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31st March 2002 Inside the Ducket
With only a relegation fight to look forward to ,i can whine away the sad lonely hours looking at the photo of the streaker which is at the in the match report.
31st March 2002 Stuart Rae
Disappointing game yesterday for the big crowd. I know people who hadn't been there for some time. Still the streaker livened them up.

Clydebank and Hamilton not winning is a godsend for us, and despite only taking a point, we actually need 3 points less for propmotion than before the game (8 points will do it)(11 for the champinship).

Lets encourage everybody we know to go to as many of the home and away games that they possibly can.(tell everyone about our streaker and maybe we'll double the crowd for the Hamilton game (message to the streaker - you could double your audience for this one!)
31st March 2002 Scott Wilson
Go on the Queens a minor slip up but, hey, look every team has a minor slip up from time to time, e.g. Alloa and Clydebank and even Partick aren't at the best of form right now. However before yesterday, Queens had the third best form in the country behind the big Glaswegion clubs Rangers and Celtic, it was based on their last five results, four wins and one defeat before yesterday which is brilliant.But even now three wins, one draw and one defeat isn't bad.

Anyway on another note I've been a season ticket holder for a number of years now and I attend away games as often as I can and I will be attending the last three away games however, I go to school on a Monday morning and the first thing I get from my class-mates is "Queens are crap" even if they've just thumped someone on the previous Saturday. To which I say "but they're top of the league" to which I get the reply of "yes but of the second division which is crap." I never used to bother but, I'm bothered now! I mean what can I say anyone got any suggestions? There's also a teacher who's a Bankies supporter and says that the bubble will burst at Palmerston but, that's easy to get out of, cause I reply with "the bubbles already burst at Bankies" but she says she's gona have the last laugh, but I'm already laughing.Ha ha ha. Because a win against Morton and a win against Alloa would leave us eight points clear at the top with three games left to play.

Go on Queens a straight run now to the end of the season five wins it'll be no bother. And we'll be crowned "CHAMPIONS" at home to Hamilton.
31st March 2002 Scot Carrick

if you can find a photo of the streaker we'll post it on one of the dynamo sites.

sorry to hear the horn is no more, i'm sure its been worth at least 5 points for us this season.

if joe mcalpine invents a goal celebration the dynamo boys will copy it for our next game.

31st March 2002 Walt Adamson
Re:the airhorms

Right - It's time someone at the club explained what is the situation is as far as airhorns are concerned. Either they're banned from grounds in Scotland (fair do's - although I don't agree with it) or it's OK to have them at Palmerston. Other grounds (e.g. the police at Stair park saw no problems with us having airhorns at the ground.) What is wrong with a bit of atmopshere at the games - it can't be denied that it has helped Queens' cause. Rock Steady should lighten up a hell of a lot (nice streaker by the way) - the jobsworths - get a life!
30th March 2002 Barrie Little
I can categorically deny any tutu wearing antics whilst on Tartan Army duty. Unfortunately I couldn't go to Paris so it must have been someone else Graeme!

Back to QOS - pity about the result today but at least Alloa and Clydebank dropped points as well. And the crowd figure - magnificent, let's hope more attend the last 2 home games.

C'mon the South.
30th March 2002 Sarah Holmes
Does anyone else think that Joe should have a celebration for when he scores, so that all us budding Joe fans can copy him when we score? Just a thought.
30th March 2002 Callum Murdoch
Alas, 'horn boy' is no more

I have great displeasure in telling you that I am no longer able to use my airhorn at Palmerston. During todays match I was told by both the head steward and Mr Bradford that i can't use it any more. I appreciate everyones support for me recently(i.e. the 'if u hate rock steady' chants) but there is no way i can argue with the chairman of the club. Visiting keepers will now be able to take goal kicks with no fear. However I have got other ideas in the pipeline, so watch out at the Alloa game.

on a brighter note there can be no doubt anymore that Queens are a BIG club because we now have streakers. And whats even better is that it was a woman!!!!!!! Is there any chance that she could come every week to livin up the game/crowd.(surely someone got her name and number, cause i'm willing to pay an extra pound every second saturday) Also could the photos be posted on the website please.

Does anyone know if Alec has a 'Queen' collection for the tannoy cause i think he will need a certain song called 'WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS' pretty soon.

well done to Queens and the streaker you are both doing brilliant.

Sorry Callum, no nude ladies on this website!
29th March 2002 Graeme Smith
KEVIN DONNELLY GET A LIFE. If you had been in Paris this week to see Scotland you might have been able to make a sensible comment. The Queens fans I met made me proud to follow Qos. There was no animosity between rival supporters and i feel that comments like yours only go to prove the petty small mindedness of some supporters.

PS Barrie Little,were you the man who took off a Tutu and tried to streak onto the pitch on Wed nite.

Come on the Queens. 1st division here we come.

Does anybody know if George O'Boyle will be fit for us for next season when we take on Perthshire's finest SuperSaints?

Order! Order! We are the Border!
29th March 2002 Alan Smith
Re Kevin Donnellys Comments about not wearing club tops at Scotland games. Get real! Ive been wearing a Queens top at away matches for years and have never experienced any ill feeling. Quite the reverse! In Paris I had a great time chatting to supporters from Ross county,Brechin and Cowdenbeath amongst others.If I wasnt proud to be Scottish then I wouldnt be there so whats wrong with showing my more local allegiance ? We obviosly dont agree but I suppose thats what football is all about!Role on Saturday when Im travelling up from Northamptonshire & have friends coming from Liverpool and Glasgow for the game.
29th March 2002 Wacek Kaczmarczyk
Further to the recent messages regarding Carlisle Utd.let me point out that I am a member of a very loyal band of Doonhamers who have taken time out over the years to support our second favourite team from across the border. Apart from the shopping trips a visit to Brunton Park was always worthwhile. On the 2 visits to Wembley for the Auto Windscreen finals I was sat amongst other Queens fans giving United equal support.

We too remember those heady days under Alan Ashman and Bob Stokoe and recall the skill and intelligence of a young Chris Balderstone in the early 1970's. It is inevitable to expect anti Carlisle feeling on this side of the Metal Bridge as I am sure many in Cumbria could not care a hoot about Queens no matter how hard Derek Batey, Alan Cartner, Clem Shaw, Eric Wallace et al have tried to create a Border solidarity.

I would rather look out for the United result at 4.45 on a Saturday than concern myself with the predicted fortune of 2 Glasgow clubs.

So,up the Queens and United we stand.I wonder if Mr. Knighton would welcome an invitation to join the Queens Board ?
28th March 2002 Scot Carrick
The we hate Carlisle chants are a mindless bit of fun at games, and lets be honest i find it hard to see stranraer as local rivals when they're so far awat and carlisle is 30 mins down the road, sorry if they cause offence but they're certainly the team, that me and all my mates i go with dislike the most (although hate is a bit strong, in reality i just like to see them lose), absolutely gutted that the carlisle boys chickened out of saturdays game v Dynamo.
28th March 2002 David Barker
Just a quick note to wish all the players and staff the very best of luck over the next few weeks. I can't tell you why Queen of the South are my adopted scottish team, perhaps it's just the glamorous name !!!. Living in, and supporting Southend (United) I have had few highlights over the last few seasons, so watching the "Queens" finally getting it together has been enthralling, if not occasionally frustrating!. Just in-case any of you wondered......Andy Thomson (who lived just up the road from me) was a little gem when he played for Southend, although he did prove injury prone.Once again, good luck and how about a celebrationary pre-season tournament At Palmerston Park including Queen of the South, Southend United and Fiorentina ?
28th March 2002 Sean Crilley
Hi, I have designed a new and pretty basic unofficial Queens site which is not mean't to compete with this site but to merely complement it.

