Dumfries, a tip to avoid serious delays on the A80. When you come off the M73 stay in the left lane and follow the signs to Broadwood, from the Broadwood farm roundabout head up the hill, this road will take you parallel with the A80, do not rejoin A80 until after Castle Carry Arches i.e. do not rejoin at the Dobbie 's Garden Centre keep going in the left lane past OKI and the signs to Stirling will keep you right from there on. See you all in the usual pub nice and early, for the majority of travelling who have not been up to Forfar ask Ross, Russ or Joiner for directions they will keep you right.
18th April 2002 Brian McKie
Colin,is the new picture of the crowd behind the goals at the Glasgow Street end, from the Hamilton game last Saturday?

Brian, Yes it is and when I get a minute I'll publish a larger version, it was provided by David Gow
18th April 2002 Chris Leeds
Many congrats to all at Queen of the South on promotion last Saturday. Will finally be making my first pilgrimage from Leeds up there for the final game of the season (so long as it ain't all ticket) after following the club from afar for over 25 years. All the best in the first division.
18th April 2002 Liam
I would just like to thank John Conolly and all the back room staff at palmerston. I think that this season has been the most enjoyable for years after the close call with Hamilton. I thought that could be curtains for my beloved Queens but John and the staff have really turned the club round. Once again THANK YOU!!!

Lets go and win Division 1!!!
18th April 2002 John Crainey
Well done lads for the win on saturday its good to see old tommy and craig writing in hope to see them at forfar and good luck boys
18th April 2002 R Mitchell
18th April 2002 Eck Patterson
I'm really looking forward to Saturday's game,it really take's a bit of sinking in the fact that Queens are on the verge of being CHAMPIONEES.I can particularly remember beating Albion Rovers at Palmerston many years ago and clinching promotion then,but to win the league on Saturday would be ABSOLUTELY MAGIC,so with another big push this weekend,COME ON QUEENS,LET'S DO IT.
18th April 2002 Rachelle McCrone
Well done QoS This is my first year as a junior blue season ticket holder. My Auntie Jayne has always wanted me to follow the 'Queens' and I am glad I took her advice. If they are league champions she is dying her hair blue! I can't wait so don't let me down and win on Saturday.

Good Luck to all at Palmerston
17th April 2002 David Allan
Congratulations to Queens and their fans (especially Bruce Wright and Ian Black) on their promotion to Division 1 from a Cowden fan (and Queens' shareholder). Hands off Graeme Brown though guys!
17th April 2002 White Swan
Hello, I am a Swansea City fan, I have followed Queen of the South's results for years since I visited your ground in 1992. Congratulations on your promotion.

Congratulations from Swansea City F.C.
Swansea Til' I die
17th April 2002 Dougie Traill
I'd just like to say well done to the whole team.

Living in Edinburgh, I was mercilessly taunted by my Jambo workmates after the last time we met Hearts in the cup (when we lost 3-1).

It's great this season that I've got something to cheer about and they haven't.

Bring on Division 1 !!!
17th April 2002 Paul Fisher
My first ever visit to Palmerston Park last Saturday (vs Hamilton) - great atmosphere and very entertaining second half (almost matching the mighty Man City). Well done on the promotion.
17th April 2002 Happy Doonhamer
What kind of atmosphere can be created at Forfar on Saturday? does anyone think there will be the same kind of numbers that invaded Alloa?
17th April 2002 David Main
Well done Queens from a long-sufferring fan of over 30 years. After the trauma of the previous week, it was a marvellous afternoon, albeit after a nervy first half.

I didn't really relax until well into injury time!

Apart from our 'purple patch' I dont think we actually played that well, but it was a much tighter performance all round.

Can I put in a word for Graham Connell, a bit of an unsung hero who was very steady in the middle of the park. Another good call from JC, I doubt if many of us would have put him in the starting eleven.

Did we all see Derek Lyle celebrating after his goal (or were we all too busy celebrating ourselves?). Get that man signed for next year!

Are we getting the all seater stadium by the end of next year so we can get promoted again after we do a Partick and take the division one title next year?

People often ask me up here in Edinburgh why I bother supporting a 'small' team through thick and thin. I always argue the bad times make the good times all the better. I have to say that if Queens go on to lift the title this will have been their finest hour in my lifetime. There is a sense of optimism about the future too, where we will finally begin to punch our weight or even better above our weight.

See you all in Forfar!
16th April 2002 Accie Fan
I would like to congratulate everone at Queen of the South for gaining promotion to Div 1. You have been the best team throughout the season and you deserve it! Hope you go on and get the championship, and good luck next season in Div 1!
16th April 2002 Colin Johnstone
In response to those of you that have enquired about the last game of the season on the 27th versus Morton, the club has confirmed that there are NO plans to make the fixture all-ticket.
16th April 2002 Nigel and Kirsty Stevenson
Congrats Queens on the promotion - now lets be Champions - with a bit of luck we'll be up from Gainsborough (Lincolnshire) to see you get the trophy and finish off the season with the final home victory in Div 2.

Well done everyone.

PS Great web site but the banner will need altering to 'The Official site of the Champions Queen of The South'
16th April 2002 Bellhaven Best
Can anyone suggest a good watering hole at Forfar,never been that way before,got a funny feeling there might be something to celebrate?
16th April 2002 Craig Flannigan
I see my old team mate Bryce has put a letter on and would just like to say well done QUEENS.

One more thing are you keeping well tommy boy.
15th April 2002 Ian Davies
Congratulations on your promotion to Div 1 after a long time trying. As a Brighton supporter from the South Coast I have followed your results for many years, ever since I first saw Queens play against Ayr United when I was about 6 or 7 ( a long time ago now !) As my Mum's family come from Dumfries and Surrounding areas.

We too have been promoted back into the 1st Div after a long break. So Once again well done and lets hope we can both stay in our own Div 1's for a long time to come.
15th April 2002 Scott Kelly
Away back in April 2001 the Queens programme editor wrote in the season's last issue that, perhaps, the forthcoming 2001-02 season would be the lucky 13th attempt at getting out of Division Two. Well his dream has come true of, on all days - the 13th April. Well done to everyone involved in any way and hope fully the lads can now deliver the championship for the Palmerston faithful who have been magnificent this campaign in their support (especially the travelling "Blue Army") - see you all at Forfar (156.2 miles - 2hrs 16mins travelling time) according to the computer by car. Up the Queens!
15th April 2002 Globe Inn (Howff) Doonhamers
Congratulations to everyone concerned on Saturday's promotion - management, players and most of all Ronnie Bradford on achieving his life-long aim despite not keeping 100% healthy.

