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This section of the site is provided for fans to leave messages for others that they may recognise in the fanclub and to make comments on the latest happenings at Palmerston. The messages sent may be edited if they are felt unsuitable for general publication. Please feel free to submit whatever message you like and please use the message board in the way it was intended.

30:06:99Frank KarbsteinBest wishes for the next season! I`m a supporter of Queens and HSV (Hamburg).
26:06:99Ian RaffelIf the Douglas Waterson (no 121 on the International Fan Club) is the one I remember visiting in Shetland, could he please get in touch with me at
18:06:99Graham McGeorgeI am trying to locate an old friend from Dumfries. Does anyone know the whereabout's or address of an, Andy (THE NOSE) Glover, an avid QOS fan and member I'm sure of the supporters club. Drinks in what I used to know as Christopher's Bar on Queen Street. And worked at Saughtrees factory in Dumfries. If anyone knows the location of this fine gentleman, could you please drop me a line at Or, Andy, if you see this message, it would be great to here from you. Thank You Graham.
17:06:99Colin JohnstoneAdam, Andy Thomson is still at Oxford, if you go to the Oxford United website at you should be able to find out the latest info on him.
17:06:99Paul PearsonTommy Bryce has left Palmertson again for Arbroath. Tommy is probably the wrong side of 35 but it seems we are not so active in the transfer market. Players are only leaving and not being replaced. What are the plans for next season. All other teams in the division have been snapping up players but there seems to be nothing happening. With only two-three weeks to the beginning of pre-season training it is so important that we make a positive start to the season and the squad is familiar with old and new faces. We really do not wan to be in the same position we have been in the last two season at December.!!!!!!!!!!
17:06:99Adam McNinchCan anyone tell me what Andy Thomson is up to. Last I heard he'd moved from Southend to Oxford (?) But I'm not sure if this is true. Also anyone in the Fife or Edinburgh area wishing to car share to the occasional Queen's game next season can e-mail me at
17:06:99Barrie LittleWhat is happening at Palmerston? OK, McAllister's move to Aberdeen has furthered his career but 'Sicknote' Thomson and now 'Baldie' Bryce signing for Arbroath? ARBROATH!!! We may have a bunch of talented youngsters but we need some experienced lads for a balanced team. Does anybody have any news about players coming in? I heard a whisper from a Jags fan that Dessie was going to re-sign for Queens.
17:06:99Jeremy HoustonWhen are Queens going to start getting some new players in. If we are to succeed next season then new blood is needed not just lots of youngsters, but older more experienced players too.
10:06:99Sandy OrrI don't think that 'Smiler' played in the recent U21 International games, as the player mentioned in reports was Gallagher (Dundee Utd I think). It is hard to believe that less than a year ago Hibs were interested in Jim Thomson, and now he has signed for Arbroath. It must have been a big signing on fee! However I wish JT all the best, as he always gave 100%, and I'm sure he has Queens at heart.
09:06:99Paul PearsonDoes anyone know if David Mathieson has been playing in the recent U21 games for Scotland. Jim Thomson was one of my favourite players but I can't see how this move will advance his career! Is it not about time we started to replace these quality players which we are losing?
08:06:99Billy GallacherNice to see that you avoided that battle at the foot of the table Queen's. Aw the very best for the coming season. South London Queen's supporters Billy and Wee Rab Gallacher
05:06:99Richard IsaacsGood luck Degsy in your new career at Motherwell. It is a pity that we cannot hold on to our better players, especially after the storming performances at the end of last season, we could have made serious inroads into a promotion charge for 1999/2000. But I hope that there will be some signings in the near future, all the news at present is of players leaving.
28:05:99Colin JohnstoneAt this moment in time Andy Aitken has yet to sign, however he is expected to put pen to paper for another deal with Queen's.
