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24th June 2001 Ian Raffel
Someone at the fixtures office has a strong sense of irony! Hamilton away for the opening league match! Pics of the new stadium are on their website. Good luck to everyone involved with the club for the forthcoming season, especially to Jim and Eileen McCormick as the open road beckons again!
24th June 2001 Paul Haining
I think Queens should try to sign Kevin finlayson who has just been released from Queens Park.He played Brilliant against us last season and is a fast skillfull winger,that we've needed for a while
23rd June 2001 Eric Fisher
After 15 years of under achievement I would be delighted to see the Queens take the field in pink shirts with black polka dots as long as they gained promotion. Lets get our priorities right - what we need is a team first and worry about the rest of the waffle later.
23rd June 2001 Gordon Orr
To the Boston Fan:

To be honest, I don't think he'll set the Conferance on Fire. When he was at Palmerston he didn't look match fit and generally looked rather lethargic, although on occasions he did look to be fairly skillfull. Personally I wouldn't of thought he would have been worthy of a contract at our level on his performances, and I know the Conferance is probably a slightly better standard, or pretty much the same. P.S if you play Doncaster Rovers, watch out for a friend of mine who really is a player - Jamie Paterson a local Dumfries boy. He was recently voted Halifax Towns best ever player!
23rd June 2001 Ally Neil
I wish Queens the best of luck for the coming season and I hope we can improve on our achievents from last season.I think Peter Weatherson is a brilliant player and the club should do their best to keep him at Queens.
23rd June 2001 J McP Wilson
Anyone any idea what Queens are charging for the game v. Newcastle now that it is highly unlikely there will be many of the "Magpies" star men playing as they have received a late entry into the Inter-Toto Cup played in July. I suppose they will also send a boys' side (including Doonhamers McMennamin and McGuffie) to the friendly v. Annan Athletic next month.

P.S. Is it too late to change that bright yellow, striped away kit - even a compromise of blue shorts would suffice.
21st June 2001 Stewart Queen

You can also view a short video of the making of the film at the Glasgow Film Office Site.
19th June 2001 Andy Murray
I'm inclined to agree with Cameron Scott about the recent criticism of the clothes Queens players are having to wear. Really, it's not what's outside but who's inside the strips.

Many youngsters kicking a ball up against a wall wear rags.

There again, a cool strip may have a psychological advantage. On that subject, isn't the Croatian national strip impressive?
19th June 2001 Gazza Boston
Im a boston fan and we have just signed mark angel

Is he any good? any opinion much appreciated
18th June 2001 Cameron Scott
Will people stop moaning about the new kit! Both home and away are better than last year. At least the away kit is interesting unlike the last effort! The only thing that worries me is the shirt sponsor, Armstrong Waste Management!!!

Could the good people at the club tell me when I can get my hands on the new shirt?

The latest update on the new strip availability is late July, hopefully ready for the first home friendly.
17th June 2001 Will Wright
the new home top is class so stop complaining the away one is ok when u see people wearing it
16th June 2001 Roy Nicol
Come on Queens fans ! The away strip is a disgrace for our club . An all white strip with a blue trim,or second choice , all yellow with blue trim . Let s look like a promotion outfit on our travels not a non league club . It is dreadfull and has not been properly thought out . The club could have run a local competition in schools for kids to send in their designs , it might have got some more young supporters . Oh yes , a bit of white does make a difference on the shirts . They look like advert boards . Last year's strip , at home was okay ,apart from the terrible ' Baggy Shorts ' !
15th June 2001 Walt Adamson
I think the new home strip looks pretty good from the pictures. Personally, although I feel Queens should play predominantly in blue, a bit of white here and there doesn't make a lot of difference to me. The Pizzeria Il Fiume strip had a fair bit of white on it and I don't remember that may people complaining then.

