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29th November 2001 Gavin Finlay
GOOD Luck to Gordon Burns. He is a mate of mine and would like to see all you fans get behind him. All the best in the future Queen Of The South and their fans I will now follow Queens as long as he is there . PS It is Gordon's Birthday on Sunday . So lets make it a birthday to remember for him.
28th November 2001 Bruce Wright
After the altercation at Cappielow and the shenanigans at Ochilview it would be nice to see Queens making news in the papers for their football prowess rather than these incidents which will die a death because injuries (deliberate or accidental) have, and will continue, to happen in football - thats life! Meanwhile with "Hawkeye" departed and the big "Silhouette" out injured Queens are now very, very short of players in the first team squad so hopefully new faces are arriving soon with Alloa, Hamilton and the "Cleyhole" all away in the next month!
28th November 2001 Scot Carrick

Dynamo are pleased to announce the mysterious "duke of Galloway" has been named as the new benefactor/shirt sponsor of south west scotlands finest. The new shirts will be displayed soon when the undefeated doonhamers take on Morton in Dumfries before xmas.

We defeated Inter Malamb 5-3 on saturday, for official match report see website.
28th November 2001 Ken Grier
Ref. a potential big signing ... please god let it be a proven goalscoring forward or we can forget about promotion ... ground hog day on Saturday as we created a barrowload of chances and spurned them all bar one , only to lose 2 points again ( deja vue ). Talk about frustrating for the fans to watch ...all our divisional rivals have at least 1 goalscorer up front and I can't understand a club like Berwick being able to attract Thomas and Feroz and we can't . Flannery or O'Boyle anyone ???

Still supportive but fed up posting the same plea....
28th November 2001 Russell Johnston
Yip mick it is true according to some1 that works underneath Ronnie Bradford...

Possible targets are someone from the SPL.

Gary McSwegan?
27th November 2001 Mickey Breen
Is it true Queens are making a big signing this week? and if so has anyone got any idea who it could be.
26th November 2001 Colin Johnstone
Some of you may have received an email message from me containing a virus. The virus is the W32.Badtrans.b virus, it is a new variant of an old virus and a number of anti-virus software packages do not pick it up unless they have been updated in the last two days. Norton discovered it on Saturday so anyone, like me, who runs a live update on a Friday night will not be protected against it.

The first thing to do is to download the latest virus definitions from your anti-virus software provider then run a full scan. Also check your anti-virus software suppliers website for instructions on how to remove the virus, there are a couple of files that you might have to manually remove. Hopefully this will be enough to catch it before it does any harm.

Be very careful, you do not have to open an email attachment for it to activate, just previewing it is enough for it to infect your machine. I would suggest that you turn off the preview option in your email software and delete any emails that you do not expect or that have 'Re: (Something)', or just 'Re:' in the Subject line.

It is not just coming from one source, the message that infected my machine was from a Rita Tulliani, no idea who she is, and since I repaired my machine I have had another three messages with the same virus. Others I know have had up to six emails today alone, attempting to deliver the same virus, it is now the most virulent in the UK so expect more attempts for it to land in your inbox.

Please make sure that your anti-virus software has the latest virus definitions, as it will not only mail itself to everyone in your address book but it may also send passwords from your machine to the virus author.

Apologies to everyone infected via my email address.

Symantec/Norton Website
McAfee Website
24th November 2001 Eric Little
Sorry to see Warren Hawke leave Palmerston, particularly to join a team who may yet prove to be one of our main rivals come the season end.

It's never easy for the manager to keep a squad of first team players happy, especially senior players who expect to play every week.

However, it concerns me to see players of Warren's experience and ability depart as his versatility in midfield and up front will be a sore loss.

My main concern at his departure is that we are not overendowed with quality in midfield and I feel we need to strentghen that area rather than weaken it.

Any plans there JC ?
24th November 2001 Paul Crookshanks
Congrats to JC and the lads for the excellent cup victory - hope to make it to the next round if Mark A. can extend some hospitality!!