Now lets go for the title!

B L Wright (Secretary)
15th April 2002 Geoff Rae
Brilliant stuff lads!! Well done to the whole staff.

As an exiled C-D man I've followed the boys since I was 8 year old. Used to be taken by my pal's grannny. Mary's now 85 but you boys made her day. Phoned her after the Berwick match (which I missed) and was relieved to find it wasnae her who was the streaker!!

Bring on the Morton!!!!!
15th April 2002 Geoff Rae
Fantastic stuff!!

Promotion is the result of a wonderful team effort, and I use the word 'team' in its widest sense. Well done to all those unsung heroes behind the scenes whose names never appear in the banner headlines.

I agree with Eric Fisher. Let's not get carried away by turning full-time on any grand scale. Raith, Airdrie and the like testify to what can go wrong. We only need to be part-time to beat some of these numpties that are in Division 1 now.

And lastly......let's kill all this speculation about a new manager from another (new) second division outfit. JC has done a wonderful job over the last couple of seasons and the crowds are testimony to that. He's the only man for the job. Let's make sure we keep him.

Bring on the Morton!!!!!!!!
15th April 2002 Ian Raffel
Saturday was magnificent. The atmosphere in the covered terracing second half was unbelievable. Standing next to (and trying to keep up with!) Bloooooooo Aaaaaarrrrrmy man has played merry hell with my voice, but there you go. I'm proud of everyone: players, staff, supporters and feel priviledged to have experienced it.

Many thanks to the people I saw during the course of the day (which is a wee bit hazy!), including Jim, Eileen, Sandy, Kirsty, Ross, Gail, Charlotte and Marty and many others. You're all stars.

I have worn my QOS shirt to school today (honest!), but sadly haven't got a camera handy. Colin, I did take a couple of pics at the end of the game and I'll let you see them when they come out.

Good luck for the trip to Forfar - may the party continue!
15th April 2002 Neil Bell

Would also like to add my congratulations to the mighty QOS from the Brussels QOS Barmy Army. Like many people posting here living away from Dumfries makes it difficult to keep in touch. But the web site is great for this. Like Fraser I was their in Abroath many years ago and what a mental day that was. Good to see we have such a big away support these days. Back then there was maybe a 100 of us in Arbroath but it was an unbelievable journey back - pissed out of our minds. Hopefully i'll be around for the Morton game.

'We dont drink vodka and we dont drink gin'
'We dont drink whisky with lemonade in"
'We dont drink Harveys Bristol Cream"
"We are the Dumfries Heavy Team"
15th April 2002 Tommy Bryce
Congratulations to everyone involved at Queens.Players,coaching staff,The Board and office staff and all the supporters It's been a long time coming.Hopefully now you can go on and win the championship.Best of luck next season in the 1st division.
15th April 2002 Sandy Barclay
The giant has finally been kicked awake! Well done lads, and to JC for performing the kind of miracles on the pitch that a certain other JC would have been proud of!!
15th April 2002 Chas Edwards
Don't want to forget all the guys who end up on the bench or in the stand or on the treatment table most weeks. Have just read Des' book and it brings it home how much it means to be playing regularly.

But there's no way we'd have done this without a good squad of players so cogratulations to those who don't get to play as often as they'd wish.

You've maybe had the hardest job of all.
15th April 2002 Malcolm Anderson
After a pretty dismal football year so far It's great to see at least Queens can cheer us up.

From loads of Schalke04 fans well done.

Now It's up to Schalke to win the cup and QOS the league.
15th April 2002 Stephen Redpath
So annoyed that I couldn't make it on Saturday (work's a nightmare) - I'd just like to echo everything said in previous messages - brilliant season Queens - championship is next. Its been said many times I know, but there is real potential in Dumfries - you only have to look at Queens' gates this season, and their travelling support. Next season is about consolidation but I'm sure we'll be an established 1st division team in the near future.

order order we are the border
15th April 2002 Harry Rowe
Congrats to all the players staff and fans at palmerston pk. I have been following QOS for ten years and have never known them leave the second div.well done lads and lets go for it next year.

15th April 2002 Gavin Rennie
Well done Queen's - nice timing clinching promotion on my birthday!

I shall be making the 1,100 mile round trip from Southampton to Forfar to see my beloved South hopefully tie the Championship on Saturday.

Can anyone recommend any good watering holes in Forfar for pre/post match drinks?
15th April 2002 Boris Petrov
Well done Queens!!! Congratulations on this magnificent achievement from the Bulgarian branch of Doonhamer support! Look forward to seeing the title land at Palmerston in two weeks. My team Botev FC are currently third-placed and if they hold on to it for the remaining few games and get promoted to the Premier, it will be a season of dreams for me.

Keep winning in the First!!!
15th April 2002 Roy Nicol
Well done JC and all the players and staff at Queens. The team have deserved it , the fans have really turned out in force , and now lets see off Forfar and Morton for the Championship . According to some pundits , St Johnstone are the favourites for promotion next season . Huh ! I have just seen highlights of their match against Dundee from last Saturday , it was dire . With Queens looking strong in defence , midfield , and free flowing goals from Nellie , Sean and Lyle , A TOP SIX PLACE next year is the least we can expect ! I am one of many long distance fans coming to the Morton match , with my daughter , who I am converting into a Queens fan , slowly but surely . Can the webmaster tell us if we need tickets in advance ? I have also heard rumours that we could ticket touts in the Tesco and Ice Bowl car parks . Price of sucess !!!

Will see if there is any news on this tomorrow.
15th April 2002 Lawson Speirs
Congratulations Queens on the promotion - very well deserved. Hope you can go on and become champions 'cause they do the flag in your team colours and it'll look just like a proper saltire in blue & white.

Always enjoyed coming to Dumfries and I hope you do well in the 1st next year.

