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30:07:99Ewan LithgowTo Frank Karbstein, Andreas, Natasha & Nicole.

Best wishes for 1999/2000 season to Hamburg & Queens. Enjoyed meeting you all in Prague and hope to see you again soon.
30:07:99Kirk DobieAs I cannot get up to see many matches, does anyone video the games (that I could buy) or are the games going to be viewable over the net in future?
29:07:99Sandy OrrI'm off on my hols, so I'll miss the first 3 games, good luck Queens. If we play as well in the league as we did in Tuesday's friendly we have nothing to fear. I hope we sign Paul Harvey who had an excellent match.
22:07:99Ian RaffelIf anyone knows of any good football matchday programme sites which have old programmes for sale, could they please contact me at I've got my fingers crossed for the new season - good luck everyone!
14:07:99Barrie LittleDoes anyone know what time the friendly against Aberdeen kicks off? (I've just added it to the News page Barrie - 7.30pm kick off - Colin). I see Jamie McAllister received rave reviews for his performance against Montrose the other night. Also Degsy is only worth 450,000 in the Sun Dream Team competition!
14:07:99Sandy OrrHaving a look at the Dream Team comp in the Sun today, I noticed that a certain Motherwell midfielder by the name of Townsley is valued at 450,000! Is this a realistic value? I don't think so, but I wish Queen's could have received even half of that figure instead of letting him walk away under Bosman.
14:07:99Colin JohnstoneIn response to Paul , the rumour is incorrect, Queens have not signed the player, he is basically a young Portugese lad training at Palmerston for a few weeks. Also the website carries as much news as there is really, it's just that people think that there is more going on than there actually is.
13:07:99Paul PearsonThere is a rumour that Queens have signed a 19 year old player from Portugal. Is this true? If it is why is the club not informing the web site more of these exciting developments. Being a Queens fan is very frustrating as the amount of information which is circulated and released to the public is very scant. I think QoS could do a lot better on the PR front.
10:07:99Sandy OrrThe new Home Kit looks pretty impressive, does anyone know if it will be available to buy before the start of the season? I would love to be wearing it in Corfu while Queens are trouncing Arbroath (twice).
03:07:99Ian Hough In reply to Derek Connell, yes the Tin Man has rejoined Derby as a coach. He was recently included in the Ram's best ever eleven, not a bad feat when you consider some of the top class internationals that have played for them down the years. I was at the Tottenham game when he was "knobbled" by Pat Van Den Hauwe .... one of the worst challenges I have ever seen

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