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Re. Murray Milligan 28 May. Good to see you are getting a Gillingham season ticket after Thommo's winner at Wembley. Doonhamers should stick together. Looking at your spelling mistakes you must have gone to St. Joseph's College ! Good on you Spike, glad to see you still support the Queens.
Cometh the hour, Cometh THE MAN...THOMMO was and is that man...No-one in the past 107 years until now has managed to score the goal that puts gills in the top 2 divisions in the country
31st May 2000 JOHN CRAWFORD
it's funny to see the web site ablaze with messages from all corners about andy thomson even though it must be about 7 or 8 years since he played here. talking about last minute goals, i remember he scored a tremendous winner in extra time in the scottish cup away to alloa (late 80's) to take us through to dundee utd at tannadice (where we led in the snow after a stuart gordon 1st minute header). anyway, i'd eat my pizzeria il fiume home strip if andy ever came back to dumfries. mind you if you gave him a miners hat and a geordie accent he might well be signed up the way things are going.

talking about famous queens victories in the 80's, i also remember another queens player scoring a promotion winning goal in arbroath. i'm sure he also played for a scotland b team. answers on a post card please.
31st May 2000 IAN RAFFEL
OK - I see the word has been well and truly spread about Mr Thomson's roots! Having recently corresponded with a Gills fan, I can also add to the speculation that Andy is possibly looking to move back to Scotland, being worried about becoming a bit part player. I shall watch this space with interest!
31st May 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
Who is going to play for Queens in the six-a-side tournament, I think "scary geordie rail bird" is due a run-out, I disagree with simon in that she is perfect to fill in the troublesome left hand side at queens and for England, however I think the combination of her and eigor may scare a few of the kids in the family stand.


lets get a decent strip for next season instead of one that is just blue, and squad numbers so we can recognise our mackem, geordie and monkey hanging players

And heres a song for next season;-

"fog on the nith is all mine all mine

fog on the nith is all mine"

Bring back nezo
30th May 2000 DAVID BURNS
Just wanted to say what a great moment watching Thommos goal was.I was so pleased for him because he took a bit of stick from the crowd down here at first having to fill super Bob Taylors boots but I never once gave him stick and I loved it that he scored the winner.

You boys / girls can be proud of one of your old boys sending the Gills into Div.One for the first time in 106 years.Thommo's birthplace is where my paternal family are from so I feel a kinship towards him.Hey thats the second Scotsman to have scored a winner at Wembley this year!

I am probably one of the few who actually know where Q.o.t.S is having been through Dumfries numerous times on the way to my nans in Prestwick,having already travelled 8 hrs in the car form south of England, I used to dread the moment I left Dumfries because what lay ahead was an hour and half of a rollercoaster ride which usually resulted in me throwing up.

Anyway enough of that and best of luck next season from a very happy Gills fan!!!
30th May 2000 SHARPE
A very big thank you for giving us Tommo, he is so proud of his Scottish heritageperhaps he will be the last Scot to ever score at the twin towers.I shall now look out for your results next termat perhaps myself and my 3 mates might even forgo our annual trip to Meadowbank Thistle (Livingstone) next year.
30th May 2000 SANDY ORR
What a weekend! Yes I know it's Tuesday but it has taken me this long to recover! First up, I was at Hampden on Saturday. After Jim Leighton's sad and unfortunate departure the game was never going to be a contest, but I thought Jamie McAllister was excellent and didn't look out of place on the famous pitch. Kanchelskis gave him a bit of a hard time, but all the Don's supporters I spoke to are in no doubt that McAllister is one of their best young players. This has been proved by the three year extension to his contract.

On Sunday I was at another final, and watched as an ex Queen's man picked up a winners medal. I was at Firhill to watch Whitburn, a team local to me, beat Johnstone Burgh on penalties. At centre back for Whitburn was Colin Campbell, who played for us a few seasons ago. Funnily enough it was another Colin Campbell who scored Whitburn's second goal!

Imagine my delight when I returned from Glasgow to find out that Andy Thomson had scored a dramatic extra-time winner for Gillingham in the 2nd Division play-off final. Our season may have been one of our worse, but for several ex players it has been a season to remember. Well done to them all.
30th May 2000 JSNN for Andy's wembley goal (and others scored for Gills)
30th May 2000 RADIO STOAT
Just wanted to add my thanks for Thommo.

He's said in our local paper that he might be going back to Scotland this summer as he doesn't think that he's up to playing in Div One.

Wherever he goes he always be God to me

30th May 2000 MATT
Thanks for the legend THOMMO! you will always be my scottish team
30th May 2000 GLITZY
Possible good news for all you (no I'd better not say Queens)(DOH!) whatever your nickname is. Andy "Goal a Game" Thomson wants to go back to Scotland cos he's homesick. He feels he has achieved the ultimate in scoring the wionning Goal for Gills at Wembley to get us promoted to the 1st Division for the first time in our 107 year history. He thinks that he will not cut the ice as a first division player (silly bugger course he would). So guys and gals place your tongues out and dribble at the prospect of him returning home to you.

A truly deliriously happy Gills fans and thanx for all the good wishes. They wash down well with us fun loving banter Gills
30th May 2000 BLACKNBLUE
In our local paper today, it was reported that Thommo wants to return to Scotland. If he does return to north of the Border, I hope they give knight him Sir Thommo of Priestfield first!
30th May 2000 FATHER FIELD
Rumours have it that Andy wants to play back in scotland, hope he goes back to you, as you clearly love him as much as we do....scored our first goal of the season, and of course scored our last goal. I personally hope he stays with us for at least another year...Good luck next year in your season.
30th May 2000 HAPPY GILLS FAN
Andy Thomson (a.k.a. "God") has suggested that his fantastic Wembley winner may be his last goal for the Gills as he feels that he would struggle in Division 1 and is considering moving back to Scotland.

Any takers?
30th May 2000 SMUDGE
Nice to see some of you coming on our Messageboard asking about Andy Thomson.

Well I guess you all know what we think of him now anyway.

He has been an excellent buy at 25K it's just a shame he has been injured so much this year- many of the Gillingham crowd never really took him to their heart because of this ( well until Sunday anyway ) but his strike rate has been excellent.

I've always thought he's a good finisher and works very hard up front. It's a pity he and Asaba never really played togther at all this year otherwise I think he'd have scored plenty more.

I understand he thinks he may not get much of a look in next year in Div 1 and is looking to come back to Scotland. Perhaps you should put in a cheeky bid!!

Good Luck for next year, I'll be keeping a eye on you results
29th May 2000 LTT
Andy Thomson scored the most important goal in the history of Gillingham.

Thank you so, so much.

All the best for next season.

From all at Gillingham FC.
29th May 2000 ALEX BOMPHRAY
Great news to hear that Andy Thomson scored the winner for Gillingham.

Is this the first time that any former Queens player has scored at Wembley-I certainly can't recall any in my 30 odd years?
29th May 2000 GERBGILL
Thank you very much for Andy Thomson!

He has been out injured for much of the season, but from now until my dying day I will have a picture in my mind of Thommo flying at a 45 degree angle to head in Ty Gooden's cross.

