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31st March 2000 NICK CRAWFORD
Come on South !!!!

We never have or will have the bitter taste of Scottish Third division Football.

We have too much quality and heritage for that.
31st March 2000 SCOT CARRICK
RE. This Racism nonsense

Having read the comments on the message board, one would almost believe palmerston is an outpost for neo-fascist groups like the QOS HEADHUNTERS. Having been to around 20 game s this season and seen and spoke to black supporters of queens at these games I think the views aired by the fireball and others are absolute rubbish. Racism does not exist in any shape or form at Palmerston, the stick Jacobs received was down to an obscene gesture he made in the last game and is par for the course when considering he is such a high profile player at this level.

The amigos are not rascist as they themselves are obviousely mexican.
31st March 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
I am in no condoning racism, all i am saying is that is there a difference between slagging off a 'baldy' or a 'fatty' than slagging off someone for what ever other features may be obvious, that includes the colour of their skin, there hair or anything else. What i am saying is that society excpepts the former as a giggle, but frowns upon the latter. Dumfries is one of the most racist places in the country with most of the bigotry aimed towards English people - but again this is mostly deemed exceptable. So let us not get over emotional about the whole Jacobs arguement. This is not the 19th century we should all be integrated and be able to play, laugh and joke together not be cought up in a moral crusade to protect the 'persecuted minorities'. We should all be grown up enough to except the jesting and jibing not as picking on the underclass but as banter.

I have grown up with and around people of all races religions and creeds and never have i been acused of being racist, as it has never been an issue. So let us be sensible, put this matter behind us, and not look for barriers on which to post the ugly word of racism.
31st March 2000 DAVID MAIN
I see from the Partick Thistle Web-site that we are not only expected to stay up but we will be taking points off all their promotion rivals.

Lets hope they are right.
31st March 2000 SANDY ORR
I agree entirely with Neil Creighton that a family section should be introduced at Palmerston. In fact I would go further and say that all senior clubs in Scotland should offer this facility. At a time when crowds are dwindling, surely an effort should be made to attract and keep the fans of tomorrow? Football should be made more affordable for those with young families, especially with so many other distractions for youngsters such as multi-channel television and video games. It would also protect the younger fans from the more adult comments on the terracing.

There is a fair amount of bad language at Palmerston, but no more than any other ground in Scotland, and at least we do not have the problems of religious bigotry. It should also be noted that much bad language comes from the pitch and the dug-out area! I hope that we are not going to see the return of racist bigotry, though I myself have never heard any at Palmerston. Simon Millage also made a good point that it was more likely that Jacobs recieved the same healthy abuse that we reserve for other hated and feared opponents such as Darren Henderson of Clyde and Paul Kinnaird of Ross County. Where do we stop? Should we no longer question the eyesight of match officials? Make comments about players / officials weight / age? Suggest that Stranraer players try to like a Posh Spice's hubby? A lot of this is part and parcel of football, and the majority of the time these things are forgotten when the final whistle goes and we head to the pub to celebrate or drown our sorrows, engaging in post-match analysis and banter with supporters of opposition teams.
30th March 2000 MURRAY MILLIGAN
As a long suffering doonhamer now living in a small Kent village where QOS 0 is the cry whwn I enter does anyone believe as I keep trying to that hamilton at Palmerston will safe us fro a northern fate worse than death. Anyway it is great to see so many well kent names on ther list. Some of whom I would be glad to hear from
30th March 2000 KEITH DAVIDSON
Re Simon Millage: Earlier comments highlighting and deploring racial abuse at Palmerston may be "politically correct".

They are also, more importantly, morally correct.

Racial abuse does exist in Scottish sport and should not be ingored.

Queens should be encouraged to set an example here.
Young Guns II - Blaze(rman) of Glory. In response to grngo #1 you've made a few valid points about the very fine line between honest banter/ racism but surely calling Mr Jacobs a Golliwog who should be on the side of a marmalade jar falls into the racism category. fair enough slag him to the dowgs when he makes an error or falls on his ass but keep the bigotry in your kitchen - period.
30th March 2000 JONATHAN BENNETT
Be carefull Simon Millage. Racial abuse is abuse no matter where it happens.
29th March 2000 MARK RUSH
Does anyone know what has happened to Russel McGuffie? This promising 17 year old made his debut for Queens at the end of last season against Partick Thistle in a 2-2 draw. He had an excellent game at left back but has not appeared for Queens since
29th March 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
I think the attitude of the police escorting the partick thistle fans is in response to the last 2 games partick have played in Dumfries (that i have i have witnessed) they have stormed the pitch.

