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30th August 2001 Barrie Little
Any Doonhamers making the trip to Brussels next week? If so I'll see you there.
27th August 2001 Graeme Waugh
Congratulations to queens,

An excellent and well worked victory, I think queens tried really hard for the win, like they always do. Mr. Connolly has a very good team, the players are of a high standard, and the crowd really got behind the team on Saturday, just like always.

I'm 100% sure qos are onto a successful season ahead. I had an overall good day, the game was really worth coming down to see.

C'way the queens.....

P.S Well done on the new site design, its brilliant.
26th August 2001 Ian Patterson
A much improved home display against Clydebank and a well deserved victory.

Des McKeown is a shadow of his former self and was quite rightly withdrawn.

Is there not a strong case for fielding Andy Aitken in this position?
23rd August 2001 Ewan Lithgow

It has been pointed out to me that there's a faux pas in the Morton match report. Morton's ex-Queens physio is, of course, George Hannah, not Derek Kelly as I stated in the report. I just had a brainstorm when typing it and hauled the wrong ex-physio's name out of my memory. Apologies to both men.

The biggest surprise though is surely that it was Thursday before someone pulled me up about it.
22nd August 2001 Wordy Preston
Hello you doonhammers

Hope you have a great season.

i have been to palmerston park twice, both against clyde strangely enough. All the best from Preston north end fc.

PS: What was the guy king like last season when you had him on loan from us ? never saw him play. but he scored for you on his first game i think .

come on you whites
21st August 2001 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
A battling performance against Morton which was capped by a fine display from on loan Craig Feroz who could be the perfect foil for Nellie. On Saturday's showing the Livingston striker demonstrated quality "touch and lay off" skills as well as showing strength in holding onto the ball! This is the type of player that we require at Palmerston - well done John Connolly for acquiring his services!!

A suggestion: - Having observed the first 4 matches, I feel that we are selling ourselves short when I see Queens 3 man defence consistently aiming long balls at our front 2 strikers when playing a 3-5-2 formation and bypassing any form of creativity in midfield. Players of the calibre of O'Neill, Davidson (when fit), Connell and Hawke need ball distribution to feet in order to create scoring opportunities - instead of watching Mitre footballs fly through the air to overworked strikers!!

A 3-5-2 formation accommodates a strong passing game (as evidenced by Hibs and Celtic) and I would like to see an attempt by Queens to retain possession, keep passing simple and contain the game within our midfield. The 2 penalties we gained at Morton last Saturday were from our players running or attempting to play their way past opponents - we need to "scare" teams with this tactic instead of our reliance on speculative crosses to Nellie.

I strongly believe that the above "tweak" in playing style will reap major dividends and most importantly - help create goal-scoring opportunities and win us matches!
20th August 2001 Alfred McCafferty
hi i am a morton fan and would like to wish warren hawke all the best and hope to see him in a morton shirt next time he is at cappielow
19th August 2001 Gordon Logan
Peter Copeland Fuengirola,QOS supp club;

Hello Peter great result for the Doonhammers against the Morton away from home All The Team Say Hello Catch You Soon. Also Congratulations To The Queens For Such An A1 Website.
16th August 2001 Chris Nicholson
Cheers Tony for your best wishes, and the comments!! Come on doonhammers, we all know you can do it and do it in style. A strong season is here for us so lets take it by the proverbials and finish at the top.
15th August 2001 Graeme Waugh
I would like to thank anyone associated with Queens for the brilliant day out I had on Saturday, the atmosphere was exelent and anyone I met was very friendly towards myself and my parents, I would also like to thank Neil Craik for getting my programme signed by the players.

Overall it was a great day, and thanks again,

I am going to try and attempt the feat of going to most of the home games from Pitlochry by train. Up the Doonhamers.
15th August 2001 Mark Robertson
Tommy Robertson former player for Queen of the South in the 1950's recently died in Melbourne Australia. He fought courageously a 7 month battle with cancer. Tommy was renown for super ball skills and was very quick. He also played with Glasgow Rangers and Dundee Football clubs before coming to Australia.He settled in Victoria and had a big influence as a coach and player of the game. His funeral was attended by many dignitries of soccer in Australia. His family recently received condolences from Sir Alex Ferguson who played at the same time as Robertson in Scotland which was very much appreciated.
15th August 2001 Ewan Lithgow
re David Main