Thank you, and good luck.
29th May 2000 ANDY COWAN
What a mixed weekend.

All the est to Jim leighton, although will anyone notice if he's lost a couple more teeth ? :)

Seriously though, it spoiled the cup final, although the SFA has had 3 subs for several years and every league outside the SPL has 3 subs, so can we really blame the SFA for spoiling the final? Not really, but Im sure it will spur them into change for next season...where are we going to find 5 subs from!!!

Main point though...huge congrats to Andy Thomson...probably the best player ever to grace the blue and white, certainly during my time. I saw the first 90 minutes of the game, but missed extra time, but my jubilationl could not be supressed when I saw the outcome on the news. Fairy-tale stuff indeed, but I for one could not wish any better ending to the season (scoring the winner at wembley) on a more deserving player.

How I miss seeing him torment scottish footballers in Queens colours, and how proud I am of what he has achieved...well done Andy...I hope he reads all these messages! (and how I wish I had watched the whole game)
29th May 2000 DAVID MAIN
Re QOS Internationals :

I think I can add a few to the list. I'm sure the list will be longer once we include a few others who were here early in their careers, or in their twilight years (more common!), or for other countries. How about other sports, Chris Balderstone at cricket springs to mind?

I see from Queens 75th anniversary book we transferred a George Hamilton to Aberdeen on 30 April 1938, on the same day we beat Rangers at Ibrox 3-2 to avoid relegation. I believe the said Hamilton (sorry to mention Hamilton again!) gained 5 Scotland caps after the war.

I think Dougie Sharpe played for the Scottish League against the Irish League in 1953.

I remember Peter Dickson being capped for the Scottish League also.

Also, J Binning for Scottish League against English leage, 1954, and R Black also against Irish League, same year.

Of course, if we count 'League' caps, a few other before and after may come into the frame.

Was Jim Donald not Best Man at Kenny Dalgleish's wedding? Does that count?
Well it just goes to show once a Doonhamer always a Doonhamer. Having been down here for 8 yrs and in that time have had b#no allegiance in any shape or form to Gillingham I find myself logging on to their website to get a season ticket and practically destroying my house when ANDY THOMPSON scored the winner. The comment of 'GOD KNOWS WHAT YOU WILL BE LIKE IF QOS EVER WINS ANYTHING' was the most telling of the afternoon.


Hey we've got a Scott who can score goals. Any odds on a Scotland call up, Houliston to Thompson with nothing in between, sounds apt and good to me.
28th May 2000 IAN RAFFEL
Just watched the Second Division Playoff Final from Wembley. What a fantastic extra-time header from Andy Thomson to win it for the Gills - real fairy tale stuff! Let's spread the word as to where the lad had his goalscoring talents nurtured!

Nothing but sympathy though, for our other old boy, Jamie McAllister, after the demise of Jim Leighton at Hampden yesterday. Only three subs allowed by the SFA? How well the Scottish Football authorities have conducted themselves this year! Infinite numbers of monkeys with typewriters would be better employed there next season! Or maybe they're halfway there already?

Good luck to Queens next season - will be watching the news with interest!
28th May 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
Super Andy, Super Andy, O-way, O-way, O-way!

Great to see Andy Thomson doing the business for Gillingham at Wembley today and what a goal!

Nice to see him get a bit of success this season after three successive relegations.
27th May 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
One of my eagle-eyed local mates informs me that the Newcastle Evening Chronicle has revealed that the John Connolly has been down in the north east to make some definite signings one of whom is a defender from Blyth Spartans. I'm sure many Queens fans will recall the Blth Spartans name from many FA cup exploits particularly in the 70s. If the Newcastle Evening Chronicle can carry such news what about bringing us up to date with the latest on signings which have been made on the website. I'll try and get some gen from some of my better informed Geordie mates about the views on the signings level of ability! How many weeks are there left before we can start to form our own opinions - too long!!!!!

The club will not release the names of the players that have signed up until all of the paperwork is completed. As soon as this is the case then full details of all the players will appear here.
26th May 2000 SANDY ORR
Alex Wilson, I enjoy in the same way memories of players, though mine are only from the last twenty years or so, and is not comprehensive! I agree entirely with your last sentence, and feel the same, as I'm sure every Queen's fan does. I had the opportunity of walking out of the tunnel and onto the pitch recently, and though it was due to a sad occasion, I still felt pride. It would surprise you how much smaller the pitch feels, and how closer the stands and terracing looks when you stand at the centre spot. Bear that in mind everyone, the next time you decide to shout abuse at home players! It also demonstrates how useful an advantage a loud support of the team is.

Ewan, thanks! Most of the players I recognise as having been or become internationals, though the tale of Sammy Malcomson was interesting. Perhaps in the future we may also see David Mathieson win a full cap, if he moves to a bigger club. David Lilley springs to mind as well, and perhaps Denis Boyle for Northern Ireland. I doubt Deggsie will come into Kevin Keegans plans for Euro 2000, but perhaps he can find a Scottish grandparent from somewhere!

Whenever I mention to people that I support Queen of the South, many of the older generation remember Billy Houliston, and wonder why he didn't make more appearances for Scotland. His association with Queen's was/is beneficial for us. We could do with a player of his calibre in the coming season. Who knows, perhaps the North East of England can produce such a player for us?
26th May 2000 GORDON ORR
Are Elgin City trying to step on our toes or what? Whats all this about buying 1000 old seats from Newcastle United? Well Elgin City excuse me, because Queen of the South are the official buyers of Geordie rejects if you don't already know!

On a serious note if we are buying the best of non league talent from the North East, then why should do we not extend our hand of friendship to the Newcastle area by asking the real "TOON ARMY" if we can borrow some of their good youngsters for first team and league experience. Ayr United have reaped the benfits bygetting Neil Tarrant from Aston Villa for a season, and he scored 18 goals for Ayr, almost single handidly taking them to the Semis of the Scottish Cup. So come on Queens give it a try, they can only say no!
25th May 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Not long until the Draw for the Shirt Sponsor.

Let us hope it is somebody decent this year. Also is it the fault of Alex Wilson that we had such a crappy, Calside Primary School style, shirt last year?

My ideal sponsor would be either the Junction or The pizzeria il fume ("ma uncle owns that" - Alex Nesovic. 1999)

My least favourite would be either Alex Wilson again or the mittie group (they might make us put up a sign saying "Home of Auld lang syne"
25th May 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Re: Fireball

I do not agree with your ideas about the scary Geordie, yes she has untamed hair that might be effective in deffence - but who do you drop.

I would play:
Jimmy Nail
5 Bellies
Scary Geordie
Bird from C4
Roy Chubby Brown
Counsellor Tom
I have just been reading some of the messages on the web site and like some of the others I am concerned with some of the anti-English comments. I am as proud and loyal Scotsman as anyone. Had there not been a very good reason I would not have left Dumfries, never mind Scotland. I have been living here in the US since January and the change has been made easier by people welcoming me, being friendly and not being racist. Surely it would be better to support the new players, no matter where they come from, in an effort to get them settled quickly and play well for QOS from the start.