I have a chat room and a message board there amongst other things. It would be a good Idea for Queens fans to organise a chat for a certain date and time so we could get a really good Queens debate going.

The address is ;

p.s. QOS webmaster - Please could you add my new sites' address to your "Other Sites" page?

If you link back to this site then of course!
28th March 2002 Rob Campbell
I have supported Queens for 22 years and its such a great feeling to be going to game after game feeling so enthusiastic. It always makes the journey back to Edinburgh seem shorter when we win as well. I think, without doubt, we should be, and should have been for years, a first division team. Apart from Hamilton, who in the second divison can say they are worthy of first division status? The Glasgow Herald on a Monday gives average crowds - we're second. If you compare Palmerston with the other grounds/stadia in the second (and first) divsion we have one of the best set ups. (Do people call them football grounds because its just a bit of ground? Some places you go in the second divison theres just a football pitch and a wall that you can nip behind when nature calls) I think we are healthy financially. Theres loads of other reasons. Anyway I'm just saying what we all know already. Just a few games to go - everyone who calls themselves a Queens fan has no excuse for not going to the matches and getting behind the team. There are loads and loads of Queens fans in Edinburgh - get yourselves to Dumfries on Saturday!!! WE ARE THE QUEEN OF, THE QUEEN OF THE THE SOUTH, WE ARE THE QUEEN OF......
27th March 2002 Sean Crilley
Hi, I am a Queens supporter from Carlisle and I must say, it does break my heart when I hear chants at Queens games of "We hate Carlisle". I don't see any reason for this and to be honest, the people of Carlisle don't particularly care much for scottish football (except people with good judgement like me who is Queens through and through) so why!!!?

It really does upset and disappoint me when this is sung at matches anyway, we are supposed to hate Cleyholers aren't we!?

I am a proud Cumbrian and I am VERY proud to be from Carlisle but more than anything I am PROUD TO SUPPORT QUEENS so less of the chants of Carlisle and more for the Cleyholers please!
27th March 2002 Stuart Rae
Reference Kenny Moyes comments:- I agree this is the best QOS side since the days of Ball, O'Hara, Dempster, Reid , Dickson etc.

Re Peter Weatherston inferring certain players are full time. Think you've misinterpreted this. He was talking about how good it would be for certain players if we get promotion, which may mean a possibility of full time for some players.

Re:- Mrak Nicolls - lucky sod - I only got 9-1 odds on Queens for the championship. I put on a stake of £6. Still hopefully I'll be I'll be £71 better off as I also had £1.50 on Partick Thistle for the championship.

For the record I also had a £1.00 on Peterhead to win the 3rd (pity iy wasn't each way). I didn't bother with the Premier. It's too predictable. The lower leagues are far more interesting.
27th March 2002 Eck Patterson
I like everyone else am desperate for The South to go on and win the league,but we still need i reckon three wins at least in the last six games to do that.Reading the press mind you Alloa seem to think they are in an even better position than us so hopefully we'll knock the stuffing right out of them with full points from Berwick and Morton,but as J.C reminds us one game at a time is the only way to handle this unusual [but deserved] position that we are in.I,m sure that the crowd this Saturday will be approaching 2500 which will hopefully give the team that wee bit extra boost for the final charge on the title.It must be heartening for the players,and the backroom staff to see their efforts appreciated.It really is music to the ears to be standing watching QUEENS in control of games with a quick burst of the drum,MAGIC,even better with the airhorn although these stankies at Rock Steady don't seem to think so.Maybe they are Alloa fans,or maybe not the Stewards could actually fill a taxi!
26th March 2002 Ian Magee
Well done Queens you now have the whole of the town talking about football. Sales of Dumfries street maps have gone "through the roof" so we may get some locals finding Palmerston Park and not some places in Glasgow.Just keep it going we'll see you on Saturday. COME ON THE SOUTH.
26th March 2002 Barrie Little
Re: Kevin Donnelly's comment.

Are you talking about wearing club tops at the game or at other times? I, for one, take great pride in wearing my QOS top when travelling with the Tartan Army and don't see any problem with this. It took me hours to walk through Brussels city centre the day after the game last year because people recognised the top and wanted a natter.

Prior to and on game day I will always wear a Scotland top of some description but I couldn't care less if the guy next to me was wearing a tu-tu as long as he was supporting Scotland.
26th March 2002 Scot Byers
Well done queens. I have noticed alot has been said about signing Lyle. He's great, and I hope JC signs him for real before Partick decide they want him to play in the premier league next season. The team's performance is great and isgood to watch. This is the first year the people of Dumfries are interested in how Queens are doing and it's great! Keep it up Queens and well done!
26th March 2002 Kenney Moyes
Another great result! I couldn't make the game on Saturday, but my Brother-In-Law who's a Killie fan was at the game and was very impressed. The team finally seems to have some self belief. I think this is the best team that's been at Palmerston since the days of Ball, O'Hara, Dempster etc. I once met Graeme Armstrong at a party and he described Queens as the sleeping giant of Scottish football. THE GIANT IS NOW AWAKE!!!

In last weeks papers Peter Weatherson made some comments that suggested some Queens players were fuul-time. If there are any full-time players, who are they?
26th March 2002 Mark Nicoll
Well done Queens! 5 points clear, nothing can stop us now and my £10 at 12/1 is looking even better!!
25th March 2002 Bill Stitt
Having supported the Queens for over 40 years I can't believe that they are on the verge of winning a league title for the first time in my lifetime. We must go out and make sure that Derek Lyle is signed up on a long term deal he's the best thing since Andy Thomson. I can't wait to see us win the league at home to Hamilton. See you all there!
25th March 2002 Ewan McNaught
I was mightily impressed with the display at Stenny on Saturday. I thought it was the best Queens performance of the season and one of the best I've seen in the last 20+ years. We were a class apart from Stenhousemuir and Derek Lyle in particular was outstanding. In the first half his pace was blistering and his ability to turn the the home defence was a joy to watch. Please JC and Ronnie can we sign this guy for next season? Partick have overlooked a real gem. I think he's as good as Andy T. at his peak.

The team is full of quality now though. Big JT and Andy Aitken are solid at the back, Joe McAlpine is a revelation and Alan Grey is the most consistent player at Palmerston this season. It must be demoralising for our opponents when we can bring the likes of Weatherson off the bench. When O'Neil, Bowey and O'Boyle are back in action the team will be even stronger and our bench is going to be full of quality too.

