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28th February 2000 GRAEME McNAY
I would just like to know what other people think about George Rowe playing, as far as I'm concerned he should drop himself. I don't know who we could bring on to replace him but he had a nightmare on Saturday.

I'm glad to see David Mathiesons back to his top form again as heaven knows what the score could have been on Saturday had he not. I have to say though i can not watch when the opposition get corners as we can't defend them to save ourselves.

When will we learn that 11 players are better than 10 as that was another pointless sending off on Saturday. Is that four in four matches now? I don't want to see the fine we're going to get from the SFA at the end of the season. Pity we don't get extra points for sending offs as we would be well clear at the top of the league!
28th February 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Robbie Feenie: Just to keep you up to date Derek Lilley's making his comeback for the Dons Under-21s against Hibs at Pittodrie on Monday night.
28th February 2000 DAVID MAIN
I was at Firhill on Saturday with my youngest son Alisdair (9), his first ever QOS game!

He will have to learn that if he has to be a true QOS fan he has to learn how to suffer, and as such Saturday was a fairly good introduction.

Some observations from one who only sees Queens occasionally (as I live in Edinburgh now).

I was disaappointed in the way Queens played, as they seem to rely on the long ball too much. Warren Clarke might have got some of them but Charlie Adams wasn't going to.

I thought Stevie Mallan did OK with the poor service he was getting.

The distribution from the back was appalling, especially from G Rowe Esq, not setting a good example. They gave the ball away numerous times, in some dangerous positions, though this could have been a confidence thing.

Very disappointed in Alan Preston, he didn't look like someone with Premier league experience.

I thought Hodge was OK, he seemed to know what to do going forward.

Didn't see the sending off incident (did anyone?), my best guess our man was at fault for petulance after having lost the ball needlessly.

Boyle and Dickson were OK when they were given ball to feet, maybe less good at winning the ball back.

Couldn't make my mind up about Duncan, a bit anonymous for someone his size.

Mathieson was magnificent, he looked unbeatable throughout.

Hamilton looked a useful outfit, I now feel Stenhousemuir are the target, but we need some three points soon ( and it would be nice to finish with eleven on the park)

Best wishes to all supporters, who once again gave the team great backing on Saturday.
27th February 2000 ALEX BOMPHRAY
What a bummer at Firhill today.Just as it looked like we were going to steal all the points Accies equalise with the last kick of the game(yes, I know it was a header).What a great performance by David Mathieson, after a slightly shaky start, but I thought the defence, on the whole, were shocking.They never seemed to be able to find a Queens man when they had possession,putting us right back in trouble again.If we don't buck up our ideas against Alloa in the next 2 games I reckon we're doomed, and as the eternal optimist, I find it strange to be saying this before the end of February.

Maybe Warren Hawke will make a difference and convert some of these lovely crosses that John Dickson was putting across.

I hope Queens aren't too down after today, but the fans certainly were.You could've heard a pin drop when that goal went in.

Hopefully Alloa will be knackered after all the games they've had recently. A repeat of last season's 8 goal thriller would do nicely.

Come on Queens, prove us all wrong and lets stay up.
27th February 2000 SANDY ORR
re Censorship. It's a pity that we are now going to have to watch what we are saying thanks to Park Gardens and friends, however I don't think that it should affect the message board too much, as many of the great debates have been around performances and going ons at Queens. I agree with Steve's point, but also see why Colin is having to do this. Perhaps if we want to direct criticsm at other teams / officials we must use the unofficial site that the Scottish Football bureacracy cannot touch.
27th February 2000 PAUL HAINING
When is Eadie going to go ?. Against Hamilton Caldwell should have been brought on 15 minutes from the end or even after the first corner which lead to Hamilton's equaliser. We have got to get somebody in with managerial experience who knows what he is doing and quickly.
26th February 2000 STEVE BAXTER
Is this the most emasculated site now on the Internet? What's all this about no criticism of players or officials of opposing teams? Do you mean to say that if a team of hatchet men kicked us off the park, or if an obviously blind referee had a nightmare match, it is not to be mentioned? Whatever happened to free speech? I thought one of the great freedoms brought by the Internet was the ability to escape from restrictions placed on people by organisations with a Goebbell's type mentality. As far as I can see this is the only site with a so called disclaimer from Scottish League. I object to losing the freedom to say that in my opinion a team or a referee has had a bad game. Long Live Queens and Freedom Of Speech!

Steve, whilst in the past I have published all messages submitted to the site, it has been pointed out by Bruce Wright, who is responsible for the programme, that certain things are not allowed on Official club media. Rather than the club fall foul of the SFA or Scottish League it was felt prudent to inform people that certain areas are no-go.