So Good luck for next season QUEENS. Make us exiled ones proud to be Doonhamers.
25th May 2000 ALEX WILSON
Sandy, No, I didn't delve back in time, these players are all as fresh in my mind as the last time I saw them play. As I have gone back in my memory, I have realised that players never grow old in your recollections, you only see them in your mind's eye as they were at their peak, that is the beauty of memory, I probably wouldn't recognise them now if I met them, but to me they will always grace the turf at Palmerston in their heyday, and that is why I envy anybody who has ever played for Queens, my life's ambition has always been to walk onto the turf at Palmerston but that opportunity has never arisen for me. I just hope that the players who represent Queens realise how much the club means to its supporters and treat them with the respect they deserve.
25th May 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
re Sandy Orr's International Enquiry.

I wouldn't claim that this is in any way fully comprehensive and I'm sure I'll have missed some but here's what I've come up with.

The only player to make a full international appearance for any country whilst at Queens was, I think, former Director Billy Houliston who played three times for Scotland in 1949. Bobby Black played for a Scottish League Select side in 1955, scoring twice and a D. Calderwood of Queen of the South Wanderers played for the full Scotland side in 1889.

The only three players I can come up with so far (McAllister and Doig must have a chance!) who went on to be internationals after leaving Queens are :-

Hughie Gallagher - 20 apps for Scotland (1924-35),
Neil Martin - 3 apps for Scotland (1965-66)
and Sammy Malcolmson - Emigrated to New Zealand and gained citizenship, playing for his adopted country in the 1982 World Cup against Scotland.

The following are those I've found who were Internationals before coming to Palmerston :-

Joe Dodds - 3 apps for Scotland (1914)
Ivor Broadis - 14 apps for England (1951-54)
George Farm - 10 apps for Scotland (1953-59)
Bobby Shearer - 4 apps for Scotland (1961)
Frank McGarvey - 7 apps for Scotland (1979-84)
Bobby Connor - 4 apps for Scotland (1986-91)

As well as Farm and McGarvey, a few other ex-internationals went on to manage Queens :-

Jackie Husband - 1 app for Scotland (1947)
George Herd - 5 apps for Scotland (1958-61)
Davie Wilson - 22 apps for Scotland (1961-65)

Finally, although he never actually played for Scotland, former manager Ally McLeod also infamously managed his country through to the 1978 World Cup.
24th May 2000 SANDY ORR
Alex Wilson, I had no idea so many players from the North East of England had graced the shirt, unfortunately I only remember a couple, so you must have delved back in time to find them! What is the story on George Farm? I have it in my head that he was an English international, however I have just consulted the football bible that is the Wee Red Book and see that a G.N. Farm of Blackpool played in three games for Scotland in the fifties. Is this the same player? Perhaps it is the playing for Blackpool that threw me? It would be interesting if anyone can list old Queen's players who had been or became internationals in their playing careers.
24th May 2000 ROBBIE FEENIE
Afraid I cannot agree with Simon MIleage on his scary rail office worker, she should be played at the back and can use her spiky peroxide hair to fumigate the opponents, a sure fire winner. I can confirm speaking to The Kaiser, again he said he's been over priced by the Smokies.
23rd May 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Re: Scot Carrick

I disagree entirely with your decision to play the scary geordie from the station up front. Surely, if you intent on playing her she would be more effective in mid field. But may i remind you of our troubles last year with a similar player - Steven Leslie. I fear that if she was played we may be down to 10 men often.

On a more seirous note: I bumped into the Legendary JT at the weekend, and he informed me that although he wants to come back and play for QoS they cannot afford him. He is quoted as a 50k player by Abroath and they would not sell him for less.

He is not the same man without his dodgy hair cut and his ill fitting shirts.
23rd May 2000 ALEX WILSON
How's this for a team who I believe all came from the North of England?

1 - Allan Ball
2 - Billy Redhead
3 - Mike Barker
4 - Bobby Parker
5 - George Siddle
6 - Chris Balderstone
7 - Jimmy Davison
8 - Alan Smith
9 - Arnold Coates
10- Billy Roughley
11- Ron Simpson

I bet if that team had played together we'd be knocking on Championship doors! Just a point to show that we have had good players from that region before so let's give the new guys a chance before we start slagging them before a ball's kicked! To Sandy Orr, you're right George Farm was great but he was Scottish so that's why he's not in my list. For subs we could have had David Oliphant, Les O'Neill, Dick Malone, George McVittie, and Paul Campbell!
22nd May 2000 SANDY ORR
I haven't been checking out the website as often as normal, partly because I've been on holiday and partly because I didn't think there would be much going on. How wrong was I?

I can't understand why so many people are getting their knickers in a twist about recent departures from the club, and signings that haven't actually been named yet. Surely after this past season most people would have expected a clear out, whether it was under George and Ken, or under a new manager? I think Ronnie Bradford has shown great courage in bringing in a relatively unknown name in an effort to turn our fortunes around. It's about time that a new approach in lifting Queen's up from the Second Division was tried. For a number of years we have stuck with using former Queen's favourites and been relatively unsuccessful. With the arrival of John Connolly we have someone with no real connection to the club (apart from knowing Mr Bradford), so perhaps he can breathe new life into the club.

Come on folks, let's give the guy a chance, and our support and let him be judged on performances.

Another thing that concerns me with recent messages is a certain amount of abuse about bringing in English players. I'm as proud a Scot as you can meet, but it embarrases me that some people are using the message page to spout their bigoted views. Can I just remind you that this the world wide web, and is diverse as you can get. Spouting off about the English, or any other race for that matter, will only blacken the good name of Queen of the South. Incidently, a number of great English players who graced Palmerston in the Royal Blue of Queen's have been mentioned as good examples of imports, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned George Farm who, I believe (as I'm too young!), was both a great keeper and manager of the club.
22nd May 2000 STUART KING
At last common sense prevails courtesy of Ewan. Recent messages have had the daggers out for a manager and his signings before they have even taken to the pitch! English players?? How well did we fare with our recent complement of home grown talent? Saved only by a hierarchy clearly affected by the effects of hallucinogenic drugs!

I do not question the application of some of the recent departures, I do, however, question their ability to follow this endeavour through with footballing ability. I would also question the recent incumbents of the managerial position to recommend their dismissal, given the fact that some were regulars in the first team squad, when others, such as John Dickson, were consigned to the bench.

John Connelly appears to be a well respected figure, both in Scottish football, as a player, and in NE football, as a manager. Given our struggles in the last few years, surely anyone, familiar with success, is worthy of a fair crack of the whip? Recent messages posted on this forum from the NE certainly appear to be very enthusiastic whilst simultaneously rueing his departure.

Let us not forget one other thing, Scotland, in demographic terms is a relatively small country. We are also, in comparison to England, a country in population terms, over serviced by senior football teams. It stands to reason, therefore, that many players of good quality will be evident in leagues not familiar to the majority of us up north, but who still have the ability to perform in the Scottish Second Division.