Hi to Donna Buckle (nee Sproat) long time no see!!
24th November 2001 Ken Grier
What is going on ? When better placed than ever in the last decade to challenge for promotion we seem intent on throwing it away by depleting our pool and playing without goalscoring forwards . I repeat our front two have only scored in 4 out of 18 games . We need to sign at least 1 and ideally 2 forwards who are goal scorers and not creators . In the meantime it is galling that Feroz has gone to Berwick and McPhee to Hamilton . We can make what ever excuses we want eg exorbitant wage demands , full-time contracts , training in Dumfries but the point is that our pool is too small to effectively cover injuries and is papably deficient in the striking department . C'mon Queens , we are right behind you but lets rectify the issue and make some signings now before we suffer from injuries or loss of form that kills our season .

Bst wishes for tommorrow and special encouragement for JC who has the backing of 99% of our fans .
23rd November 2001 Stephen Biggs
I just wanted to ask how how do i get into the QOS youth set-up?

I am a tall striker similar to Tore-andre-flo and have scored 12 goals in 13 games for my school st josephs college?

If anyone knows anything could they please contact me at the address below....
23rd November 2001 Bradley Harrison
Last Friday was BBC's "Children in Need Day" a meritorious cause in anyone's book. As I was working at home last Friday I thought I would take advantage of this and bid for signed Queen of the South strip as I thought worthy cause, and a great opportunity to own a signed Queen of the South top from the 2001 -2002 promotion wining squad, which would form the centre piece of my brother's already well planned Promotion Party. Can you imagine the disappointment when today in the post arrived a tatty, off white 3-year-old replica top, which is signed by such names as George Rowe, Ken Eadie and Charles Adams. Maybe the BBC have mixed up the prizes from three years ago with this years strips or maybe the Palmerston back room staff have got confused, but one things for sure my pal who got the current Hibs playing shirt for the same price is having a right good laugh. A disappointing lesson for us all!!!
21st November 2001 Alfie McCafferty
glad to hear warren is on the transfer list look forward to seeing him back in white and blue hoops at cappielow
19th November 2001 Scott Kelly
The so-called fan who vented his anger on Saturday is well-known to anyone who stands near the dug-outs at Palmerston. He NEVER gets behind the team and, as he is no spring chicken has directed a tirade of abuse at players and managers for many years. I've actually seen other fans having "words" with him but he is so set in his moaning, vitriolic ranting you'll never change him. I believe he hails from the Kirkcudbright area and, although Britain has the right of free speech, I would personally like to see him banned from Palmerston Park like "Accies" once did with the infamous "Fergie".
19th November 2001 Sandy Barclay
Just checked the news update and saw that Warren Hawke has been made available for transfer which is desperately disappointing. Hawke has been one of the best players that we've had on our books for some time now, and it's a shame to let him go, as I thought he would have been the kind of quality player Connolly would want to keep at the club. My money would be on him returning to Morton.
18th November 2001 Andy Patterson
Andy Cowan
Seriously - Andy Aitken!
18th November 2001 SeanC
Hi I would just like to state the obvious in saying that our win on saturday was fantastic and will boost confidence in the side for the game at Stenny.

I think the players will appreciate that they can take advantage of this win and see it as the start of an impressive run because I think that this season we are certainly a confidence team.
16th November 2001 SeanC
Message: I am in no way trying to compete with the Q.O.S. website but I would like to advertise my new chat room on my Gretna site which I have partly devoted to Queens. Tomorrow I am hosting a chat at 9:00 PM so if as many of you as possible could log on and click on the chat room link I would be very grateful.


Thank you

p.s. thanks to the qos webmaster for adding my gretna site to the links page on this site I am very grateful.

thank you
14th November 2001 Scott Carrick
Dynamo Doonhamers fc update

less than a 10 days now to the debut of the qos supporters team v inter malamb in the ifa league, the squad is beginning to take shape with around 12-14 players available for the big match, now is really your last chance if interested to get your name down for the squad in time for the first match, upcoming matches in december include an away game v hibs and our first official home match in dumfries v Morton, hoping to announce a major sponsor soon as well,most games will take place in glasgow/edinburgh but there will probably be the odd one back in dumfries.

any fans travelling through to larbert are more than welcome to come along and support/barrack the team down at the hamilton palace pitches.
14th November 2001 Sean C
Hi, I am from Carlisle but support Queens (I also run the Gretna website) and I would like to know why fellow Queens fans make out that they hate Carlisle?