Watching the game on Saturday I was reminded of the gulf in class which was evident when ambitious clubs like ICT and Ross County came to Palmerston a few seasons back. You could tell they were going places and we were going nowhere. This time round I'm delighted to say the class act was us. I don't want to count any chickens but I feel promotion is pretty much in the bag now and I'm sure the title will follow.
25th March 2002 Chris Richards
If we can keep getting those vital results we can look for for another brilliant season in the Scottish 1st Division.

It will be great to see Queen's, Dumfries' local club doing well and trying to do even better in the forthcoming seasons
25th March 2002 Kevin Donnelly
I think Alan Smith is bang out of order recommending people wear club tops to a national team game. This only generates bad feeling among other fans and detracts from the fact that we are there to support Scotland. I get very pi**ed off with the likes of Thistle fans who continuously wear club tops to Scotland matches and I see no need for Queens fans to lower ourselves to their level.
25th March 2002 Inside the Ducket
hmmmm,worrying this,for you the delights of 1st division soccer,for us relegation looms.Still,cant say you dont deserve it ,but i will miss my jaunts across the border,in fact most of the berwick support enjoy going to dumfries.I had a quick look at the stranraer site and a queens fan calling himself Lord Ponsonby had been on ,very sharp guy,in fact one of my colleages mentioned this on their site.Does anyone know what Queens site he posts on as i have a gut feeling this will be my only solace in the horrors that loom in the shape of the 3rd division.Nevertheless,congratulations,you deserve it.
25th March 2002 Phil Wharton
Just thought I would pass on my congratulations to all of you. Your sides performance on Saturday was outstanding as were your supporters.

Good luck in division one next season, hopefully as both Arbroath and Partick you too will do the second division proud.

As for us you are probably correct in your observations "were going down with the Falkirk"
25th March 2002 John Rodgers
24th March 2002 Alan Smith
Lets see how many Queens shirts we can get to Paris for the Scotland game on wednesday . I was very impressed with the number in evidence at the last game in Belgium . Lets do even better ! After all we are now on the verge of being a "big" team again so lets make sure everybody know who we are.
24th March 2002 Paul Pearson
What a performance.We tore to shreds, a team which has been a bit of a bogey team for us in the past number of seasons. A combination of good football, commitment and seering pace won the day.

In Lyle and super Joe we a real threat pace threat which in my opinion has been lacking at Palmy for a while.

It was intersting to hear John Lambie say that his current pool of players will not be good enough for the SPL. Here hoping Thistle go up, Lyle becomes a free agent and gives us the oppertunity to sign him.

Surely we cant end up in another Feroz type situation where the guy does well for us and he ends up at one of our competitors.

So lets get this one sorted and get the guy on board. He's young, fast, socres goals and knocks his pan out every game to the point of exaughtion.

The whole team did well yesterday and really stuck to the task.

Everyone get right behind the team for the next games and the championship will be ours.

23rd March 2002 Stu Cider
Well done to your team this season! For some reason I started following your resutls a while back and its good to see you doing well. I might come up next season for a game all the way from Bristol!!!

Keep it up boys!
23rd March 2002 Alan Jardine
The league table puts a wee smile across my face, ufortunatly i am out in the gulf states involved in the fight against terrorism and i will miss the promotion party. Credit to every single person at Queens for giving the supporters a real possibility of promotion, where they rightly belong. all the best for the future.
23rd March 2002 Ian Williams
With regards to the stewards from Rock Steady, i sit in the new stand and one of the stewards is hell bent on making sure that no one has there feet up on the seats, hey i can't argue with that!!!

But at the Clydebank game a few weeks ago there were some teenagers sitting throwing Polo Mints at the Linesman and on more than a few occasions hitting him on the leg with them. It was only after a few choice words from a fellow supporter that these lads decided to leave.

My point being is that we want a carnival atmosphere at Palmerston, Air horn, Trumpet, Bagpipes etc. which are all safe and have raised no objection from the club or the police. So how come the people at Rock Steady are so intent on ruining peoples Saturday when no harm is being done but they cant see past there noses when teenagers throwing objects at a linesman are breaking the law and also giving Queen of the South a bad name with the officials who come to Palmerston?

I think it is about time the board had a meeting with these guys and tell them what is allowed and what the club want stamped out.

Stewards get real.
What would you want for your £9.00?
Enjoyment or unfair treatment?
22nd March 2002 Stephen Redpath
Good luck to th 'South tomorrow - unfortunatley I cant make it, but all the best to all. I'm sure another mammoth support will be heading north.

... he drinks all the whisky and newcastle brown
NA NA NA NA.....

22nd March 2002 Stephen Crainey
It's good to see the team I have always supported heading for promotion.I support Chievo now as I have moved to Italy,but it's good that I can keep informed with this website.
21st March 2002 David Morton
Does any QoS fans know a guy called SeanC who supports QoS , Middlesboro and Gretna ?? If so could you please give me his e-mail address as i want to find out more about Gretna FC !! Mail me at
21st March 2002 Benny Mullen
It's good to hear someone is bringing a trumpet. I also hard a boy call Darren Mcormick was bringing a guitar so if the boy with the trumpet and the guitar could meet up with the QUEENS LOYALIST with the hooter Callum Murdoch they could make a band called Murdoch and the hounds.
21st March 2002 Malcolm Anderson
Just wanted to wish the club I supported for years

all the best for the last few games.Div 1 is in reach!Nowadays I support Fc Schalke 04 as I live in Germany but Thanks to your website can keep informed.Another 4 wins should be enough.
21st March 2002 Kevin Donnelly
Just to let Queens fans know that the next issue of When Saturday Comes will have a feature on Queen of the South v Stranraer in its Great Derbies of the World slot. I don't know the name of the guy who has written it but from what the editor has told me, he sounds like he knows what he is talking about. Have lent them two programmes from the early 80's for the artwork.

Should be at my first game of the season at Stenny on Saturday so hope I don't jinx it.

We drink beer, we drink, we're the Dumfries borderline!
21st March 2002 Robert Young
Regarding the Jan 18, 2001 comments about John McMorran,

there is a 112-year-old John McMorran that lives in Lakeland, Florida. Is that the one you are talking about? He was born in June 1889. For more info, please visit (go to centenarians).
20th March 2002 Alan Crosbie
promotion here we come

best of luck q.o.s

from the glasgow horseski connection

order order !! c'mon the border
20th March 2002 Ian Raffel
Many thanks to David Gow for his video-clip. I always struggled to capture goals using my picture camera when I was able to watch matches regularly, so he's done amazingly well with the old video! Would there be a facility on the site to send in photos taken by supporters?

A' ra best to everyone for the run in to the end of the season - fingers crossed.

Ian; Any photo's that you have would be very much appreciated and will be used on the website if you send them in, either electronically to in any format or by post to Colin Johnstone, 19 Northfield Park, Annan, Dumfriesshire, DG12 5EZ, all photo's sent will of course be returned after scanning.
20th March 2002 Chris Richards
Keep up the good work Queen's.

Queen's, You RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because were top of the league and their NO!!!!!!!!!