Chris Doig did have a bad injury for much of the latter part of last season. In fact, he was seen at Palmerston on crutches in April as Forest battled for a play-off spot. He's back to full fitness and looks to be in new manager Paul Hart's plans for the season ahead though.
14th August 2001 John Smith
Workington Reds boss Peter Hampton is being secretive about a 30 year old, 6ft 1inch, former English League striker he is hoping to talk to about signing for his side, apparently he has played over 300 league and cup games and scored around 100 goals starting out at Newcastle United in 1988. He is reportedly back home in Ashington and looking for a club, Hampton has his number and planned to ring him today, sounds like our Ashington connections could be usefully brought into use once again as he sounds as if he would be a good man to have upfront with Nellie.
14th August 2001 Andy Murray

Just withdraw your hat as a PR offering; don't withdraw your support or you're playing into the hands of the thought police.
14th August 2001 Ewan McNaught
Couple of mistakes on yesterday's epic posting:

1- Text should read "ill feeling between Hamilton and Queens fans after the FORMER'S controversial relegation". I'll have to check my postings more thoroughly!

2- As Ewan L pointed out on the unofficial site we've not played at Dumbarton's new ground yet so that's another one I've yet to visit (hopefully we won't be going there next season. Only joking John!).
14th August 2001 Robbie Feenie
Going back to the Airdrie game, can anyone name and shame the individuals involved in the barracking they sent out? most views on here are showing an 'it wisnay me,honest guv!' policy.

You know who you are.
14th August 2001 Andy Cowan

Well said. Couldnt agree more.

As a regular(ish) contributor to both this and the "unofficial" board, and as an ex-webmaster of my own unofficial site (which was done, as all are, in my own time simply out of my love for the club) I was a little surprised (too say the least) at JCs comments on Saturday.

However, Im not going to try and put my feelings on the matter into words...youve done that better than I ever could!! Well done.

Finally, a quick point that noone seems to have raised...this very site started out life as an unofficial site and would probably have stayed so had the webmaster not had the foresight to approach the club. Unofficial sites start out as labours of love...some stay that way forever, some become more serious and some die a death. Being the official site does not automatically make it better, more acceptable or even the voice of the "real fans" as has been implied. In fact, in many ways the official site is more restricted by the debate it can allow...this does not mean this debate is any more or less valid...simply different.

I in no way mean that as any disrespect, or criticism of this site or the webmaster running it (but Im sure he knows me well enough to know that)
14th August 2001 David Main
I see Doig was playing for Forest on Saturday, he only managed 15 games last year, I don't know if he was injured or not.
14th August 2001 Roy Nicol
Being a long distant fan I am only able to get to about four or five games a season , the latest being against Forfar , but I always thoroughly enjoy every visit to Palmerston . J.C. is constantly talking about vocal support . I thought as soon as Queens went two nil down the support was superb from everyone , and at the end of the match we were all exhausted ! I was gutted that we had lost a game that Queens should have won by a cricket score but we will play worse than this and win games . Last year there were loads of away wins for everyone and this year there will be a lot more in another tight year for division two .I think it will take eight or so games for the team to gell together . I like the defensive pairing of Thomson and Crawford . Atkinson also had a good game , and Warren Hawke did okay in midfield , where John O'Neil should be on from the start . WE need another striker though to partner Weatherson if we are to be a force this year . Queens have a good a chance as anyone else , a good run will put us right up there . I didn't hear ANY abusive critism from any fans last saturday .

Why not have a public meeting / social night to clear the air JC ?
14th August 2001 Ross Corbett

14th August 2001 Gordon Logan
To Peter Copeland,

This is a quick hello from the Fuengirola Rangers supporters club and its just to let you know that we“ll be in california 7 tommorow night.
13th August 2001 Mikey Duffy
i made it to my first queens match against newcastle, also being a newcastle fan.I was impressed with the way queens handled newcastle, a side with great potential (bernard, gavilan, Lua Lua) for a match report from the toons side of view visit `` its in the reserves bit.
13th August 2001 Ewan McNaught
FAO John Connolly (apologies in advance for the length of this posting).

As a lifelong Queen of the South fan and regular contributor to the excellent "Only Team in the Bible" website I must say I was very disappointed with your comments in "Boss Talk" in Saturday's match day programme. In particular your attack on the contributors to the unofficial website was I believe ill-informed, ill-conceived and unfair.