I have heard on numerous occasions at Queens matches chants of "We hate Carlisle" WHY!!? I heard this at the home game versus Stranraer and the away match at Berwick and I can't see the link as both clubs are in different countries and will never play each other in a competitive game. So please answer my wishes, I am from Carlisle and I know Queens are the best ..... see, we aren't all that bad!!

p.s. I think it would be nice to let fellow Q.O.S. fans into a funny story.

I am a season ticket holder at Middlesbrough and during half time earlier in the season at our match when we were beaten 4-1 at home off Newcastle the tannoy announcer was giving out results and trying to be funny he said "...and for those of you interested Queen Of The South are drawing away at Stranraer". I wasn't expecting to hear this and I only caught a little bit of it but I thought he said Queens were winning 2-0 so I jumped out of my seat and shouted "YEEESSSSS!" then I realised what I had done and a group of twenty to thirty Boro fans round about burst into laughter (I don't know whether that was due to the fact that I misheard the score or because I support Queens too !!!
14th November 2001 Graeme Waugh
Hello All, Good Luck To Queens Against Morton On Saturday. I Just Wanted To Push My Web Site A Bit, I Have Seen Other People Do It Recently So I Thought I Would Take My Chance, It Has Different Sections Like A Jokes Page And A Links Page (Which I'm Still Working On), If You Could Take Time Out And Take A Look At It I Would Be Very Grateful. Thanks,

13th November 2001 Michael Dixon
Carrying on the legacy of the late Jimmy Davison, George Herd, Dick Malone, Warren Hawke and possibly others, we are connected with Sunderland and are Wearside supporters who travel up a few times each season. We both thought the scoreline of 1-3 on Saturday was a little misleading and flattered the visitors. It was a bit like the recent Berwick game, only in reverse in terms of the result. Full marks however to the Cowdenbeath front two Brown and Wright who pulled the Queens defence all over the place and were easily the best players on view. I agree with an earlier message that Brown could go further. He certainly uses his brains on the field and having Wright as a partner must be a joy. For Queens there seemed to be a lack of penetration around the penalty area when they attacked but hopefully it was just an off-day. Good luck for the rest of the season and we hope to get up in the New Year. You have a great club and we wished we lived a little nearer.

Michael Dixon and Ken Hall, Sunderland.
12th November 2001 Scott Kelly
Is Jon Crawford carrying an injury? strange he has been very poor last two games. Even stranger when he was taken off on Saturday with only 4 minutes to go - what's that all about? Also very noticeable there was no back-up forwards on subs bench - what's happened to Hollier and Hawke?
12th November 2001 Bruce Wright
Another 'bad day at the office' to quote J.C. with our central defence pulled all over the place by the excellent Graeme Brown (surely destined for higher things if he pursues football as a career but currently studying law at university). Its hard to say whats happened to big 'J.T.' and his sidekick 'Craw' in the last two games but Queens are loosing goals now that they never looked like conceding earlier in the season. Up front we had loads of chances but 'Merrick' was back to his old habits of running all over the shop instead of staying up front. His partner Glancy put in a great shift but never really looked like scoring and his record bears this out (only about 16 goals since turning professional five years ago). We also had no back-up strikers on the bench (where was Hawke?) only Sunderland basically a winger whose goalscoring is non-existent (one goal in 34 appearances). To cap a frustrating day all round the part-time fans at the Cleyhole game disappeared like 'snow off a dyke' and the attendance of 1,321 must be very disappointing to Ronnie and his directors.
12th November 2001 Stefan Kaczmarczyk
I applaud Queens attempt to try to play a proper "passing game" against Cowdenbeath last Saturday (this really was THE freak result of the season!). On another day, Queens would have beaten Cowdenbeath 4-0. Even at 2-0 down, I believe we still had enough quality in the side to get back into the game. I'm sorry, but if we don't believe that we can win matches when we are 2-0 down, then I'm afraid we won't be gracing the 1st Division next season!