Come On the South.
20th March 2002 Jeff Wood
Well done lads, 5 points clear but Jim we've forgotten what to do if you swallow the spring from the first breath Demand valve. Also is there an antidote for skitter-wax. Best wishes from the Shetland Northern Alliance Jim Thompson lovely hair club.
20th March 2002 Bobby Littlejohn
Come on Queens!!!

We could be going for first division football next season. Do us proud
20th March 2002 Chris Graham
The South roll on. Me and my mates are all based elsewhere, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sunderland but we're all from the 'Fries. We are literally jumping for joy at the current climate. We all go to Pammy when we can but its a bit difficult obviously. I was at the Morton match, yeah that match! I work every Saturday at a bookles in Edinburgh, everyone takes the mickey when I shout for the South, but no longer. What a team we've got. Big respec to Ronnie Bradford and John Connolly, they're showing real ambition. Unprecendented ambition! I hope we get out of the poxy division after all these years, wot is it 1989 when we went down. Anyway we're all dropping everything (work, family, clothes even) for the final push next month. C U at Pammy on Apr 27 and in Dumfries that night, it's gonna be LARGE!!

Good luck to smelly Stranraer tonite!
20th March 2002 Bill M
I sometimes wonder how people arrive at their MOM scores, as Saturday's score of under 6 for Barry Moffat beggars belief. He put in a power of work all day and picked up all the scraps so that we never missed Steve Bowey. Mind you Steve would probably have taken the chance that Barry missed.
20th March 2002 Chris Tinning
On holiday in Spain recharging the batteries for the promotion run-in so I´ve missed the last couple of matches. Great video clip of Nellie´s goal. I think his all round game has been better this season just missing the goals (not the same service he got last year?). He certainly runs himself into the ground every week.

Can´t wait to leave the sunshine and the cerveza to get to Larbert on Saturday.
20th March 2002 John Thomson
20th March 2002 Andreas
Hey Guys,

best wishes from Germany to all fans of QOS, espacially to Craig+Fiona, Iain+Gail, Ross and all the others we met in Prag!!! Best wishes from Frank + Nicole, too!!!


Supporter of Hamburger SV
18th March 2002 Scot Carrick
yeh well done to those top blokes at rocksteady for another disgraceful piece of work on saturday, confiscating the airhorn. We spoke to cops at stranraer and even they said they couldn't care less, if mr bradford and the sfa are in agreement then what gives the stewards the right to take it away. Football stewards only exist because it was felt they would be more understanding of fans than police, obviousely not. At the next home game lets make an effort to get the stewards in questions number then report them directly to QOS and to rocksteady headquarters.
18th March 2002 Andrew Ross
It would be great if I was to bring my trumpet and Callum was to bring his airhorn. It would be great atmosphere. I also think its brilliant that fans like Callum bring airhorns, as it shows he is so LOYAL to Queens and will come with his airhorn, win, loose or draw.
17th March 2002 Stuart Rae
Well done again Queens. Keep it up . We want the title. I've seen us promoted twice but never Champions. I've been going now since 1975 and this is possibly the best pool of players we've had in that time. Lets hope that we can keep the pool together (and can sign Derek Lyle and Steve Bowey on a permanant basis).

Well done to Peter Wetherston . It's great to see him back among the goals. Pity about that silly goal we gave away at the end. The main thing is we got 3 points. The injuries are worrying (for a while yesterday, Queens physio was the busiest man on the park)but thankfully we've now got enough decent players in the pool to cope.

All the fans should try and encourage an extra couple of friends or family to go to the remaining games, and help cheer us on to promotion or the title. It's looking good, but it's far from over yet. We should remember that Clydebank and Hamilton are full time and I still think that Alloa are probably the best team in the league
17th March 2002 Rory Alexander
The rock steady needs to loosen up a bit, my mates airhorn was taken away from again on saturday. We were only trying to create some atmosphere. Mr Bardford himself and the SFA said it was okay so why do we keep getting the horn taken from us
17th March 2002 Callum Murdoch
I would like to know why the stewards at palmerston (rock steady) told me to put my hooter away. I was only trying to create some atmosphere on the terrace but they did not take to it. For the Berwick game I am going to bring my bagpipes to get the crowd gioing if i am aloud them in.
17th March 2002 Callum Murdoch
I think its great to see that someone is intending to bring a trumpet to the games now, which I think is fantastic. However i wouldn't get too exited yet as it seems that rock (un)steady are hell bent on making sure there is no atmosphere at Palmerston. Their latest pathetic reason for confiscating my air horn is that I was sniffing the contents of the canister to GET HIGH. What a load of *****. I was even told I would be arrested when I tried to argue with them.I hope Andrew does bring his trumpet though and helps Queens on the run up to the title.
17th March 2002 Dave Hiddleston (Fids) Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Well done Queens things are looking good, looks like promotion at last, keep up the good work.

Hi to Ian Black & Jardie & to all the Queens 'Die Hards'
17th March 2002 Bill Sturgeon
As one of the slightly older 'Doonhamers' who fondly remembers the exploits of Spud Murphy, the shooting power of Jimmy Davidson and the pure brilliance of Alan Ball, it's good to see another crop of 'soon to be' heroes coming through.

Keep up the good work, it does an old exile's heart good to see such great results.
17th March 2002 Colin Creighton
Well done JC and the lads, another excellent result yesterday. It's difficult to break teams down when they pack their defence and try and catch you on the break. I felt we pretty much controlled the whole match, but was glad our last minute 'misunderstanding' didn't happen five minutes earlier, it would have made nervous watching.

With three home fixtures left maybe the chairman and directors could look at throwing the gates open to all under 16's or even something like all juniors get in with a full paying adult. It would really crank things up another level and I'm sure the players would get another boost playing in front of a packed ground. This charge for the title is the sort of thing that will alway stay in the memory, who knows it may stop some of the next generation of supporters being brainwashed by the old firm and decide to stay with their home town team. This chance of glory has really got the town buzzing, wouldn't it be great if we could recreate the Challenge Cup Final atmosphere and crowd for the rest of our fixtures.
17th March 2002 Chris Richards
well done Nellie, Two goals for us, not bad!!!!

Keep it up Queen's and we'll be watching 1st Divsion Stuff next year!!

See you next match!
17th March 2002 Brian Mckie
Re.Andrew Ross, you'd better watch that the "big goon" from Rock "Unsteady" doesn't take the trumpet off you like he did with the airhorn yesterday.He was proud as punch and probably couldn't stop telling his mates about it in the pub last night,(thats if he has any).

Get a grip Rock Steady, your are there to stop trouble,not cause trouble!
17th March 2002 Roy Nicol
Travelling back to Manchester today after our great win I was delighted with the result . I agree with the radio west scotland reporter (FM 97.0)that Queens did not really get into their stride today although we domininated the match . I can't remember Colin Scott making a single save . The reporter failed to mention the loss of Steve Bowey caused havoc with the right sided midfield area and John O'Neill's injury was another blow JUST when we were getting going after Nellie's first goal .Donald and Connell gave 100% but they are really more defensive midfielder's and are not that creative .

