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31st October 2001 Cris Delaney
come on guys,we have had a good start to the season,we have got some quality players but we are merley papering over the cracks.this board has to put their hands in their pockets and buy us a striker,they have saved money by getting free transfers and the gate receipts have gone up,over 3 thousand on sataurday,to keep the run going we need a big squad,to get promoted and stay promoted,so will everyone stop gettin so excited and stop shoutin about gettin promoted cause remember its a tight league and a few defeats may see us at the foot of the table not the top,BUT HEY U GOT TO ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!!
30th October 2001 Bruce Wright
Amazing what you can see on TV that you couldn't while attending the game. I'm referring to the mega bawling out big "JimT" gave Jamie Campbell after a dodgy bit of goalkeeping on Saturday when he, once again, at six foot plus failed to hold a cross ball. Just a pity that nowadays Terregles St stands forlorn and, of course, you cannot swap ends like you once could at Palmy.
30th October 2001 Mark Gemmell
Hi im a fairly new fan and this season is the first whwre i have attended all the home matches. all i want 2 say is that the teams performance is the highest ive ever seen it. i was delighted with the stranrar match but i feel john Oneal should of had 2. i was devistated when he missed the penalty. in all 13 years of my life ive never wanted to swear as much as i did then. BYE!
30th October 2001 Alistair Moffat
Re: Chas Edwards & Les Coltart, Does Cambridge count as part of the East Anglian branch ? (p.s Please spell my name as above -"Alistair Moffat"- as I am very proud of my families Kirkunzeon roots)
30th October 2001 Joanna Wright
Having lived away from Dumfries 9 years it is always nice to come home - but it was made even better by watching Queens go top of league against our local rivals along with my Dad and brother - only a shame so many people feel the need to run off to the pub to watch Premier teams afterwards - Palmerston beats the atmosphere of these games anyday! Well Done Queens!
30th October 2001 Craig Grierson
I agree about the report on the Stranraer website, it is rather commical and I don't think that whoever wrote it was very pleased that Queen's won the game. As for there being 300/400 Stranraer fans at the game. I think that they may have got their figures a little wrong on that one. Do they get that many at their home games?
30th October 2001 Scot Byers
It's great to see queens at the top of the table we deserve it. Queen's are playing good football. Our performance on saturday was great and can happily say after we scored never looked like they were going to win. Unlucky about Colin Scott, well done to Jamie Campbell who coped well. Hope to see Scott back soon.
30th October 2001 Donna Buckle
Well done on Saturday, great result keep it up. I have just joined the internet fan club and would like to hear from two other members if they read the message board. They are members no's 0677 (Tom Sproat of Castle Douglas) and 1168 (Paul Crookshanks of Brampton). The reason being is that my maiden name is Sproat and I went to school at Springholm with a Paul Crookshanks.
30th October 2001 James Montgomery
traveled to the game on saturday from greenock glad to see that we now have clydebank and morton at cappielow prety soon. would love to hear from any other queens fans in the greenock area if they fancy travelling to games or just bumping gums about the sleeping giants of scottish football. contact me I also said on this message board at the start of the season that we would be chasing promo this year and everyone laghed and scoffed well now you see have faith.
30th October 2001 Barrie Little
I took Ian's advice and read the match report on the Stranraer site. What game did the author watch ?

300-400 Stranraer fans? Not likely, it looked more like 100. The referee was 100 times better than the muppet that reffed the recent QOS v Hamilton game. The penalty was a stone-waller, even the Stranraer players didn't dispute it! As for Harty's dismissal, anyone who say it would agree that it was a straight red card offence.

Nope, that report was definitely written with some Cleyhole tinted glasses!
30th October 2001 Chris Tait
After our result on Saturday against Stranraer I just want to say 'COME ON THE QUEENS!!!!!' anyway lets just get ready for the next game and keep on form.
29th October 2001 Andy Paterson
I fully agree with Barrie Little's comment about the exit via the East Stand. I couldnt make the Stranraer game but the area and gate between the terracing and the East Satnd is too small to allow people through safely. Is there a problem with the usual exit?
29th October 2001 Ian Raffel
I would recommend reading the report on the table-topping match on the Stranraer website, which paints a vastly different picture to ours! I'd be interested in hearing fans' comments who were at the match! I don't think they were very happy with the referee!
29th October 2001 Roy Nicol
Terrific result for the boys last saturday with a bit of class from John O'Neil to clinch the points . The club still need another striker so come on Ronnie and the Board . The QUEENS FANS ALL CRAWL OUT OF THE WOODWORK WHEN a bit of success is around the corner so let's take a chanceand sign up Feroz and really go places . Dumfries is buzzing right now so let's take this opportunity . By the way Queens fans , being a long distance fan , it was the first time I have seen Queens win since 1969 , when Queens defeated East Stirling by 2-1 !I enjoyed my after match drink in the bar quite a lot !
29th October 2001 Andrew Coltart
Top o' the league. Its where you all deserve to be. Hard work has its rewards this is only the taster. Win the league by a record margin! Best Wishes
29th October 2001 Chas Edwards
re : Les Coltart / East Anglian QoS fan club