28:05:99John CrawfordI'm sorry Degsy's going and I wish him good luck at Motherwell. I shall never forget his goal against Livingston this year nor his miss in the last ten minutes at Fir Park against Falkirk (all forgiven now but I still have nightmares). We're going to miss his creativity and skill on the right wing and I hope we can find someone to replace him because there's no one really who can waltz through players like Degsy can. By the way, any news on Andy Aitken?
28:05:99Sandy OrrWe're still in May, but everday I become more exicted about next season! First the movies, and now the chance of playing Hearts in the cup! Who know's, we might have a fictional cup defeat ahead of us, and a real cup run! Trust me to let the wife choose August for the Holidays! Sorry to see Deggsie go, but he deserves the chance to play at a higher level.
27:05:99Paul PearsonI am very excited about the MOVIES. Queens have an opportunity to gain world wide exposure and so should not let this chance pass by. The only problem I see is that Queens will get beat in front of the whole world - I am not so sure I fancy that too much!!!!!!!!!!!
26:05:99Colin JohnstoneYes it's true John, Palmerston will be featured in a forthcoming Robert Duvall movie which will shoot some scenes at a capacity Palmerston Park. Apparently a team of movie stars will take to the field against our regulars. Obviously everyones help will be needed to fill the ground, but with the chance to get your face on the Silver Screen it should attract quite a number of casual fans.
26:05:99John CrawfordWhat's all this about Palmerston being a movie set in September ?
22:05:99Derek ConnellI heard today that Ted McMinn is joining re-joining Derby County to work as a coach in their youth academy.
20:05:99Rab GassI'm from Toronto, Canada and would like to congratulate Q.O.S. for their fine performance in the second half of the season. I was in Dumfries for two weeks in April and May and had the pleasure of attending the Clyde game at Palmerston. Also I had a very pleasant chat with Norman Blount at the drug store in Nith place. Best of luck for next season.
18:05:99Derek BurnsDidn't get to Palmerston very much due to work commitments, but delighted to see us climb out of the relegation dogfight, well done to George & Ken. Also good luck to Jamie McAllister, It just shows you how Queen's youth policy puts bigger teams to shame.
17:05:99KenJust a note from a Jags fan to say Cheers for a good day out on the eighth. Palmerston's a good wee ground, but the attitude of the stewards and polis was cracking compared with what we had to put up the week before at Firhill - good boozers too, especially the Hole in the wa' and the Globe. See you next season for a promotion dogfight!?
15:05:99Richard IsaacsWell, the season is all over, and Queens finished fourth, quite an achievement considering the plight that seemed to be engulfing us just a couple of months back. Although I am disappointed that some players have left, especially Jamie and Alex, I feel that the managers should take great heart from the performance of their team during 1999 and instill the same sense of belief that the team have shown recently. It's just a shame the season ended when it did ... with our current form, we could have won the league by the middle of July !!!!
14:05:99John Crawfordoh god, it's just dawned on me - what am i going to do tomorrow ? it's cold turkey time as for once the replica strip and road atlas to rural scotland stays in the cupboard this weekend, and every weekend for the next few months. all there's left to do is reminisce and look ahead to next season. we're certainly in the news a lot at the moment with people saying lots of nice things about how we're such a nice club to deal with. very flattering but are we going to spend the rest of our existence being a feeder pool for the upper echelons of the scottish (and english) leagues or at some stage, do we start to keep hold of these players and try to go somewhere ourselves. if we're ever going to attract the "fir park 5000" on a regular basis, surely we've got to continue building and start keeping hold of our decent players. do we spend our saturdays in clackmannanshire and angus or do we fancy the odd trip to glasgow, dundee and edinburgh ?