On the other point about the colourful language heard at palmerston i son't think it is any worse than what you would hear on the television or even on the street. I think Stuart King is somewhat naive to think he can protect his children from this. The worst language i have heard is when i was at school in the playground.

I also believe the comments directed towards quinten Jacobs were not so much racist, as is often the excuse when a non-white player is the target of banter form the stands, but a response to his 2 finger salute as he was coming off for half time at the last queens partick home game. He is also a player of exeptional quality so was always in line for a ribbing. The same way as most of the goal keepers get at normal games. This attitude of modern day ultra PC society to blame things on bigotry does nothing to help the cause, it quite on the contrary, fuels it.

I agree there is no room for 'racism' at QOS. A line must be drawn between banter and offense, but let us not jump on the bandwagon of this politically correct nightmare.

Anyway getting down to the real issue. The boys played excellent on Saturday Sandy Hodge is really settling in now and i am sure we will see him come on some more, His large loping winding runs, remind me of Townsley hopefully he can learn to be a bit more skillful on the ball as apposed to powerful and we can really see him develop. Stevie Mallan is linking well with the Midfield and Warren Hawke seems to have slotted in nicely. We can't go down with this team.

I can't make it tonight. So come on the Queens
29th March 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Stuart King: I agree with what you are saying entirely and feel it is maybe time that the board opened the new stand as a "family stand". As the spectators in it currently seem to make more noise opening their sweetie wrapers than they do cheering on the team it is unlikely that young children are going to be exposed to the colourful language often heard on the terraces, and also it may encourage more families to attend Palmerston if they were to introduce special family discounts.
28th March 2000 GARY McEWAN


28th March 2000 BRIAN CLARK
The game on Saturday against Clyde is massive and I hope we take a large support through to shout the boys on.
28th March 2000 STUART KING
Not only do I agree wholeheartedly with the comments below regarding the clearly racist tone to some of the comments directed towards Quinton Jacobs, I would like to add that it was both a disgrace and an embarassment to the name of Queen of the South and to the town of Dumfries.

I regularly stand in the enclosure with my six year old son who has been exposed to Queends for the first time this season and who unfortunately seems to have caught his father's life long bug. I, myself, have only this season returned to attending Palmerston after several years on sabbatical to the rugby playing fraternity. Having played and supported a variety of sports over the years, I am only too well aware of the place that "aggressive" and "colourful" language has in modern sport. I am aware tht it is an almost acceptable and intrinsic part of sport today. It astonishes and greatly disappoints me, however, to have my son exposed to language and comments that frequently would have Bernard Manning flushing red with embarassment. These frequently aired tirades, whether the team is performing well or not, have made me question the wiseness of my decision to take my son to Palmerston every other week. If the Board at Palmerston wish to see the support for the club grow, then surely the attendance of females and children are to be encouraged? A more welcoming and less intimidating environment must then be fostered. I found it ironic that a very large and seemingly well behaved travelling Thistle support were marshalled by a small army of police and security, whilst the far more hostile "front line" around the dugout was left virtually unattended.