Les, Like the idea of a local fan club but fear we might be a bit lonely. Any other Queens fans down our neck of the woods ?

I live in Claydon. The No.88 bus into Ipswich from Stowupland goes past my front door and more importantly past my local - the Greyhound. If you fancy a pint sometime let me know.
29th October 2001 Peter Crawford
Great to see QUEENS on top of the league. it`s about time we had a win over stranraer it was well woth staying up untill 2o`clock in morning waiting for the result here`s hoping we can keep it up, so well done to everyone envolved at the club. my father`s home for a holiday at the moment and said they have been playing well, so all the best from here from a doonhamer downunder.

and a quick hello to Alex Bomphrey.
29th October 2001 Ken Grier
Well done to JC , Ronnie Bradford and the players on yesterdays result... great attitude in the second half . Now however is the time to invest further in the squad ( quality forward permanently signed , midfield general and wide man ) WE WONT HAVE A BETTER CHANCE IN THE NEXT 20 YEARS TO GO UP . I like Keith Murrays idea of identifying a quality forward and setting up a fighting fund to buy him (You can't beat a tangible near term goal to get supporters motivated ...donations rewarded by a free share issue equal to the sum donated ? ) . C'mon guys lets really motor and keep the winning streak up .. remember it is another table topping clash next weekend and so lets be up for this as well. Once again we're all behind you . Come on you Queens !!
29th October 2001 Micheal Duignan
Well done to everyone as the club on a great result on Saturday ,Hopefully we can carry on with more of the same next Saturday.Great to see Queen of The South on Top of the Table from a Supporter in Carrick on Shannon Co.Leitrim Ireland
28th October 2001 Fraser Maclean
Great result on Saturday - lets keep it up. Crucial games coming up as there now appears to be four teams jostling for the top two spots. Good to get a clean sheet, if we don't lose goals we won't lose points. Still could do with Feroz though - pace like that is invaluable in this league in the last 20 minutes of games. Should give us confidence for Cappielow on Saturday.
28th October 2001 Ian Raffel
Congratulations to everyone involved in Saturday's result against Stranraer. The fans as well as the playing staff, all did their bit! Hope everyone keeps it up! I'm too far away down here in Northampton and missing it all!
28th October 2001 Barrie Little
Congratulations to JC, the players and all at QOS for the great result yesterday - Top of the League - Brilliant !

Can I make a plea however? Why are the gates at the Portland Rd end not open at the final whistle ? Forcing everyone to exit through an extremely small gap in the East stand is not safe and somebody is going to end up getting hurt.
28th October 2001 Alastair Moffatt
Congratulations Queens,Well done on a great first Quarter of the season. As a Long distance supporter living in Cambridge It's great that I can keep up to date on this excellent web site. Hope I can make it up to Palmerston Park some time soon. Keep up the good work at the club
28th October 2001 Kerry Johnstone
Fantastic to see Qeens at the top of the table where they belong. My only regret is I could not be there to see us not only go 1st in the league but beat Stranraer to do it. Lets hope we can keep up the winning ways and next time I am back home I will be watching the boys play in the 1st division.
28th October 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Andy Paterson / Shot At Glory

"Foul Mouthed" Me? Don't think so! Abusive - possibly but very rarely foul-mouthed Andy! Have to be really, really annoyed to get foul-mouthed (like at that Ian Harty "tackle" right in front of me today).

If "I" can be heard being "foul mouthed" on the film then it's dubbed. In fact we were told to act angry and abusive but to remain absolutely silent (which is actually pretty difficult). Don't know what you might be able to lip read though. :-)

Will judge for myself on Tuesday when I have booked tickets to see the film at the Burns Centre.
28th October 2001 Cameron Scott
To Les Coltart.