The charge of "so-called supporters" who allegedly "hide behind an unofficial website and write their rubbish without fear of reprisal" should "go and support another team on a Saturday" is offensive to many loyal Queens supporters who enjoy participating in the irreverant but also passionate, humourous and vibrant alternative site. This forum provides a unique opportunity for many Queens fans to express their views on matters relating to Queens, second division football and life in general with other like-minded enthusiasts and fans of rival clubs. It is my view that that the "OTB" site is one of the most literate and civilised fora in the "Rivals" network. It also happens to be overwhelmigly supportive of Ronnie Bradford, yourself and the hitherto excellent job you've been doing at Palmerston.

If you want to see disharmony and abuse check out sites like Airdrie's, Hamilton's and, until recently, Morton's. The Queens site is a model of restraint and good humour by comparison.

Let's address your charges in order:

1- "so called supporters". Well I can only speak for myself but I've supported Queens for 30 years and travelled to every ground in Scotland bar Pittordrie, Peterhead and McDiarmid Park (although I did go to Muirton Park several times) to watch the team. I travel regularly from my Edinburgh base to home and away games at considerable expense and forfeiting valuable family and work commitments in the process. On one occasion I took a taxi from Edinburgh to Berwick on a wet, midweek night after car trouble and a missed train ruled out any other option. I am not a "so called supporter" John, I am the real deal.

2- "who hide behind an unofficial website with no fear of reprisal". I take it you refer to the often humourous pseudonyms used by many of the contributors. Well I'm quite happy to "out" myself. I post under the pseudonym "eugene ionesco" but my name is Ewan McNaught. I'll happily defend in person any of the views attributed to my alter ego on the other site. I believe it's fairly common knowledge who most of the other major contributors are and I know Ashington Man is of similar vintage to me and Lord Palmerston and the Duke of Buccleuch to name but two are of even greater antiquity. The only common denominator is a lifelong commitment to Queens.

3 "should go and support another team.." This is not an option John. Cut us and we bleed blue and white. It is sometimes useful to remember that players, managers and officials are temporary representatives of the club. They come and they go. Only the fans endure. And believe me we have endured more than most over the years.

I do not think the respect you clearly enjoy amongst the fans is likely to be strengthened by attempting to censor criticism or marginalise critics John. I am not a spokesman for anyone other than myself but I am dismayed by your attack on the fair-minded and reasonable people on the unofficial website. Have you read the postings or is your information second hand? If you haven't I do urge you to read them and hopefully you'll discover passionate, supportive Queens people debating on a democratic forum rather than the perceived "whingers" you refer to in the programme.

On the substantive matter of criticism yes there was some concern over the defensive minded tactics at Hamilton. A few, including myself, questioned the deployment of Aitken in a midfield position (without denying his abilities as a defender), the omission of O'Neill etc. but most complimented the new players in defence. I did say I thought Campbell had a "nervous" game but I wouldn't deny for a moment that he's a very good keeper with a lot of potential. The concensus was that we could have played better but the result was OK. The criticism was generally constructive and not, in my opinion, excessive. You might not agree with what was said but you can't deny our right as paying customer's to say it.

The Challenge Cup game at Airdrie saw some regrettable vocal abuse of Stuart Connolly by a minority. This was condemned unanimously by contributors to the unofficial site. There is a huge difference between considered criticism and abuse and I'm sure all right-minded Queens fans will, like you, condemn the latter. Vent your anger at these people John by all means.

There was some criticism on the unofficial site regarding the perceived "low prioritisation" of the Challenge Cup game at Airdrie as indicated by the experimental line-up. There were fans who clearly believed they had paid good money to watch a glorified training exercise. I'm personally philosophical about this. I believe the league is our priority this year and also that Airdrie were a far better side than they were given credit for (witness Saturday's result v. Arbroath). Trying out new players and combinations in a lesser competition is a manager's prerogative but you can't expect everyone to be delighted about spending time and good money to attend such a game.

Interestingly most fans on the unofficial site actually praised the performance against Forfar despite the result. In the second half Queens played their best football so far this season and the general commitment and attack-minded approach was very pleasing and should have brought greater reward. All the fans want to see John is a team as passionate and committed as themselves and we saw more of that on Saturday than Tuesday.

In my opinion the unofficial site has been a positive force for good. For example it was largely instrumental, in my view, for defusing the potential ill-feeling between Hamilton and Queens fans after the latter's controversial relegation a while back. Good natured banter between the rival fans uncovered a greater affinity than difference between us and has led to one or two friendships being forged across the "divide."

John, you have to take into account the frustrations of the fans built up after decades of underachievement at Palmerston. Most of us know you are the man for the job and there has been widespread support for your team rebuilding on the unofficial site and surprisingly little dissent when local players and former fans' favourites have been discarded.