On a lighter note, does anyone know how many passes were made from the knee/shin of Graham Duncan?
28th March 2000 SANDY ORR
On the subject of "the three amigos", did anyone notice that one was wearing a Morton top? What's all that about then? It's bad enough with all the old firm tops at games without a Morton one that isn't even Royal Blue!
Whilst i was happy to be able to cheer the Queens on on saturday i was disappointed to hear racial abuse been targeted at Jags international Quenton Jacobs, racism has no place in Palmerston and I informed the '3 amigos' directing the abuse about the star player queens once had in Joe Alabode in the early 90's, and before that Mr Wiliams from Man City. Mark Weir was also hounded by the gringos and such was the torrent i thought there could be pistols at dawn.
26th March 2000 SANDY BARCLAY
Re Alex Wilson, I have to admit that I felt quite guilty the day after I wrote the criticism of Preston to read of his serious injury in the Record, but if he knew about this injury before he came here, why on earth was he playing, and why would Sandy Clark jeaprodise his long-term future if he knew as well? My flat-mate is a Saints fan, and when I told him that I didn't rate Preston too highly he made me watch a Saints video from last season, and I have to admit that I was impressed with what I saw of Biscuits, especially the goals he scored against Hearts. If he played like that every week, he could walk into any team in this division, hip injury or not!
25th March 2000 CYRIL
I am a Swansea City fan and I would like to wish Queen Of The South good luck for the rest of the season.
23rd March 2000 GENGI McLEOD
Any sways at Arbroath this season Pengi? Who's all going to Dublin then?
RE: Scotland France game. I'm driving up so if anyone requires a lift up then can come up with me, i've 3 seats left. 5 return. contact me on 269707 or email
21st March 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Does anybody know if there is a Scotland supporters bus, going to the France game next week, from Dumfries or the area that would have four spare seats. If you have any info please contact me on
21st March 2000 MARK BLOUNT
18th March 2000 JON GALLACHER
hi everyone who knows me glad to see the queens win against clyde must have been great as weve not done it for a while good luck in the derby today to adam o sullivan and anyone who wants to get in contact with me my email is see the rest of the boys when i come over for a match
18th March 2000 STEVE BAXTER
Can you explain how the two names I mentioned in the comment about losing press coverage were edited out but both reply in the space of 48 hours?

They are either very touchy about this or the only other explanation is they have access to the edited out comments that you impose. If it is the latter, then your editorial commment to me that there is no link to Palmerston over your editorial decisions doesn't ring true.

Steve, the reason that names were edited out was because I wanted it to remain general and I had hoped that by doing so it would have allowed your comments to pass by without any response. As many people said at the time this subject has become extremely boring to all but a very few. I can only attempt to reassure you that no one other than me sees or hears about the edited out comments.

I wont be putting any more messages on the subject on the Message Board. You will see from today's programme that Andy Murray is back providing his view on the Doonhamers and hopefully he'll write about football in his inimitable style in forthcoming articles - CJ

Pot? Kettle? Black? What are you on about Ewan? I wasn't involved in the catfight.

I also think that your correspondent who called Alex Nesovich a drunk is right out of order. How on earth is a comment like that allowed to pass your editorial clean up? It sounds like the official Palmerston line being put out. I suppose my input will be edited out again...
17th March 2000 ALEX WILSON
Sandy Barclay re Allan Preston, I didn't think Allan Preston was that bad, especially in the Alloa game, but it looks like the guy has been playing with a bad hip injury, if the reports in today's press (17th) are correct. He's off to Cambridge for an operation to try and save his career, so I hope it's a success for him, and it would be nice to see him play at Palmerston again if he gets back to full fitness. I think if he was fully fit he would be a good aquisition to the team, you can tell he is a class player and if he has been labouring with a bad injury then we maybe shouldn't be so quick to criticise him. Good luck to Allan.
17th March 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Just a note to find out if there are any other queens fans in or around liverpool.
17th March 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Nice comments on the game from scott carrick, i enjoyed his analysis of the game and would like to propose he take over from eadie and rowe.

Bring back NESO - I don't care he gets drunk a little too mcuh ....- hes a good lad with brilliant skill he just needs guidance. he reminds me of stan collymore....

Slightly edited - CJ
17th March 2000 ROBBIE FEENIE
RE:Simon 'the panther' Millage.

Rinky Dinky Chris Craik plays both for Bellevue and Dynamo, don't you udderstand that one play saturday one play sunday. I don't know if you could be signed by our strength in depth squad but your welcome to come along for a trial where you can try and defeat fireballs beep run record of 115. See u all for the 2nd half on Saturday !
17th March 2000 MARK BLOUNT
re steve baxter

since when did the truth become vicious and over the top.i am not wanting to get drawn into any more arguments about what has happened as i am sure everybody else gets bored to tears with it i too enjoyed queens scene until it became personal,it is a shame that the column is no longer there as it gave queens coverage they badly need to keep the public profile up and it was amusing at times,but if he wanted to give up then that is his perogative.