If it makes the Message Board sterile then it will die naturally, as it only survives if people are interested in what is being said enough to use it.

26th February 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
re Robbie Feenie's enquiry about David Lilley.

David is still recovering from knee ligament damage sustained in Aberdeen's 1-1 draw at St Johnstone on November 21st (live on Sky). According to Keith Burkinshaw, who I spoke to at the Ross County game on February 5th, he had restarted training and was due to get a run out in their Under 21 side shortly.
26th February 2000 SANDY ORR
re Robbie Feenie. Yes David Lilley is injured at Aberdeen, so wouldn't be much use for us!
25th February 2000 JAMIE WIRE
Not strictly a QoS point, but I want to reach an audience in the South West. I'm after a bang-up-to-date Southern Counties table - can anyone help?

And what are Queen of the South doing at the bottom of D2? Surely there is as much potential there for a big club as there is in Inverness, Peterhead or Elgin?
25th February 2000 GRAEME McNAY
Just a short note to say i hope everyone gets behind the team tomorrow, and we finally get the win we so desparetely need. If we don't win tomorrow,even me being the eternal optimist i am can see no way back for us.

Come on queens lets show Hamilton what we're made of!
24th February 2000 ROBBIE FEENIE
RE: Simon 'The Pink Panther' Millage

i stand corrected on the cream bunz front at Food Giant but 6 years on i am a fitness lepricorn , i can even levitate.

Unfortunately, for you i won the Bowls in Ragazzi's, i think the final score was 5 ends to your 2.

Loan: As Lilley is out of the picture just now at the Dons ( is he injured), could QoS not get him on loan till the seasons end ( like the ponyhaired divot at Rangers)
21st February 2000 JIM LEIGHTEN
I agree with Sandy Orr(did I say that) on Nesovic.

If his abillity was anywhere near this size of his ego he would have been a good player for us. After his injury he played enough games to be rewarded with a regular slot in the side but he was not good enough as he is now proving. He was a very lazy player who did not work for the team and thought he was better than the rest. One of the best decisions ever made was to get rid of him.

And no I Dont play in goals before you ask!!

Come on Queens lets start winning.
21st February 2000 STEVE BAXTER
Did anybody notice the manager of Motherwell saying in the News of the World on Sunday that Harvey cost 30,000 pounds to sign? Is the real reason that Mathieson is back in the team to enable us to sell him as soon as possible as one of our few remaining sellable assets? (a different class as Ewan would say)
19th February 2000 SANDY ORR
re Scott Carrick, I don't recall slagging your mate Simon, I only disagreed with his point of view, isn't this what the message page is all about? On Nesovic, I'll repeat what I have already pointed out. Where is he now? He is playing for a non-league English outfit, after not making the grade at Albion Rovers (bottom of Division 3). If he had gone on to better himself then I would agree, bring back Nesovic. However, he developed the attitude that he was bigger than Queens and that his place was guaranteed. Wrong! He went from being a talented attacking midfielder to a regular Friday night drunk on the town. Do we really want players at Palmerston that are not committed to the team and to football? If you become disillusioned then you try your hardest to prove your critics wrong. Nesovic didn't do this. We have a squad capable of getting us out of our current position, but they need the backing of the fans. As Firhill proved, the team responds positively to backing.
18th February 2000 JOHN JOHNSTONE
It would be nice to know how the various youth teams are doing - none of the results for this season have been entered on their page - surely it can't make any worse reading than those of the first team.

Does anyone know where the youth games coming up away to Hibs and Hearts will take place?

John, we can only print the Under 18's results as the other teams are development sides and the SFL rules for these age groups don't permit the publication of results or league tables etc. - CJ
18th February 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
Barrie Little
Regarding the Queens saltire sighted in Prague. I was a part of a group of QoS regulars who were there last summer with the flag (though it isn't mine). The other regulars in the group were Ross Corbett, Craig Wilson, Iain MacLeod and Alec Goodwin. The flag could also be seen at all the World Cup Finals matches in 1998 and at many an away qualifier before that. It was also at Teplice for the Under 21 game with the Czechs for which David Mathieson and Barry Nicholson were part of the squad.

As far as I am aware none of the group are going to Holland but at least some of us will be in Dublin and Zagreb this year (though probably not me!)

There were at least four groups including regular Queens fans in Prague, at least one of whom also had a flag so maybe it was them your friends saw.
18th February 2000 ANDY COWAN
Thanks for the advice.

I did actually know that as I had been to Firhill before, but as my Dad was paying, I wasnt all that bothered!!?!