All the best from a very happy Jags fan.
15th April 2002 Allan Penny
Well done to everyone associated with QOS. It has been a long time coming but we are back where we belong in the First Division. The size of the crowd yesterday demonstrated the amount of support there is within the community for the club when things are going well, lets make it a full house versus Morton. Thanks has to go to Ronnie Bradford and JC for their efforts over the last couple of years. Yesterday was the biggest match since the Challenge Cup Final - the difference was the team delivered the goods this time.

Now that promotion is out of the way lets be greedy and go for the title. Onwards and upwards.
14th April 2002 Ian Peebles
Congratulations to all at Queen of the South on gaining promotion, and lets hope we can go on and win the title next week.

Although i live in the West Midlands ive followed Queen of the South for the past 5 years and hope next season to be able to come to Palmerston Park for the first time

14th April 2002 Fraser Ball
Well done boys from the Galway supporters club(i.e me!!).I was at Arbroath the last time in '86 wish I could've been there this time.
14th April 2002 Ken Glover
Great stuff Queens, I landed in Australia many years ago on the 13th its been a lucky number through the years and I did not doubt for a moment that Saterday the 13th of April would not be special to this life long supporter, In fact it must have been an omen for a few years ago I changed my car rego numbers to QOS13. Congratulations to the players, managment and all those supporters,now go for the top honor you all deserve,from a very happy Queens fan who just happens to live in Queensland
14th April 2002 Guepe from Alloa
From an Alloa fan - congrats on winning promotion. See you in Div 1 next year - and please do us a favour by thumping Forfar next week.
14th April 2002 Graham McDowell
Is Jamie Campbell still on the books at Queens?

Yes, but he is still out with an injured shoulder
14th April 2002
Congratulations to everyone at QOS. I always enjoyed my trips to Palmerston following Thistle, and I'm sure you'll be a great asset to the First Division next season.
14th April 2002 Geraldine Carr
Well done Queen of the South on your promotion, looking forward to you winning the championship. I have followed the team since 1975 and i have seen the good times and bad, so well done to everyone involved. i unfortunately have never been to a game but now that i have a lap top i can tune into your web page and get all the information i need. You have played in ireland in the past but unfortunately my timing was out. Next time i will be there. Regards, Geraldine old fan -new member.
14th April 2002 Millwall Paul
Congratulations on getting promoted.We done it last season (& could do it again via play offs).

All the best for div 1 next season.
14th April 2002 Barrie Little
Well done to everyone associated with QOS. This is a magnificent achievement considering where we were a couple of seasons ago. I have to admit that I shed a wee tear at the final whistle - 15 years and I've finally seen my team promoted.

Onto Forfar, onto the Championship, onto Glory....
14th April 2002 Akeem Aberdeen
well done to the queens, took a trip along yesterday to see the game looking very good indeed, but noticed the difference earlier in the season against aberdeen when really u should have taken it into extra time against us remember and visit anyone interested and organising a football tournament between supporters clubs in our area for the summers months or even a league?
14th April 2002 John Hope Engineering
Great game yesterday - good to see Queens getting back where they belong - now we want the title.

Well done Queens from everyone at John Hope Engineering.

If we get promoted do we get a streaker every week?
14th April 2002 Shane Trussler
Well done again !!!! keep going !!! all the way !!! What an outstanding result !!!
14th April 2002 Neil Clark, Montrose
Well done QOS!!

14th April 2002 Tony Cook
Well done Queens on promotion, I watch the results with great interest from a long way away, one day I'll make it to Palmerston. Good luck in Div.1
14th April 2002 Kenny Macintyre
Congratulations Queens from a "Doonhamer Doonunder"!

Only wish I was there to share the success.

Bring on the championship!
14th April 2002 Eric Little
Sitting here with tears in the eyes, it's been a long 16 years since the Albion Rovers game at Palmerston but at least this time we've done it on ourown results......Eric Fisher says it all, well done to Ronnie Bradford, JC, Board, Coaching Staff, Players, SUPPORTERS, but let's not forget Norman Blount and the foundations he set.

One more win and it's champers all round, come on you Queens........
14th April 2002 Eck Patterson
Well done today Queens.Well done to J.C and all the backroom staff,the board and everyone connected with the South.Let's hope we can go on to Station Park next week and take the title.Another great crowd at Pammy today,that kind of support must give the players that wee bit extra.DIVISION ONE HERE WE COME!!! GOING UP GOING UP GOING UP GOING UP!!!!!!
14th April 2002 Iain Crosbie
Today was fantastic! Thanks to all at the club for making it possible. Have to agree with others on the board about Norman Blount's important part in the success,this tops the challenge cup final. Onwards and upwards! To Forfar and beyond !
14th April 2002 Ian Gregory
Well done to all at Queen of the South. John Connelly has done a brilliant job, please may the success continue. A few new players will not be hard to find. Great news, well done to everyone.
14th April 2002 Scott Duffy
Well done to the fans around the ground especially in the Portland Drive end the atmosphere was electric. The last time we got to the 1st division in 1986 i was born.
14th April 2002 Scot Byers
Well done Queens what an achievement being promoted and what a feeling it is too. Queens games are the highlight of many peoples weeks and it is great to see them getting something for there troubles. The atmosphere was again electrifying and it really helps the team to win.

See you at Forfar

We r top of the league
Say we r top o the league
13th April 2002 Graeme Waugh
Well Done To Everyone Involved With Queens.

First Division Here We Come, The Players Put On A Performance I'm Sure Nobody Will Forget.

Again, Congratulations, And I Hope The Players Have A Good Time Tonight,

Up The South
13th April 2002 Ian Harkness

13th April 2002 Eric Fisher
Congratulations to John Connolly and his team including the backroom staff for a magnificent effort. Ronnie Bradford and his board should also be congratulated for providing the necessary financial clout. A word also for the previous chairman Norman Blount who although not enjoying much success on the feild, laid the foundations for the revival of this proud club. I would like us consolidate in Division 1 with a part-time team and do not go down the same road as Airdrie,Clydebank etc and end up bankrupt. Arbroath have consolidated so we can also. We need a few more players but such is the stature of the club,attracting new talent should be no problem. Now lets go for the championship.

13th April 2002 Elaine Ryder
I would just like to say well done to everyone at the club on getting promoted,it is well deserved.