Remember we've watched clubs come from nowhere and overtake us over the last few years (Livingston, Ross County, Inverness) and even clubs with far lesser resources and much smaller fan bases like Stranraer and Arbroath have achieved greater success. The fans generally believe your the man to deliver us to the promised land (first division football) and are gradually building a team to get us there.

You can't blame us for getting a little impatient en route and frustrated when we don't perform to the level we believe we are capable of. Inidentally the unofficial site has generally been very critical of the nouveau riche teams who try to buy success, the SPL2 brigade etc. and supportive of Queens more realistic gradual approach. No-one expects miracles but we do expect progress.

It would be very unfortunate if some of the Queens support alienated you and the players by unacceptable levels of abuse and criticism but it would be equally unfortunate if you alienated many good fans by taking indiscriminate fire at perceived "whingers" and hitting more than a few innocent bystanders and committed supporters in the process. There is more support for you and the team than you think John.
13th August 2001 Robbie Loon
Unlucky about Saturday, thought you deserved to get something out of it. It just came down to finishing. Good luck with the season ahead.
13th August 2001 Alex Wilson
Guilty by association... that was my fate for being at Airdrie on Tuesday. I too was chosen out as being one of the "abusers", but, like Ewan, I don't recall any great uproar until the booking of Stuart Connelly when some guys beside me started to shout "Off, Off" to the referee. Unfortunately, being a "weel-kent face", not to mention my hat being recognisable at 100yards, when JC starts to scan the crowd looking for culprits I'm right in the middle of it. However, I'm not going to accept the blame for something I was not involved in. Consequently, my son and I won't be going to any more away matches in the foreseeable future, so JC can have less away supporters to scan for troublemakers.
13th August 2001 Ken Grier
On returning from 2 weeks sunning myself and having missed all 3 competitive games ( roll on the Morton match ) , I feel still sufficiently impartial to reiterate a couple of my previous comments and hope that John Connolly doesnt mind a bit of well intentioned feedback from a QOS fan of some 30 years standing , to wit :

1. John Connolly is the best manager we have had in 25 years and we should get right behind him and the team ( he certainly has my vote )but this should not prevent fervent fans giving their passionate and well meant views on how we can improve because... garnering points are what the game is about , in the final analogy .

2. As I have mentioned ad nauseum , we lack at least 1 quality forward ( Brian McPhee would be a good shout .. after all look at the payback Forfar have had already on sticking their neck out and signing a proven forward in Paul Tosh ) and just as importantly a couple of wide men who can employ pace and provide telling crosses for our front division . At the end of last season it was obvious that we would struggle to create chances unless we improved the personnel here and we have not done so .. we need some more quality bodies here now or all the other good investment in defensive talent will be to naught .

3. Tactics are the managers remit , not mine , but I still remain sceptical both about the benefits of a rotation system and our ability to play anything other than a robust 442 given that our players are palpably not of the standard of Man Utd. Why not stick to the knitting and play a settled combination in a more traditional formation ?

So to you JC I say ... lets sort these basics out and in the meantime we suppoters should play our part and give even more support than usual to yourself and the lads .

One game at a time ... lets be attacking, positive and start on the winning run we know you are capable of .

Come on you South !
13th August 2001 John Smith
Many thanks to the PA announcer who this week slowed down his delivery of the team lines following my request.

It is very much appreciated.
12th August 2001 Mark McCreadie
Myself like Ross has been mentioned as being part of the abuse brigade. Anybody that knows me will know that i have an imense and lasting loyalty towards QOS. I admit to rising up out of my seat on tuesday and shouting abuse, but this was at the 5 lads who heckled and abused young Stuart who was in the process of being booked [wrongly i may add]. These lads had been on Stuarts back the whole game and enough was enough. It is common place to boo the opposition players but take it easy on our players. We dont want to have an image where players wont come and play for us because of the fans. LETS GET BEHIND THE MANAGER AND EVERY SINGLE PLAYER AND WE WILL BE UP THERE COME MAY.
12th August 2001 Ewan Lithgow
Anybody who knows me will be aware that Davie Hewitt and I rarely see eye to eye on issues surrounding Queen of the South. However, I feel I must back him up on a couple of points he made. I too remember very little or no abuse given to ANYBODY on Tuesday until after Airdrie's two goal burst. There was certainly no "taunting of players from the first whistle". In fact, other than the disgraceful chants when Bobby Orr was booking Stuart Connolly, I don't recall any abuse of players whatsoever. Maybe my memory is selective but what abuse was given seemed to be aimed exclusively at the bench for their apparent inactivity. I want to make it clear that I was not involved in any abuse, nor do I agree with it, but I do feel that those who dished it out at least are entitled to stand accused of what they did do and not of anything else.
12th August 2001 Iain Crosbie
My first sighting of the team this season at Palmy yesterday: I liked a great deal of what I saw. I thought the defence and midfield played well. If we don't turn pressure into goals, then there's a good chance an away team will do what Forfar did. I think this season's Division 2 scrap is going to be closer than ever with even more away wins than usual.You can take that to the bookies and punt it. That's what I saw. As for what I heard - what's happened to the QOS song as the team run on to the pitch ? Also,have we given up on having an "away fans section" for home supporters to get together and sing/chant encouragement ? As for what I read: I can understand JC being annoyed by the OTT abuse which occurred at Airdrie but I think he is mistaken in attacking the "Only team in the Bible" site. The pseudonyms may make the contributors prime suspects in JC,s view but if he were to read what's there, he would find 90%positive criticism,support, and encouragement.