I, for one, am already bored with the summer break!
21st May 2000 SCOTT DUFFY
When will we find out who these new players I am not waiting until the start of the season.

Scott, the names and details of the players that have signed should be released within the next ten days or so.
21st May 2000 SANDY BARCLAY
Geordies, Mackems, all the rest from the NE... what's the difference between them and players from Glasgow? I've been living in Glasgow for three years and Glaswegians know about as much about "small provincial" clubs like ours as, (and maybe even less than) folks from the NE. To those who reckon that Connoly will sign duds because they don't play for "quality" teams like Carlisle(argh, the laughing hurts!), look at players like Brian Carrigan at Clyde... is he a donkey? The answer is no. Most Glaswegians are too hung up on the Old Firm to think twice about Queens, so why are people pre-judging Connolly's signings before we even see them? Is it because they are English? Hawke, Degsey and Cleeland are English, yet their commitment has never been in doubt. I would rather see a team full of Geordies than a team of players who are desperate to get home to check Teletext to see if Rangers or Celtic won. Sad but true. We're a team from the southern extremes of Scotland, an English influence is to be expected, besides... didn't do Rangers too much harm in the 80s did it? And I think I'd agree with that other guy... Jane Middlemiss would look damn fine in Queens' colours!
21st May 2000 DAN R
Just thought I'd check out your web site, as my team Gateshead FC are playing at your place in a pre season friendly on Saturday the 22nd of July.

Seeing as John Connolly is one of our ex-players, and still keeps in contact with the club I guess this is why we're playing you in a friendly.

I was reding some of your comments on the North East players, I would imagine that most of the plyers would come from the Northern League which isn't a bad standard. The reason for this is the Northern League doesn't stretch over that large of an area, the teams are maily from Tyneside down to Teeside. So a high percentage of the players would prefer to play at this level as there is less travelling than say the Unibond League, where most of the teams are from Yorkshire or Lancashire.

The Northern league is probably got the best pool of players in England at that level, as can be seen by recent cup exploits in the FA Vase with Bedlington, Whitby and Tow Law Town all reaching the final at Wembley in recent years.

There has also been FA Cup runs for the likes of Bedlington Terriers and Consett in recent years.

I think somebody mentioned Bedlington's thirty goal man, that's John Milner (I think ex York City). There has been alot of interest in him from different clubs, but he has opted to stay with Bedlington as they pay him a good wage (they can afford to do this probably because of their league success and cup runs), and I can remember reading somewhere that he doesn't fancy doing that much travelling, so he may be a doubt for a Scottish club to sign him.

Most of the players in the Northern League seem to be of a good Standard, I can't comment on Ashington's players as I haven't seen them play before, but I think they play in the 2nd division of the Northern League, so I doubt they have the best players in the league.

Who knows though?

I look forward to visiting on the 22nd.
21st May 2000 EWAN McNAUGHT
For a guy who's just arrived at the club John Connolly seems to be attracting more than his fair share of criticism going by some of the recent communications to this site. I don't think he can be criticised for freeing certain fan's favoured players. My understanding of the situation is that George Rowe and Ken Eadie advised the board/ incoming management who should be released. We can debate the merits of the released players till the cows come home but in my opinion after some of last season's performances (home to Stranraer & Livingston, away to Alloa are particularly painful to recall) I am not surprised so many were released, I am surprised so many were retained. It is true there were a few live contenders for management available who could have been (and possibly were)considerd for the job and Ian McCall was certainly one. Ray Stewart, Tommy McLean, Dick Campbell, Jocky Scott(who's coat was obviously on a very shaky peg before Connolly's appointment) were others. My view for what it's worth: John Connolly was a brave and unexpected appointment, but I do remember he was an excellent player who played at a very high level. I am certainly open minded about his managerial abilities and think he should be given a chance, as should Ronnie Bradford for appointing him (just because he's friendly with the guy doesn't mean he isn't up to the job). I hope I'm wrong but it seems there is an undertone of anti-English bias creeping in to a few messages on this site. As Ewan Lithgow said recently it doesn't matter where the players come from, they could come from Outer Mongolia for all I care as long as we put a more competitive team on the park than last season's. Some of the best Queen's players over the last 25 years have been English (Alan Ball, Bobby Parker, Les O'Neil,George McVittie, Chris Balderstone, Derek Townsley etc.)The issue of the standard of the incoming players is impossible for anyone to pre-judge. We don't even know who they are or which teams they came from yet! (incidentally when are we going to find out?

However I don't think we should kid ourselves about the level we currently operate at either. Sadly Darlington,Hartlepool and even lowly Carlisle are playing at a standard well above our own. Just because they've not picked up the players from the N.E. who are coming here doesn't mean they can't do a job for us. Having witnessed Blyth Spartans from the Unibond Premier and even humble Gretna from the lower reaches of the Unibond first over the last couple of years the gap between them and us is pretty minimal. Presumably John Connolly knows the Unibond and Northern Leagues inside out and he plans to bring the best talent available at these levels and not the mediocre players. So I would say give him and the players coming in a chance. They can't be much worse than what we had to watch last season. The time to judge the new guys is not now but when we've seen them in action.
20th May 2000 SCOTT DUFFY
What on earth is going on signing on these rubbish english men.why did he get rid of Charlie Adams he was a decent player.Ian McCall put in for the job what is wrong with him hes a Doonhamer.This new manager Connely says that we have give him two years with the player.He will not have the job for two month never mind years.The only reason connelly got the job is because he is a mate of Bradford.
19th May 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
What clearout?, Rowe and Weir are still at the club

With all these geordie signings, heres my qos team for next season.

1. Jimmy nail
2. Ant
3. Dec
4. Jayne middlemiss
5. gazza
6. Fivebellies (not alan kerr)
7. Alex nesovic (Rowe out)
8. Alan shearer
9. Warren hawke
10. Stevie Mallan (obviousely)
11. that scary geordie who works at the train station
19th May 2000 JIM HALLIDAY
Having lived in London since 1976, I don't get to see QOS, that often, but my Dad is a season ticket holder and I still getthe programmes.

When I went to Palmerston weekly during the '60's & 70's, I seem to remember that Queens has a number of English players in the team.Was Alan Ball not from the N.E.?

I can't remember the exact year, but I am sure there was a Scottish Cup tie, between Queens & Berwick where 13 of the player were English. I think the bottom line is, it does matter hwere the come from, as lonf as they are good enough.
19th May 2000 ANDY COWAN

While I agree with your point about Degsy, I think we all know how much his performances were affected by his work and travelling. Now as a full-time player, he looks fitter and sharper than he ever did at Queens. The fact that he never played at a higher level prior to coming to Queens could be that no full-time club was willing to offer him a deal that he felt was worth giving up his job for. Again, this goes back to my earlier point about players having other commitments preventing them from playing at a higher level. If John Connolly can bring in players of the quality of Degsy then all will be well, lets hope he can.

11 Townsleys...theres a thought!!
19th May 2000 DAVID ROULSTON

The debate about Geordie footballers is obviously going to keep everyone going until some real new news comes along.