My husband and I were lucky enough to be on holiday in Dumfries a couple of years ago and able to look around the ground when you had an "Open Day".

Good luck for next season.

Best wishes
13th April 2002 Graham McGeorge
Congratulations Queens on clinching promotion.Now lets win the league next week.

Graham (New York ,USA)
13th April 2002 Robbie Purdie
2001/2002 season.Birth of my son.Queens promoted.Things can only get better...

13th April 2002 Robert McKelvie
Congratulations to John Connolly, the players, the backroom staff and to the QOS board.

We are now looking forward to getting up to Palmerston for the Morton game, being a lond distance supporter, having to watch the results on teletext is murder, but when the championship is a real possibility, we all need to be there to cheer the lads on.

Is there any chance the Morton game being all ticket?

Colin please let us know through this site as soon as possible if this match is to be all ticket, so we can arrange for family back home to get tickets for us.

This will be another Challenge Cup final atmosphere we don't want to miss.

Come on the Queen's.
13th April 2002 Derek Kirkpatrick
13th April 2002 Gregor Wilson
Well done Queens. Great result today, I still can't quite believe we're promoted. I thought the fans won the first goal. It was so loud that the keeper and his defender couldn't hear each other and they made that og. Lets win the championship now. Well done everyone.

Come on you Queens!!!!!!!
13th April 2002 Dave Hiddleston
Well done Queens I wish I was in the 'Toon' tonight, having a beer celebrating PROMOTION but I am in Saudi Arabia instead.

Once again WELL DONE BOYS.

From Dave Hiddleston (FIDS)Riyadh Saudi Arabia
13th April 2002 Peter Crawford
DIVISION ONE HERE WE COME .. Congratulation`s to everyone at the club.. It has been well worth it staying up untill the wee hours here down under to wait for the results ..Going to have a few cold beer`s now ..WELL DONE JC ..

13th April 2002 Chas Edwards
Ya Beauty!!!!!!

Was dead nervous watching Final Score today, hadn't even contemplated everything going right for us. Can't believe it.

Gutted I can't make it up for the Morton game. Have a great party.

Come on you Queeeeeeens!!!
13th April 2002 John Rodgers
Wonderful result today with promotion clinched the fans and players deserve it.I,ve been tracking the score all morning in California since 7am. our time and as a lifelong Queens fan am delighted . I,ve just poured myself a can,pint of draught Guinness to celebrate.Lets go on and win the championship.Best of luck from a doonhamer in California.
13th April 2002 Cameron Scott
Well done guys, you're the best! Gotta keep pushing though, gotta be looking for European football by 2005!
12th April 2002 Bruce Wright
Re: Andy Rogers - watering holes:-

Start off in Dumfries High Street (near Boots) at Robert Burns hang-out the Globe who have their own Queens Supporters Club. From there move along the High Street to opposite Woolworths where you'll find the Hole in the Wall with its connections with Queens only full Scotland cap Billy Houliston. Move down the Vennel to Whitesands where the New Bazaar is situated lots of Queens photos on wall and the new owners now put on sandwiches for Queens fans after the game. Proceed over the Old Bridge to Markey Square where you will find two pubs opposite each other the Globe (different one) and the Salutation. Owners Tam Nisbet and Stan Johnstone have been great backers of the Doonhamers for many years.
12th April 2002 Keith Johnston
After witnessing the dissapointing result at Alloa last week it has just reinforced my belief that the Blues needs to really strengthen their belief in their own abilities.

While i believe that Alloa are definately the best team in the league at the moment the main difference between the teams was the almost arrogant self-belief and confidence that the Wasps displayed.

Come on boys,take a leaf out of Alloas book in the last few matches of the season and "play" and "think" like the Championship contenders that you are.
12th April 2002 Tim Hannay
Here's hoping that Saturday's big match against the Accies will really put us in the driving seat. Wish I could be at Palmerston for the game, it sounds like Queens are attracting some big crowds. Come Sunday morning I will be on the net first thing to get the result here in Sydney. The excitment certainly travels the 12'000 miles to Oz. Mon the South!
11th April 2002 Stephen Redpath
re -Andy Rogers and Dumfries hostelries - try the following for a pre match appetiser!

1.Greens bar - St Michaels St - large friendly boozer with great pool and snooker room.

2.The Ship - St Michaels St - just along the road from Greens and arguably the best pint in town, if quality real ale is your tipple without juke box music then this is the place.

3.Mulligans - St Michaels St - ubiquitous Irish theme pub, but one of the better ones, and again just a couple of minutes down the road from The Ship.

4.Spread Eagle Inn - Galloway St - a nice stroll along the whitesands and over the galloway st bridge to another decent boozer. A well stocked bar with a good selection of malts should meet with your approval.

Happy drinking!
10th April 2002 Clark McBride
I see that Ronnie B has killed off the rumours about Totten in an article in the Sun today where he is quoted as saying, "There is no truth in it whatsoever. I have never spoken to Alex Totten and I have never offered the job to anyone because there is no job to offer. I don't know where the rumours have come from. I have never made the suggestion about Alex coming because I have a manager at the present time and I don't see any reason to change that."

It would seem to me that Ronnie has killed the rumour off for good and that Queens can now get on with the job of securing four points out of the available nine that are left under the guidance of the most professional manager that I have seen at Palmerston in over twenty five years of following the Queens. Only Nobby Clark comes close.

So on Saturday get a hold of everyone that you know and drag them to Palmerston to set the highest league crowd of the season in the second division, the manager has said what a boost the fans give the side so let's get behind them from start to finish.

Up the Queens
10th April 2002 Derek Douglas
Regarding the rumours going round about Alex Totten is it not about time that Mr Bradford or other Board Members made a statement on this matter. If this is "kite flying" on someones behalf then it appears to me that it should either be shot down as a load of paper talk, or if true confirmed by someone in charge.

This is happening at a time when everyone is nervy enough of what is happening on the park, and the Manager and Players need to fully concentrate on getting the job done. The last thing we need is mischievious (or are they ?) stories going around but all we hear is that the Manager is being replaced.

Is there any rumour in the truth ?
I think we need to be told.
10th April 2002 Graham Scott
Hello Fellow doonhammers

Just like to wish the queens all the best for saturday. Hopefully I'll be over for the last game of the season as i'm working in Ireland just now. c'mon the queens.