Come on the Queens!
12th August 2001 Stuart Carroll
Re: todays programme notes:

JC cannot kill free speech whether on an official or unofficial website. JC has done an excellant job since his appointment but must be able to accept reasonable complaints from fans who spend a (relative) fortune to follow Queens home and away. Against Hamilton the opinion of the group I was with is that we gave them too much respect and sat back on a 1 goal lead. As such the tactics were slated on QOSFAN.CO.UK (does this count as it is not OFFICIAL). I cannot comment on Tuesday due to work commitments but the performance against Forfar was good - with a bit of luck Queens would have won handsomely. We still lost and I still heard some of the crowd (OK an idiot in the new stand) chastising everything to do with the superqueens but generally the effort was appreciated. I believe that the management and the board should target their (and QOS fans) discontent at the individuals concerned and stop comparing Queens fans with Carlisle fans.

PS If I was manager of Forfar then I would be more worried than JC should be!!!
12th August 2001 Brian Mckie
Could Mr Connolly explain to us all why John O'Neill wasn't on from the start today.The honeymoon is over Mr Connolly, it's time to start getting results, especially against the likes of Forfar who looked a pretty poor outfit today.At best it looks like mid-table mediocrity if things don't improve.
11th August 2001 Ross Corbett
Thanks to the person who handed my name to queens regarding the abuse at Airdrie on tuesday night but you should maybe get your facts right as I in fact moved away from the majority of fans at half time because of the severity of the abuse .
11th August 2001 Ross Corbett
Subject Duke of Galloway

Perhaps you should look at how much time,money and effort both the committee and regular members of the doonhamers travel club put in to arrange transport to EVERY away game before you start slagging us of I totally agree that the driver should have known where he was going but not one person on the bus was prepared to give the driver directions but some were quick enough to blame the travel club.Perhaps if you so much time to spend on the internet slagging people you will have plenty of time to come on to the travel club committee.Take note Iam not hiding behind a false name.
11th August 2001 David Hewitt
I believe that our current squad of players is talented enough to take us into division 1 if the team selection and match strategy is correct. This clearly has not been the case in our first two games. Since the manager signs the players, picks the team and is responsible for positions, tactics and substitutions, and since the fans pay handsomely for following the team home and away then I believe that their opinions on how good or bad the manager's decisions have been are a just subject for expression (as today's Standard concurs). Nevertheless I totally abhor the treatment meted out to Stewart Connolly on Tuesday night and made this view known on the supporters' bus travelling home from the match. I do however take issue with the claim that players are the targets of abuse from the first whistle as I do not remember any taunting of players till the second half on Tuesday night. My only thought at half time was of a cup of coffee to soothe my throat which was sore with "getting behind the team" in the first half. I urge JC to select an out and out attacking team for tomorrow's game against Forfar and cast off the anxiety of possible defeat which seemed so prevalent at Hamilton last Saturday. Anyone who suspects that I played any part in "foul or obscene" lanuage directed at any player should refer to the official match programme for 4th September, 1999 (page 7) in which my views were clearly expressed some considerable time ago.
11th August 2001 David Gow
Look guys the barracking was'nt that bad. It certainly wasn't as bad as the performance on the park. If John wants to treat competitive matches as training sessions then we should expect a rebate for wasted entry fees. I don't expect as a fan of Queens for over 30 years and a shareholder to have any Queens team go out to "not win a match". This was a PR disaster and someone has to acknowledge that fact. It's 2 games into the season and we're resting players--come on guys give us a break--this is mince. When you compete as QoS let's at least have the courtesy to compete.
10th August 2001 David Roulston
I wasn't at the Airdrie game and therefore did not witness the goings on.