Sorry Les I've only just read your reply to my message. I'm living in Canada until next year, but when I'm back it'd be sweet to have an East Anglia Queens fan club! Keep leaving messages so that we can keep in touch.

28th October 2001 Russel Campbell
Glad to see the team hit top spot after beating Stranraer for the first time at home in three and a half years !! Promotion is on...please keep it going through the long winter nights !!
27th October 2001 Ian Black
Well done to JC and the boys,well done to the Dumfries public for turning out in large numbers and getting behind the team,especially in the second half.We all have our part to play, keep it up.
27th October 2001 Scott Duffy
Its good to see the queens up flying high and a good result against stranraer This is a side which can do it and get promotion this season asd long as the team stays on their wining form. I have to admit when john connelly first came to queens i thought what a load of rubbish they have finally came go KEEP IT UP
27th October 2001 Les Coltart
re Martin Payne .The translation of Doonhamer is down home . It is the saying Dumfries people used when working away from home ,if they were going home for weekend visit or a holiday ,so they say I am going DOON HAME . Also all the best for todays game from a doonhamer in Suffolk.Les Coltart.
27th October 2001 Andy Paterson
re A shot at Glory. I saw it in Paisley last week. There's no doubt it suffers from some dubious acting, not least a background cameo from 'foul-mouthed' Euan Lithgow miming some oscenity at the ref (nothing new there). It is worth seeing though for the footie banter, particularly from the old lady crossing the road at the start.
27th October 2001 Keith Murray
Given the general concencus that setting up a fans fund to help the club sign the player we might need to achieve promotion is a good idea then the key question is "where do we from here"?

There are clearly a number of fans who would be happy to provide financial as well as vocal support.

As the season progresses with postponements and midweek games more likely, Queens are more vulnerable than other teams to the pressure this will put on our squad. Even if the fans fund raised a few thousand pounds it might just be enough to sign a Premier or good First Div. player on loan to see us through the critical months i.e Feb and March when promotion is won or lost.

i think the "One Final Push" idea would be a great brand and capture exactly what this effort would be all about. It implies no criticism of the current management but siezes on all of our aspirations to get out of this God forsaken league....I for one would be happy never to set eyes again on Terry Christie's moaning face and windswept dufflecoat.

If the club approve of this idea and would appreciate direct fan support then perhaps they could let us know through the club programme. There is no doubt that this would generate not only money but also potentially some good publicity and maybe even sponsorship.

Let's go for it!...UP THE QUEENS!!

Finally I agree with Greg Wilson's suggestions that Batistuta would make a great signing, however, the question is "could he manage the travelling to Dumfries twice a week for training?"
26th October 2001 Martin Payne
I had a holiday in Dumfries in '95, and paid a visit to Palmerston Park and saw a thrilling encounter with Queens Park, which the Doonhamers (what the hell does that nick name mean ?) won 5:3. You've been my second team ever since. Let's hope there's promotion this year for both Norwich & the Queens.
26th October 2001 Gregor Wilson
I never made that suggestion about Batistuta! That was SCOT BYERS. Why did he use my name and then tell me? Anyway I think my brothers [Scott Wilson] suggestion was a good one. It would be worth it if we won promotion. And good luck against the cleyholers on Saturday Queens.
25th October 2001 Bruce Wright
Has there ever been a good film about football (the jury is out). However you now have the chance to see "A shot at Glory", partly filmed at Palmerston, starting on Saturday at the Burns Theatre, Dumfries and continuing until Thursday November 1st. According to Thursday's "Sun" it was a complete flop in Glasgow at the box office and has been "subbed" just like McCoist was at Ibrox in the Souness days!
25th October 2001 Russel Campbell
Let's defeat Stranraer this Saturday for the first time at Palmerston since April 98 when we recorded a 3-2 win !!

We've been subjected to last season's bad run and a previous 5-0 drubbing the season before last !!
25th October 2001 Scot Carrick
Building on the idea, a few people have suggested the fans invest cash to sign a striker, i think it has its merits but i don't think we should be targetting feroz as Harty is the one we all want, why don't the club kill two birds with one stone, by fans investing cash into a qos supporters trust fund, all cash generated by this would be directly invested in players, with the club giving shares in return to equal the amount raised and having two members of this trust on the board, not only would it solve the problem of the unissued shares, it would generate money for players and give the fans more involvement at board level,
25th October 2001 Russel Campbell
Interesting to see a message from Andrew this the Scottish golfer from Thornhill that's written this message ?

