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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH 0 : 0 BRECHIN CITY 13th August 2005
Rating: 6.63
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S1 - 68
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S2 - 74
Rating: 5.39
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Name or IFC No.
Our No.1 central defence was restored to the starting eleven today with the result being a clean sheet - worryingly though was that we also had our No.1 strike force out and managed to also record a blank in the goals for column. Brian McColligan started today alongside Stuart Lovell with Bowser preferred on the left hand side of midfield, Willie Gibson being given a seat on the bench.

Queens went on to control 95% of the game but failed to convert the many chances that they made and in the end two late chances for Brechin that should have been converted but were passed up allowed Queens to pick up their first point of the season and move them off the bottom spot.

Synchronised attacking from Paton and Lyle
Queens controlled the match from beginning to end but failed to capitalise on their dominance. The lack of an understanding between the hard working David McNiven and Derek Lyle must be of concern as McNiven looks for the ball whilst Lyle waits for the ball. The only real chance in the opening twenty minutes was when Tommy English used his rarely utilised but never the less lethal striking power to send in an effort that Nelson had to tip over the bar for a Queens corner.

Nelson tips over English's long range effort
To be fair Lyle did have the best chances but spurned both as in the first half he struck an effort when clean in on goal that bobbled as he swung at it early and in the second a Nelson tip over the bar was necessary as the striker finally made some space for himself and struck a superb shot toward goal.

Steve Bowey was hard-working all afternoon and was unlucky to see Nelson's head save a goal as both challenged for a ball just before half time - keeper Nelson having little or no knowledge of the save. Then Lyle saw the ball strike him and head for goal but Gary Bollan managed to clear the ball off the line - any more positive contact and the scoring would have been opened.

Bollan hooks away the Lyle effort
The second half was more disappointing than the first as Queens seemed to run out of ideas although what looked like a pass back to 99.9% of those present in the ground was waived away by the referee.

McLaughlin claims for a pass back
With Queens desperate for a victory they pressed forward for the closing minutes, however they were almost caught by two efforts, both falling to Alex Burns, one in particular when he was presented with a header one on one with Richie Barnard but could only head back into the big 'keepers hands from six yards.

In summary Queens should and could have won this match comfortably, however the frontline has some serious issues to resolve, maybe John O'Neill when fit will be the answer but it was clear to all today that the two players selected today don't look like they have any sort of understanding between them at all.

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