JC will have to make another signing if Bowey and O'Neill have a long spell out . Today though it was great to see Sean O'Connor in the team and Weatherson's two strikes . I thought that Gray and Aitken played well at the back . Checking the Sky Sports screen in the bar afterwards showed all the results went our way and confidence must be sky high at present . But we have major midfield problems to resolve to hang on to top spot .

Oh yes , I nearly forgot . I was messing around with my tiny camcorder near the press box and I have filmed quite a few second half highlights including Nellie's second goal and Cowdenbeath's late consolation . If the Queens webmaster wants the tape for the site you can have this free of charge . I have just watched Nellie's second goal about twelve times already which went down very nicely with our steak supper !! Well done Queens fans today , top crowd in the division , superb !
17th March 2002 Eck Patterson
What a vital result today turned out to be,Clydebank and Alloa drawing and us bagging another three hard fought points.Four wins from five in fourteen days is promotion material indeed.Great to see another 2000 plus crowd at Palmerston it shows the potential Queens have,which many lower division clubs don't.The best thing to me at the moment is the fact that Queens seem to have a decent all round depth in the squad which is obviously vital to win promotion.Hopefully this winning streak can keep going and we can get back to a division where we belong.With no midweek game this week hopefully we will recharge the batteries a wee bit and get a good result against the Warriors.Every game from now on [like the last few weeks] is massive and with the continued support from the fans and the commitment of the team remaining the same we're going up we're going up we're going QUEENS ARE GOING UP !!! P.S LIKE THE DRUM LADS SUPERB!!!
17th March 2002 Martin Cope
Another excellent result this afternoon, although the shambolic Cowdenbeath goal took a little of the gloss off the performance. I like big J.T. as a good old fashioned centre half, but whenever he tries to do something skillful it often turns into disaster. Just do the simple heading and booting the ball upfield and out of play, J.T. and leave the fancy stuff to others! On a more positive note, two excellent goals from Nellie. Let's hope that he is fit for next week, as I feel we are going to need to be at our best in the run-in, as there will be a number of teams keen to knock us off the top. Pleased that we have strengthened the squad again this week. The bigger and better, if we are to have key players out injured from time to time. Talking of which, I was very impressed, yet again (remember last November!), with Graeme Brown of the Blue Brazil. Surely he will not wish to stay with Cowdenbeath if they are relegated. He seems to me just the type of quality player that we should be looking at for next season - more than hopefully in Division I. All the best for the next crunch match at Stenny!!
17th March 2002 Russell Johnston
Anyone know where Derek Lyle was today? surely he has'nt been dropped as we need him to play a role in the run-in this year and hopefully to play for us next year if we can get him.

Injured versus Stranraer.
16th March 2002 James Irving
Greetings from Helsinki,

A great result for the lads today. Jim Hunter in the stand would have been delighted. I used to live in Nelson St. in the days of Johnny 'do you remember the missed sitter against Dunfermline' Dempster and Jim 'still ma hero' Donald. I think Alex has done a grand job with the MP3s and here is one he could maybe let the Palmerston faithful have a listen to. It's a bugger trying to get the cash for a directors box! The boys are playing that well will need a bigger hit than this can provide.

Here is the address to get the song. The first one is via my web site.

Then we have a direct link to the MP3 of the unofficial Irish world cup song.It's by The Paddies from Hel sinki.

I wonder if anyone still folds the Standard on a Friday to get the reddies for the bus outside the Coach on a Saturday?

Jim, the 'Standard' left the High Street in 1979 and then was printed in Irvine, Carlisle and currently Blantyre. Up until Christmas 2001 it was still typeset in town but production at Maxwelltown Industrial Estate has now ceased - only editorial and advertising left.

Wee Jim Donald attends Palmerston every week now as his son Barry plays. He is now a cab driver in Glasgow and was actually speaking to Jocky Dempster quite recently.

16th March 2002 Andrew Ross
If anyone wants to make some atmosphere and get involved at the next few home games join me in the new stand. I will have a trumpet!
16th March 2002 Ben Allen
Welldone for winning today.

Shame about the stranraer result.

Goodluck for the rest of the season
16th March 2002 Robert Mitchell
Isn't it fantastic to see Queens showing real ambition at last.We've managed to sign some quality players recently and that may encourage more to come in the future.The club deserve great credit considering the state other clubs are in, and it's good to see the fans travelling in great numbers to away games in appreciation, Let's keep behind the team and the club and who knows what might happen.
16th March 2002 Eric Little
A superb fifteen points from the last eighteen is a sequence I can't remember for a long time and all from teams at the higher end of the table.

If we can maintain that form (starting today)against the teams fighting for survival then I'm cautiously optimistic another 12 points will see us back where we belong.

But regardless how the remainder of the fixtures go, huge thanks are already due to the Chairman, JC, coaching staff and players for giving us our first real season in sixteen years.
16th March 2002 Ross Latimer
Hi there i am a hamilton accie fan and there is now a great new website for not only accies fans but other fans of 2nd division sides. So please feel free to come and have a look and I hope you do well in the rest of the campaign (barring April 13th)of course. Hope to speak to use soon.

Ross Latimer (joint site owner)
Site address
15th March 2002 Chris Richards and Connor McGeorge
Let's hope that we can stay top and go up this year.

Hopefully we can sign Derek Lyle, for good forthcoming seasons.
15th March 2002 Phil Howden
We came from York up for the game at Berwick and were very VERY disappointed in the performance.

However, since then the Queens have gone from strength to strength. I must come along again because I want to see why the boys are streaking to the title!

Or maybe we should stay away - we could be a jinx!
15th March 2002 Scott Byers
Great performance on Tuesday. The atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed the game. Keep it up Queens and well done JC and Well done the whole Queens team.
14th March 2002 Chris Tait
Here's a message for the East Stand fans, lets get a chant going(for once)because it would lift the team on Saturday.Also my brother's thinking of coming with a drum(noisy!).One last thing why is the away atmosphere better than the one at home, it's just not right.COME ON THE QUEENS!!!!!
14th March 2002 Robin Livingstone
Well done Queens.I have lived up in Perth for 22 years now and am really looking forward to going to the away end at McDiarmid Park next season - allowing for those "counting chickens".

I'm in Dumfries visiting my mother on saturday so I'll be there for the Cowdenbeath game - should get revenge for that 3-1 game earlier.

In the Perthshire Advertiser this week there was a letter in saying they should get rid of Stark and replace him with JC.Why would he want to join a team on the slide!!!!!!!!
14th March 2002 Jeff Wood
Greetings from the Jim Thompson BA wearers and nice hair appreciation club (Northern section) Jeff, Martin, Seth, Craig, and Calum from Shetland. We wait with anticipation of next seasons clash with the Red Lichties. Or will you have to go down another division.
14th March 2002 Stuart Rae
Great performance again last night Queens. This is the type of results that can win leagues. Lets hope they can keep it up on Saturday (and until the end of the season). Joe McAlpine is turning into a star - great goal. Good to see the players matching the fans reaction at the end. Great Queens support again. I have to say that I thought the attendance was larger than the 742 which is being stated. The Stranraer support was poor, (around 300) but the Queens travelling support was surely in excess of 500 - 600.