I was just a bit upset at the attitude of the woman on the turnstile. But as you said what can you expect from someone from Maryhill!
18th February 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
RE. Sandy Orr
Not only did you slag of my mate Simon but you also give neso stick. Lighten up, he was pointing out that the current team is not good enough as can be seen every week. We always get behind the team but if we do not criticise, then mediocrity will become acceptable and the club will become a staging post in the carreer of journeymen footballers (and Mark weir). Anyway Alex Nesovic became dissilluisoned with Queens as any player would if they were stuck on the bench whilst weir rules the left wing and if you can name a current player better than him then you must view queens through rose tinted spectactles.

can you still buy the Queen of the south song, if so lets all buy it and get it on top of the pops.
18th February 2000 SCOTT CARRICK
Rowe and Eadie are nice guys, but the fact is they are terrible managers, we need someone who is experienced at this level as seen at Particks revival under lambie. Unfortunately at the moment we have a team fit to wear that shabby rag that passes for a blue shirt. Having read the "fireball" and the "panther" state their claims for the first team I've decided to dig the magic boots out the kitbag and surely its time for the return of Scot "the baby-faced assasin" Carrick.

Has Harrogate town played Gretna yet at Gretna, as i would rather watch the serbia super striker than the current QOS team.

Scott, have a look at the News page tonight for an update on Naz - CJ
17th February 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
re Kirk Dobie
It is most definitely ONE team relegated this season from Division Two to Division Three.
17th February 2000 COLIN LIND
Re:Kirk Dobie
There is only one team getting relegated this season and on the Partick display it will not be Queens.

They must maintain this standard in all the remaining games and they can't afford any more sending offs.You would have thought by now that George & Ken would have got this message across to the players.Does anyone know if next season the 2nd & 3rd divisions are going to be split into 2 regional groups and where Queens stand on this issue?

I heard at the weekend that man of many clubs Alex Nesovic is now playing for English non league side Witton Albion,- what a waste of talent. (Actually Naz is presently with Harrogate Town, see the News this Saturday as we will have a little bit of info on how Alex is getting on - CJ)
17th February 2000 BARRIE LITTLE
Can someone tell me why we persist with playing Charlie Adams as a winger? The lad only knows how to play as a striker and always looks lost if he has to play on the right or left wing.

Watching the Partick game with a Thistle fan and a St. Johnstone fan they were both extremely impressed with the size and noise of the travelling 'blue army'. They were also highly impressed with the work rate of the front two (let's hope that Hawke isn't suspended for too long)and with the Donegal Diamond and Sandy Hodge.

I hope as many fans return to Firhill to watch the Hamilton game as I'm sure we would easily outnumber the pitiful Accies support.

Kirk: I have been reliably informed previously that it is only one down this year, lets pray that QOS can sort themselves out and avoid disaster.

Anyone else planning on going to the Scotland:Holland game in April? My mates noticed the QOS Saltire hanging outside a bar in Prague last year so I hope to see it in Amsterdam/Arnhem!
16th February 2000 KIRK DOBIE
Could someone please confirm if it is 1 or 2 teams being relegated from Division 2 this season?
16th February 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Re: Andy Cowan

All you have to do at partick is go through the home supporters student gate and walk to the other side of the stand.
16th February 2000 GRAEME McNAY
re: Andy Cowan

Just to let you know my mates and I got into the away gate no problem at all on saturday, being charged student prices.

Admitingly, the woman on the gate did take the piss out of us but what can you expect from folk from Maryhill?

Another matter, how many players were actually in the pub before the game on Saturday? I'm not really bothered if they aren't playing on a match day, but i've lost count of the amount of times I've been to the Mount Sydney on a Friday night and someone has been in drinking and then turning out the next day. I'm not saying players shouldn't be socialising but the night before a match? Surely this should be left alcohol free, so they are at there peak the next day.

Slightly edited - CJ
16th February 2000 SANDY ORR
re Student gate at Thistle for home fans only. It is a disgrace if any Queens fans have been turned away from the student gate at Firhill, surely this is against the law? I remember not too long ago Clyde getting in to trouble for attempting to charge Thistle fans extra at Broadwood. Perhaps an official complaint should be made.
15th February 2000 WALT ADAMSON
Student Gates:

At the beginning of last season I wrote to the club to suggest introducing a student gate. I got a reply from Norman Blount saying that it would be suggested at the next board meeting and it would be likely that a student gate would be put in place. As we can see, this has never materialised.