Queens vs Stranraer - Glasgow-based supporters match is cancelled for tonight but both clubs supporters are meeting in the Horseshoe Bar to arrange the fixture in the next couple of weeks and to perhaps persuade Stranraer to also join the IFA League as well.

Also on the agenda will be to form supporters clubs (Glasgow-based) for both sets of fans !!
25th October 2001 Mickey Breen
I think Queens should attempt to bring in Hull City's Jamacan international Theodore Whitmore. What a good player he is, i am sure he would jump at the chance of moving to a side with big ambition like Queens. Imagine having a World Cup star at Palmerston, the fans would love him. Don't know about his wage though - might be too much.

Good luck to the boys on Saturday
24th October 2001 Ross Corbett
Calling all queens fans please send me the words of any queens songs you may know as there is bound to be some older ones especially that we have missed.As some of the younger queens fans on the buses need to be kept right as regards the singsong department.
24th October 2001 Andrew Coltart
Great result, last week in what must have been difficult conditions. Finish off Stranraer on Saturday. Best Wishes Andrew Coltart
24th October 2001 Gregor Wilson
Thinking about new strikers I hear Batistuta is available. Queens really need this match it will be a great break through for Connelly and the rest of the team. Unlucky about Feroz but still who needs him if Peter is starting to score again. C'MON YOU QUEENS
24th October 2001 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
Very good suggestions from both Scott Wilson and Keith Murray - I agree that the signing of a player of the quality of Feroz is critical for promotion success!!

The board needs to seriously condsider all potential cash injections into the club be it through sale of shares, supporter fund raising for players and the numerous other revenue generating schemes that could be implemented.

Indeed, perhaps there are people who would consider investing substantially more than just a fiver - in order to improve the club's fortunes!
23rd October 2001 Jim Harkness
I agree with the fan who suggests that we should be trying to put money into the club to help buy a striker. Fan based campaigns to raise money have been generally successful (eg. Save the Jags) but they only happen when a club is on the brink of extinction. Now, for the first time in 15 years, we are on the brink of promotion and there is an abundance of good will in the area. Could we have a 'One more push!' campaign to direct some funds towards strenghening the squad?
23rd October 2001 Russel Campbell
Glasgow-based Queens fans have joined the Internet Football Association's TFG League.

We are attempting to play Glasgow-based Stranraer fans on Thursday 25th October near Firhill Stadium at the Pitz Parks !!

Killie, Ayr & Erin Hibs are already challenging us to matches in the league fixtures format.

The Stranraer game is a friendly local derby match to proceed the big match on Saturday. Stranraer are not in the league as yet, therefore, this is not a league fixture !!

Queens fans from Edinburgh, Glasgow & Ayrshire are all participating.
22nd October 2001 Scot Carrick
Gan on the Queens, great result there puts us in for a real match this saturday, unlike the hamilton game we must win this one and hit the top of the league. I think there will be the biggest league crowd we have seen in a long while and all supporters should make an effort to get mates to come so we can get a bit of atmosphere to rival the ones we create on the road.

How about paddy flannery up front?
21st October 2001 Ken Grier
Best wishes to Des McKeown at his new club ( as long as you don't play well against us , Des ! ).
21st October 2001 Niall Hope
Just a quick request to any doonhamers in the Kinloss part of the country. Does anyone travel down to the games as I am due to move up from Leicester, and am still a Palmerston virgin!

Please contact me at

20th October 2001 Keith Murray
For the want of a striker the league was lost...

Ronnie Bradford and JC have done an excellent job in their roles as chairman and manager respectively.

However, we are now at a critical point in the season - if we could continue our form from the first round of games throghout the season then we would achieve 64 points and by normal standards that would be enough to get us promoted. Without a strike partner for Nellie that looks unlikely. In his short time with Queens not only has Craig Feroz netted 5 times but by my count has also created 3 goals through penalties.

If finance is the problem then can the club let us know. I for one would rather put my hand in my pocket and help the club sign the striker we need rather than watch yet another season disintegrate into frustration.

Other clubs have organised similar funds both for loan and long term signings... Ken Grier makes a good point about Gary McSwegan. However, without doubt through his industry and goalscoring Feroz has proved his worth.

