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30th December 2001 Pedro Contreiras


29th December 2001 Strawberry Jam
sorry folks, this isn't really a queens topic as such but i was wondering if anybody could help me. i am an aberdeen fan and i was hoping somebody could tell me about the goal, maybe two, that jamie mcallister scored while at queens. like when, and who against. it would be much appreciated. thank you

The goal that Jamie scored was versus Arbroath in the Scottish Cup on the 6th January 1998, it was an equaliser and the match remained all square, Queens winning the replay 4-0 at Palmerston on the 12th January 1998. Not sure about a second goal though.
29th December 2001 Moggy 'Kings'
The unofficial Kingstonian supporters website called Table-One.Com would appreciate some info on our ex-captain Derek Allan. He was a firm favourite with our fans. We'd appreciate any type of reply on our Message Board. Please contact us at and logon to the Kings Table Forum. Cheers!
24th December 2001 Bradley Harrison
Optimism Vs Pragmatism

It is now nearly 72 hours on from the biggest shambles seen at Palmerston for a long time. I for one am only now beginning to calm down. A number of lessons need to be learned to prevent a repeat of such scenes, and to protect the good name of Queen of the South football club.

I like most spent Friday evening scanning various weather forecasts, shaking my head reflecting the fact the -3 degrees would put pay to the football and thus necessitate a trip to the heaving Perth shops on Saturday.

On Saturday morning at 10am two hours before we were due to set off for Palmerston I checked the club web site it read: - "Game on - The match versus Morton today is definitely on, the pitch has recovered following some milder weather towards the end of the week and the surface is playable."

My own evaluation of our local football pitch was that this was not the case and in fact over night, the pitch has frozen solid, so to prevent any wasted journeys I phoned Palmerston, to be told " A wee crust on top, which will thaw now problem and the game will definitely be on"

We set off on schedule, 120 miles to Palmerston each way, my brother on hearing of all other games were off in Div 2 took the prudent step to phone Palmerston again and he pointedly asked the question "Are there any pitch inspections planned?" "No the pitch is perfect" was the reply

At five to two we arrived in Dumfries at the grass car park beside Tesco, it was rock solid, at this stage we realised that we were about to become very, very disappointed.

The lessons: -

1.The SFA should when temperatures are forecast to below freezing send match officials to inspect pitches by at latest 10am.
2.The referee / SFA should be armed with detailed meteorological information to allow him / them to correctly predict the temperature trends for the match and thus be able to make early call off decsions.
3.Whilst our club officials should always be optimistic, in the future it may be prudent for the communications to reflect that in the clubs opinion the game is on, and to point out this is subject to match referees approval.
4.The club should ensure that to avoid upset to their customers and the opposition that early "independent" inspections are arranged if SFA officials are not willing to travel early as goodwill and reputation are intangible.

I hope that in the future we never see a repeat of this, but I realise that the weather is not an exact science and these things happen however, on this occasion I think by getting the officials there a few hours earlier QOS could saved a lot of people a lot of money and unhappiness.

Merry Christmas to all the fans and lets hope we take full points over the festive period.

Up the Queens
23rd December 2001 Barrie Little
Firstly I don't blame the club over yesterday's late call off BUT when the Official website says "the game is definitely on" then I took it to mean it was "definitely" on, no ifs, no buts, definitely.

Wasting £20 of petrol and 3-4 hours travelling down from Edinburgh does not a happy QOS supporter make! Can I reclaim travelling costs from whoever made the initial pitch inspection? Did the temperature really plummet in those few hours?

To be honest, I'm only p'ed off because I arrived home early and was forced to go Xmas shopping!

Up the South.
23rd December 2001 Iain Wilson
hello there people,,

how you all doing. Sorry it's took me so long to join, like too many other's i've been blind as to where my faith should be. Havling been born in Dumfries i think it's time to join the faithful.

thank you for welcoming me to your club.

22nd December 2001 Russell Johnston
FAO: any officials at QOS

Just thought i would echo what was being said on the unofficial site by one of my fellow Dynamo Doonhamer players. "how much to hire palmerston and put some money into the club?"
22nd December 2001 Ben Bryden
I have heard some rumours that Derek Townsley, the former Palmerston supremo could re-sign for Queens over Christmas,along with three other ex-premier league players, after he became fed up with his position as bench warmer at Easter Road. I also heard that he played in the friendly with Threave earlier in the week.Also, should queens achieve promotion, the club could go fulltime. Although these are only rumours, it just shows the clubs ambition.
16th December 2001 Ken Grier
Whilst I must congratulate JC on signing a Premier League quality player in George O'Boyle and on continually signing players who are improving the quality of our pool (well done to the Board in funding this ) I fear that today we were beaten on the tactical front . Our players did not seem clear where they were supposed to be playing and the team completely lost its shape in the second half . We still need another excellent striker up front to support GO'B and desperately require a wing man who could operate in the way Alloa did today .... we need to sort things out quickly as 1 win in 7 is relegation form .