This is a very, very tight league this season - with no single team head and shoulders above the rest. Of course promotion places will go to the 2 teams who show the most consistent form - but it will also be the same teams who battle and scrap to salvage something from games where they are 1-0 or 2-0 down!!
12th November 2001 Jason Cartwright
I'd like to hear from anyone who knew Matt Pool from the Annan Area. He was my Grandfather's brother. He followed Queen of the South everwhere.

I'd be very interested to hear from you if you knew Matt or my Grandfather (Robert).
12th November 2001 Russel Campbell
I wasnt at the game on Saturday but it sounds very similar to the match versus Forfar at Palmerston earlier this season when we totally dominated in spells and Forfar scored with their only two breakaways of the match !!
12th November 2001 Roy Nicol
Despite what appears to be two disastrous results Queens fans have got to be positive about the last two performances . Firstly the club are still in a great position in the league , with some bizzarre results and scores of late involving other clubs.I did not expect Stranraer to be thrashed at home by Morton , and who would have thought Clydebank to be title contenders . Last season there were almost sixty HOME defeats in the division two championship and so far this year it is going the same way . John Connolly is right that everybody can beat anybody in this league . The DIFFERENCE this year is there is no outstanding team in the league so promotion is up for grabs . And Division One should hold no fears , look how well Arbroath have done so far . The second positive point by all accounts Martin Glancy looks a good prospect and he and Weatherson should get a bag full of goals this year .Queens basically made a mess of the Cowdenbeath match , as they did against Forfar when they should have won by a cricket score .But this will happen from time to time but at least plenty of chances are being created . Being a long distance fan I only get up to Dumfries a few times a year the last occasion for the Stranraer match .The whole of Dumfries was really buzzing after that one showing that the club can get decent crowds in when results come . To be honest I wasn't convinced either by Queens or Stranraer that they will be in the promotion frame . I have a sneaking feeling that Stenhousemuir and Alloa will go up , Queens will consolidate in fifth place , on about fifty points . Another good run though will put the Doonhammers right back in with a chance and I am sure the tslent is there to it .
11th November 2001 Eric Fisher
This was arguably Queens strongest eleven and yet a fairly average Cowdenbeath who were hardly ever in the game won 3-1. I just can't get my head round this. In the last two games the defence has just lost the plot but we are not putting away our chances either. It is time to bring shore up the defence and bring back Andy Aitken. Andy might not be pretty to watch but he will tighten things up at the back.
11th November 2001 David Thompson
I'm a Carlisle and Queens fan from south of the border if u fancy a brillent web site about your cousins of the south click on
11th November 2001 Robbie Feenie
I'm currently in the process of designing the Dynamo Doonhamers website, we are a Queens team made up of Central belt Doonhamers who play against other teams supporters, I would appreciate if you could ass the following link to your 'Other Pages'site. thanks, Robbie.

No problem Robbie, it's on already, good luck.
11th November 2001 Rab 'Cowden'
Fair play to you it was a difficult game yesterday and you easily had the first half in the bag but we dominated the 2nd half as you can see by the score. If your team actutally could finish an attack and place the ball between they rectangle posts you might have won bu the fact that you couldn't showed that cowdenbeath were easily the better team on the whole. Look forward to playing you again. P.S bloody nice stadium.
11th November 2001 Ken Grier
Message for JC and The Board .

Guys , you have done a great job this season ( including signing Martin Glancy who looks a clever provider up front ) but ...