In my time at University I have paid a student prices for Queens games at Partick, Clyde, Alloa, Morton, Arbroath, Stenhousemuir and East Fife (I don't know whether all of these teams advertise student prices, or if it was the turnstile operator feeling generous - but Partick, Clyde Morton and Arbroath certainly do).

As was previously written on the message board, with a University campus now in Dumfries, there is surely a bit of an untapped market out there in the town's student population, never mind people like me coming down from the central belt every other weekend (and I know that there's a few).

I'm at Glasgow University and I've got a number of friends who've started watching Partick while they've been here. If I remember right Partick do season tickets for about 60 to students. Perhaps Queens could try some kind of student reduction (say 5 in and cheaper season tickets) next season.

The support against my so-called 'home team' (as my shellsuited, Buckfast drinking Thistle mates would say) was fantastic. Even though we got beat it must spur the players on. Hopefully the fans can get behind them like that in the rest of the season's games. We're not dead yet.
15th February 2000 ANDY COWAN
re Graeme McNay

Just a quickie.

I was at the first Partick game of the season at Firhill and when I tried to go through the student gate for the away fans, I was refused a discount had to pay full price, even though I had my student card with me.

The reason? "That only applies to home fans."!?!?!? Frankly, I thought that was a disgrace, and an insult to any travelling fans, not just Queens, but especially considering the size of support Queens bring with them every time they visit.

I agree that Queens should look at some sort of student discounts, but I hope they show the same respect to the away fans and not ignore them as Partick do.
15th February 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
Jamie McAllister
I only watched the tv coverage of the League Cup semi but I too thought Jamie was probably the best player on the pitch. He never missed a tackle, frequently covered for his centre backs (necessary when one is Derek Whyte) and Dundee Utd were able to do absolutely nothing down the right all game. How Alan McInally could give the MoM to Andy Dow when he spent the latter part of the first half saying how disappointed he was in him is beyond me.

Partick Thistle Match
Like Ken Eadie, I too am still struggling to understand how we lost this match. It was one of the best matches I've seen in years and certainly our best performance since the first Ross County away match (another one we didn't win). There was hardly a failure in the team (a fact borne out by the high scores in the MoM voting) but I think David Mathieson would have to hold his hands up for goals 4 and 5 and Charlie Adams gave the ball away costing us the second goal and didn't close Lennon down early enough for the first. This too would seem to be reflected in the MoM voting.

This brings me on to the subject of the Mathieson versus Hillcoat debate. I think that John Hillcoat has done very well for us in relief of David this season. He's a fine shot stopper as his consistent MoM points have shown. However, Mathieson is in a different class. He's an under-21 international for goodness sake. If both are fully fit we have to use David. Unfortunately, he was bound to lack a little match sharpness in his first game back and maybe that is what was to blame for Thistle's fourth and fifth goals on Saturday but he will only get better. It's not as if Hillcoat is immune to similar errors. Both of Ross County's goals last week came from crosses he should have dealt with.

I thought the whole defence actually looked better with David in. He almost acts as a sweeper and the defence was able to play a little further up the pitch. I know this sounds crazy when we lost five goals but only one was really down to defensive slackness. The first was a clearance which dropped nicely to Lennon who hit it well but Charlie Adams really should've got to the ball first. The second actually came from our corner. Adams lost the ball on the edge of their box and they broke 2 against 1. The third was an unmarked back post header, definitely a defensive error and the fourth was a cross Mathieson should have caught no problem. The fifth was just a pot shot from outside the box and again must go down as a goalkeeping error as he got a full hand on it.

I have no real complaint at Warren Hawke's dismissal but it was a stupid one. The first booking was for kicking the ball away (right into the stand Warren, you really left the referee no choice!) and the second one was an unnecessary challenge albeit I'm fairly sure little actual contact was made. He's now out for the Hamilton game which is really part one of a two legged cup final and this is so much more costly than the two minutes he missed at Firhill as Mallan and he really looked a good pairing on the day.

Finally, regarding possible goals of the season. Boyle's goal was a superb strike but if his is to be considered then so should Allan Preston's. It was from even further out, though chipped and possibly wind assisted rather than driven. I would also suggest three other candidates :-

1 - Steven Leslie v Hearts - a fine passing move involving Harvey and Caldwell.
2 - Paul Harvey v Stirling Albion - a brilliant free-kick, in off both posts for the equaliser.
3 - Warren Hawke at Montrose - Superb back post header from a well flighted Adams cross.

Slightly edited - CJ
14th February 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Sandy Orr and John Crawford: Sorry lads I suppose I didn't make myself to clear. What I meant was that it seems when our players get frustrated they seem to kick out at the opposition.