I would play 4312 with a formation like the following :


We definately look surer with a flat back 4 and need the type of width and cross balls that Moore and McAlpine could provide . John O'Neill is best hanging off the front men centrally and not in the deep wide position he seemed to be in today . Whilst more fresh blood is needed with George PW seems best alongside currently . The biggest need is to play a passing game on the ground as knocking in high balls to George is hopeless.

Despite the result today there were flashes of encouragement in the first half with O'Boyles touches sublime and Barry Donald having a good debut , (His father told me he hasn't played in 8 weeks and so can only improve still further).

Most importantly the fans should keep cheering the Team on ( I couldn't believe one fan criticising Jonjo today as he is undoubtedly one of the most talented midfield players I have ever seen at Palmy and is due the very occasional average game ) .

Time to dig in and pick up wins now QOS but we are behind you .
15th December 2001 Eric Fisher
After todays farce at Alloa I will be most interested to hear what JC has to say. Unless their is a dramatic turn round in form then promotion is totally out of the question and we will have one hell of a fight to stay in the Division. I thought I would never see the day when we would be scrapping for points with the likes of Cowdenbeath and Forfar.
15th December 2001 Russell Johnston
Yet another pathetic away performance by the south. It is no surprise that the numbers in the Travel Club are dropping after performances like todays. The defence is now a complete shambles and we are desperately missing the leadership of Jim Thomson. It is an utter disgrace that we are behind Forfar and only one point above the cowden, both teams we should comfortably be beating. What i dont understand is why we are still resorting to playing with wing-backs. we now have O'Boyle who is a reasonably small player, yet we are trying to break open one of the better defences by crossing in ball after ball. O'Boyle is a skillful player, not a 6'5 giant with a great heading record.

Things need to be changed next week, lets get it sorted out Queens!!!!!
15th December 2001 Big Mick
To all followers of the Queens, I am hoping to get a Tartan Army started around the Dumfries area for fellow supporters of our national team. Anyone interested please post on
15th December 2001 Scot Carrick
Re Scott Kelly/Dynamo's info.

Yes the dynamo's are a queens supporters team who play in the IFA supporters league versus clubs representing other proffesional teams, we are full 11-a-side and have a squad of around 16, we have recently been sponsored by a generous local gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous as well as the alternative QOS website,unfortunately unlike most of the teams we are not backed in any way by qosfc. if you wish to play we face morton next week in dumfries before the home game so would be Ok to come along,

in answer to the question of why we are playing at at the same time as queens, it was felt the qos match was a certainty to be called off.

for more info, visit or the message board on
14th December 2001 Sarah Holmes

Just like to say thanx for the info on Joe. I didn't actually write the first message which was 'apparently' from me (hence the spelling of programme)...but i'm glad whatever one of my friends wrote it for me did.

Does anybody else think that Joe is the man?
14th December 2001 Scott Kelly
Are the "Dynamos" referred to by Rob Feenie a Queens supporters' team? I'm asking because your game at Motherwell kicks off at 2pm so how do you get to Alloa to support the boys? Is your team 5, 7 or 11-a-side? - details on how to join please on the official site please not that "Only Bible" one
13th December 2001 Rob Feenie
Could all Dynamo players please respond on the Dynamos messageboard if they are going to be available for the Motherwell game this Saturday. Kick off is 2pm at Hamilton Palace astroturf pitches. Bring a blue T shirt as we are still waiting on the strips!

Also any new players who would like a run out, please get in touch.
11th December 2001 Ross Corbett
DOONHAMERS TRAVEL CLUB bus to Alloa on saturday leaves tescos at 11am anyone interested phone Jim on 01387 270102.Hopefully the away support will outnumber the Alloa support again.
11th December 2001 Bruce Wright
What's the score with the announcement on West Sound that Allan Ball has been appointed "Director of Football" - did I hear this correctly? With all due respect to "Big Bally", a decent enough keeper, I personally cannot see how this is going to work - who takes football decisions Bally or J.C. For me the manager IS the manager! no argument
11th December 2001 John Johnstone
If we are only allowed two over 21's in a season then i think John Connolly has made very poor use of this option. The two players have had only 12 appearances between them and there is over half the season still to go.