Unless you can spend some money and entice a truly 20 or so a season goalscorer ( or 2 ) to Palmerston then we will not be promoted

Please play Andy Aitken at the back as the current trio is not gelling

Today was extremely frustrating as we scorned at least 9 chances and were undone by infantile errors at the back

The fans are right behind you but we need scorers .. one of the front 2 has scored in only 4 out of 17 games played this season .. enough said

Yours Truly a Dejected , fed up , yet supportive Doonhamer .... Up The South !!
10th November 2001 Jono Blain
I'm a Spurs fan who goes every week, but always get updates from Palmerston or whever the 'hamers are playing. I'm a little worried about the recent form. Can any regulars reassure me???
9th November 2001 Bruce Wright
All the best to Martin Glancy but it is annoying when the local press state he is a "proven goalscorer" as this only puts pressure on the boy. Prolific he is NOT having scored around 16 goals since turning pro. in 1996 with Dumbarton. - Up the Queens.
8th November 2001 Scott Carrick
Dynamo Doonhamers, the QOS supporters team are playing their first fixture in the IFA on Nov 24 in hamilton v Inter Malamb (aberdeen), any central belt queens fans who fancy joining the team , please stick your name down on the dynamo doonhamers message board at
8th November 2001 Sean 'Gretna'
Hi, I support Middlesbrough and when I am not there I watch either Queens or Gretna.

I am writing to promote my new Unofficial Gretna F.C. site. It is very basic but interesting and the only Gretna site on the web so if you could keep logging onto it I would be grateful.

The address is ;
7th November 2001 Andy Cowan
Well said Bruce.

I couldnt believe they had the cheek to charge 10 for adults to get in to that dump, but to charge full price for a kid!!!

Whats even worse, the guy who went in in front of me lifted his kid over the turnstyle without paying anything! Work that one out.
7th November 2001 Mickey Breen
Well done to JC for signing a forward which could take Queens into Division 1.

I would just like to make a point about the Goalkeeping situation at Queens. I think Queens should stick with Jamie Campbell despite his mistake, look at Fabien Barthez three blunders in as many games and you don't see Alex Ferguson throwing him out of the Man United team. Good luck to Jamie.
6th November 2001 David McKeand
I second David Gow's comments. Get behind our team. Jamie is only 20, there again I'm sure Craig is perfect! NOT!

Com'on the Queens.....
6th November 2001 David Gow
Well guys, I must say I'm surprised at the personal criticism of Jamie Campbell on the web site. He made a bad error but so what...he wasn't responsible for the tap in opportunity from 4 yards for McGrillen or the penalty in fact he saved that at the first attempt. In fact he also did well to parry the ball just before the passage of play which led to his mistake. He's had no chance to show his worth yet and he needs some confidence. Queens fans should be getting behind their squad players because we'll probbaly need all of them to win this league. Make no mistake we're going up this year and it will be nice to do it as champions but I'll settle for second place. Just think what an asset we could be to the first division. When you think of Morton's ground and the fact that they were in that league last season, when you look at Airdrie's situation Queens have potentially the largest club following outside the central belt. We've been starved of success for too long. We've got the makings at the moment of a decent less and an up and coming, motivated and skillful manager...let's not blow it by resorting to impatience and personal abuse. Sure players deserve an earful if they're cruising or not giving 100 percent but no-one deserves to have their confidence undermined for a few bad mistakes. We can go back to the top this weekend let's just remember where we were at this stage of the season over the last few years.........Good luck on Saturday
5th November 2001 Bruce Wright
Well done to big Ross Corbett for sticking to his guns and getting his money refunded after he was charged 20.00 to get into Cappielow (himself and two kids, one aged 4) when the people in the turnstile very well knew that there was a parent /child gate at 11.00 (i.e. 1.00 for kids) but didn't tell him!
5th November 2001 Craig Grierson
As my message about Jamie Campbell was not printed last time, I feel it is my duty to write another one in the faint hope that it may be printed this time. Having been one of the large number of Queens fans at the game on Saturday I can safely say I can't wait until Colin Scott has recovered from his hand injury as yet again Jamie Campbell showed just how bad a goalkeeper he really is, what was he doing at the second goal!! and how can a man of his size be beaten in the air so often by opposition players who have to go for the ball with their heads and don't have the luxury of using their hands as he does. I must re-iterate my view that JC needs to sign a quality backup keeper, or quality first choice keeper and have Colin Scott as the backup keeper because Campbell is simply not good enough and I'm sure if you asked Jim Thompson and Co they would agree.
4th November 2001 Andy Cowan
Andy Patterson

While I agree with your comments about Andy Aitken and his commitment to the cause etc I think your bein a little quick to jump on the backs of the defence, especially having only seen two games recently (two of the worst games probably this season too)

Take a look at the league table, we have the second best defensive record after Alloa. We have 2 central defenders who played in a 2nd division promotion winning team last season and another with premiership experience. JC rates JT as the best defender in the league...I disagree, I actually think Crawford is better, and I think the other two would be in anyones top 5.