i also wonder why a few people write in championing nesovic,this was a player that loved the club so much that he would go out and get drunk on the night before games,there was no doubting his ability at times but do you ever wonder why he doesn't stay at clubs for any length of time.
16th March 2000 ADAM McNINCH
Being a Doonhamer, going to the CIS Cup Final will be particularly special as Ex-Queens star Jamie McAllister is likely to start at left back for The Dons. Since moving up to sheep Country to study I have seen Jamie develop into one of the best young players in the Premier League. He deserves a winner's medal for his displays this season and I just hope he does himself justice on the big stage on Sunday.
16th March 2000 IAN HARKNESS
well done done queeens, for the 3-0win keep up the winning streak,as for the moaners stop moaning and get supporting!!!!
16th March 2000 SANDY BARCLAY
Is it safe to look yet, has he gone? Who am I talking about you might ask... none other than Allan Preston, possibly the most fragile player I have ever seen play for Queens. Pacy and uncompromising he was not, although he was an ambitious signing by Ken and George. Saints fans call him 'Biscuits' because he crumbles in the box, nuff said! (good goal against Thistle mind!)
16th March 2000 SCOTT CARRICK





16th March 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
re: Fireballs

Web sites ok, although it seems to be a fireball site as opposed to a bellevue site.

I thought chris craik played for dynamo.

When can i get a game to put me on the leader board
16th March 2000 ALEX WILSON
Well done Queens on Tuesday, it was nice to see a Clyde team get their cum uppance at the hands of Queens especially even one of them getting sent off for a change. I remember some .. sending off decisions against us at the hands of .. Clyde .. last season so its just desserts to see them suffer sendings off for a change! I would caution that I think we will get a harder game on Saturday against Stranraer, after all it was the Stranraer wingers that crucified Queens with their crosses the last time they were here, our fullbacks then were Paul Stewart and Sandy Hodge and Paul got dropped after that 5-0 drubbing, so I'm hoping Paul and Sandy get their revenge on Saturday! C'MON QUEENS!

Slightly edited - CJ
16th March 2000 MARTIN COPE
Brilliant! Travelled up from South Cumbria to experience an evening match at Palmerston under floodlights, not anticipating what was to come. This was the best performance of the eight home matches that I have seen this season. Brought a friend who had not seen the Doonhamers before, and he thought Queens were the team up top of the League, not Clyde! Great. Am up for the Sranraer game on Saturday. Is it too much to expect a repeat performance? I hope not.
16th March 2000 PAMELA SCOTT
Well done Queens, great game v Clyde although my son still continued to play his gameboy throughout! Sandy Hodge was my man of the match. Where is Mark Weir these days. Still think he is the best at taking corners and crossing the ball into the box. Can somebody not give him a break - even the subs bench!
16th March 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
Steve Baxter

The words pot, kettle and black spring to mind.

Andy Murray chose to raise his issues on this website in the first place and it was he who assassinated the first character. If someone is prepared to publicise a highly opinionated view then they had better be prepared for other opinionated people to disagree with it. That's what happened. If the direct consequence was his resignation then that is unfortunate but entirely his choice.

I made it clear all along that I enjoyed Andy's match reports and they are missed. Andy was, and is, perfectly entitled to air his views but so is everyone else. I can't believe he felt the need to resign over the shock discovery that he doesn't speak for us all!
15th March 2000 PAUL HAINING
Tuesdays performance against clyde was brilliant,if we keep playing like that until the end of the season then maybe we will just stay up.Also well done to Sandy Hodge who had a great game and scored an excellent goal.
15th March 2000 GRAEME McNAY
Glad to see queens winning last night, hopefully this can spark a winning run, and reduce our goal difference as we go along.

Although I was not at the game, it sounds like Sandy Hodge turned in another fine display, and it really has to be wondered what caused Rowe/Eadie to omit him from the team for the last two matches. Time and time again Sandy has proved what a great player he is, defensive and going forward, so hopefully now he will remain in the team.

Lets hope we can carry on against stranraer on saturday.
15th March 2000 S DUFF
With the current position that the team is in, I do not know why other players are not given a chance for a good run in the first team. For example the young but experienced lad Alan Kerr, who I believe was with Kilmarnock and played in the first team. Any time he has played he has done well yet is struggling to get a regular start.