Surely keeping this option open until nearer the end of the season would have been wiser.
10th December 2001 Scott Kelly
In answer to Sarah Holmes request for info on Joe McAlpine which she says does not appear in the "program" (her spelling) - Joe was featured 5 weeks ago in the programme versus Stranraer. His hobbies are Golf and Swimming and he has a lovely wee daughter called Shannon.
10th December 2001 John Johnstone
I read in the papers recently that Hibs are looking to loan out Derek Townsley until the end of the season in order that he can get some first team action.

A player with genuine skill, able to provide quality balls into the box, now with full time training and no more pre-match post runs to do imagine what he could do in the second division now. Lets go get him.

Unfortunately John, Deggsie is over 21 and the rules say that you are allowed only two over 21 loan players in a season, we have had Craig Feroz and Murray McDowell so we are now restricted to loan players under 21 years of age.
10th December 2001 Michael Pratt
I can't believe we're out of the cup. Looks like we'll have to concentrate on the league and get the promotion we deserve.

We'll just have to put off winning the cup until next year!!!
9th December 2001 Alastair Gordon
I don't believe it, just think if we had beaten Alloa (Which I think we should have) we would have a home tie at Palmerston against the Celts in the next round!
9th December 2001 Stephen Wilson
As someone who last saw an excellent, free-flowing Queens side defeat Alloa at Palmerston in October, this was a disappointing Cup exit. O'Neill, Glancy and Weatherson, despite much movement and calls from others, were too intent on personal glory and, all in all, this was a performance of significant under-achievement. Alloa deserved their win with better teamwork through controlled passing. Can do better....and should.
7th December 2001 Phil Howden
Regards to all Queens fans. I am a York City/Queens fan living in Kiev, Ukraine. Although I have followed the results of the Queens for almost my entire life, I've only ever made to Palmerston Park once - for a 1-0 win against Clyde. Although I live abroad I still follow the lads on the net.

Anyway - all the best to you all and it's good to see the Queens nestling nicely in 3rd spot and gunning for our rightful place in Div 1!!!
6th December 2001 Ewan Lithgow
Willie Johnstone

I didn't initially put a message on here regarding Willie because I wasn't sure that a public football forum was the place for it. However, as Bruce and Ross have said, Willie was a popular man on the terraces and perhaps this is as good a forum as any for my own tribute.

I first met Willie when the Doonhamers Travel Club started up (then under the name Emerald Park Doonhamers) in 1991. I immediately took to him. He was that kind of guy; Amiable, rarely animate, even-tempered, one of life's genuine nice guys. I can honestly say that in the nearly 11 years that I knew him, I can't ever recall anyone having a bad word to say about Willie.

I remember just after Norman Blount took over and Queens launched a host of sponsorship opportunities for the first time, meeting Willie in town one lunchtime and the pair of us walking over to Palmerston to become the first two player sponsors. I opted for Tommy Bryce and he took David Mathieson. It's a shame that with the club better positioned than it has been in fifteen years to make a challenge for promotion, Willie won't be there to see it.

Anyone who has ever served as Treasurer of any club will know what a thankless task it is, particularly one involving as much cash income and expenditure as a Football Supporter's Club. I'd had enough of it after a year when I did it. Willie was Treasurer of the Travel Club for over SIX years! And for much of that time he was also Treasurer of the Dumfries Men's Darts League. Had it not been for the serious injury he suffered in 1997 he might still have been doing it to this day. He rarely missed a Queens game after returning to health, even after leaving the Committee and, if he did miss one, it was down to illness or commitment to his beloved darts.

Willie was a fine darts player and represented Dumfries and Galloway innumerable times over the years. He also played for many local pubs over the years including latterly Souter Johnnies and, most recently of all, Dickies. He was also responsible for getting many others, including myself, into the sport. He was every bit as popular in that circle as he was at Palmerston. One of the game's gentlemen, he never lost his temper over a defeat or crowed over a victory. It is fitting that all the darts fixtures in the town have been cancelled on Friday as a mark of respect.