However, I wanted to add my voice to those that believe that we are on the right track and John Connolly is doing a good job. After the long period of being all so rans it cannot be expected that QoS will be world beaters within such a short space of time. I for one am happy and prepared to give John Connolly more time to sort things out.
10th August 2001 Ewan McNaught
I too was at Airdrie and was dismayed by the negativity of a not so small minority of Queens fans shown to management and players. I happen to think John Connolly is a good manager, has done an excellent job at Queens, and should be supported. The treatment dealt out to his son (a soft target) was terrible. Urging the referee to send off a Queens player is not the conduct we've come to expect from the usually fair minded and good humoured Queens support. I know JC fielded a weakened side and maybe didn't treat the Challenge Cup as a high priority but I believe he's right to concentrate on the league this year.

The opening game at Hamilton was a disappointingly defensive display but we got a decent point and I believe the defensive part of the team is looking stronger than for many years. Once key midfield players are fit I still think we can do well. However we can't expect miracles overnight. Think how bad we were a couple of years ago (Alloa 1-6, Livvy 0-7 anyone?).

Let's get behind John Connolly and the boys before it's too late and he leaves us for pastures new.
10th August 2001 Scott Carrick
didn't make it to airdrie, but i am surprised how much talk of abuse there was. Was it really that bad, I guess we're just a victim of raised expectations. we must beat forfar tommorow though, or i think the players might be on the end of an even worse reception.

Play jon o'neil from the start jc.
10th August 2001 Andy Cowan
RE David McKeand

While Im not going to defend the morons in the crows shouting for Connely Jnr to be sent off, I have to disagree wtih some of your comments.

"Most players on the park were young and listening to fans boo them because they are not playing silky football like Rangers or Celtic ... These are players just starting learn their trade" I think youve missed two points there. Firstly, only a minority of the team could be classed as "young players learning their trade" Of the starting 11 only Connoly jnr, McGhie and Patterson could be considered young, and Connollys spent 4 yrs or so in the US "learning his trade", McGhie was a youth at Sunderland etc. Secondly, no Queens fan expects the players to play silky football like Ranger or Celtic, but they do expect a certain level of commitment that was severely lacking against Airdrie.

Im also not convinced about the "resting of players" Firstly, its only the second game of the season. Secondly, why rest Hogg and Atkinson but play JT and Crawford, with Aitken and Weatherson on the bench? Surely, JT, Crawford and Nellie are more important first team players and therefore more in need of a rest?

The bottom line, Im afraid, is that Jc did not want to win this game. How else can you explain the complete silence from the bench at 2-0 down? Even if he didnt want to bring Nellie on (and if not, why have him on the bench in the first place?) where was the encouragement, the shouting, the change of tactics etc??

I hope to never have to sit through another 90 minutes like that in my life. Ive never been so disillusioned as a Queens fan...Ive never expected much, but I was severely let down on Tuesday night.
9th August 2001 John Crawford
i'd agree with bradley and numerous others on the "only team in the bible" site about the embarassment of the heckling at airdrie. the difficult next step with issues like this is actually confronting it when it happens. it's a hard thing to do but it's worth it. like almost everyone else, i was sitting there wishing they'd shut up but i didn't say anything.

it's like a restaurant when you're presented with a crap meal. do you complain or sit and suffer in silence. here endeth the cantona-esque message.
9th August 2001 David McKeand
I agree with the other fans that were complaining about the abuse the players got on Tuesday night. Most players on the park were young and listening to fans boo them because they are not playing silky football like Rangers or Celtic was completely out of order. These are players just starting learn their trade at Queens, we need to give them support and encourage them.

I also think the reason for the weakened side on Tuesday was to try and give the first team players a rest for the long league season we are about to encounter. I'm sure no one will be complaining if we are battling for promotion at the end of the season. These players can't be expected to play Cup and League games all season.

One last thing why is there such a difference in the support between Home and Away games. At Home games its deathly silent with the tannoy having to impersonate crowd noise to introduce the team, and at Away games it's a brilliant atmosphere with singing etc.... Any ideas?
9th August 2001 Max Moodie
I see there seems to be some sort of kudos attached( or is it an unofficial competition?) as to who is the youngest to sign up as a member of the Internet Fan Club.