(bring On St'Johnstone)
10th April 2002 Sandy Barclay
Well thank you Daily Record! (9/4/02) Although the rumour has been circulating on this board for a wee while now, I still found the Record's assertion that should Queens go up, Totten will take over far from helpful. What incentive does that give either JC or his players? Will JC be a victim of his own success? And for the players who have achieved so much this season, what security are they offered if the team takes that step up? This is JC's team, and any new man would want to put his own stamp on things. Continuity is key, and I'd much rather see JC at the helm part-time with HIS plasyers than go up and find ourselves at sixes and sevens with a new manager trying to build a completely new team. But, there's no use getting upset about things that haven't happened yet! We've still got to beat Hamilton, trounce Forfar and hammer Morton... possible? With JC in charge... you bet!
10th April 2002 Stephen Wilson
Hypothetical I'm sure but what if.......Queens and Forfar are level on points, goal difference and goals scored???? Head to head results (hope so!)....or a play-off?
9th April 2002 Stu Mckie
I would just like to warn fellow qos supporters that travelled on the second bus to Alloa (a few part-time fans) that there was a theif on board as I had a walkman and a queens hat stolen during the match.
9th April 2002 Ian Raffell
I've posted a photo from a past Fofar game into the Multimedia section at the address, which I hope is the correct address! (got it okay Ian and have published it below, cheers) Maybe it will be a good omen for the game there next week!

The support at Alloa looked fantastic. I'm travelling up for the game v Hamilton on Saturday (thank you Sandy Orr for your help), so looking forward to meeting a few old chums. Keep those fingers crossed!
9th April 2002 Andy Rogers
my father and i are coming up for the Morton game from down south in england. he's been supporting the club for over 50years, can anyone tell me of any good watering holes so we can celebrate going up in style?
9th April 2002 Callum Murdoch
I'm sorry Stuart but I don't think it would be possible for me to bring the rest of the pipe band, BUT if there are any other pipe playing Queens fans who would like to play with me on Saturday(no rude jokes please), I would be happy to teach you the simple tunes before the match. Just leave a message on the message board in reply. Lets get behind the team more than ever to make sure Queens go back where they belong!!!!!
9th April 2002 Roy Nicol
I must congratulate the webmaster and the photographer recently for the superb photos from the Alloa match . This gives long distant fans like myself a really good impression of what appears to be huge away support . I agree with Stuart Rae , we can't win ALL our games AND it was at one of our bogey grounds . Did we not lose there six - one not that long ago . Talking of bogey teams , Hamilton are also a team we seldom beat , so a tough match this saturday . My previous predictions have all been wrong so I will give you all some new ones this week . I cannot see Morton doing us any favours against Forfar . Morton are doomed with nothing to play for apart from pride , and Forfar are on a great run . But Queens have a week to build up to this game and have to take it by the scruff of the neck and as John Connolly says ,"Be positive" . We are still in a good position and a big crowd will lift the team this weekend . I reckon that Forfar will win two and draw two of there last four games , Queens will finish on 63 points , but it will be a very tight finish for the title . Shame that Falkirk could be going down as they have good crowds . Anyway , I will try to get up for the Morton game . Can I just say how friendly I have found Queens fans towards Anglo Scottish QOS supporters ! My dad was from Glasgow and my uncle lived on Moffat Road . I learned to play golf at Dumfries and Galloway Golf Club so there is plenty of Scottish blood in me ! Let's see what happens , one more win should do it .
9th April 2002 Dan Berwick
QUEENS in match fixing shock!!!

queen of the south have conned their way into the first div this season. after checkng stats football i noticed that you have had 2 players sent off this season. and 8 players on opposition side of qos have been sent off. hmmmmm. plus the two dodgy penaltys at shielfield in the 4-0 farce and allan neill own goal maybe you paid him too.

well done tis season
8th April 2002 David Gow
Thought Saturday was very interesting. Firstly we lost...but so what? Alloa were the better side and frankly have outplayed us in the four matches I've seen (missed the win at Palmy). Second great support pity they came to see such a drubbing...some of them will stay though and when we win promotion and the title (it's up to us no excuses) Let's make it 3000 plus for Hamilton and 4000 for the Morton title match.
8th April 2002 Sandy Barclay
For anyone who's interested the new issue of WSC (When Saturday Comes) has a two page article on the local rivalry between Queens and that mob to the west!
8th April 2002 Alan Crawford
Keep it going guys!!!!
We are watch from around the GLOBE.

Sombody say hello to my cousin Kevin O'Hare

Melbourne Australia
8th April 2002 Stuart Rae
Pity about yesterday . We were well and truly beaten, and I have to say that our 1st half performance was possibly our worst of the season. Shame for the large travelling support of 900+. However we can't win them all, and Alloa have shown in all their games against us how hard a team they are to beat when they get themselves in front.

Not to worry - our support can be Queens extra man to help chear us on to promotion and the championship. The way Alloa played on Saturday I can't see them slipping up on their remaining 3 games, so we'll need to be at our best to stay in front. Lets try and get everyone we know who's ever had an interest in Queens to go the remaining games, and proove again that's it's not just Partick, Inverness and Ross County who have a big support in the lower leagues. Lets give Hamilton and Morton the 'Glasgow Street enclosure roar' louder than ever. The Forfar games also a real big one now, so lets show them that it's not just Partick Thistle who can take crowds well in excess of 1000 away from home.

P.S. message to the piper - bring the entire pipe band with you next time.
8th April 2002 Ross Fielding
Read something in todays News of the World on Alex Totten coming to Palmerston Park next season - although he states the only way he's leaving Brockville is if he's sacked. Anyone heard any rumours regarding this.
7th April 2002 Iain Crosbie
There's just no time to get too down about the result at Alloa. The fans were fabulous in their support but now that some chips are down,I am confident that the true fighting spirit of the Palmerston faithful will come to the fore. Let's get right behind the team in the next three games and roar them on. Keep positive and keep up the good work. To the barricades,Blue Army!!
7th April 2002 Graham Shankland
I was very disappointed with yesterdays performance.

I hope we make a full recovery for the title push.

c`mon the south.
7th April 2002 Russel Johnston
I may well have been one of the people who made comment on Friday regards Saturday's game.