Over the past decade or so Willie has been a sometime colleague, a weekly team-mate but, most importantly of all, a reliable friend to me. My sympathies go to his family. May he rest in peace.
6th December 2001 Stephen Little
Is anyone travelling to Edinburgh on Boxing Day as I require a lift, shall split costs etc. Please contact me on 0131 662 0281.
6th December 2001 Andrew Wall
Hi my name is Andrew Wall and i live in England and suport middlesbrough and queens and would like to say palmerston is a great picth and the fans are about the best as you can get
6th December 2001 Scot Carrick
The Dynamo's are back in action this sunday in a friendly v an ayrshire select at ferguslie park, Paisley, as most of the squad is taking a week off to prepare for the top of the table clash v Hearts next week, there are places up for grabs for any new signings this weekend. Get in touch if you are wanting to play in this or any future dynamo games.

also i would like to pass on my condolences to the family of Qos fan willie Johnstone and hope the club takes appropriate action to mourn his passing
4th December 2001 Barrie Little
Does anyone know if QOS are to ask for a minutes silence before the Alloa game in memory of Willie Johnstone ? I didn't know the lad personally but I think we should.
4th December 2001 Eric Little
Have to say I agree with Eric Fisher, O'Boyle will hopefully improve the ratio of chances converted to chances created, but, the Berwick game proved once again where the real need for improvement lies - midfield !

Sorry to say it but we are too 'nice' in that department and our soft centre was there to be seen again as Berwick overran us in the second half following the boost of the missed penalty.

We need someone in there who can dig, dominate and dictate play, especially if we are to field relative lightweights like Glancy and Moore.

Any ideas ??
3rd December 2001 Eric Fisher
O'Boyle is an excellent signing but are we not papering over the cracks in a team where the midfield is getting away with murder as it continues to be overun by fairly medeocre opposition.
3rd December 2001 Bruce Wright
There is plenty to say about Saturday's performance but, as far as I'm concerned, football takes second place to the sad news of the untimely death of big Willie Johnstone one of Queens greatest supporters, and a long-standing member of the Doonhamers Travel Club. Willie rarely missed a game home or away and was a genuine "good bloke" who everyone liked. He will be sadly missed and my condolences go to all his family and friends.

Bruce L Wright
(Q.O.S. Programme)
3rd December 2001 Ross Corbett
Congragulations to JC on the signing of george oboyle could be the proven goalscorer we have been missing this season.Also I was very sad to hear the news of the death of willie johnstone theres not many fans who can say they have been as loyal a supporter as willie over the years .I hope some representatives of queens try to make the effort to attend the funeral.
3rd December 2001 Mark Kirkpatrick
I was at the game on saturday and that was the best first half i have seen queens play.As for the second half,they shot themselves in the foot.They defended to deeply.
3rd December 2001 Sarah Holmes
Hi, i ama MASSIVE joe mcalpine fan!!!!!

I was wondering if anyone knows anymore details about him ( stuff that we do not see in the program)!

Info like:is he married, what are his hobbies etc?

2nd December 2001 Bradley Harrison
Top marks to the back room boys, two weeks ago I wrote to report of my disappointment on receiving a dowdy old Queens's strip from the BBC Children in Need auction. When I spoke to the shop manager Mr Paterson Senior about the matter he kindly offered to rectify the regrettable situation, by swapping old for new, a bit more BBC Blue Peter "Bring and Buy" than Children in Need. Top marks to the shop I certainly recommend others buying gifts for "the difficult to buy for" from the shop. Last year I bought my other half a "Dougie" mug and a whiskey miniature, the look of surprise on her face made it all worthwhile. As for the news about George O'Boyle, well done JC, we are 100% behind you. My brother is however now concerned that George might gate crash his promotion party!!!
29th November 2001 Gavin Finlay
GOOD Luck to Gordon Burns. He is a mate of mine and would like to see all you fans get behind him. All the best in the future Queen Of The South and their fans I will now follow Queens as long as he is there . PS It is Gordon's Birthday on Sunday . So lets make it a birthday to remember for him.
28th November 2001 Bruce Wright
After the altercation at Cappielow and the shenanigans at Ochilview it would be nice to see Queens making news in the papers for their football prowess rather than these incidents which will die a death because injuries (deliberate or accidental) have, and will continue, to happen in football - thats life! Meanwhile with "Hawkeye" departed and the big "Silhouette" out injured Queens are now very, very short of players in the first team squad so hopefully new faces are arriving soon with Alloa, Hamilton and the "Cleyhole" all away in the next month!

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