Great to get pay back time on Stranraer after all these defeats last season.

Keep up the good support fans, and we can help our team to win the league.
14th March 2002 Roy Nicol
Another tremendous result for the boys and at one of our bogey grounds . John O'Neill seems to be banging in the goals again which he does for fun ,and Joe Mcalpine is showing what a good finisher he is becoming . Queens fans be warned , Cowdenbeath will be far from easy as they are fighting for their lives AND they easily defeated Queens at Palmerston earlier in the season . Both teams have scored a total of eighty four goals and conceded seventy eight so we could have some game this weekend . I predict a match with a string of chances for both teams and the game will finish 2 - 2 . Alloa and Hamilton will both win , making it a four horse race for the title . However the boys should start off with plenty of confidence and an early goal could open the floodgates . The fans are really getting behind the team and with Steve Bowey possibly getting a bit fitter , things are looking good . But JC often reminds us that anything can happen - but I will say one thing - division one football holds no fears , surely ? Look at a tiny club like Arbroath doing so well , and Partick only went up last year from our divison and they are top . Let's go for it !
13th March 2002 Ewan McNaught
What a superb sequence of results! Our recent programme looked very daunting but victories at Clydebank and home and away against Stranraer were hard-earned and show the character of the team. We're looking very good for promotion now, perhaps even the title! Admittedly the Hamilton game was disappointing (and the fielding of a mystery trialist very strange) but I'd happily have settled for 6 or 7 points let alone 9 from our last 4 fixtures beforehand. I look forward to getting our revenge over this season's bogey team the Accies at Palmerston in a few weeks. Let's just hope the traditional Queens failing of stumbling against the lesser teams doesn't kick in during a favourable looking run-in.

Anyway well done JC and Ronnie Bradford. The feelgood factor is returning to Palmerston, we're showing some ambition at last and starting to make the right noises about attracting quality players to supplement what is already the best squad we've had in 20 years. (Let's get Lyle on a long term deal and O'Connor would be a great signing). The fans have been magnificent too over the last few weeks with a great atmosphere home and away.

It's also amusing to notice the incredulity of opposition fans at our recent success. "QOS at the top of the league? Surely some mistake?" is the general reaction. I'm sure they'll all be scratching their heads when we waltz off with the title. But it's not luck which has taken us to the top of the league.

Credit where it's due. Ronnie and JC have transformed this club from complete no-hopers to title contendors in less than a couple of seasons. How sweet it would be if the 2 year anniversary of that 6-1 drubbing at Alloa could be celebrated by beating them at their place and possibly consigning them to another season in Div.2?

Today is a good day to be a QOS fan. Long may it continue.
13th March 2002 Craig Grierson
Great result last night by the boys, unfortunately I could not be at the game as I was in Edinburgh and Stranraer to Edinburgh is a bit of a treck coming home after the game. I was however phoned at the final whistle by Simon Clingan and the atmosphere sounded fantastic and it made me want to be at the game so much, also nice to hear via the phone that Andy Aitken came back out of the dressing rooms to celebrate with the fans after the final whistle. Keep up the good work boys and I'll be there on Saturday against Cowdenbeath to cheer you on.
13th March 2002 Stephen Redpath
At last! Now we know that promotion beckons - the promise is starting to return dividends. If we get O'Connor (and this proves finally our long term ambition) and we maintain our form, surely, surely this time we'll do it! We have the support (for so long untapped), we are relatively sound financially - just watch the support soar in this run in - "we are respected wherever we may go"
13th March 2002 Scott McDairmant
Fantastic result, let's keep the number one spot. The atmosphere at Palmerston this season sounds great, we will keep on supporting you from South Africa.
12th March 2002 Graeme Waugh
Well done queens, good result.

I think I'll be switching from border to STV soon, to watch a certain programme called football first.

12th March 2002 Jason Grieve
The time's 5:55 Tues and i would just like to wish the whole team aw the best the night against ?:}<%&!£" (the oppositions name is not worthy to be printed on this page).I would like to thank JC for giving us a fighting chance of promotion in his second year in charge and praise him for finding the quality of player he has brought to the club on our budget.Also can anyone tell me why WE KNOW OUR MANNERS only seems to get sung when we are playing bigger teams or playing against the dross from along the A95(they are still not worthy of a mention and never will be).If you have just read all this then i thank you and encourage you to bring all your friends and family to the remaining games and help do your bit in the push for promotion.C'MON THE QUEENS
12th March 2002 Gordon Archibald
I myself am not a QOS fan, but I have a number of good friends who are. I was wondering if any QOS fans out there can help to either confirm or quash the rumour which is floating around Falkirk at the moment. I am a Bairns fan and at the moment it would appear that we may be for the drop. It has been rumored that Alex Totten will take over at QOS if this happens. Is there any truth to this. If you could help, the Bairns support would love to know! Good luck on your promotion challenge let's hope it's the Fifer's you replace in the First and not us.
12th March 2002 Jim Harkness
I have just read that Queens are trying to sign Sean O'Connor of Dundee United. What a catch he would be! He played a stormer against us for Morton and received a tremendous ovation from the Queens fans in the main stand (myself included)when he had to leave the field. I think this is further confirmation of the ambitions of the board. Even if we don't succeed well done for trying!!
12th March 2002 John McGonigle
Todays scotsman reported that Queens are on the verge of signing Dundee Uniteds Sean o'conner (was on loan to morton caused us trouble all night in the 6-5 game). If true this would be a great signing as JC contiues to strengthing his squad. Could do with another right winger as Moore is often injured and is more of a player to bring off the bench whilst Connely has picked up an ankle injury. Lets get behind the team at the cleyhole tonight and really give us something to cheer about.
12th March 2002 Stuart King
Interesting that the sponsors choice for MOM was only the fifth choice amongst the regulars (and I am a Jonjo fan). Two mentions on "Offside" tonight? Surely only a matter of time before a European place beckons!!!
11th March 2002 Stephen Redpath
As an exiled doonhamer living in Glasgow and unfortunately working most Saturday's - it was just brilliant to see the South bounce back after Wednesday night's defeat @ Hamilton. Hoping to play truant on Tuesday afternoon and nip down to Deliverance country to see us do the double over the wurzels - screeamm boy - prediction 2-0 QOS

allez les bleus - we're the scottish borderline!!
11th March 2002 David Bentley
I am a West Ham fan from London. I don't know what it is or even why but I have always supported the Queen of the South since I was a young lad. I have never been to a match of yours but it would be great to see you guys in the Scottish First Division. I hope that your form continues and that you beat St. Johnstone next season!!!
11th March 2002 Colin Baxter
Good luck Queens.
11th March 2002 Kirk Dobie
Well done against Stranny on Saturday, but this week will shape whether we are going up, as Alloa and Clydebank play each other twice in the next 7 days and if we beat Stranny again and win on Saturday we could have a 4-6 point lead over either of our closest rivals.