Well Better result last night 3-0. (And it was good to see Kerr got on).
3-0 against Clyde !!

About time, I say. In the last 2 or 3 seasons that jammy lot have got away with murder both at home and away. Well done the Queens. A damned good thrashing of the "Bullies wee".

Stop teasing the fans and win the rest of your fixtures and put us out of this mental torture. Some of us long and loyal fans cannot take the pressure of relegation.

Now then, who are due a good hiding next ?

Aha ! Stranraer on Saturday.

Get intae them.

Come on you Queeeeennnnss!!
15th March 2000 JINXY JOHNSTONE
I miss the last two home games (too much work at Uni) and what happens thay win them both !!

The other two teams I have been to see this season are Carlisle and the Scotland rugby team - spot any connections. Maybe I should hand in my season ticket now and watch the seasons close via teletext and the web or maybe I should start supporting Rangers and Man Utd in the hope that my jinx will be carried onto them.
An incredible win against Clyde!

Doonhamers everywhere - lets get right behind the team and support them to safety.

This one will go to the wire!!

We can do it!!
What a good performance over Clyde last night, I don't get to many games as I would like due to my own football commitments but I was very impressed with both young Full Backs. Sandy Hodge was outstanding and I'm sure Paul Stewart was well pleased to defeat his old club. I could'nt believe Clyde are top of the league, I can only assume that they have steamrolled there way there with there heavy artillary, a bit like Caley Thistle last year. QoS played some nice football and we're worthy winners, Clyde on the other hand 9/10 went for the Doogie Mills Whoosh ( mainly there #3) to like effect.

Keep it up Queens we can do it !!!

PS: I'm currently building a site for Bellevue Rovers so any criticism ( constructive please!) would be appreciated. CLICK HERE.
14th March 2000 PAUL PEARSON
We can still do it although it is going to be very tight.

Was glad to see Paul Stewart play very well. Seems to be maturing. Put in timely challenges and looks as though he really has been working on his game.

My MOM was big Sandy Hodge. Never seen anyone carry the ball up the wing at Palmerston from a left back positsion with so much power and pace.

One thing is for sure he willnt be around Palmerston for long.

I would like to see a the board being really ambitious and make an effort to hold onto these young guys.

I am really tired of seing a squad assembled and then sell of the best palyers in the team.
14th March 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Brain Clark: We had the same starting line up as the Alloa game except with the addition of Caldwell instead of Adams, and in my opinion it was Caldwell that swung the Alloa game in our favour. However maybe we should save Caldwell as a "super sub" because when he is against fresh players he almost seems uneffective.

However I do agree that George Rowe goes forward too often and leaves us short at the back ( but thats not only when we're losing ). If we are desperate we should throw Hodge upfront and hopefully he will be our Matt Elliot or a target man like Ferguson. At least this would give us something we dont have upfront, speed and strength and hopefully he could pressurise the other defence into making a few mistakes which Mallan and Hawke could expose and punish.

We definately need to do something because Saturdays side playing with determination still won't be able to cause problems for well organised defence which will mean we will continue to lose games. I'm sure I'm going to get hammered for this last comment but in my opinion the Alloa win was a fluke and it is not the way to try and go forward.
14th March 2000 STEVE BAXTER
You really can't start complaining about the lack of Queens coverage in the Courier, after all it was this website that allowed the vicious character assassination of their reporter Andy Murray which was totally over the top and led to him packing in the column. I said at the time that if we go down to Division 3 we could kiss all decent press coverage goodbye and this is merely the start of the neglect.

Slightly edited - CJ
13th March 2000 GORDON ORR
After travelling to Stenhousemuir on Saturday full of optimisim, it was one of the biggest let downs I have ever seen. Queens are full of players who are quite happy to pick up their Hundred quid or so and go home. Well to me and most Queens Fans that is unacceptable.

If I was boss at Queens, I seriously believe that you have to go back to the drawing board for next season, because now I honstly believe that it would need a miracle for us to stay up - it looks a tall order. I know Queens aren't exactly flush but we probably have more than most at our level. Get rid of everyone accept Matheson, Boyle, Aitken, Mallen and Hawke and look at good youngsters and Premier and First division freebees, this is the only way that we can rise again and one day although it might take three years be a succesful team again.