Andy has been a great servant to Queens and I hope he stays and fights for his place, as I think he is still a valuable member of the squad. However, as good as he is, hes still 4th in the pecking order and, in my opinion, quite rightly so.
4th November 2001 Patrik Gullberg
hello Iain and Craig!

this is a message :)
4th November 2001 Andy Paterson
I cannot fathom how Andy Aitken, who I consider to be a good solid defender particularly suited to the sort of game you get in the 2nd division is unable to get a game for Queens after a game like todays against Clydebank. Aitken never gives less than 110%. I'm possibly feeling a bit jaundiced since out of the last 4 games I only made the Hamilton game and the Clydebank game, but in both of these the first 5 minutes looked a breeze for Queens followed by a sudden collapse into disorder particularly by the defence. There is no point harping on about a lack of quality up front when we gift goals like we did today. We need a solid centre of defence and that has to include Andy Aitken. The others have proved to be too accident prone.
3rd November 2001 Sean Crilley
Hi, I am a sixteen year old supporter of Middlesbrough and Queen Of The South from Carlisle. I have a season ticket for Middlesbrough and when I am not there I come to support the Queens.

I am writing to ask if anyone else agrees that there is not enough young faces at Palmerston every week?

There is plenty of little kiddies but not many teenagers. I think it is because the level of football is looked upon as unfashionable. I know for one that that is the reason because when I go into my secondary school in Carlisle on a Monday morning I get all the glory fans of Man Utd and Liverpool that have never been to watch their team telling me I am a sad git.

We need to think of schemes or youth clubs to attract younger fans to Palmerston.

P.S. I was on the Berwick Rangers site ( and in the forum I tried to explain to them that we were a bigger club and deserved division one status and a few of the Berwick fans were calling us so please go to the aforementioned site, click on forums and scroll down to my message entitled "I am a Queen of the South fan" and stick up for all Queens fans and the club collectively.
2nd November 2001 Eric Fisher
FAO Chris Delaney - Chris,I was at the shareholders meeting on Wednesday night and rest assured John Connoly along with Roinnie Bradford are doing everything possible to strengthen the squad but it isn't always possible to attract quality players to Palmerston. Several quality players have turned down moves to Palmerston because they want full time football. In my opinion it would be financial suicide for Queens to go full time at present. I have every confidence in John Connolly and he is doing everything possible to bring success to the club meanwhile we can play our part and continue to turn up in large numbers to support the team.
2nd November 2001 Kevin Donnelly
Belter of a photo of John Connolly from the mid -70's in this months 4-4-2. Judging by his photo on the website he's found a better dentist since those days.

Best of luck to the team on Saturday.
2nd November 2001 Ian Crosbie
Well done JC two in a row ,lets go for a hatrick keep up the good work and the crowds will stay and support a great team and a great " Manager "
2nd November 2001 Greg Clark

Ive recently moved away from dumfries but thanks to the wonder of modern technology (a newspaper) im delighted to see the Mighty Qos back at the top of the league, next season Divison 1, season after-Europe!

Just hope the boys keep it up, get Nelly back ont he scoring trail and we'll be flying! Sunderland for England!
2nd November 2001 Adam McArthur
Hello, Could someone assist me by sending me a picture of Dougie The Doonhamer? All pictures are greatly received, as I have just set up a website dedicated to Football Mascots. My e-mail address is: Mascot Website:
1st November 2001 Gordon Pringle
Hey did anyone see the mighty palmerston displayed as a question on question of sport last night-only coisty managed to answer it!!!!