I hear Alloa have a lot of games to play in the next 4 weeks perhaps they will be the ones to falter? fingers crossed.
11th March 2002 Roy Nicol
Well done JC and all the boys on a great result .Now for the third time this year we are top of the shop . Watch out for Hamilton though , they are on a good run . No doubt most Queens fans will expect a good result this week at Stair Park and why not .But remember our record there is not that good , a point will do fine , especially with Alloa and Clydebank playing each other twice this week .Cowdenbeath will be tricky , and a very hard game then its the ailing Berwick , who could go down .However the team should be full of confidence and can give it a real go this week . May see some of you next Saturday if I can get away from work .I represent the Manchester , or Anglo Scottish branch of the QOS fan club !! Last time I was at Palmerston with my son , we saw eleven goals in the Morton game . Let's go for it !!
11th March 2002 Scott Kelly
Great result on Saturday and a fantastic atmosphere on the terrace. Now Clayhole beckons on Tuesday and it is going to be much harder as "Physco" thought we were jammy on Saturday and admittedly we rode our luck a bit in defence for first 30 minutes. Hopefully JC will have this sorted out as we cant afford to start like that again. Lets double their crowd on Tuesday - Up the Queens
9th March 2002 Liam Presnell
Well done the doonhammers. Now make sure you stay there
8th March 2002 Callum Murdoch
is there is any youngish fans(13-18) that fancy trying to get behind the team and make and a bit of noise in the game tommorrow. If so come and stand with us in the left hand side of the terracing and sing with my friends and I at the Stranraer game. You can't miss me I'm the guy with the air horn. Lets try and get behind the team a bit more for the final promotion push!!!
8th March 2002 David Main
Lets be charitable re the trialist, had it come off JC would be hailed as a genius. The conditions were terrible and the poor guy had no chance to impress, although he had longer than some previous trialists (I remember JC being criticised before for not giving new players enough of chance).

If we 'win 2, lose 1' between now and the end of the season I think we'll be pretty close.

Can I point out that my objection to the first Hamilton goal was that after the short corner, the player who played it back out to the guy at the corner flag obstructed the Queens defenders and prevented them closing the player down who was able to swing in a dangerous cross (made more dangerous by JT heading it backwards instead of forwards).

The second was a fluke and the third was too far away to see so it was a moral 1-0 win to us. 4 points from Stranraer please (at least).
6th March 2002 Roy Nicol
Yes it was a disappointing result having won three on the bounce , and Alloa & Clydebank both winning away . We can't win every game . John Connolly is usually a very shrewd judge of players but yes it was surprising that a trialist was selected against Hamilton but I am sure JC will explain this in his next programme notes . Our next five games are all against teams below us in the league .Stranraer seem to be on the slid . If they lose either game against Queens , they are out of it . We need five points at least from the next three games then a win against Berwick , who are still in relegation mire. Where JC could help is to instill a bit of 'Self Belief' in his players and go all out in a positive manner . Steve Bowey was a top class signing but it is just bad luck he is injured . If John O'Neil can capture his early season form then we can go for it . Let's do that !
6th March 2002 Eck Patterson
Although it was a bad result against the Accies,I hope everyone doesn't get too despondent,after all three points from two games in abysmal conditions might not be too bad.The decision to play the trialist after getting to the top does appear nothing short of daft.Lets hope we get full points from these clayholers by playing the same kind of football we are getting used to at Palmerston.I'm sure that would put us in pole position for the remaining games or cup finals if you like from then till the end of the season.

6th March 2002 Stuart King
I have to agree with Brian McKie and have to ask what was the intent behind playing a trialist in a game so important, and in such atrocious conditions as were experienced last night? What was the club management ever expecting to learn about potential new blood in conditions even the most skilled and experienced players would have found almost impossible to master?

I have been increasingly impressed by the way the club is progressing under JC but I paradoxically grow increasingly alarmed by his seemingly haphazard manner of utilising substitutes. WhilstI cannot see what Gordon Connolly has done to merit his relegated position upon the bench, I can see no justification for Graham Connells frequent inclusion after so many poor or insipid performances. If John O'Neils injury had so badly affected his form that he required time to make a full recovery, why was he in the squad at all? If he was fully fit, why do we have our top scorer and frequently, most influential player, sitting idle in the rain?

The conditions last night certainly contributed to a woeful and passionless performance, but they should not be seen as an excuse. After all, did the Accies not have to endure the same fierce climate

On a brighter note, fantastic support and I like the drum immensely. During the duller moments, as my mind started to wander, I thought I was in Rio!

Bring on Stranraer - we'll Samba you off the park!
6th March 2002 Terry Cullen
Got to agree with Brian McKie, what a stupid time and place to test out a trialist, surely JC cannot be crazy enough to attempt this same feat with the Stranraer back to back games coming up. Why did the trialist start when we had experienced (and good) first team players sitting on the bench. The second point I would like to make is why can O'Niel not get a regular first team place, whilst inconsistent players like Thomson & Anderson are more or less gauranteed a starting place regardless of how they have been playing.
5th March 2002 Brian Mckie
Why oh why did Connolly play a trialist from the Dr Martens league in such an important game.After reading the post match comments where he says that he knew it would be a tough match, I ask the question again, why bring in a trialist when we should have been conslidating our position at the top of the league especially after our short stay at the top last time. Come on Connolly, get real and stop chopping and changing, it's a settled side we need at this stage of the campaign.
4th March 2002 Kenny Moyes
Great result on Saturday, but the last 15 minutes were a bit worrying. Queens sat back and gave their midfield too much room. I think we look far more dangerous going forward when John O'Neil is playing. I've only seen two games this season (two victories) but have been impressed, but it worries me that Queens can't finish teams off. Jim Thomson is a class act and Gray and McAlpine look useful. Lets hope we can keep winning and gain promotion to the First Division where we belong.

PS. Can anyone explain how teams like Clydebank and Hamilton can sustain full-time football? Especially Clydebank who are close to being the worst supported team in Scotland.
4th March 2002 Ron Trevor
hope the crowd get behind the team and be heard even in the wilder places.
4th March 2002 Robert Mitchell
As an exiled QOS Fan living in Hamilton, Id like to encourage as many fans to come up and lend their support to the team on 5th March. The support on the opening game at Hamilton was superb and drew much admiration from lots of people i talked to in Hamilton afterwards.See you all at the Ballast!
4th March 2002 Craig Grierson
Great performance by the boys on Saturday and well done to big Ross Corbett for getting the fans going at the game ( Bit better than the Cowden game Pengie ). A note to Sandy Orr and any other fans that might be travelling along the M8 on Tuesday night, the roadworks that you experienced on Saturday on your way to Greenock were only taking place at the weekend, I drove along the M8 from Edinburgh to Glasgow this morning and it was perfectly clear, they were apparently patching some of the many holes that there are on the A8 section of the road, but it will be clear on Tuesday night
4th March 2002 Alex Bomphray
Re Bruce Wright-9 goals in a half:

I've been at 3 of the 'possibles' and none of them satisfy the criteria.
Albion Rovers 7-4 was 5-1 at half time
Shire 4-5 was 2-4 at half time
Stranraer 6-3 was 2-1 at half time.