In three words, "I didn't go", I may have seen our poor record against The Wasps this season as a bad premonition and was trying to elevate the fixture somewhat.

I got the attendance as 1442. I guess that the Queens support was around 700 ?

I expect Queens to win next week against Hamilton, with Clydebank out of the equation but I expect a tough match at Station Park against Forfar in a fortnight, with them still challlenging for promotion, that I expect to attend.

This match should hopefully be the Championship Decider, as I thought today's match may have been, but alas NOT !!

Queens should have promotion clinched when they step onto the park in a fortnight, but will still have to battle for the Championship against Alloa and Forfar !!

The Championship Decider may go to the last game, if Queens secure victory at Forfar, similar to the 3-0 victory last October would do nicely, and if Alloa win also on the penultimate Saturday, then a win against Morton would then guarentee the Championship on April 27th.....

....We await the final three weeks tribulations !!!!!!!!!
6th April 2002 Andy Wasp
well there you go good to see a nice battle for the championship now even i didnt expect such a scoreline like today.

see you in the first

ooh ah alloa.......
6th April 2002 Ian Hough
Can anyone tell me if the Morton game will be all ticket ? From reading the message board - it seems many long distance fans will be making the trip (myself included).

At this rate there we'll be queing on the M6 !!!

ps Carrying on with the musical instruments theme - I can get my hands on a proper sit down electric organ with pedals and the lot - do you think Rock Steady will mind ?
6th April 2002 Martin Domin
Just want to ask a few things, have Martin Glancy and Des McKeown left?

Check the Player Profiles page for the latest info on these two.
6th April 2002 Andy Wasp

i can understand you guys being on a high, but going by the comments on hiy serrr (unofficial alloa website)by some of your fans i cant help feeling that they will get it right back up'em come 5.oclock
6th April 2002 Rob Campbell
I also just wanted to say well done on the Manager of the Month award John. Your doing a great job and we're all behind you and the team. Blue Arrrrrmmmmy.....
5th April 2002 David Gow
Congratulations to JC on his manager of the month award. I think we should recognise his growing into the job at Palmerston...let's look forward to the challenges of the first division together
5th April 2002 Eck Patterson
Good luck on Saturday Queens,Im sure we will get a positive result and get that other win and we can all sing the song on the tips of our tongue,G**** **,G***** UP

5th April 2002 Les Coltart
Good luck to Queens at Alloa, I will be coming up from Stowupland,Suffolk to see the game against Morton and hopefully be seeing the championship flag flying proudly over Palmerston.A Doonhamer in Suffolk and proud of it.
5th April 2002 Russel Campbell
In response to an earlier message, I believe that there is the Doonhamers Travel Club End of Season Dance on April 27th, when several players attend and there'll be no doubt a high demand to attend that one. Hopefully the rest of the town will be buzzing all night also.

In response to the person asking about Gordon Burns, I was speaking to a friend the other day that was at school with Burns and he was supposedly hounded out of Somerset Park. I assume he's playing in the South of Scotland Queen's team ?
5th April 2002 Inside Ducket
Any chance of anyone leaving a message on here telling me where Queens fan Lord Ponsonby posts.Any thanks from you as well for our efforts in winning at Clydebank the other night making you certainties for promotion,with the championship now within your grasp.Its time a club of your size were on the up,you have been in the doldrums to long,though i must admit i will miss my jaunts across the country to Dumfries.
5th April 2002 Roy Nicol
I agree with the Queens fan that it is a shame that such a well known club like Morton are really having a rough time . We know how they feel - however things are certainly on the up at Palmerston and its great that so many fans are coming to the games . I have watched football at all levels for many years but Dumfries has the biggest number of "Floating" fans in any town I can think of .They are all crawling out of the wordwork once again and crowd levels are looking really healthy .Who do we want to get relegated out of the first division is a question . We really want all the top supporting teams left in division one , we don't want St Mirren down , or Raith . Perhaps Clyde and Inverness , that would save a long coach journey ! John Connolly has done a superb job , I don't how he has done it , to turn the whole club round . The signing of Derek Lyle to the end of the season is great , he reminds me of Craig Feroz , but now the management can 'Rotate' their first team squad , as they do in the SPL . The Premier League Queens fans - I keep on saying this , look at Arbroath , only a few places away from the Premier League . If they are right up there having a go , why not QOS . I shall look forward , perhaps even expect , a good result at Alloa !
5th April 2002 Stephen Wilson
Exciting times. My last 2 visits to witness the mighty QOS were agaunst Hamilton last month (stuffed) and, dare I say it, Alloa away in the cup! Possibly Queens 2 worst performances of the season. However, Queens defeat of Alloa at Palmerston in October was the best Queens performance for many years and (sadly) I've seen my fair share.

Last (Queens!) excitement like this I listened to the World Service in Papua New Guinea in 1981 as they clinched promotion in the last game of the season.

I always had faith in John Connolly and may he continue to have faith in Queens.
5th April 2002 Rob Campbell
Quick point to David Gow. David, now that we have Bowser back from injury and every move we make looks like it could end in a goal, do you not think you will get tired holding your camera up all the time trying to capture them on film? May I suggest a small tripod or shoulder mounting apparatus!! Good luck to the team on Saturday. Its an important game but remember all the pressure is on Alloa. We're still top of the league even if we lose. The support is going to be great at Recreation Park.
4th April 2002 Callum Watson
Great to see The Queens at the top of the league. I am planning to come up from the south for The Morton game and have even managed to persuade three Wimbledon fans to make the journey!!
4th April 2002 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
The QOS display against Morton really makes me think that this season's squad is even better than the class act of 85/86. The return of "Bowser" adds a completely new dimension to the team with his blend of intelligent distribution, off the ball movement and aggression.

Overall, there is now enough quality in ALL departments of the team to adopt a brand of football based on retaining possession and attacking the opposition with pace - this style of play will get us a result at Recreation Park.

On Saturday, in front of what will be our biggest and most vociferous away support in years there are no prizes for being 2nd best to Alloa.we must go for a win and bring the Championship back to Dumfries!!