Can the club or supporters club coordinate such an effort if finance is indeed the issue? I think like most supporters that this year Queens have assembled a squad almost capable of promotion and staying up, lets not miss our chance.
19th October 2001 Bruce Wright
Did Queens scouts completely miss the young lad from Threave now on a weeks' trial at St. Johnstone or was he not rated like McMenamin and McGuffie ? anyone know
19th October 2001 Ken Grier
JC , I'm sure that you are on the case but without strikers we are in serious danger of blowing any promotion chance going into 3 tough games . Any of the following an option ( look I know it means pushing out the boat on cash but this year is probably the best chance we have of going up in ages ! ) ;

Loan ... Gary McSwegan ( Hearts )
Buy...Paddy Flannery ( Dumbarton )
......Derek Lyle ( Ex Partick and now E Stirling )
......Ian Harty ( Stranraer )
......Brian McPhee ( Livi ,was loaned to Clyde )
......John McLaren ( kilwinning , Ex Qos )

Any better ideas ???
19th October 2001 Russell Johnston
Just read Des McKeowns book. A good read for any queens fan. Maybe Joe McAlpine can release a sequel in a couple of years!

It said that JC was trying to get Des to talk to some players last season like Isaac English, Billy McDonald? Wot happened to those deals....JC to tight to spread the cash again?

Was in Greece on saturday and was distraught to the newsfrom Palmerston. It is obvious that John Connely has to try and buy feroz the fans like him and he is an excellent partner to nellie.

19th October 2001 Russell Johnston
Re Scott Wilson:

I think thats an excellent idea but could we get somewhere to pay the money coz we cant just be handing it out to folk.
17th October 2001 Scott Wilson
I have a really good idea. Why don't we do a Bournemouth and have a whip round the fans to cough up the money to pay for Craig Feroz if 1250 people put in 2 pounds each we could raise 2500. Then the club could put in another 2500, Livvy might sell him for the 5000. What do you people think?
16th October 2001 Keith Page
It looks like we will be shortly having Ronnie McQuilter joining us here at the Brisbane Strikers. I would be grateful for any background information on him. All the Best. Keith Page Brisbane Strikers Supporters Assoc.
16th October 2001 Scott Carrick
think we got a bit complacent that we just need to turn up to win, would like to see some changes in midfield with the return of paddy, stuart davidson and warren hawke replacing the likes of connell and perhaps connolly, has anyone else realised we will have no recognised forwards in a weeks time.
16th October 2001 Alex Bomphray
Just back from watching 'A shot at glory'. Not the greatest film ever made but Queens fans should enjoy it. It was good for a few laughs. I certainly didn't think I would ever hear Michael Keaton say'Queen of the South are playing shite'-maybe he was at the Hamilton game. Another classic was 'we played Queen of the South in the cup a couple of years ago and they brought 8000 mental fans. or words to that effect!! Oh, and 'Angus Doyle' scored a cracker for Queens.

Palmerston looked great but the only fan I recognised was Gordon Harper from Dalbeattie.

There were 4 of us Queens fans went together and we had a good laugh. Robert Duvall's accent is something else though.
16th October 2001 Bruce Wright
Well done to the players and fans (only around 75-odd) who turned out for the Rangers v Queens Old Boys match in aid of the very worthy cause - "The David Pattie Meningitis Appeal". With hindsight the organisers should have picked another day as it was the Dumfries holiday weekend and many ex-Queens men could not make it as they were on holiday (McChesney, Sim, Cloy, Hetherington etc.) plus Rowan Alexander was injured. A pouring wet day and a wee bit steep fiver entrance fee also didn't help. However thanks to the generosity of the advertisers the 400 programmes printed should make a profit. Highlight of the day was ex-Queens man Tony Clark (a self confessed Blue-Nose) scoring for his heroes. Unfortunately it was an own goal as he headed a cross past his namesake in goals "Speedy" Clark.
16th October 2001 Bruce Wright
The look of abject misery in mega-Queens fan Ian Black's face at 4.45pm on Saturday told you everything about our performance. Once again (it has happened umpteen times before) Queens did not deliver when all the part-time fans came out to see them.

J.C. was man enough to say the best team won but I'll bet he cannot explain our own performance. Up front we never looked like scoring (Feroz has only 25 goals in 99 games by the way) and "Merrick" (booked again!) and sure to be suspended, is firing blanks. Midfield was anonymous and while the defence looked secure it only took one mistake (big J.T, falling over a vall that should have been humped over the Ice Bowl) and the points were destined for Ballast Park.