The new away top is a different matter. It looks a bit too pub leagueish for me.
15th June 2001 Andy Murray
Re Euan Lithgow's submission:

How interesting! Neither have I. Hope you get some nice toys for Christmas.
14th June 2001 Graham Niven
Can any Queens fan out there give me a date of the release of the film 'A shot to glory', filmed at palmerston?
14th June 2001 Roy Nicol
The new home and away kit for Queens is far from impressive . There was nothing wrong with the home strip last year apart from the terrible 'baggy shorts' the player wore . Queens are a traditional club and should have a traditional strip , that is blue shirts , NOT with those hideous white stripes on them ! The away strip is one of the worst I have seen . It is drab , and maked Queens look like a Highland League outfit .An all yellow , or all white strip would have looked a lot brighter for away games . Basically the strip needs to be completely re thought . Were the fans consulted about it with there ideas ?
13th June 2001 Bruce Wright
Already Queens fans have sent in their photo's from places as far apart as Gran Canaria, Bulgaria and Kenya wearing their QOS shirts, hats etc.

These will be featured in next season's programme. Send your QOS holiday snaps now to QOS programme, c/o Solway Offset, 11 Catherinefield Ind. Estate, Heathhall, Dumfries, Scotland, DG1 3JD.
13th June 2001 Bruce Wright
Re: letter in Wednesday's Standard (see below)

SIR - Just a short message to Queens' Chairman Ronnie Bradford. Having just seen Queens' strip in Wednesday's Standard, can he do anything to get the strips promoted in all our local sports shops?

Why is it that you can buy just about any football top in Dumfries town centre apart from the Queens' top? Selling more tops would also mean more money for the club.
Come on local sports shops, let's see the new strips promoted in every front window for the new season.
Ryan White
Ryan is spot-on here but I was talking to shop manager John Paterson only yesterday about this and seemingly the big shops and sports shops want far too large a cut for themselves. John is looking for outlets who will display our merchandise on a sale or return basis. Last year Queens sold around 4,000's worth in Safeways but when a new manager took over he cancelled the deal!
12th June 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Andy Murray - "So Mr Lithgow is back"

Unlike yourself Andy, I have never been away.
12th June 2001 Iain Henderson
Just like to say how pleased I am with the signing of Derek Allan - I saw him a few times at Kingsmeadow and he was very impressive. He is very aware of what's going on, and has good positional sense. For all you oldies out there, he reminds me a bit of Nobby Clark. Good luck to him, and to Queens for next season.
12th June 2001 Andy Murray
Oh no. So Mr Lithgow is back. If you thought my allegations of "mean narrow-mindedness" apply to you, Euan, or any of your associates, then all I can really say is, "If the cap fits, wear it." I endorse everything else you said. Democracy is great, ain't it?
10th June 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re Kevin Donnelly (Good to hear from you again Kevin)

The home top in season 1995/96 (75th Anniversary Season, sponsored by Fiat)was basically white with some blue splashes across it. The away top that season was a very similar one to next season with blue and yellow stripes so neither top was a basic blue that season.
9th June 2001 Jon Gallagher
Just a quick note of something which has been arranged regarding Carlisle United Independent supporters trust meeting in Annan, i know this might seem strange but is this not a bit of a cheek them trying to steal fans from this area, but then again maybe they have something qos dont.

Qos should be doing this sort of thing to drum up support and get the local area involved? or maybe qos are just not interested in gaining fans from this area at all
9th June 2001 Kevin Donnelly
Having just received cuttings from Wednesday's Standard in the post I would just like to state my complete and utter distaste for the new strip. As a 40 something Queens fan the top has always been completely blue as far as I can remember. Where does the white sleeves and dodgy collar come from? Bring back the early 80's Bukta classic!!

As for Fraser Skimming I am also a London Blue, where do you drink before games at the Bridge?
8th June 2001 Graeme McNay
Does anyone know if there is any truth in the rumours we are about to sign duke box durie?
8th June 2001 Fraser Skimming
Reading the news etc.. is interesting but before the 'fans' get too excited.

What is needed is a statement from QOS about exactly what their hopes are for next season.

Only then can the season be judged.

Therefore some sort of statement should be produced!

This might also produce interest in their share option ( which is very vague )
7th June 2001 David Chalmers
HI does anyone knoe when the new home strip will b available? Also can anyone inform me of the details for the friendly against Newcastle United??I might try and make it down with some of my friends! Time/cost etc?????? Please email me!!!!

The latest update on the new strip availability is late July, hopefully ready for the first home friendly.
7th June 2001 Gregor Wilson
R.E. Ian Raffel.

Mr Raffel seems to be the only person that prefers last years strip to this years. It's his opinion but I personnally agree with the majority of people that this years strip is well better.