i leave you with my top 3 highs and lows for 98-99

1. degsy's goal in livingston

2. charlie adams celebrating his first goal against stirling

3. david matheson's penalty save in methil (season's turning point)

1. the final 70 minutes of the second clyde away game

2. being in recreation park

3. losing half the team this week

13:05:99Sandy OrrIt's great to see all the good press coverage of Queens at the moment, especially as most of it centres on the success of the youth policy. I hope the good press continues into the new season, as surely it must encourage more people along to Palmerston. Supporters as well as scouts, I hasten to add!
12:05:99Martyn LewisWell done to the lads on a great end to the season - championship form!! I'm officially a Wrexham fan, but its a massive consolation when we lose, as usual, but Queens win, as usual.
11:05:99Sandy OrrIt is always nice to think of past heroes like Andy Thomson, and wish they were back, but with the current success of the youth policy, I am sure it won't be long before we produce another Super Andy. Anyway it scares me that Andy has been relegated 3 seasons in a row!
10:05:99Craig WindsorI agree with John Crawford, we should buy Andy Thomson back.
08:05:99Colin DouglasLooks like you were right about Jamie McAllister Sandy, heard on the terraces today that he's off to sign for a Premier League team on Monday.
02:05:99Walt AdamsonThe way that this season has been turned around has been a joy to watch and everyone involved should be congratulated. Can we not just start next season now? If this team can be kept together then surely, finally, (hopefully), we might have something to celebrate this time next year.
02:05:99Iain HillCongratulations to everybody on a great effort to stay in Division 2. Looked like a drop was on the cards, however the revival was pleasing to behold. Best wishes for next season.
30:04:99Sandy OrrCarried away about Jamie McAllister? He's one of the best young defenders in our Division! His performances over the last few months are one of the reasons that Queens' are all but safe. The coaches at Palmerston should be praised for producing a young player such as McAllister who has kept Jim Thomson out of the side after his suspension and before his injury. Mind you I hope big J T is fit enough to take Geordie's place on Saturday.
28:04:99Sheila AdamsonI am just as pleased as you are to see Queens playing better, but aren't you getting a bit carried away about Jamie McAllister? When he has improved the consistency of his passing, talk of under-21 caps won't seem so far fetched.
28:04:99John CrawfordOh dear, Smiler has had another of his rare "moments of madness" at completely the wrong time in Germany last night. the good thing is, they hopefully won't be queuing up at Palmerston to sign him so we're safe for next season. does anyone want to club in their pocket money and sign Andy Thomson back ?
28:04:99Ian RaffelI'd just like to echo the thoughts of Richard Isaacs. The run of games since that home defeat by Forfar has been magnificent. Let's hope we can stay up and then build on this. Promotion candidates next season? Well done also to CJ - being able to see match photographs on this site so soon provides excellent coverage.
21:04:99Richard IsaacsCongratulations to all the players and supporters for their superb run of six matches unbeaten over the past couple of months, any thoughts of relegation have been seriously relieved, if not completely expunged. I am desperately keen to get in touch with any QOS supporters based in the South of England. Have been a Queens supporter for nearly 20 years, and I would love to get in touch with any other 'mad fools' from this part of the world. Please get in touch with me at
20:04:99Sandy OrrCongratulations to David Mathieson on being named in the U21 National squad. On his form over the past few months, he surely must have a chance of playing.
19:04:99Pam ScottBig improvement in music at Palmerston this week(17:04:99) - Well done!!!
19:04:99Visser SikkeHad Sky tekst on last saturday, page 208 latest scores. Was nearly jumping to the sealing when it mensined that QOS had scored. Was not expecting a goal anymore, but it was an importend one to me.
19:04:99Walt AdamsonI'm sure that no one needs to tell the players how crucial these last three games are. But how about dropping the admission prices for the last two home games and getting a bumper crowd in to push the team on to safety. Playing the way they have recently, it might even encourage some of them to stay for the promotion push next year (hopefully).
17:04:99Colin DouglasHow come George Rowe gets booked for a handball when the ball played him and the referee was totally unsighted, yet Mr Superstar! Duncan Shearer can get away with a blatent attempt to had the ball into the net which would have been a second offence and an early bath?
17:04:99Sandy OrrMaybe after years of watching Queen's I have become cynical, but I feel once again this season that the referee has had an influence in the result of a match! After watching several teams this season adopt tactics which must have been learned from 'Football Italia', perhaps we would fare better by players dropping to the ground following every innoccous challenge, although only luck or poor refereeing can prevent penalties and the like been awarded to us. Anyway, weekly match official moan over, I thought Queen's were great and displayed a passion in the second half which will surely keep us safe this season, and have us challenging for promotion next season.
16:04:99John CrawfordDoes anyone want to start car sharing to home and away games from Glasgow?. It was a long and silent drive back from Forfar last week. Contact me by mailing me at
10:04:99Sandy OrrA disapointing performance from Queens today, but surely I'm not alone in thinking that we were very hard done to by the referee (George Clyde, who has already infuriated the Queen's support this season). We had at least 4 penalty claims in the first half alone, and one stonewaller in the second. Perhaps we should have stamped our authority on the game in the first half with the wind at our backs, but all good things come to an end! I hope the great support we took to Forfar continues for the rest of the season as we still need it.


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