Here is a quiz that should tax your brains for a few hours, it was handed to us by Queens fan Mark Seaton, all you have to do is fill in the blanks with the names of English and Scottish Football Teams (no two words are the same). To print it out just press the print button on your browser, we will publish the answers that Mark and his friends came up with later in the week.

It's not as complicated as it sounds.

The sun shone ________(8) the day that we set sail for the ______(6) in a ship with a ____(4) riddled with holes. As we sailed down the river which _____(5) to the sea, we waved to the fair maid leaning against the old ________(8).

The _____(5) was made of Scots, Irish and others of the ______(6) race. The exception was the cabin boy named _____(5) whose job it was to _____(5) the boilers. He was illiterate but won our ______(6) with his ________(8) efforts to improve his _______(7). He was sent to ________(8) by the other villains who had brought their _______(7) of weapons on board. They were a rowdy bunch and after a drinking session, they did infact _______(7) furniture.

The voyage made my __________(10). She had not had a holiday ______(6) too long. The ___(3) did her _______(7) lot of good.

We landed ______(6) in the day on the ________(8) of the island below the hills where the natives ____(4) their dead. We crossed a _________(9) and entered a dense ______(6) where the ______(6) roamed freely. We _______(7) regardless and eventually met a group of game _______(7) dressed in _______(7) green. After a day's journey we caught dark fish in a _________(9) and tried unsuccessfully to get milk from a herd of wild cows. They did not like getting their ____________(12).

At last we came to our destination, the home of Hawaii's monarch, the _____ __ ___ _____(5,2,3,5). She greeted us with a friendly _____(5) but was very upset as her _________(9) had been smashed when the _______(7) fell down. While her new ______(6) was being built, she was forced to live in a sumptuous _____(5). When we found the treasure we put the _____(5) the ship, determined to put it in the _______(7) building society when we arrived home.

That night we had ______(6) cake, _______(7) buns and some ______(6) which made us all ill!!!