P.S. Sorry to see Des McKeown is on his way out but can understand at his age needs regular football, preferably nearer his home in Cumbernauld.
14th October 2001 Robbie 'Loon'
hi from all of us in Forfar! I hope you bring a travelling support on Saturday and I am sure it will be a close game.

Good luck from all of us at Loonsonline

p.s. could the owner of this site add to the forfar sites on the links page

14th October 2001 John McGonigle
a very poor performance by queens at at the weekend not helped by awful officials.Connel had another terrible game and i think it is time to bring davidson in to replace him. if we play like what we played like at the weekend their is only one division we are heading into and its not the first.
14th October 2001 Ken Grier
Having missed the last 3 games due to business commitments todays mediocre performance was disappointing ... lack of clearcut chances and striking prowess again put pressure on the defence not to lose a goal . Another strike option is still a must ( jury must be out on Hollier until we have seen him given a run ) but one player that is available after release from his Icelandic club is Andy Roddie , speedy left winger who hat-tricked for the Cleyholers against us a couple of years ago .. worth a punt ?

Ref. the new dugouts .. is there anything stopping Qos letting fans traverse to the side terracing prior to the game and at half time when Queens are playing towards the Terregles St end rather than having to peer upfield from the Portland Rd end as it seems crazy that a good piece of terracing is going to waste , after all the primary purpose of any spectator sport should be to offer specators the best available view .. response from the club please ??
13th October 2001 Eric Fisher
Re Bruce Wright on posters of forthcoming Queens fixtures. As the STANDARD are one of our sponsers can they not be asked to print suitable posters for distribution. Most of us can process a poster but are limited to size by our printers. I agree Bruce many floating supporters could be tempted to attend matches if posters were visible throughout the town.
12th October 2001 Bruce Wright
Interesting to read in "Daily Record" that star of "Mission Impossible" and "Enigma" - Dougray Scotts' father played for Queens. There was a half-back Bobby Scott back around 1946-47 and big centre-forward Ally Scott (e-Rangers) many years later but he'd be too young if Dougray is in his 30's now.
11th October 2001 Bruce Wright
The posters advertising Queens games were done as a favour when Queens Press Officer Willie Goldie owned Prontaprint. Since he took early retirement this practice ceased and there has been none this season though it wouldn't take much effort to type out a poster and photo-copy a few for each home game. I personally know a few floating (part-time) fans who didn't know the Aberdeen game was on!
11th October 2001 Scott Bye
I think Queens have had great run of good exciting football. Good luck John in the next few games lets hope you get manager of the month this month. Hope we snap up Feroz he is a great boost to the team.
11th October 2001 Stephen Biggs
How good is Joe McAlpine? He must be wanted by some top clubs in scotland. I think with him, O'Neill and if we can secure Feroz Queens have got a bright future to come.
11th October 2001 S Jardine
Congratulations to the mighty South, not only on their recent performances but being one of the few teams in Scotland showing a profit for the last finicial year.

But my gripe with the club is to do with replica tops. I know numerous fans looking for the home and away tops only to find they are as rare as East Stirling fans. Cmon Queens surely you would have been a couple of thousand more in credit if we were better organised with the shirt supplier.

Anyway don't mean to moan, lets get behind the mighty South and make this a season to really remember.

This issue was covered very well by Ewan Lithgow on the 3rd September in response to similar comments from another fan. You can read Ewans' response by clicking on the 'September' link at the foot of the page.
9th October 2001 Gary McEwan
Was there an award made for 2nd Divison Player of the Month? I saw nothing in the papers.

I would have thought that John O'Neill must have been in with a shout.
6th October 2001 G Waddell
looking for programme v clydebank this season when queens won 1 - 0. can you tell me if club shop keep back numbers, or is there anybody got one for sale. i have seen all home games this season, i seem too have got the bug again, as i have never seen queens play since the 60s-70s when my cousin jim kerr was playing for the team
6th October 2001 Les Coltart
To Cameron Scott, re Doonhamer in Suffolk.I live at Rowan Cottage,Church Rd, Stowupland,Stowmarket.Maybe we can form a QOS branch in East Anglia.
6th October 2001 Cammy Davidson
A big hello to all QOS fans.I am a rangers man,from glasgow,but in 1985,i think, i remember QOS played celtic in a league cup match.I was working in lockerbie for a year and remember being at that match.I stood among the QOS fans with pride.Could anyone email me and tell me about that game?