I have discussed this whole question with a Newcastle United fan that I (sadly) brought along to the game against Livingstone.

He follows the form of many local teams in the junior leagues and was able to himself name a number who could bring a significant amount to the party.

Scott Ritchie and Phil Nixon are two defenders currently playing for Ashington FC who could make a significant contribution. He also mentioned a player (can't remember his name) with Bedlington Juniors who averages about 30 a season - many scored in cup runs against more senior players.

Now, there are scouts and there are scouts but John Connolly has had the chance to see the players he has signed up - we have not - so lets see the doubting Thomases give the new players (and the manager) a fighting chance to make a contribution.

I travel up from Ashington to see Queens and don't get paid for it. They will be getting paid (not a King's ransom admittedly) which is more than they are getting in their current positions. I'm fairly clear that they will give as much, if not more, to the cause next season as we can expect from players from the Central belt. The travelling distance isn't a hell of a lot further.

What chance a fixture between Queens and Ashington next season in the warm up phase (I'm sure John Connolly can pull a few strings!!)? A warm welcome will be had by all Doonhamers I'm sure.
18th May 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
re Gordon Orr

I take your point Gordon, but as Graeme and Andy have pointed out, the same reasoning would suggest that Clyde should have left our division in the other direction. Furthermore, I would respectfully suggest the name of Derek Townsley as another who slipped through the senior net until a comparatively late age. He turned out to be not too bad a player!
17th May 2000 ANDY COWAN
Gordon Orr

Congratulations for saying what everyone else is thinking. I completely agree that if these players are so much better than what was at Queens last season, why are they not playing at a higher level in England? There must be other circumstances rather than their ability, like work/family commitments preventing them from putting in the extra time and effort required to play at a higher level. This is kind of what I was trying to say in my earlier message about committing to the club, I just didnt put it as well as Gordon. If these players have other commitments, which is perfectly normal, then it would be easier for them to play locally, at a lower level than maybe they could play. How long therefore is it going to be before the travelling to and from Dumfries becomes too much? We need to be building a squad for the next 3 to 5 seasons not one.

Having said all this, however, if anybody knows the players signing it will be John Connelly who Im sure has considered all of these factors before signing anyone. Therefore, we can only discuss, and ultimately wait and see...and hope he can put a winning side on the park.

One thing to consider, Clyde brought in a lot of players from the Juniors who, arguably, should have been spotted by other Scottish clubs and they did pretty well out of it!! I dont know about anyone else, but I'd settle for winning the league next season.

Finally, whatever our doubts and reservations about the new management team and who they do or do not sign, we shouldnt judge until the season starts and the talking stops.
17th May 2000 GRAEME McNAY
Gordon Orr,

I like you have my doubts about bringing all these players from the north-east but you only have to look at what clyde did a couple of seasons ago. Did they not take most of maryhill juniors team? If they can do it, who says queens can't do the same. Only time will tell.

Lets hope for a better season next year.
16th May 2000 GORDON ORR
I'm never pessimsitic when it comes to Queens, I'll always look at the positive aspects, but I don't think many people who contribute to this Message board are really being realistic. Like all Queens Fans I am desperate for success, I'm sick of my friends talking about 1985 when they beat Dumfermilne at Palmerston 3-1 with 5,000 packed into Palmerston, or when we beat Killie 2-1 with Andy Thompson scoring 2 in 1990 or his equaliser at Parkhead the same year, or the Challange Cup Final in 1997. Lets hope 2000 -2001 is a great Season for Queens, BUT lets take a reality check. If the players that John Connoly is taking to Palmerston are good enough for the Second Divisoin in Scotland, then why are they playing in local Northern leagues?, Why are they not at Hartlepool, Darlington or Carlisle United? Everyone knows that Professional Clubs having a in depth scouting network, and my own view is surely these guys would have been snapped up before now if they are up to the test. But hey for every Queens Fans sake lets hope I'm wrong and John Connolly is proven to be a success, because if there is one club in Scotland who has lacked their share of success then its Queens, because I'm sure becoming sick of continual disapointments.
16th May 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Ewan please can you tell me, if you know of course, what the date of Queens first competative fixture will be next season whether it is in the League or the League Cup.
15th May 2000 ANDY COWAN

I didnt put accross my concerns properly in my last message. I was not questioning the commitment of any individual towards the club, but more their ability to make a commitment in the first place. With all the travelling and other problems involved, it will be difficult for any part-time player from the North east to commit to Queens in the first place, especially when there are other, closer, clubs who the player is familiar with, in league they know. I dont doubt that any player should be committed to a club after they have signed and if they are not it is down to the individual not where they come from. It was not my intention to question the commitment of North east players in general...even if it looked like it was! Thanks for pulling me up on that one, Ewan!

I also appresicate that John Hillcoat wouldnt be happy to stay at the club to play second fiddle to David, I was merely pointing out that perhaps we should have done more to try to keep him.

On a lighter note, with all these new players coming into the club, will we be moving to a squad numbering system with the players names on the back of their shirts? It'll help the fans tell who is who!!
14th May 2000 SANDY BARCLAY
I think that signing players from the NE of England is a cracking idea. We've already got Warren Hawke, and with players such as Alan Shearer, Lee Clark, Steve Howey, Steve Stone... even Tommy Johnson and Lee Makel of Celtic and Hearts respectively, that spring to mind it's clear there's a heck of a lot of talent washing around there. I'm sure that any players that John Connolly signs will show 100% commitment to the club, and if not to the club then to Connolly himself for giving them their chance. So let's not knock this sassenach invasion... howay the Doonhamers!!
14th May 2000 NEIL IRVINE
I would have to agree that we should have kept John Hillcoat as he proved a capable deputy for Smiler last season, and I'm sure it will be Smiler's intention to move on in the near future.

The only other player I'm sorry to see go is Marc Cleeland. He had a poor season last year, but was always a tireless worker in the midfield, and had improved his discipline 100%.
14th May 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
re Barrie Little
I couldn't care less what the critics want to call us as long as the team gets results. Opposing fans have been calling us "English" for as long as I've been travelling anyway. Who exactly is slagging Clyde? More fool whoever it is given their success.

re Andy Cowan
Thanks for the comments in your posting of the 5th (and to Alex Wilson for his of the previous day, though I was actually only agreeing with one of his many postings to the Accies Forum not backing them all). Likewise, I normally agree with you. However, I must pick up a couple of points from your most recent posting.

I think that John Hillcoat did a fantastic job for the club this year as a last minute replacement for David Mathieson. In fact, if Smiler had returned a few games later, Hillcoat would surely have walked the Player of the Year Award. However, David is the better goalkeeper and, assuming he's staying and remains free from injury, it is unrealistic to expect him to be happy to stay in order to play Southern Counties games when he has every chance of hooking up with another senior side. He's certainly good enough.