P.S Sandy I was also at the semi on Sunday and I agree Jamie was easily my man of the match and I'm delighted that if he's not going to strut his stuff at Palmerston he's doing it at my home team. Infact on the Aberdeen web-site the fans feel he is worthy of a Scotland call up if he continues to play so well.
14th February 2000 PAUL HAINING
Whats going on at queens,its about time we got a new manager rather than the joint player/manager situation. Its not worked this season and it didin't work with Alexander and Shanks. What about Ivan Golac ?. In the second divison we are bigger than Arbroth,Stenny,Clyde,Hamilton,Stirling,Stranrar,Alloa and yet we are below all of them in the league. In the past 5 years a number of these teams have been in the First Divison so is it not time queens got sorted out and got out of this league (assuming we don't go down)
14th February 2000 GRAEME McNAY
I was at Partick on Saturday and noticed that they had a student gate priced at 5. Is it not time queens started doing the same as I know lots of students who like to go to the games but simply can't afford the 8 each week. Also as Dumfries now has a campus it could attract more supporters.
14th February 2000 GARY McEWAN
As one who was frozen to the core on Saturday I would like to comment on the fantastic support given to the team. In appalling conditions the fans got behind the team right from the start and the singing continued throughout the whole match. Despite losing the players received a standing ovation at fulltime, leaving the field to "we love you Queens"

I'm sure the players must feel gutted at losing after such a commited,positive performance but hopefully they'll take encouragement from the upbeat attitude of the fans and get us out of this relegation quagmire. There is a lot of people who care about Queens, as evidenced on Saturday, and hopefully the level and quality of support seen on Saturday can be maintained and even improved upon for the remainder of the season...Come On You Queens

PS Boyle's goal must surely be a strong contender for goal of the season
14th February 2000 JOHN CRAWFORD
just thought you'd all like to know that the thistle fans who surround me at work are all astonished by the fact that we're bottom of the league. surely if we show that kind of endeavour every game from now on, we're still in with a chance of staying up. they're also amazed by the size and noise of the away support. let's have this again at the hamilton game and start making up some ground.

ps - neil, i don't quite know what you're talking about sandy orr kicking out at opposition fans. complete fiction, i should know as i sat beside him. let's not start the personal slagging match again on the web site.
14th February 2000 SANDY ORR
re Simon Millage. I agree with you that there is nothing worse than the heckling from the stand, it is strange that most of the abuse to our own players and management comes from the stand at Palmerston. Is it some kind of status thing? Obviously the large majority of these so called fans don't travel to away games, where the Queens support always excels itself.

It was great to see the players acknowledge the fans on Saturday, despite the defeat, it is the most exciting Queens game I have witnessed in a while.

re Neil Creighton. Of course we are all sometimes capable of letting our frustrations spill out towards the players, my point was that it doesn't help matters, especially some of the nonsense that has been spewing from the mouths of some supporters at Palmerston recently. I don't quite get were you are coming from on the "kicking out at opposing fans", with the exception of the bigoted old firm, I haven't really witnessed this from any other clubs in Scotland, except in the tongue in the cheek way that we all slag fans of other teams. I think that to support Queens, you definitely need to have a sense of humour, it is often all we have got to get us through the tough times.

I was at the League Cup semi yesterday, and I have to say that Jamie McAllister was the best player on the park. It wasn't the best game I have ever seen, but it is great to see a former Queens player proving that good football does come out of Dumfries.
14th February 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Steve Baxer: He was dropped he was in the pub with the Queens fans before the game.
13th February 2000 STEVE BAXTER
A question - was Hillcoat injured for Saturday's match or was he dropped? I hope he wasn't dropped because I fear all it will have done is create two unhappy players instead of one, and we'll end up with neither player next season in Division 3.

We must appoint a new manager for next season now, accept our relegation fate if its coming, and let a new man, preferably not a player/manager, pick the players he wants for next season, and not leave him with this season's failures.
12th February 2000 NEIL CREIGHTON
Sandy Orr: Fans are only human and are bound to get frustrated. At least we don't show our frustration by kicking out at opposing fans.

Fraser Skimming: Did I not see a brand name on the strips we wore against Livvy ( I missed the game in Dingwall so I'm not sure if we had it then )
11th February 2000 SANDY ORR
Euan, my point wasn't that the team has received poor support this season (7-0 down in the cup and still singing!), but that getting on the players backs won't help the cause. If anything, it can have a more negative effect, as performances will get even worse. I think I made a fair point and doubt that I have insulted anyone. I am one of those weary travellers that endured the trip to Dingwall, I don't just go for the football when I watch Queens, I go for the banter in the pub and at the game with friends and fellow Queens fans. That is what watching football is about!
11th February 2000 FRASER SKIMMING
To Euan Harrison. Listen mate! If your forking out loads of money then maybe you should get a better job or call it a day!