BTW does anyone know what's happened to johnny crawford-i know he's a bit of a lightweight fan but we're missing his cheeky and incisive comments to the board.

Perhaps he's finally got a steady "partner"in life.Replacing one type of queens for another!!
31st October 2001 Cris Delaney
come on guys,we have had a good start to the season,we have got some quality players but we are merley papering over the cracks.this board has to put their hands in their pockets and buy us a striker,they have saved money by getting free transfers and the gate receipts have gone up,over 3 thousand on sataurday,to keep the run going we need a big squad,to get promoted and stay promoted,so will everyone stop gettin so excited and stop shoutin about gettin promoted cause remember its a tight league and a few defeats may see us at the foot of the table not the top,BUT HEY U GOT TO ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!!
30th October 2001 Bruce Wright
Amazing what you can see on TV that you couldn't while attending the game. I'm referring to the mega bawling out big "JimT" gave Jamie Campbell after a dodgy bit of goalkeeping on Saturday when he, once again, at six foot plus failed to hold a cross ball. Just a pity that nowadays Terregles St stands forlorn and, of course, you cannot swap ends like you once could at Palmy.
30th October 2001 Mark Gemmell
Hi im a fairly new fan and this season is the first whwre i have attended all the home matches. all i want 2 say is that the teams performance is the highest ive ever seen it. i was delighted with the stranrar match but i feel john Oneal should of had 2. i was devistated when he missed the penalty. in all 13 years of my life ive never wanted to swear as much as i did then. BYE!
30th October 2001 Alistair Moffat
Re: Chas Edwards & Les Coltart, Does Cambridge count as part of the East Anglian branch ? (p.s Please spell my name as above -"Alistair Moffat"- as I am very proud of my families Kirkunzeon roots)
30th October 2001 Joanna Wright
Having lived away from Dumfries 9 years it is always nice to come home - but it was made even better by watching Queens go top of league against our local rivals along with my Dad and brother - only a shame so many people feel the need to run off to the pub to watch Premier teams afterwards - Palmerston beats the atmosphere of these games anyday! Well Done Queens!
30th October 2001 Craig Grierson
I agree about the report on the Stranraer website, it is rather commical and I don't think that whoever wrote it was very pleased that Queen's won the game. As for there being 300/400 Stranraer fans at the game. I think that they may have got their figures a little wrong on that one. Do they get that many at their home games?
30th October 2001 Scot Byers
It's great to see queens at the top of the table we deserve it. Queen's are playing good football. Our performance on saturday was great and can happily say after we scored never looked like they were going to win. Unlucky about Colin Scott, well done to Jamie Campbell who coped well. Hope to see Scott back soon.
30th October 2001 Donna Buckle
Well done on Saturday, great result keep it up. I have just joined the internet fan club and would like to hear from two other members if they read the message board. They are members no's 0677 (Tom Sproat of Castle Douglas) and 1168 (Paul Crookshanks of Brampton). The reason being is that my maiden name is Sproat and I went to school at Springholm with a Paul Crookshanks.
30th October 2001 James Montgomery
traveled to the game on saturday from greenock glad to see that we now have clydebank and morton at cappielow prety soon. would love to hear from any other queens fans in the greenock area if they fancy travelling to games or just bumping gums about the sleeping giants of scottish football. contact me I also said on this message board at the start of the season that we would be chasing promo this year and everyone laghed and scoffed well now you see have faith.
30th October 2001 Barrie Little
I took Ian's advice and read the match report on the Stranraer site. What game did the author watch ?

300-400 Stranraer fans? Not likely, it looked more like 100. The referee was 100 times better than the muppet that reffed the recent QOS v Hamilton game. The penalty was a stone-waller, even the Stranraer players didn't dispute it! As for Harty's dismissal, anyone who say it would agree that it was a straight red card offence.

Nope, that report was definitely written with some Cleyhole tinted glasses!
30th October 2001 Chris Tait
After our result on Saturday against Stranraer I just want to say 'COME ON THE QUEENS!!!!!' anyway lets just get ready for the next game and keep on form.

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