The other point I want to mention is the suggestion that players from the North-East of England might have no commitment for a club they've never heard of. This is just so wrong. If anything they are likely to be more committed than Scottish signings. At the end of the day why should a player from the Central Belt be committed in any way to Queen of the South, apart from the obvious answer that we are paying them to do so. The North-East players are making a commitment to travel a long way three times a week to play for us and, far more importantly, are well known to the new management. They are hardly likely to have signed players whose commitment is doubtful, whereas they will not have worked previously with any Scots signings.
13th May 2000 PAUL TOWNSLEY



13th May 2000 DAVID ROULSTON
Another message from the Ashington branch of the (unofficial) QoS supporters club. What is it with all the parochial nonsense about not signing any English players.

As I have said before the North East remains a hotbed of footballing talent and who better to be aware of where the skilled players are than a manager just out of the non-league divisions in the North East.

The new manager MUST be allowed to put his own stamp on the team and his first priority will be to forge a team that he believes can begin to play football to his style. A large intake will allow this to begin to happen and will allow more time for the younger players to emerge as he becomes aware of what they can bring to the party.

Anyway Geordies have a natural affinity with Scots and it may bring about an interest in QoS's fortunes in the North East which isn't a million miles away from Dumfries when alls said and done.

As a Scot living about 16 miles from Newcastle I will be very happy to see a blend of Scots and Geordies being put together to (hopefully) establish some backbone to a side that looked all too fragile last year (from all accounts).

I wish John Connolly all the best. Lets give the manager his head and allow him to build a side that suits his wishes and playing style.
13th May 2000 ANDY COWAN
RE Barrie Little

I find your comments about Chico, rather puzzling and very dissapointing. While Charlie might not be the most skillful player ever to grace Palmerston park, I cant imagine how anyone could question his commitment or attitude. Since he signed, Charlie has put up with constant, usually unmerited, abuse from the fans, yet has always given 100% and not let the taunts bother him. Personally, I think that should be applauded and perhaps if we had had more players with the heart and commitment Chico hasshown to the club, we wouldnt be in the crisis we are in now.

I was surprised to see him given a free (and Leslie & Cleeland), but more surprising was John Hillcoat. Once again we are left with only one goalkeeper,as we had at the start of last season, and we all know what happened then. Smiler got injured and we were rushed into signing someone (Hillcoat) who took a little time to find his feet. However, once he found form, he turned out to be very important to the club. Surely, we dont want to go through that all over again if, heavan forbid, David gets injured again. Surely it would have been better to keep two keepers on the books. Perhaps, the new management team have another keeper in mind to sign, or perhaps John wanted to go, knowing he wouldnt get much first team football. We just dont know. One warning though, csat your minds back to the season before last when we only had one keeper on the books, and his form suffered greatly during the season and we had no-one to come in and give him a rest or even a bit of competition.

I'm also quite concerned, like others, about the number of North-East players allegedly being brought into the club. I'm not so much worried about the quality of the players, but their commitment to a club most of them probably no nothing about. I hope I'm very wrong...and I'll be the first to apologise to the new players when they prove me so.

Lets hope the new squad is in place well before the start of pre-season so we can have some proper preperation, unlike the last few seasons.

At least I'll be there to see it this time round.
12th May 2000 LOYAL ROYAL
Here's to promotion for Reading FC and Queen of the South next year! P.S. If Tommy Burns offers to become your manager-REFUSE!!!!!!!
12th May 2000 BARRIE LITTLE
If the rumours are true and we are signing 15 players from the North of England, are we really in any position to continue to slag the likes of Clyde for signing loads of Juniors ? Don't get me wrong, I really hope this works and that we go from strength to strength next year but I hope the critics don't start labelling us an 'English' club.

As for this Hamilton carry on. Why are we being made out to be the villians? We had no say in what was to happen. Are all the fans/media who criticise us really saying that if the situation involved their clubs that they would say "No, this is really unfair, we refuse to accept the penalty and will happily be relegated"? I think not! I do actually agree that the penalty was severe but everybody has to look after number one.

As for the free transfers. Bit disappointed about Hillcoat and Eadie but would have to agree about the rest especially Chico (he should look at Stevie Mallan to see what 100% means).

Also hello to the Blue Army lads I met in Amsterdam at the recent Holland/Scotland game. My mates and I are planning a trip to San Marino and/or Croatia later this year and I hope to see the QOS flags flying again!!
12th May 2000 BRIAN CLARK
I am very corncerned about a lot of different isssues! Firsty, if we have just released 9 experienced players and only had 16 players last season, what will be left? Several young boy who could not get a game last year as they were not good enough and Rowe, Hawke and Mallan! The new management team have sighed 7 new players! Are these new players just going to gel straight into a chapionship winning team like Ronnie Bradford suggests, i don't think so!!!!!!!!!

Another concern i have is of the new management team, when there was talk of a new manager i was hoping of a tried and tested manager like Alex Smith, Billy Stark, Ray Stewart, John McCormack etc So who do we appoint a manager who has very little experience! Maybe i am being a tad down hearted from this season, and i hope i am proved wrong.
12th May 2000 ALLY DARRANT
I must admit I was surprised with some of the names on the free transfer list. While the likes of George Duncan and John Gallagher won't be badly missed, what about the midfield dynamo of our skipper Steven Leslie, a capable player of Marc Cleeland and Charlie Adams, who at times is inspirational up front when a change is needed, not forgetting Ken Eadie who, although getting on in years, was coming into some kind of decent form near the end of the season. I hope the players Connolly is bringing in are class players or else I fear for next seasons results. However, until I see them play I'll have faith in the new manager.
11th May 2000 EUAN HARRISON
Good to see the dead wood being cleared with the news about to certain midfielders being well overdue. Lets hope we can start from scratch and leave all this seasons mess behind. At last we can be positive now and start building a decent squad without people just hanging around for the money.

Up the Queens
11th May 2000 ALEX WILSON
I don't know if it's possible, or if it's a policy, but how about an interview with the new management teamm on the official website? I'm sure the visitorss to the site, and the members of the fan club would like to hear the philosophy of the style they are hoping to play next season, e.g. what formation or style do they prefer, what about training together etc.,? I for one can't wait for next season to start already!

It's an excellent idea and once John Connolly is back from his holiday in a couple of weeks we'll try and put something together.
9th May 2000 EWAN McNAUGHT
Over the last few weeks the Hamilton website seems to have been where all the action is.The temporary distraction of "plucky little Hamilton"'s fight against the "evil forces" of Scottish footballing bureaucracy has become a pantomime of absurd proportions and sadly it seems we have been characterised as the villians. The Hamilton website seems to carry as many messages hoping for our relegation next season as Hamilton's promotion (mainly,I admit, from non-Hamilton fans) Why are we are being unfairly cast in this role? That's an easy one: we are the sole benificiaries of Hamilton's "unjust" punishment.