Queens are in the same situation as 20 years ago. Probably better. Find the plus points and enjoy it!

Talking of strips which I mentioned about a week ago I still want a 70's bukta top.

Anyway I have the ' say no to drugs ' top which is a complete embarassment but very unique.

The cost of a new kit is ridiculous anyway. Who makes it?

It's about time we had had a rercognised make!

Slightly edited - CJ
11th February 2000 SIMON 'THE PANTHER' MILLAGE
Re: The Fireball, Your memories of school seem obscured by thter amount of cream cakes you must have eaten at your time behind the food giant bakery. I also remember our last encouter, a fantasy sports day at regazzi's where i was the victor.

I challenge anyone of the queens team to a fitness test and bet a weeks wages that none of them could beat me.

Re: Sandy Orr, I get behind the team every week and hate the heckling from the stands. I see my critisism on this site as constructive, and a good way of sharing my veiws without disrupting the weekend performances.

Also i would like to add my views to worst strip of all time. I believe the present strip is crap and i personally am refusing to shell out on it, i know a few others who have also not bothered buying it this year as it is worse than most of the sunday league teams. It would be intersting to see an estimated loss of revenue because of the poor design.

On the flip side i reckon that the fiat strip was a cracker, and even last seasons was one of the better ones.

Come on the queens
10th February 2000 EUAN HARRISON
I dont know if i speak for any other Queens fan when i say this but i feel it is very,very unfair to say anything bad about the support the players have recieved this season. As we all fork out piles of money to travel and watch what has been one of the worst teams to wear a Queens strip in many years. I have given up on trying to find someone to blame and I have no constructive suggestions to make. The one thing that really gets to me is people insulting the supporters that travel be it players, officials and other supporters. The problem does not lie with us but on the park on Saturday afternoon.
9th February 2000 SANDY ORR
Simon Millage: of course when you make your debut as a Queens player (and no doubt you are so good that your place in the team is assured) you will obviously expect the backing of the Queen's support. The same backing that you do not appear to be giving the team at the moment! It's easy to stand on the terracing and think that you can do so much better, actually doing it is a different matter.

Now, more than ever I think we need to get right behind the team, and try to give the players the lift they need to get us back on course.

My vote for best Queen's top is the same sripey top that I have already praised from the 75th anniversery season. However, I must say the home top from the same season must be amongst one of our worst! Can anyone remind me of a worse one?
9th February 2000 COLIN LIND
Queens are not dead & buried yet,although 6points behind Stenhousemuir and 7 behind Hamilton,it is still possible to escape relegation.It is up to the players,who have been well supported by the fans,especially the away support.Surely the thought of playing in the Third Division next season should be enough to spur them on. I read in the paper today that the Second and Third Division teams were considering splitting into regions next season. Can anyone confirm this? It would avoid travel costs to the Highlands and Angus.If change did come about it would of course mean that Queens would not be relegated.
8th February 2000 ALEX WILSON
Thank God somebody has finally come up officially with a suggestion I have been supporting for years, namely it's about time the 2nd and 3rd Divisions were scrapped and reformed into Regional Leagues, especially now that Elgin and Peterhead have been voted into the setup. I think it's crazy the amount of travelling we're expected to do, what with the weather problems in the winter not to mention the cost of travelling to these games. Here's hoping the Queens support this idea and keep plugging away at the idea. I also think it would encourage players to join Queens if they knew that the amount of travel in a season would be dramatically cut down.
8th February 2000 FRASER SKIMMING
It amuses me to see all the moaning about the team.

As long as the team is in existance that will do me ! As far as fans playing for the team. Ha Ha Get Real
8th February 2000 ROBBIE 'FIREBALL' FEENIE
I would like to down Simon Millages flames as a Winger for the Queens. He proved inadequate at St Joe's when i was a lad and I feel he should leave playing the game to real men like myself. See tomorrow's Standard for a report on 'Fireball' netting a wonder strike for Bellevue Rovers!
8th February 2000 EWAN LITHGOW
David Hiddleston - re your query about Townsley and Thomson (No "p" in it)

Derek Townsley left the club under the Bosman ruling as he was out of contract. We got no money for him.