My bottle of Tesco Brut is now in the fridge!!!!
4th April 2002 Stuart Rae
1st Division here we come, or at least we will be shortly. Clydebanks defeat tonight means that we'll be up if we get a win on Saturday and Berwick do us another favour by beating Forfar. A draw will also guarantee us promotion if Forfar and Clydebank both lose. Whatever happens I can't see either of them catching us now, so lets hope for another great travelling support and Alloa to help cheer us towards the championship.

Great result again last night. Good to see Joh O'Neill get another couple from open play. Great to see Bowey and Crawford have good games on their return from injury. Steve Bowey is a tremendous player and I hope we can get him signed on a long term contract. Also thought Sean O'Connor had a great game and caused his old pals all sorts of problems. Andy Aitken is in tremendous form, and Colin Scott made some terrific saves at crucial ponts in the match.

It's a shame to see a potentially big club like Morton in such a state . They played like a team just waiting for relegation to happen. I also think its a shame they've dropped Greenock from the name, as surely it gave them more of an identity for the people of the town, and had a nicer ring to it than 'plain' old 'Morton'.

Finally hope you all had a good look off the right hand side of the motorway on the way home towards Love Street, Paisley, as it's looking like we'll get a slightly shorter journey to Mortons rivals next season (unless St Mirren pass us going the other way).
4th April 2002 Roy Nicol
Fantastic result for the lads at Morton ! I was a bit surprised that John Connolly put a full strength team out as a number of players were carrying knocks but confidence must be riding high . Its great that Sean O'Connor scored his first goal and John O'Neil banged in two more . Three more points should clinch it but let's get greedy and try to win all our last four games . My previous predictions have all been wrong , my forecast for Saturday , probably a draw . As a long distance fan I don't get up as often as I would like but I am hoping to make it for the Morton game .It could be quite a party and our best league crowd of the season . We get a bit of radio coverage down here in Manchester , on 25.2 Long Wave - talk radio sport . There was a good report on Clydebank's match against Berwick ,The referee got a lot of stick of the Clydebank supporters for some reason , AND they played very poorly ! WE are nearly there , not quite but almost !
4th April 2002 Sean Crilley
Does Gordon Burns still play for Queens?

4th April 2002 B Johnstone
after all these years we are finally going to win the division..well done to all at the club. can't praise them enough for this season. after watching queens for all those years through the dark times,lost count of the times traveling to midweek games and losing. Will not make it over for the run in which breaks my heart as in the states and no suitable flights for me. Will be up early to keep track on the internet just hope they have more coverage on radio scotland on here. Maybe one day will be able to tune into live commentary from palmerston. ALL the best from the windy city
4th April 2002 David Gow
Excellent result against Morton guys. It's a joy to see a team work so hard for each other and the fans. Congratulations to John C and the squad. PS Bowser was awesome! The support just keeps on getting better. As far as I can tell, Alloa on Saturday's the title clincher.. and with the result tonight a win and we're up (mathematics who cares?). Let's get the title though eh? 1951 seems a long time ago and no-one ever remembers who came second. Just remember Annan's the Queen of the Border but we're the Queen of the South!
3rd April 2002 Jim Kerr
The news travels far and wide....

I live in California and was at my local gym this week when a bloke picked up on my Scottish accent, "where are you from", "Dumfries" I replied...."hey Queens look good for promotion this year eh?!"

Turned out he was from Largs and had been in the USA for 20 yrs...

Good luck the Queens!
3rd April 2002 Kirk Dobie
Living in Nottingham it is difficult to get to games, but I will be at the final game on the 27th, even if I have to hitchhike to get there!

Are there any celebrations planned or a player of the year event planned?

Could someone please let me know

Come on Queens - Champions Div 2 !!!!!
3rd April 2002 John McGonigle
Is the second bus to alloa running? Want to be there to see us pratically clinch promotion.

The Travel Club have their own site and will have the details there.
3rd April 2002 Stephen Redpath
Another great result last night against a Morton side fighting for their lives. We looked composed and assured throughout, and a wim at Alloa (and let's face it we're due one) will surely see us promoted. Another excellent support last night and i'm sure Saturday will see an enormous travelling support heading for Alloa. It's a real pleasure at work in Glasgow to say that you're a Queens fan - in fact people up here have been remarking on the size of the gates Queens have been attracting - maybe the giant is beginning to wake up!!!

you'll never take Dumfries
3rd April 2002 Ross Hutchison
Brialliant performance against Morton. Steve Bowey had an excellent game after coming back from injury. Our title and promotion hopes are in your hands now. If we get a point from the Alloa match I would be happy. Come on lets support them as much as we can and will them on to the title.
3rd April 2002 Richard Isaacs
Having looked at the remaining fixtures (with Hamilton, Forfar and Alloa still to come), the promotion party could come with just two points, depending on these results. As a long-distance supporter and one who is unable to travel to Dumfries as regularly as I would wish, it is a fantastic achievement by all at the club. Just two seasons ago, Queens were saved from relegation by Hamilton's indescretions ... now we stand on the threshold of Division One. Lets just hope it's not like last time!!!
3rd April 2002 Craig Grierson
Another great result by the boys last night and glad to see big Sean O'Conner getting his first for the South. Thought that the turn out by the Morton fans was surprisingly good last night, I did not expect nearly that many fans at the game, you could hardly move in the Norseman Bar before the game. Did not know which game the referee was at last night though, as it certainly was not ours. The No 10 that eventually got sent off for them was a disgrace all night and should have been sent off in the first half never mind when he elbowed Connelly in the face. Good to see Bowey back in midfield, thats the type of player we need in midfield at Alloa on Saturday.

3rd April 2002 Alex Bomphray
Missed the Berwick match on Saturday as I was visiting my sister in Liverpool. Son Rowan wanted to go to Liverpool v Charlton but it was sold out but an excellent alternative was available in Tranmere Rovers v QPR, with the attraction of Andy Thomson if playing. He was and scored the first goal to give QPR a 1-0 interval lead. At half time, incredibly, all the Scottish scores were given so we were able to keep up to date with the Queens score. In the 2nd half Tranmere took a 2-1 lead but QPR equalised and in 90 mins our man Andy scored his 2nd to give QPR the points.He had an excellent game all round and had 7 or 8 efforts on target in the game, more than Queens and Berwick managed together. Bad news was that there was no streaker!!