This is hardly our fault (other than the fact that our team has been so poor this season we finished last).I know it's a difficult one but I think in some ways it might have been preferable to have been relegated than to be characterised as the freeloaders of the second division next season, enjoying a status and position others regard as undeserved. In my view the best way of eliminating this stigma (apart from Queens continuing, as always, to be a friendly and hospitable club with fans,players and officials alike being good ambassadors for the club) is to put a much improved team on the park next season and show the rest of the league we are an asset to the division (which in every respect, other than the quality of the team, we currently are). The appointment of John Connolly is a brave one and I remember him as a fine player with Everton, Newcastle etc. and wish him all the best with Queens. I think his assesment of the (lack of) quality of the current squad is accurate and he realises he must strengthen considerably for next season.I'm a bit worried about the level of football he's come from managerially as Ashington play 4 levels below the Conference in the pyramid and finished (if the table I consulted on the web is accurate) a modest 9th in the league (although if memory serves I think they held Motherwell to a draw in a pre-season friendly). On the plus side they scored 92 goals in 36 games so clearly he believes in attacking football (I think I'd settle for the "rollercoaster" results of Ashington this season at Palmerston next, a curious mixture of 8 and 9 nil wins and single goal defeats!) There is definitely value to be had in non-League English football (Glynn Hurst at Ayr springs to mind) so hopefully John can do some bargain- basement shopping. Also, if rumours are to be believed, it would be good to see big Jim Thomson back at Queens. Now Hamilton have gone down maybe we could steal Darren Henderson too, but maybe that would be rubbing it in!
9th May 2000 IAN HARKNESS
ok so we are staying put,but lets hope for next season the results are bit better !!!! otherwise we wont need points deducted from other teams so come on queens get back up to div1.
9th May 2000 ALEX WILSON
Is there any news of next season's players, i.e. what is the retained list and who has been released? I see in the Sunday papers that Gallagher is away and it sounds like Ken Eadie is looking for a different club reading Monday's newspaper reports. I hope we're not going to leave things too late like we did last season and have an unprepared squad at the start of next season.

Alex, the list should be published on the site tomorrow night
As a Queens fan I was obviosly happy at the decision to deduct 15 points from Hamilton. I also thought that Hamilton had been extremly hard done by. Until today enlightenment struck, while in the garden in the glorious Dumfries sunshine! Hamilton have got some good ( for this level ) fulltime players, who have got them the results they have had this season. However. picture this. Pre season signing talks at Accies, " Sorry lads, we expect you to play for the jerseys, we are not going to pay you any money." Would any of these guys have signed? I think not. So what then? They couldn't go the Clyde way and sign juniors @cause even juniors get paid. They would have had to field a team of youth players and Lanarkshire amateurs. This team would have finished below even a very poor Queens team, and thus would be relegated. Justice has been done.
7th May 2000 SANDY BARCLAY
To the Hamilton fan who left a message, this is not a time for dignified silences, this is a time for celebration, justice was done, sadly at the expence of your club, but regroup in Div 3 and come to Palmerston in 2 seasons time and you will be given a heroes welcome... of course it will have to be a cup-tie, because Queens will be in Div 1!!! Hillcoat must stay; the man has the makings of a legend, so must Chico, and sign Gary Locke... if the man visits Palmerston already, why not put him to good use! I'm told John Connolly was a Saintees legend under Willie Ormond, so let's see him work some magic for us next season!! Let's see the deadwood cleared from the club and hope for that elusive open-topped bus to tour Dumfries next May with a trophy!! Also, Allan Preston was robbed for goal of the season... his goal against Thistle was cracking!
As a Hamilton supporter visiting your site,I feel I must register my dismay about the comments attributed to the Queens chairman and George Rowe regarding the SFA's "decision" to rubber stamp the SFL's punishment for our non-appearance last month against Stenhousmeuir.

Quite how Rowe can claim that Queens were in some way disadvantaged by the fact that our appeal took a whole two weeks to be heard is beyond belief.But for our players (correct) decision to stand up for themselves,Queens would now be in Div 3.I also seem to remember a good away victory for QoS between the appeal hearing being announced and it taking place.

I do accept that we had to be punished as a club for what happened,but the fact that Queens are the only club to have gained some advantage out of the whole debacle should surely have dawned on the hierarchy at Palmerston and because of their insensitive and ill-timed comments,I fear that relationships between the clubs may have been severely damaged.A dignified silence until everything was sorted out would have been more appropriate.

Also,one of your archive correspondents claimed to now know "who our friends are" in response to the SPFA's appeal for clemency for the Accies.It is true that we now know how parochial and self serving the majority of clubs really are and if we no longer have any friends in Scottish football,perhaps the whole game should feel a wee bit embarassed by their reaction to the whole sorry saga.

Smaller clubs are only going to get smaller if we don't stick together and the behaviour of those in power at Palmerston (along with others) does your club no credit.
6th May 2000 COLIN DICKSON
Brilliant news today,justice has been done.

You cannae just go on strike willy nilly coz youve no been paid.Who gives a &*$"" about Hamilton anyway.COME ON THE DOONHAMERS!!!!

P.S. well done Stenny for locking the Accies players in there dressing room that day
6th May 2000 DAVID MAIN
So, Division 2 football after all next year. Although the original decision was unfathomable, once made I could not see any justification for changing it and I am glad this was the final view of the SFA. Its history now.

However, this episode has shown up where our friends are, and I was very disappointed to see Tony Higgins, Fraser Wishart and the Scottish Professional Footballers Association writing to the appeals committee demanding that Queens be relegated (of course, they merely said that Hamilton must stay up, as though that was something different).

There reasoning was that it would be bad for Hamilton, and we heard once again about the 26 full-timers losing their jobs, It was also galling to hear them saying that Hamilton would have to curtail their youth development program if they were relegated, as if Queens didn't have a better youth program of their own.

I would have thought (niaively) that the SPFA had to represent all players in all teams and ought to have stayed strictly neutral on this one.

Anyway, good luck to the lads tomorrow and to the new management team.
5th May 2000 IAN RAFFEL
OK, as far as I can see, we've been given another chance (pending another appeal from Hamilton). The decision's been made and hopefully the League will now stick to it. It still seems a crazy decision; Hamilton's fans are being punished for the incompetence of their scummy directors, who should now leave and never darken the door of any sports organisation again. But everyone must now accept it. Kick in the teeth for Accies, after planning permission was granted for their new ground, and I hope that still goes ahead. Also hope their social club is as good as the old one (did anyone ever see a game sober at Douglas Park?). Mind you, Queens' fans might not be very welcome there now.

But, anyway. We can now concentrate on trying to maintain 1,000+ crowds next season in the Second Division. We have new blood on the management side and Messrs Eadie & Rowe should be given credit for taking over in difficult circumstances and giving it a go. We must be optimistic, especially with the healthier relationship between board and management levels, which never existed until Mr Blount took the reins. It's a fresh start next season and good old Jim McCormick doesn't have to worry about midweek expeditions to Peterhead/Elgin in February. Poor bugger doesn't get any credit for all these away coaches he does - well done mate!

Here's to next year and a push for Division 1. Good luck everybody.
At last justice has been done!

I must admit that I have almost chuckled big style at the worry that Queens supporters have put themselves through over the past few weeks.