Andy Thomson left for Southend nearly six years ago. The fee we got (which according to the Sunday Post this week is still the second biggest fee paid for a second division player behind Paul Hartley - Hamilton to Millwall) has long since been swallowed in the runing of the club in the intervening time. An element of it certainly went towards building the new East Stand.
7th February 2000 SIMON MILLAGE
Re: Sandy Orr

I would be more than willing to play for queens, i believe that my fitness would be a warm welcome to the team, which looks like they have done no training since their winning spree at the end of last season. Perhaps my presence on the wing would provide a link for the defence to feed the forwards with some oppertunities. I certainly know i would do better than anything mark weir could offer and he has played enough games.
7th February 2000 JON GALLAGHER
after the livvy game i thought to myself why the hell did i travel all the way from ireland for such a disgrace something has to be done very shortly or it will be 3rd division next season.can anyone tell me how the ross game went
7th February 2000 DAVID HIDDLESTON
Bring Back the 70's before I joined the Army I have been away for 21 years now,

Prior to joining up I used to travel all over the country to see Queens, but what has happened to them lately,

I even travelled up from Chatham to see them play Falkirk at Motherwell in the cup, it was great to see that the DieHards were still around.

It is ironic that last weekend Queens got beat 7-0 at home, and 2 ex Queens players scored for other teams name Derek Townsley for Motherwell & Andy Thompson for Gillingham. Who replaced either of them & what happened to the money you got fot them. There is one bonus for being stationed in Chatham & that is that I can see Andy Thompson doing what he does best (Scoring Goals) week in week out.


The people of Dumfries are good folk & deserve MUCH BETTER.
6th February 2000 IAIN HILL
When I attended Dumfries Academy, all those years ago, they taught us that 11 was a larger number than 10 (or less. Just how long will it take this current squad to get that message.

It is hard to win matches with one hand tied behind your back.

Our disciplinary record makes for sorry reading, which is all I can do from 12,000 miles away.

The quoted attendance at the Ross County game was 2018. With the drop to Division 3 (where crowds average around 350) almost a formality, the Club accountant will be in for a few sleepless nights. Not to mention their employees - the players.

It is time some players improved their self control and at least went to Division 3 with dignity.

One consolation will be that the scenery in the Highlands is quite attractive!

Hope springs eternal but the Internet makes depressing reading on most Sunday Mornings.

Still, best wishes from the Land of the Long White Shroud.
4th February 2000 FRASER SKIMMING



4th February 2000 GORDON ORR
Now is the time to be positive and look forward. What happend against Livingston last Saturday has happend, and I think we can take comfort from the fact that at the moment Livingston are probably in the top 8 or 9 teams in Scotland with the players and the depth of pool that they have, and we played most of the game with ten men. Anyway Ross County should be a slightly easier proposition especially if we can keep eleven players on the Park. I think now is also the right time for Queens to go out and get another good First Division Player, preferably a Playmaker. I think our midfield is simply NOT good enough. I'm sick of watching Mark Cleeland waste our play. Last season he was carried with better players around him. John Dickson is alright but nothing better, he probably found his niche in the third division, which at the moment is where I fear Queens may end up unless we can bring in a player or two quickly. Is it not time that both Bryan Caldwell and Mark Weir should be given a run out in the first team and on from the start. They are surely as good if not better than what is playing at the moment.
4th February 2000 HENRY GREEN
I hear from a reliable source that your old boy Andy Thomson is wanted by Fulham.

Watch this space
3rd February 2000ALEX CAMPBELL
Sandy Orr

You are right that is Torquay Utd's kit and you are very welcome to see The Gulls or was it Helen you were more interested in?

Come on Doonhamers forget about the cup hicup and get moving up the league.
3rd February 2000GRAEME McFADDEN

I didn't realise this web sight existed!! I am so pleased I have found it, I can now keep up with Queens, apart from the usual 12 words in the Sunday Mail!!

I just want to say to number one Queens fan Pengi Corbett that the man from del monte says no by the way. Hi to all other Queens fans who know me!!

3rd February 2000NEIL CREIGHTON

After reader last week how strongly Sandy Orr and John Crawford disagreed with my views on George Rowe I decided to clear my mind and give him a chance on Saturday. His performance, albiet this was the case for most players, was abysmal. His leadership qualities were poor, for goal seven he was caught out by a playground trick that usually doesn't work as well as his clearences were short and half-harted. In general he didn't look like a man playing for the shirt ( obviously because he's not ). I then decided to put myself through the torture of watching the high-lights that showed he was caught out of possision or without his man for at leat 3 or 4 of the goals. I am sticking to my guns and saying that it is time for him to find a replacement (Sandy Orr I have nobody in mind) and concentrate on his coaching role where I feel he still has a lot to offer the club. Unfortunately I will be unable to make on Saturday so Geordie will probably have the game of his life, I hope so, and bring three valuable points back to Palmerston.