More interesting would be who is the youngest to actually have been to see a game and still goes.

I know a 3 year old who went to his first game at 3 weeks old and goes regularly. At his last game, last Saturday, he managed the heroic feat of eating 2 pies along with his juice.
9th August 2001 Sandy Orr
In reply to Rob Feenie. Rob, I don't think you will find that it was the "hardcore" of travelling Doonhamers that were doing the bulk of the heckling. I didn't recognise many of them, only one or two that are well known for singling out certain players and heckling them. I count myself as one of the hardcore, as I travel to most games, which isn't always too easy from Livingston. I wouldn't like it said that I do not support the team on travels, though on last night's effort it can be hard.

That said however, after the last two performances fans are entitled to their opinions, though it should be more constructive and not based on "Queen's are always crap, why should I bother" mentality. Hopefully John Connolly will have learned from the last couple of games and settle for putting out our strongest team for games. There is no reason not to now as we don't have another midweek game until the middle of September, thanks to last night's performance. Unfortunately we have probably already lost a good proportion of our recently impressive away support as many people are already disillusioned. Players and management do need reminded that it costs a hell of a lot following Queen's weekly. I reckon I'm already over £200 this season as my wife travels with me too. However, unlike some, I will continue to follow them, no doubt because I'm some sort of sadist!
9th August 2001 Cameron Scott
By the way, will the new away shirt be available to buy? £40! What's that all about?! Sad thing is I'll still pay it. Unless the club is willing to haggle?!!!

The away shirt will be available as will childrens sizes but we don't have a firm date for their arrival yet.
9th August 2001 Cameron Scott
I was not at the game last night, but I've read the report and the fans opinions. The reaction seems a little over the top, seeing as the season has only just started and nobody really expected us to beat Airdrie anyway. However, maybe we can question JC's commitment to the Challenge Cup. After all it is the only cup competition that we stand a chance in, and am I not right in thinking we beat Airdrie on route to the final a couple of years back?
8th August 2001 Bradley Harrison
The disgusting behaviour of a vocal few idiots masquerading as queens fans last night at New Broomfield was a disgrace to the good name of Dumfries, and an embarrassment to the many true fans who follow the Queens through thick and thin. Granted, the start to the new season has been far from inspiring but to extol unrelenting, unconstructive abuse serves no useful purpose and quite frankly I feel the perpetrators would be better served spending "their money" on other things. I for one found it very hard to get excited about a cold, wet, Tuesday night's pointless cup game in Airdrie, and I suspect it must have been the same for the players. I will be the first to put my hands up and say, based on the first two games of the season big Jim Thompson has been a valuable addition to the squad despite my reservations of last season. I hope the moaners from last night will get behind the team on Saturday and I look forward to hearing nothing but support for JC and his team and not vitriolic abuse from those who spoiled last night game. Up the Queens
8th August 2001 Andy Paterson
I have two points to make about tonights Airdrie game.

Firstly some (but only some) of the comments by those attending tonight (the word fan seems inappropriate)were over the top to the point of being stupid and counterproductive. Particularly jeering the referee for only showing a yellow card to OUR striker regardless of who he is and how he's playing. This completely refutes comments in the media last season the QOS fans are among the best in Scotland and was embarrassing to listen to. On behalf of the vast majority of fans present I would like to apologise to the manager and team for this behaviour.

Secondly Airdrie are a full time team with some quality players which we have no right to expect to beat. However tonight they played poorly and I felt that we had every chance of beating them had we played our strongest team. QOS fans who travel week in and out (and being honest thats not me) have a right to expect a team put out to win every game. The time for experimenting is surely in the pre season games. By putting out a team like tonights, the manager must surely have expected to receive some criticism - QOS fans only want a fair crack of the whip John.
8th August 2001 Sandy Barclay
Good players don't become bad players overnight, so what happened at Airdrie? No imagination, no penetration... no point in turning up! Why loft long, high balls towards the relatively tiny Connolly and Hawke when there's a defender the size of Kevin James marking them? Why keep passing back to Colin Scott when there was movement up-front? And why leave out a clutch of our better players? Are we involved in a secret European tie no-one has been told about? No. So why rest them against first division opponents then? But Queens being Queens, we'll probably hammer Forfar at the weekend and this rant will look daft!
8th August 2001 Rob Feenie
I was at the game last night, what a poor effort, if this is the type of performance Queens insist in putting in away from home ( yes i was at hamilton too) then I might have to think of other leisure pursuits to fill my time. Over the 2 games one shot on goal just dont cut the mustard, I pay to be entertained not watching negative football.