How can 2 teams who conceded 11 goals between them then go to a couple of tough away games and concede none at all?

Its a funny old game.

Well done Queens-Here's hoping we can win again at Hamilton.
4th March 2002 David Gow
great result Saturday guys. Congrats to the Queens support I thought it was the best away atmosphere for some time. Nice touch from Warren Pearson to applaud the fans.
3rd March 2002 Sandy Orr
I notice the KO time for Tuesday in the Next Match page is given as 17:30hrs! I assume that should read 19:30hrs!

On a more serious note, was there no consideration given to having the game kick off a bit later (7:45pm)? It'll give more fans the chance of going.

I should also point to fans travelling to the game from the East that there are road works on the A8 after junction 6 of the M8. I was severely held up there on Saturday travelling to Greenock. I'd advise fans to find a better route. I'll either be taking the A71 in to Wishaw, or leave the M8 at Junction 6 and head down through Wishaw and Motherwell for Hamilton.

Sandy, wrong time on two accounts, first it should have been 19:30hrs, and I have now found out that it will be a 7.45pm kick-off. Thanks - Colin
3rd March 2002 Nigel Wood
Wow, I'm overwhelmd great result guy's, and so proud from afar can't remember last time we were top but In the rain tomorrow I will carry my Queens brolly ,with Pride long live the Doonhamers

Thank you JC, Thanks again to Colin and to Ewen for your report, COME ON YOU QUEENS
2nd March 2002 Stuart McKie
Well done to JC and the team for another magnificent victory. Its good to see Peter is back to his scoring ways again. We defended well after conceding 5 on tuesday. I hope we can build on this and gain promotion to division 1. The Queens fans created a brilliant atmosphere, I don't know why they don't get behind Queens like that at home games, it would urge the players on and create some atmosphere.
2nd March 2002 Russel Campbell
I know someone that has known young Robertson and I reckon he's 18 and he comes from Auchinleck.

He was at Ayr United and Campbell Money opted for Stranraer's young keeper instead of him but my friend rates him very highly, so don't be too judgemental tis early, after all, we will have Jamie Campbell coming back shortly, no ?
2nd March 2002 Alun Urquhart
As the Clydebank programme editor I have to apologise for the slip-up in today's programme. My sensitive proof-reading abilities missed the fact that I had not changed the badge on the front cover from the last bankies programme. Hopefully it did not spoil anyones enjoyment. If anyone requires an amended adobe acrobat pdf version please e-mail me and I will forward one on to you.

email -
2nd March 2002 Eck Patterson
1st March 2002 Bruce Wright
Interesting to read about two Queens fans differing views on the decision to use young Robertson (17 years old) on the bench as sub. goalie in recent weeks. With this in mind I checked out all our Division Two opponents' keepers who appeared at Palmerston this season and none of them use teenagers even as a sub.

Forfar - Brown 23, Ferrie 21
Morton - Coyle 21, Ross 21
Alloa - Soutar 21, McQueen 40
Berwick - McCulloch 29, O'Connor 28
Clydebank - Smith 46, Robertson 25
Cowdenbeath - Brown 23, Martin 44
Hamilton - McFarlane 33, Potter 23
Stenny - Graham 24, McGurk 21
Stranraer - McGeown 31, O'Neill 26

I have no idea why Queens don't have an experienced back-up keeper but John Connolly and his coaches obviously think the lad is fit for the job if required!
28th February 2002 Alex Bomphray
Re Scott Kelly

Maybe Scott should check his facts out first-Morton changed back to Greenock Morton again a few seasons back, and have probably gone downhill ever since.

Disappointed I missed the game, but it was very exciting on teletext.

I wonder what the chances are of the Clydebank game being on this weekend are. Slim probably.
28th February 2002 Ewan Lithgow
For the benefit of "Scott Kelly":

In point of fact Tuesday's opponents ARE currently calling themselves Greenock Morton. The Greenock part has been dropped, restored, dropped and restored again several times in their history but has been in place since the mid 90's I think. Certainly the programmes from both away games so far this season see them refer to themselves as Greenock Morton on the cover, as did the one from the Challenge Cup Semi in 1997.
28th February 2002 Eric Fisher
FAO Scott Kelly. I think you are wrong there Scott,the name GREENOCK MORTON has never been dropped and is still on the club badge.
28th February 2002 Boris Petrov
Come on Queens!!!

I'm sure all those who follow the team through the Internet will know how it feels when you see a 6-5 result on the report page. First you think your Explorer has collapsed, then you wonder if it's a faulty page from the Olympics ice-hockey tournament.

I agree with fans who say the game was farcical but then 6 goals are always impressive!

Make me stare again soon!!!
28th February 2002 Bruce Wright
All the best to Bradley Harrison on his wedding tomorrow (Friday) in Crosskeys, Fife, from the Doonhamers Travel Club; QOS Fan Club; and the Globe Inn Doonhamers, (High St. Dumfries).

For those fans who don't know Bradley he, his father and brother travel all the way from the Kingdom of Fife to nearly every Queens game and have done so for many years.
27th February 2002 Roy Nicol
Phew what a game ! Was that the quickest goal ever scored at Palmerston ? Lyle and Weatherson look a great duo up front, but at 4 - 1 we just took our foot off the gas pedal and allowed Morton back in it . Steve Bowey deservedly took the man of the match award for a quality display and I see him linking up well with John O'Neil . The defence is still a bit uncertain though . Colin Scott needs to dominate his own six yard box more , the defence are too quiet , a bit more shouting at each other ! Two tough away games to come but confidence should be pretty good . Sixty points may be enough to go up so Queens need eight points from their next four games , and would have to win five of their last nine to reach that target . The last game of the season , against Morton , can't wait for that one !
27th February 2002 Ian Raffel
Amazing foresight by the Pools Panel on Saturday to give the Morton v QOS game as a 0-0 draw! Maybe it wasn't as windy then! I don't think there's been anything like last night's game since the 6-3 win over Stranraer on New Year's day a few years ago! I'm glad we managed to hold on. These games are nerve-wracking when you're down here in darkest England and relying on Ceefax and mobile phone messages, never mind being there!
27th February 2002 Scott Kelly
What can one say about the farce at Palmerston last night (Tuesday) - this wasn't a football match but a Shakespeare play "The Comedy of Errors". Three points are most welcome and all the players deserve great credit for trying to play in absolutely horrendous conditions. Sitting in comfort in the stand you did not realise how cold, wet and windy it really was out there. The Mickey Mouse defending by both teams was (hopefully in Queens case) down to the elements making it virtually impossible to play soccer.

The first surprise was Queens team-sheet who called the visitors "Greenock" Morton - this was dropped years ago. Also top strikers O'Neill and O'Boyle were missing and replaced on the bench by 18-year-old Leonard Walker ex-Leeds Youths and recently with Hamilton. One player who did catch the eye was Wolverhampton-born Morton striker Sean O'Connor who led Jim Thomson a merry dance before he retired injured to a generous round of applause from even the Queens fans.. I'll repeat, three valuable points but football-wise this was an absolute farce!

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