P.S Fraser Skimming I would also love the oppertunity to go on Soccer A.M, but not on the same day Queens are playing. It is probably too late to get on the show on February 19th so once our season is over on May 13th would be the best option. Any one of you can have Helen as long as I get the soccerete:o)
2nd February 2000PAUL HAINING
What happend on saturday was a total disaster. We were out played and out classed and it didn't help that we had our captain sent off for yet again something stupid. It must be time now that we get our act together and start to climb up the table,also lets start to hear more noise at home games rather than our 15 seconds " come on you queens " every now and again.
2nd February 2000SANDY ORR
re Simon Millage. Your criticsm of the team is hardly constructive is it? I very much doubt a Queen's supporters team would do any better. If there are any supporters out there that are better than the players we have, why haven't you offered your services?

On Nesovic, where is he now? He couldn't make it at Albion Rovers! I think you refer to the Nesovic who first arrived at Palmerston, and not the one that went off the rails.

re Soccer Am. As far as I'm aware, Sky covers expenses. Also, does the English season not last slightly longer than ours? I would be reluctant to miss Queen's, but I would be prepared to go along and watch Torquay with Ms Chamberlain! I remember Torquay's strip being the same as our cracking anniversary away top (remember? yellow and blue stripes with a white pin stripe) so we can always pretend!
1st February 2000SIMON MILLAGE
I think that a queens supporters team would beat the 1st team at the moment. The only way queens are going to stay up is if they forget about the start of the season and start again, with the vigour and determination that they showed at the end of last season.

Nesovic would have scored 8 on saturday if he was playing. Bring back king Neso.

(Small part omitted - CJ)
1st February 2000DAVID ROULSTON

I travelled up from the North East of England on Saturday in the hope of seeing some of the cup heroics of yesteryears together with a couple of red hot Newcastle supporters.

I felt (sadly) that Queens performance was lamentable and their summary on events was that they were suprised by the enormous gulf between the standard of Scottish first and second division football.

Unfortunately I was dreaming of the season in the seventies when we disposed of St Johnstone and Ayr United (who could forget Peter Dickson's hatrick and Alan Ball's penalty save in the first game in Ayr) before falling to the might of Rangers.

Sorry for the digression - I will continue to support Queens from afar and hope to get up a little later in the season to see a massive improvement in form and confidence.

Andy Thompson attracts rave reviews down here in England - I hope that with his manager Peter Taylor's ecouragement that he can fulfil some of his potential (in dreamworld Queens could have bought him back for a mere 25k).
1st February 2000JAMIE PENDRIGH
As a Livi fan I'm not here to gloat, that would be too easy. As a friend of the famous Sandy Orr I have been a fairly regular visitor to Palmerston and have seen Queens play quite a lot when Livi's games have been off. I think you have a team that is nothing like as bad as results and league position would make an outsider believe. In fact for the first ten minutes on Saturday I thought the game was going to be a real tough nut to crack.

Livi then got a one in front and a moment of stupidity from your player turned the game and your players lost all fight. That is your only problem I think - confidence. I saw the same against Stenny (I WAS there!). 3-0 up and cruising then Stenny get one back and It's backs to the wall. Queens are NOT a bad side and things will turn round. I hope Queens do turn it round and get promoted next year as I along with many Livi fans really enjoy coming to Dumfries as one of the best away grounds as I am sure Sandy Orr will be able to confirm.
1st February 2000LEZ COUPLAND
Greetings from a very hot Mexico !

What happened last Saturday ? Are Queens still an ambitous club or what ? Reading about the likes of Ross County, Caley Thistle, Peterhead and Elgin City really worries me. Surely a club from Dumfries with the surrounding area should be as big as Kilmarnock and Motherwell. I would love to know what the future plans are and if they are trying to recover from the terrible Harkness years.

Don't worry, I will still be keeping an eye on the Queens even although I am 8,000 miles away from home.

Good luck with the web site and tell my cousin Pam Davers that I was asking for her.
1st February 2000EWAN LITHGOW
re Soccer AM
Great idea but there a couple of obvious problems with it. One is that it's a long way away. Does anyone know if the programme pays the fans costs to travel down. Most of the other teams go on when their team is playing in London anyway. The other is that, apart from the Scottish Cup 4th Round date, which is presumably too soon, we have a game every Saturday in the season so going to London would mean missing the QoS game. Aberdeen fans were on when their team were playing on the Sunday and I haven't seen any other Scottish team represented but I don't see it every week.

re Marc Cleeland
I think Marc Cleeland gets a lot of undeserved criticism. He gets through a phenomenal amount of work in a game