I was there but cant remember much (i think the buckfast got the better of me!!) Good luck to QOS FOOTBALL CLUB
5th October 2001 Cameron Scott
re. Les Coltart. Good to hear there are other Doonhamers in Suffolk! Where abouts you from, I live just outside Ipswich, but am currently in Canada.
4th October 2001 Kevin R Faulds
On behalf of a friend.Does anyone have any idea of the whereabouts of Denis Boyle? Last heard of going back(maybe)to play in N.I. after being released by Queen's.

Last we heard of Denis he was appearing as a trialist for Derry City at the start of the season, it doesn't look like he signed though.
3rd October 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Andy Paterson. Hi Andy, how are you getting on? You've obviously not been keeping up to date on Stuart McLaren's site as this subject has been more than done to death on the message board there. However, the answer to your question is this.

John O'Neill has scored ten out of ten competitive penalties for the club, five this season so far and five last season. He also netted three out of three in the pre-season making a grand total, counting friendlies, of thirteen successful kicks on the bounce.

Whilst I'm on here anyway, a small correction to my posting last week about the time passing since we've played certain sides. As has been pointed out to me by Andy Penn (thanks Andy), we played Raith Rovers in a Challenge Cup tie at Palmerston on 17th September 1994. So there are actually only 4 teams (+ Peterhead) that we haven't played since 1990.
3rd October 2001 Les Coltart
Went to see Andy Thomson play at Cambridge last Saturday.He played well but Cambridge battled well to win.I had a word with Andy after the game but he did not seem to know much about the present set up.He did say that he had been trying to get back to Scotland for last three years.Keep the results coming and lets see 1rst Divsion football back at Palmerston. Doonhamer ,suffolk .
1st October 2001 Russell Johnston
Come on John Connolly...your always saying that we are in search of a forward when you have a brilliant one staring you in the face in feroz!!

Lets face it..what happened last time we had to play without either feroz or weatherson....we played awful against one of the worst teams in the league, cowdenbeath.

We were totally awful against cowden as we had no propor cover for peter weatherson. Lets face it if we dont buy feroz we would be as well kissing promotion goodbye!
1st October 2001 Andy Paterson
Anyone know what John O'Neill's record is with penalty kicks since he joined Queens?
1st October 2001 Mickey Breen
A quality performance by the south, if we continue at this rate we will be in the premiership in the next 5 years. Well done to Joe McAlpine on another class game
1st October 2001 Martin Smith
An extra 200 fans on Saturday, witnessing a victory agaist the league leaders. 2 weeks until the next home game - surely this is the time for a big PR push from the club, eg increased local media coverage, posters printed and posted locally, free admission for kids and reduced prices for adults bringing kids are a few examples. However, over to you Mr Shaw. Our problems in the past have centered around being on the verge of a good run and then we're brought down to earth with a nasty bump.To reiterate, nows the time for the push. Hamilton at home (they should bring 200 at least and we could be looking at 2000 + if we get our act together.

Go For It. Top class performance on Saturday.
30th September 2001 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
2nd in the league...there is no doubt about it, this is no false position - QOS are on their way to a promotion winning campaign!

Queens' brand of slick passing football is the basis of a strong challenge - an excellent advertisement to increase attendances at Palmerston. And on the question of attendances, surely the time is right to introduce "free" admission for under 16s at forthcoming home matches. This is a low risk strategy which in the short-term will attract new "young supporters" and in the long-term attract the lucrative family segment to Palmerston!
30th September 2001 Christian Nicholson
WOW. What can i say. What a start to the season. The Queens are looking stronger than ever and i am watching from Oman!! John O'Niell is all i hear and see on the net and it is all good. A very good signing, well done.

Keep up the good work and get the promotion i believe we are due.

Thanks for the shirt, it has reached me in Oman and i can now sit in the tent in the evening eagerly awaitng the news of our latest conquest, and it is boosting morale no end when i see results such as the one at Berwick.

Thanks for the morale, Keep it coming.
30th September 2001 Brian McKie
Come on Queens, lets break the bank and buy Feroz.
30th September 2001 Dave Hiddleston (Fids)
Great result Queens well done all the best from Dave Hiddleston, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hi to Ian Black & Jardy

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