P.S - If only we kept last years squad together!

Slightly edited - CJ
13th March 2000 STEVE HALLIDAY
Hold the line there!!!

There is no way Queens will go down and you have my word on that. We survived last year and will again this year. Don't let the opposition see any fear
13th March 2000 ED WILSON
We were crap on Saturday at Larbert . Certainly it`s not the most inspiring of venues but we look like visiting plenty more dumps in division 3.

The match had all the passion of a meaningless end of season game. We lost to a team who if anything have even less ability than we do but who are well organised and play to their strengths. We are not down yet but things look desperate. Of the 10 games still to play 4 are against the best two teams in the division i.e. Clyde and Alloa. If we do go down it`s worth remembering that Berwick of division 3 absolutely hammered us in the Challenge Cup (4-1 going on 8). Come on Queens the thought of division 3 is just too hellish - if we`re going down let`s at least put up a decent scrap.
13th March 2000 BRIAN CLARK
I thought Saturday's performance was one of the worst I have ever seen. What has happened to the team from one year ago? Or from the team that was beating Hearts 1-0 or the team that came back 2-0against Hamilton to win?

I do think the management team should look at there team selection!Why did they not start with the same starting line up as the Alloa game(that we won),and why does George Rowe always go up front when we are losing,leaving the defence short?

If we are to stay up this year we have to get some points off Clyde on Tuesday night. They have five players suspended so hopefully we might be able to take advantage of this!
12th March 2000 COLIN LIND
What a let down!! You would have thought with the importance of the match and with the superb support that Queens would have been up for it. We were all sadly mistaken.Stenny were the more committed to winning which is very hard to take.Do Queens want to stay up?. Do they deserve to stay up? Why yet again was Alan Preston at full back instead of Sandy Hodge? I am sure all the fans would like to know the answers.

Quite simply, Queens must win there next 3 games against Clyde,Stranraer and Partick to have any chance of staying up, otherwise it's Coatbridge & Elgin next season and with reduced crowds and reduced income who knows what the future holds.

Is there no one out there with a spare million to help Queens out?
11th March 2000 STEVE BAXTER
So in the year 2000 there will be only 2 teams relegated in the whole of Scotland, out of 40 teams. There will be no relegation from the Premier League as the 10,000 seater stadium rule will save either Kilmarnock, Aberdeen or Dundee, and the only 2 goners are Clydebank and our beloved Queens. Well done lads! With hindsight, the game against Berwick was the dead giveaway about what this season was going to end up like. Where to now? Oblivion in the Third Division, and about as much chance of getting out of that in one season as a one legged horse winning the Grand National.
10th March 2000 PAUL PEARSON
One of the biggest games of the season is on Saturday. I am sure the blue army ARE up for it. We can put Stenny down again.

10th March 2000 PAMELA SCOTT
In relation to George Rowe's comments in today's standard about the "stand ins", I think that the stand ins have been doing an excellent job recently and vote that the stand ins stay in. Why change a winning formation. In particular, I think that Paul Stewart had an excellent game last Saturday.
10th March 2000 ADAM O'SULLIVAN
To "Akeem" see you Sat. about 3.00 in the Oldstand.To everyone else Queens to win 2-1 Sat put 2 on it.
9th March 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
Although I felt once again that our support was excellant in the Alloa game, I was disgusted to hear a section of supporters in the home end of palmerston constantly abusing charlie adams. Whilst admittedly he is not the greatest player we possess, he gives 100% and genuinely cares about Qos as demonstrated when we score as he normally leaps about the dugout. He has been played constantly out of position on the wing and there are many more deserved figures to dislike in the team that couldn't care less.
9th March 2000 SANDY ORR
Stenny's last six league games of the season: -

Hamilton (Home), Alloa (H), Clyde (Away), Partick (H), Stirling (A) and Ross County (H).