Simply because of this

a) Hamilton secretary, Scott Struthers stated live on Radio Scotland on 22/4/00 that his club would not appeal against the decision to deduct 15 points from his club's tally - this was prior to 3pm. (Remember of course that this decision was not up for appeal in the firsy intance!) After 4.45pm , his decision was reversed....the occasion being Hamilton losing, Queens winning.

b) Hamilton officials stating that they would not enter into the European courts over the decision, bearing in mind that if they can afford to do this thaen why did they not pay their players in the first instance!

c)Why on earth would you show any positive response to individuals who do not pay their employees.

Finally may I say that I am , however, extremely disappointed that depite heartache , emotions , and turbulence that ALL Queens supporters have gone through over the past few weeks that only a handful of the players bother to turn up for the end of season award ceremony.

Perhaps rather than John Connelly scrutinising each and every game he should look more towards Queens player's emotions and heartache before he makes any judgements before the forthcoming season.

Up the Queens and all the best to John and his employees for next season.
Now that the SFA have posted a decision on the "Hamilton points deduction" issue - hopefully we can put this controversial scenario behind us.

Although I sympathise with Hamilton's predicament - I am not interested in Accies website, their cash flow situation or whether we should applaud their players if we see them in the street!

The only team I support, follow and invest in - is Queen of the South.

The new management team have made known their intent by relocating to Dumfries and by planning to localise team training. This is a very positive step!

We need to ensure that the squad is fully prepared for the first game of the season - for various reasons this did not happen in time for August 1999.

On another note - a couple of weeks ago I suggested a way of incentivising the Dumfries public to come to Palmerston and enourage younger fans to support the club. The recent Queens v Hamilton home match and Livingston's "buy one get one free" turnstile incentive attracted 5500 fans. The custodians of our club ought to review such admission policies - 2500 fans creates a better atmosphere at Palmerston compared to 1000!
5th May 2000 RON ROBBINS
I am amazed and delighted at the appeal verdict.The next season starts here.Best of luck to all at the Club
5th May 2000 ANDY COWAN
I would like to join ALex Wilson in supporting his views expressed on the Hamilton web site. As an ex-regular contributor to this site, I have read, and usually agreed, with all of Ewans comments, but this time I feel I must lend my support to his "voice".

Two quick points - having just looked at the Accies site, does any else find the timing of the announcment of the granting of planning permission for their new "stadium" highly suspicious. Surely the league are more likely to be lenient on a club with a stadium in the pipeline, than one with no deffinite plans, as Hamilton have been since selling the old site some years ago.

Lastly, I heard last week, from a very reliable source within the club, that Queens were definetly not going to be relegated, no matter what happens at the hamilton appeal, neither were Hamilton likely to be relegated. The source said that the most likely outcome would be no relegation from the 2nd and an extra team playing next season (forget any talk of play-offs). Now as this came from a club official I was reluctant to put it on this site earlier, but as this wont be psoted until tomorrow (Friday) night, we will already know the outcome. Lets hope he was right.

Whatever happens, we have to look to the future. Whatever division we end up in lets hope the new managment team can bring us a succesful team (another rumour is they will only keep 6 of the current squad...just a rumour).

Before I finish Id like to say thank you to Ken and George for all their hard work for the club. I hope that George will continue to be a great servant to the club as a player, as he has in the past, and that Ken will stay within the club in some capacity.
Just a quick note to support Neil Creighton's solution to the present situation.

However, I can't see any way that Hamilton would support this solution as their grievance will remain that a 15 point deduction was 'over the top'.

I suspect that a 8 point reduction (a 50% reduction in the punishment approximately) with everything to play for in the final game would be a way out for the SFA - what price our goal difference then!
4th May 2000 ALEX WILSON
I would like to thank Ewan Lithgow for an excellent, articulate letter to the Hamilton website, summarising some of the points which I felt were being overlooked deliberately by the Glasgow led media. Good on you, Ewan.
4th May 2000 STUART KING
At the end of the day, it's a game of two halves, the best team will win, and whoever that is, will have scored more goals than the opposing team!

Never mind Hanilton, we should have made certain of our own future and not relied upon dodgy opponents and suspect "Official Rulings"

QOS WILL survive AND succeed!
3rd May 2000 RON ROBBINS
Face it. It wont be 15pts off, it will probably be 9pts.This would make this weekend the biggest of the season. Alloa away, Stirling at home, which would you prefer. There is no doubt that the critical mass of support will be essential to stand any chance of survival.
Over the last week or so I've heard many views about the current Hamilton/SFL situation but something that is evident is that whoever they decide to relegate it will be harsh considering what has happened. I've heard some people say that Queens should go down because they are quite clearly the worst team in the league, others have said it should be Hamilton and some have said it should be both. One solution that would bring all of these possibilities into consideration would be a 3-team play-off involving Queens, Hamilton and fourth placed 3rd division team East Fife. Each team could play each other home and away with a small league taking place. The team that finishes top of the league will be playing 2nd division football next season with the other two confined to the 3rd. Okay I know this is unscheduled and unforeseen but as the rule book seems to have been rewritten on more than one occasion this season I cant see any problem with the league being decided this way and I cant see the players of any of these teams having a problem with this and in the end I feel it would be far better than the future of these clubs being decided on the pitch rather than the men that work in the offices off the pitch.
3rd May 2000 IAN HARKNESS
anyone intrested in buying about 500 qos progs h-a mostly 70-80-90s in bulk or individualslet me know on
2nd May 2000 ROB PURDIE
I was unable to get a programme for Saturdays gameand require one to complete my home collection for this season.Are there any available for purchase?

Incidently, have the club considered posting programmes to season ticket holders? I am sure that many season ticket holders like myself were disappointed on Saturday due to the larger than usual crowd.
As an exiled Queens' fan living in Ashington I would like to express delight in our managerial appointment.

the news has been greeted with disappointment in Ashington where the team has seen a bit of a renaissance following Connolly's arrival. Incidentally it may help if Queens can use any scouts that exist as talent spotters in the North east which is still a hotbed of footballing talent (remember Alan Ball from Co Durham).

I wish the new management team all the best and ... if we go down well we'll jolly well have to fight our way back up again.

A successful side is the best way to bring back the supporters.

I cam up for the game against Hamilton and for a most of the game thought that Jack Charlton (born and bred in Ashington) was going to be the new manager the way that the ball bounced from one goalmouth to the next. Queens always looked much better when the tried to pass the ball forward rather than using the hoof and hope approach.

Here's to next season.

My understanding is that the points have been re-instated due to direct intervention by the SFA but dependent upon an appeal by Hamilton against the original decree whcih is being held, I believe, today 1st May.

I beggars belief the way it has been handled. Surely an appeal is against the decision, the decision being to deduct them 15 points, how then can the SFA intervene and say put them back, what then is the appeal against if no decision has been made?

I predict that Queens will get screwed!

We expect a decision on Friday of this week not today.
1st May 2000 IAN RAFFEL
I'm in the same position as Richard Isaacs. I went on holiday to Cornwall last week, with the knowledge that Hamilton were docked the 15 points with no right of appeal. I scoured the (so-called) national papers daily, finding no news, then discover that they've now got them back again (pending appeal). Wish the league weren't such a spineless bunch of jerks and could make a decision and stick to it. It's not fair on either set of supporters and makes for a ridiculous end to the season.

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