On another note it was disappointing to hear the 'hardcore' Queens fans starting there heckling so soon into the season, this is going to do nothing for the younger players confidence, yes you pay your money so your allowed to transmit your feelings but some of the language was shocking, certainly too abusive to repeat here.

Disgruntled and ready for another mid-table finish
8th August 2001 David Gow
What was all that about at Airdrie last night?! The most negative crap played by Queens since.....whenever. I presume we had no intention of trying to win that game because otherwise when we were 2 down it just might have occurred to send on some substitutes (including our top scorer). For £12 that was a poor show and I don't think the fans appreciate the manager arguing with their right to express their opinions (or did I misinterpret your gestures, John?). The demeanour of the players spoke volumes last night... but don't take the travelling support for granted boys..there was no acknowledgment of the size of it last night on a miserable night... a poor show all round.
3rd August 2001 Eric Fisher
I put this question to the Queen of the South management. There are various sports shops in the town but why cannot you purchase Queens strips etc? I find it quite offensive that all you can buy in these shops are Man Utd,Celtic, and Rangers gear.
3rd August 2001 Gregor Wilson
Is it just me or did anyone else notice on teletext that former Queens player Alex Nesovic now plays for Bohemians. He was dropped from Champions League qualifier against Porto after a row with the manager. Could anyone tell us if its the same Alex Nesovic?

Gregor, It is the vewry same Naz that now plays, or doesn't play, (depending on what Website you read), for Bohemians. He was signed originally by Roddy Collins who has just been appointed Carlisle United manager
3rd August 2001 Graeme McFadden
Lord Palmerston maybe Alex Wilson but is J MCP WILSON the one and only bruce wright.
3rd August 2001 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
Season 2001/2002 is upon us...and do I detect a real belief that for the first time in 16 years - Queens have got a team capable of promotion?!?

I believe that Stranraer, Alloa, Morton and Queens will be the 4 contenders for the top 2 slots in what will prove to be a very tight league. A top 2 position is up for grabs for Queens if they concede fewer goals than 40 goals - an achievable target with the defensive acquisitions made by the club in the summer.

The key to this season will be a strong start - and a victory at Hamilton tomorrow in front of 4000 fans will set the standard!!

Doonhamers - Its time to get that old blue and white scarf out of the bottom drawer - we're going up and the glory days are about to come back to Palmerston!!
2nd August 2001 Ross Corbett

2nd August 2001 J McP Wilson
I see big Stewart Greacen, once on loan at Palmy, has joined Morton from Livvy. Him and big slim (with the dodgy haircut) Dave McPherson must be the tallest central defensive partnership in Div Two.

Is "Lord Palmerston" the one and only Alex Wilson - his views certainly sound like the wrinkly rocker in the hat? answers please to the site.
1st August 2001 Chas Edwards
Match report from an independent Geordie viewpoint

A big thumbs up to the pies, apparently.
31st July 2001 Alex Wilson
Following a discussion at Palmerston after the Newcastle game, does anybody remember, (or preferably know!), how much Queens paid for Peter Dickson from Albion Rovers?

Alex here's a cutting from my scrap books, I think it was probably from 'Shoot':

30th July 2001 John Smith
Could someone ask the guy that reads out the team lines at Palmerston to read them out a bit slower, I always mark up the team line that is produced in the programme so that I can keep tabs on who is who, particularly important when there are some new faces to contend with.

It would be much appreciated.
30th July 2001 Sean Crilley
Hello again,

I wrote a message a few posts down and arguing the case of scots football and I said Scotland was densely populated but being a typical English person I got that very wrong, I mean Scotland is sparsely populated!!!
30th July 2001 Fraser Skimming
To Sean Crilley: I read with interest your comments and have some sympathy towards your points. Firstly though Scotland has a population density less than England and you can watch the big teams in Spain and Portugal for a couple of quid but..having lived in England for several years I used to be protective of Scottish footie but the rubbish which is shown on SKY every week ie Celtic or Rangers v no hopers is really embarassing ans a poor advert for the game.I watched Celtic against St Johnston yesterday and could not believe the time Lambert had to score that goal. Anyway I agree that watching Queens is more enjoyable than watching dreadfull 'launch it ' Div 3 but I might argue about the standard.Can't think of any Bobby Zamoras in Div 2.

Must say I think that Boksic is wasted at Boro....ouch, sorry!

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