Bear in mind that their next two games (Arbroath and Stranraer) are away after Saturday, while we have 3 home games on the trot. They still have to play Ross County at home in a rearranged match.
9th March 2000 GRACE MALLAN
9th March 2000 JON GALLAGHER
hi just a quick note glad to see queens win on saturday against alloa will this be the case again when we start playing again as the players know that there jobs are on the line once again. Also for a note for adam from limerick there is still lads in limerick from dumfries and we are hopefully going to start a QOS fan club up so if you or anyone else is intersted please get in contact with myself at or see us in the old stand on match days as we are arranging to come over for a game before the season ends. Back to dumfries Hi to Jim Mccormick,gail,ross and the rest of the crew see you all soon UP THE QUEENS
9th March 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
re Alex Wilson

I would have to agree with Alex that it's probably between Stenhousemuir and ourselves now. Alex is correct that 4 of our last 6 are away from home. In fact, given that the outstanding Alloa game has been arranged for April 11th, 5 of our last 7 are away. Stenny's scheduled games are the opposite (4 home and 2 away).

The comparative fixtures are as follows : -

April 1st
Clyde v Queens
Stenhousemuir v Hamilton Accies

April 8th
Stirling Albion v Queens
Stenhousemuir v Alloa

April 11th
Alloa v Queens

April 15th
Queens v Ross County
Clyde v Stenhousemuir

April 22nd
Arbroath v Queens
Stenhousemuir v Partick Thistle

April 29th
Queens v Hamilton Accies
Stirling Albion v Stenhousemuir

May 6th
Alloa v Queens
Stenhousemuir v Ross County

I presume that Stenny have other games in hand to play in this period also.

Ignoring possible midweek games, 4 of the last 6 fixtures are identical. Both sides play Ross County & Hamilton at home and Clyde and Stirling Albion away. Both sides also play Alloa, although they are at home whilst we have to visit Recreation Park. The one uncommon opponent occurs on April 22nd when we visit Arbroath while they entertain Partick Thistle.
9th March 2000 STUART KING
Previous comments regarding Graham Duncan "bringing a bit of steel to the midfield" can only surely refer to the fact that he is built like Ravenscraig and is only slightly more mobile!
8th March 2000 ALAN JARDINE
I am a doonhamer through and through but i now currently live in the Morayshire area, which is where Elgin is situated. I have been to watch Elgin in the past and to be honest the standard is compared to the juniors. Queens should not play at Elgin, Queens are to good for Div three and with no disrespect to Elgin their ground makes Palmerston look like Ibrox. Keep pluging away.
8th March 2000 ADAM O'SULLIVAN
just a big thanks to all at queens.i've started to follow their results since the lads from dumfries came towork in Dell (in Limerick).Since then i've put 2 on a correct score in the queens match everyweek and (amazingly)i'm up 30. keep up the good work lads .
8th March 2000 JONO BLAIN
I am 19, a student at Leeds Metropolitan University, and despite being a Spurs season ticket holder have followed the Doonhamers since I was five. Don't know why just have. I fulfilled my dream of attending Palmerston this season when I drove up to see us lose two one to Partick (the game with the two dodgy backpasses). I am writing to ask 'Why were there no student concessions'? Small clubs like Queen of the South should give concessions to attract larger support. I will be making the trip again, and I hope it will be too see them in the 2nd Division! Come on the Quuens!!!
Many Queens fans will be saddened to hear of the untimely death of Chris Balderstone earlier this week. For those who can recall the 1970's Baldy was a breath of fresh air to Palmerston albeit a short stay. I will remember him more for his loyal service to Carlisle Utd and some memorable games at Brunton Park. He was a classic ball player and passing was his undoubted forte regardless of his obvious lack of pace. He was a gentleman footballer. If only today's game had more like him.
8th March 2000 ALEX WILSON
Does anybody have details of Stenhousemuir's last 6 matches of this season? I think Queens have only 2 at home and 4 away so I'm interested in Stenny's run in compared to ours, I think it's between us and them now for the drop.
8th March 2000 IAN RAFFEL
Just like to pay my tribute to the late (sadly) Chris Balderstone. I remember him from my very early days at Palmerston. He stood out for me as he was a real character, and I was always fascinated by the fact that he played cricket as well! When he was third umpire at Test games, I used to enjoy pointing out to friends here in England that he used to play for us!