Admission was 13 for me and 3 for Rowan, who is 16, and this was in the front section of the main stand, the ground being all seated. Crowd was a very respectable 8619.

Great game tonight by the lads though and a couple of excellent goals(the first two),setting us up nicely for Alloa on Saturday. I think we might just get promotion now.
2nd April 2002 Eddie Haggarty
Directions to recreation park.

Go over Kincardine bridge after pelican crossing you come to a roundabout turn left on the A907 After 3 miles approx you will come to a roundabout take 2nd exit direction Alloa after 2-3 miles you come to a roundabout take 2nd exit and football ground will be on your right hand side
2nd April 2002 Colin Creighton
To Scott Wilson, easy reply for your teacher who is the Bankie's fan. When she says she will have the last laugh, just tell her that people who laugh last do so because they are too thick to see the joke in the first place (heard that on a TV programme the other night, thought it sounded quite witty).

As for the glory hunting, never been to a game in their life old firm fans, just ask them what part of Glasgow they were born in. I don't know about you but I get more satisfaction out of paying my money to watch my home town team (not into some foreign prima donas 40,000 a week wage packet, take the money and run and give nothing back to the Scottish game). The lower divisions are full of players who are playing because they love football. Let's face it I don't think many of them would be retiring early on second division wages.

I had the privelige the other week thanks to my friend, a local businessman to be invited as one of his guests when he sponsored the game against Cowdenbeath. The club really makes you feel welcome. The chairman even goes out his way to meet everyone, I'm sure there are not many chairman who take the time out to go round and chat to everyone. This is the second year running that I've had this privelige. I would just like to say to the people who operate this part of the operation that you are doing a terrific job, it was well appreciated by our group.
2nd April 2002 Craig Brydson
Trying to get directions for Recreation Park for Saturday.
2nd April 2002 Roy Nicol
Looking at the run in I am starting to think that sixty one points may be enough , even sixty , to go up . I am predicting that John Connolly may rest a few of his half fit battered squad for the match at Morton , and hope we might get a point there . Then a fully fit team can take on Alloa ,where we have a score to settle , having lost to them three times this season . If Queens can win there last two home matches , that may be just good enough . Well done Queens fans , terrific turn out against Berwick . Now if the ckub make a bit of effort and get plenty of publicity for the Hamilton match , our best gate of the season would turn out for sure . I still think it is going to be a very tight run in though , we can't keep expecting Alloa and Clydebank to drop points all the time , and watch out for Forfar they are on a very good run .
2nd April 2002 Scott Wilson
I apologise about my last message I got my facts slightly wrong, our form has actually improved after Saturday's goal-less draw against Berwick. Because I forgot about the Cowdenbeath game. Therefore our form is now four wins and one draw. And before the game it was four wins and one defeat.

Anyway good-luck for tomorrow.
1st April 2002 Ewan Lithgow
I think Scott Wilson will find if he checks that our last five results form actually improved with yesterday's draw. It was the defeat by Hamilton that fell out of the "last five". So now we have four wins and a draw instead of four wins and a defeat.
1st April 2002 Kevin Donnelly
Graeme Smith, I would like to point out that I was in Paris and the only people I saw wearing club colours were Queens fans. I copped a lot of grief for this from various friends who are committed club supporters but would never dream of wearing their club tops. I obviously am in the minority on this and apologise if I have offended anyone but it is something I feel strongly about ie club colours for club games.

I was at the game on Saturday and whilst disappointed with the draw I thought Berwick were a reasonable team, much better than Stenny the week before. Good luck to the team against Morton.
31st March 2002 Inside the Ducket
With only a relegation fight to look forward to ,i can whine away the sad lonely hours looking at the photo of the streaker which is at the in the match report.
31st March 2002 Stuart Rae
Disappointing game yesterday for the big crowd. I know people who hadn't been there for some time. Still the streaker livened them up.

Clydebank and Hamilton not winning is a godsend for us, and despite only taking a point, we actually need 3 points less for propmotion than before the game (8 points will do it)(11 for the champinship).

Lets encourage everybody we know to go to as many of the home and away games that they possibly can.(tell everyone about our streaker and maybe we'll double the crowd for the Hamilton game (message to the streaker - you could double your audience for this one!)
31st March 2002 Scott Wilson
Go on the Queens a minor slip up but, hey, look every team has a minor slip up from time to time, e.g. Alloa and Clydebank and even Partick aren't at the best of form right now. However before yesterday, Queens had the third best form in the country behind the big Glaswegion clubs Rangers and Celtic, it was based on their last five results, four wins and one defeat before yesterday which is brilliant.But even now three wins, one draw and one defeat isn't bad.

Anyway on another note I've been a season ticket holder for a number of years now and I attend away games as often as I can and I will be attending the last three away games however, I go to school on a Monday morning and the first thing I get from my class-mates is "Queens are crap" even if they've just thumped someone on the previous Saturday. To which I say "but they're top of the league" to which I get the reply of "yes but of the second division which is crap." I never used to bother but, I'm bothered now! I mean what can I say anyone got any suggestions? There's also a teacher who's a Bankies supporter and says that the bubble will burst at Palmerston but, that's easy to get out of, cause I reply with "the bubbles already burst at Bankies" but she says she's gona have the last laugh, but I'm already laughing.Ha ha ha. Because a win against Morton and a win against Alloa would leave us eight points clear at the top with three games left to play.

Go on Queens a straight run now to the end of the season five wins it'll be no bother. And we'll be crowned "CHAMPIONS" at home to Hamilton.
31st March 2002 Scot Carrick

if you can find a photo of the streaker we'll post it on one of the dynamo sites.

sorry to hear the horn is no more, i'm sure its been worth at least 5 points for us this season.

if joe mcalpine invents a goal celebration the dynamo boys will copy it for our next game.

31st March 2002 Walt Adamson
Re:the airhorms

Right - It's time someone at the club explained what is the situation is as far as airhorns are concerned. Either they're banned from grounds in Scotland (fair do's - although I don't agree with it) or it's OK to have them at Palmerston. Other grounds (e.g. the police at Stair park saw no problems with us having airhorns at the ground.) What is wrong with a bit of atmopshere at the games - it can't be denied that it has helped Queens' cause. Rock Steady should lighten up a hell of a lot (nice streaker by the way) - the jobsworths - get a life!

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