By the way, does anyone know who this ex-Premiership defender we're meant to be signing is? It says in the Standard [Wednesday].
6th June 2001 Malcolm McKie
Here i am working as a teacher in Northern Cyprus and my young brother in law phoned me from school just outside of bath and asked me if i wanted the QOS away strip they had in his school shop.

The answer was yes but how did it end up there? as phoning my mother in Dumfries they are not easy to get hold of.

All the best for next season.
6th June 2001 K McP Wilson
Like the new Queens shirts, especially the blue and white first choice. Only a little bit worried about the yellow shorts and yellow socks of the second choice strip which I think would be better in blue as they were in the 75th anniversary year. Hopefully Queens can also make available shirts without sponsor's logo which sometimes spoils the whole look of a strip and fans should be given a choice. Also any chance of long-sleeved ones as another variation - it's cold up at Forfar in mid winter in the short-sleeved version!
6th June 2001 Ian Raffel
2000/01 strip I approved of. Don't like the new one at all I'm afraid - prefer the plain blue or white myself. Incidentally, if anyone has an extra large 2000/01 top they want to get rid of (blue or white), then I'd be happy to take it off their hands, once the new one rolls in. Want to display the colours down here in rural Northamptonshire! You can get in touch with me at

Interesting to see Hamilton as one of our opponents in this pre-season tournament - have they still got the hump with us?

Nice to see the development of the squad - looking for further improvement for next season, and pleeeeeeeze - some wins against Stranraer! It's so infuriating how they manage to stuff it up us at regular intervals!

Hope to come up and see you all next season - good luck to everyone!
5th June 2001 Eric Fisher

I would suggest you lay off the lager Jimbo as promotion is a long way off with this present squad. We have succeeded in signing 2 or 3 stoppers to bolster the defence but the problems in midfield and wide areas remain to be addressed also Nellie needs support up front. Once again our bitter rivals Stranraer have shown us the way with two excellent signings from Queens Park and Morton.

You dont need to be a brain surgeon to spot which areas Queens need players. If we are to mount a serious challenge for promotion next season we need midfield players,wide players and a striker. If this problem is not addressed then we will have another season of frustration and who knows another WHITEWASH from Stranraer which is totally unacceptable
3rd June 2001 Sandy Orr
The new strips look fantastic! Is there any news on when they will be available? It would be nice if they were on sale before the pre-season friendlies. I think I'll be sending my order to Big John at the club shop now!

Hopefully late June/early July Sandy
2nd June 2001 Jimbo Montgomery
new top for the promotion season looks damn good. This is the season i can feel it in my toes ive never been so sure in my life. Last time i was this confident was the challenge cup season so i can guarantee u all this is the 1.

As someone who lives in greenock i am gutted at morton folding as that would 2 games without travelling this season.

on another note any other x-doonhamers in greenock have u nticed the rhino on top of clune brae motors it looks distinktly like the one that used to stand on top of the bus stop at lochside.Adding this to the fact that clunebrae motars sponsored adam moffat last year has me asking questions???

good luck next season boys
2nd June 2001 Fraser Skimming
The new kit looks absolutely fantastic. Living in London I have a season ticket for the local blues ( Chelsea ) however I look forward to wearing my Queens top to some of the games!
2nd June 2001 Eric Fisher
Rather like the new strip but I hope those awful long shorts of last season are binned.
1st June 2001 Murray Sutherland
Interesting to read that Preston have released Stuart King.Will this exciting young talent now be a signing target for Queens?
1st June 2001 Wacek Kaczmarczyk
Aha !! The cat is out of the bag.

Armstrong Waste Management ( congratulations )will appear on the new 'Arsenal' style team strips. So, how long was this going on for ? Are they really 'Arsenal' style or maybe not a wee bit more 'Chelsea' style.

I bet big Craig chose the new kit.

I can't wait to see what the blinkin shorts are going to be like this time. Maybe its a return to the Argentina '78 style, very short and megatight. As long as I can get a size 40" waist at the club shop so I can wear them on the beach at Sandyhills when I go my holidays in August.

Roll on the new season. I am already missing the centre stand banter !
1st June 2001 Robbie Feenie
I noticed on teletext last night that Stuart 'Big Nose' King has been released from Preston North End, are Queens going to go in with a bid? I think we should as he reminds me of Danny Docherty the wing wizard.

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