The Daily Telegraph obituary reports that he once made 51 not out at Chesterfield for Leics, then travelled up to Doncaster to play in a league game (he might have scored - I'm not sure!). The day after, back at Chesterfield he continued batting to make 116. Doesn't surprise me - he was that kind of bloke!

Sport in general is sadly lacking in those types of characters today. Cheers, Chris!
7th March 2000 SANDY ORR
re Niel Creighton. If you take a look in the message board archives from October to December, you'll see that much off your questions have already been answered by Ewan Lithgow.

I agree with you that on paper Queens should be a much bigger club than Arbroath, unfortunately this is not the case. You will note Ewan's comments on October the 30th where he states that Queens crowd now usually sits around the 1000 mark, and also that Arbroath get gates of around 850. Not much there to suggest that we are a much bigger club.

Queen's financial position in regards to offers to players to stay is hindered by at least two problems. First, if we continue to get gates like Saturday's (1,018) we will soon have no money to pay the players. Second, as was rightly stated at the backend of last year on the message board, much of the money that was invested in the club by the likes of Norman Blount was swallowed up by the youth policy.

Queens won't be able to compete with other clubs, who may on the outside appear smaller, if we can't get similar or better investment than they may be receiving. In this time of freedom of contract etc. it is the clubs that can offer bigger signing on fees that the better players will sign for.

One last comment on Thomson and Bryce. Arbroath started of well , but are gradually being sucked down the table. Tommy Bryce is now 40, and although he can still be an influence on the game, to get us out of our present predicament, we require players who are at their optimum fitness. A 40 year old can not surely give that week in week out. Jim Thomson was suspended for the Arbroath game on Saturday, if you remember right he spent around half of last season suspended, then a further several games injured. He subsequently spent a further few games at the start of this season suspended, and spent his Saturdays watching Queens. Given our current disciplinary problems, coupled with the fact that referees are cracking down on tough tackling, could big J T really have had that much of an influence this year?
7th March 2000 BRIAN CLARK
well done to the players who played against Alloa (the in-form team of the league). Hopefully we can now go on a run like last season.
7th March 2000 CALLUM WATSON
Thought a quick tribute to Chris Balderstone was in order. Although in the twilight of his football career possibly the best midfield passer with extraordinary vision I ever saw playing for Queens. His lack of pace was also legendary! Gone but not forgotten
What a great win against Alloa!

The great escape is on!

Imagine it...last day of the season away at Alloa, with Queens needing a win to stay up. Its 2-2 with seconds remaining and goalkeeper David Mathieson steps into the opposing box to head in the injury time winner!!
7th March 2000 COLIN LIND
Well done Queens on a battling performance against Alloa,the same spirit will be required against Stenny this Saturday. Let's hope Alloa beat Stenny on Tuesday and sets up the most important game of the season. With the large travelling support I think they will do it.

Does anyone know why Alan Preston played at full back instead of Sandy Hodge against Alloa? He is certainly not a full back and was beaten for speed time and time again by the Alloa forwards. It should be interesting when Cleeland is free from suspension as Graeme Duncan is a very suitable replacement and has brought a bit of steel to the midfield,he has scored a few goals in his career too.
6th March 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Sandy Orr: Why couldn't Queens afford the prices that Arbroath were offering? We're a bigger club in bigger surroundings with a bigger crowd. We had just sold McAllistair to the Dons and would of had a little bit extra cash that a club like Arbroath wouldn't. I'm sure they're new contract requests wouldn't of been out of Queens price range if we were willing to put our money in the first team rather than putting it into the "future" of Queen of the South. Well at the moment it looks like our future lies in Division 3.

Allistair McMillan is not the greatest or fastest defender in the world but all the same a valuable asset to the current squad. He is unlikely ever to make it as a full-time footballer and although I feel he was out of order saying he wanted to leave I'm sure he could be convinced to stay if the price was right.

Paul Stewart did have his best game for the Doonhamers on Saturday and although Mallan was definately my man of the match he was a close second. However in my opinion he is not ready to turn out that sort of appearance every week. I am sure that when McMillan returns from suspension he will be back in the first team because of his experiance, albiet he didn't show it against Hamilton.

Ewan Lithgow: If your looking for a liability in the defence at the moment it's not McMillan it's Rowe. Too often he pushes forward