Scottish Cup News 2007/08

All of the news items for the Scottish Cup semi-final will be reproduced here as well as on the main news page.

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DVD News 7th May 2008

Queen of the South are delighted to be offering their fans the opportunity to relive one of the finest moments in the club's history. Released Friday the 9th May, the Hampden Heroes DVD features the club's recent 4-3 win over Aberdeen in the Semi-Final of the Scottish Cup.

Chairman David Rae said "It's not only the greatest game of football that Queens have ever been involved in, but it's one of the most entertaining games I've ever seen. It was a fairytale of a game for Queens fans, and this fairytale has a happy ending!"

The DVD, produced in association with local company Domino Entertainments, is the club's first venture into DVD and only the second into visual media - the first being the Doonhamer's Day Out VHS featuring the build up to the Challenge Cup Final match against Falkirk in 1997. That was a smash hit with fans, and Hampden Heroes looks set to follow in it's success. Business Development Manager James Rutherford said "I've been working on developing the club's media output, and to be able to have a game like this as the first venture is fantastic."

The DVD features the full match, highlights and some unseen extras from the players and coaches. It is available at just 12.99, and can be purchased directly from Palmerston by phone or in person, as well as from Domino entertainments on the Whitesands. Why not pick up a copy whilst purchasing your tickets for the next big day at Hampden - here's hoping the club will be producing another victorious DVD for that game.

Jamie Rutherford
Hampden Heroes 28th April 2008
Make sure you get your copy of 'Hampden Heroes', the official DVD of the club's historic Scottish Cup Semi-Final victory over Aberdeen.

For only 12.99, the DVD features the historic game and highlights, as well as some unseen extras of the victorious Doonhamers.

Numbers are limited, so pre-order your copy now to avoid dissapointment.

Call 01387 254853 and ask to pre-order your copy of the Hampden Heroes DVD.

The club will accept payment over the phone as well as pre-orders paid in person.

Jamie Rutherford
Do not buy! 16th April 2008
It has been brought to our attention that there are some unofficial copies of photographs from the semi-final tie being sold on Ebay at the moment. We have requested Ebay and the seller to remove the listings but would also urge any fans thinking of buying these items not to. The quality of the prints will be very poor as the photographs were optimised for web use and not for printing. Queen of the South FC will not benefit in any way if you purchase these. Please do however feel free to download any of the photo's from the website for your own personal use, i.e. not for selling on.
Best wishes from Tommy Bryce! 15th April 2008
Stopped celebrating yet?? I was up at the game on Saturday. Fantastic result and well deserved. Tell big Jimmy and Andy congratulations from me and also tell the board as well. I spoke to Dick Shaw at the game and said the same. Don't know if I'll make the final as we may have a game that day. Fortunately on Saturday we had no game. If we don't then I'll definetely be there. Anyway good luck in the final and there's no reason why you can't win it regardless of who you play.



Colin Rutherford
More well wishers 15th April 2008
Former Queens player and 'gaffer' Mike Jackson called today to pass on his best wishes to everyone invloved at Palmerston. Having lived within walking distance of Hampden all of his life, he advised that he was 'chuffed' to see a procession of coaches full of Queens fans driving past his home on Saturday. He said that in his wildest dreams he never thought he would see Queens reach the final of the Scottish Cup and that he is delighted for Chis, the Chairman and all of the people of Dumfries that we made it.

Billy McLaren - another former player and manager of the club - was travelling to Europe on a scouting mission for Rangers over the weekend and he also took the time to call and express his delight at the team's achievements.

Both Mike and Billy remain 'Queens men' and keep the club close to their hearts. Both also hope to be in attendance at Hampden at the end of May.

Colin Rutherford
Congratulations 15th April 2008
Hi there,

I just wanted to add my congratulations to everyone at QOS for the magical performance on Saturday against Aberdeen. I have been a long-standing QOS supporter, originally from Southampton but now living in Lancashire (I am on the internet fan club list, number 170).

I was at a meeting in London all day on Saturday, so couldn't make the game but I managed to get on the internet and follow the game via the BBC website. As the goals rained in, my concentration left the meeting as I was transfixed on the events unfolding in front of me on the screen. I was as nervous watching us cling on at the end as the thousands of fans at Hampden were it was nerve racking stuff! As the text commentary quoted at one point "it was manic!!!".

I will be making every effort to make it on May 24 nothing will stand in my way, I hope! While "your hame team's your ain team" doesn't quite count for me I am as proud a Doonhamer as anyone!

All the best
Border TV 15th April 2008
Had a surprise call from Border TV yesterday to say that they'd acquired the Scottish Cup for the day and were coming along to Palmerston for a live broadcast. They arrived at 5 pm, complete with trophy, but asked if we could get some Queens' fans along to add a bit of colour to the proceedings.

Well, there was only two punters and the barmaid in the Lounge, so it was suggested she phone a few friends and fans. They in turn then phoned their friends and come the time of the live broadcast we had about 50 there all dressed up in their Queens' strips.

All turned out great, so well done to everyone and many thanks.

PS BBC TV were also there at the same time to do their football summary live. How good it is to be famous for a change.

Bill Goldie
The thoughts of a Physio 14th April 2008
We've all heard of Chairman Mao and his 'Little Red Book' but tonight we air the thoughts of Physio Kerso. Says John, " I've searched every page of the dictionary to find the words to describe how we all felt at the final whistle on Saturday. Elation - Naw! In Heaven - Naw! Unbelievable - Naw! All I can say is--multiply those words by one million and you will come close to how everyone connected to Queens felt at 2.05 pm at Hampden.

"The build up starting from the police out-riders taking the team bus to the National Stadium to Friday night chatting excitedly and looking at the Directors all with that look of hope and expectancy in our voices and our hearts.

"To the game itself and what an occasion--10,000 Queens' fans in great voice for the duration of the game and for 30 minutes afterwards. It was surreal--but as the gaffer always preaches at training every day and in every game, we can achieve so much with belief and hard work.

"A special mention must go to our new super sub. As I looked around the subs bench there they were, Grindlay, O'Neill, Paton, Stewart and Gilmour. Oh! and a new ace--Bill Goldie--yes the one and only QOS Press Officer. I'm just glad we didn't have to put Bill on as I don't think the old legs would have lasted a prolonged spell on the energy sapping Hampden turf.

"As usual, after the game 'Sweet Caroline' was bellowing out of the sound system in the dressing room. We should record this as our Cup Final Anthem. Yes, I know it sounds like a movie or a dream so I'll repeat it--Our Cup Final Anthem.

"And can I just say a special mention to my sister Trish and her husband Chris Parry along with her son Steve who also watched the game, in Johny's Bar in Limassol, Cyprus. They started at 11.00 am sitting in the pub with their Queens' flag, scarfs and Chris resplendent in the Queens SFA Cup Semi Final top raring to go.

"As kick-off time approached and with the whole pub singing and cheering on the Super Queens, every Queens' goal was being as loudly cheered as the previous one. At the end of the match the Pub's name had being changed to 'The Doonhamer's Bar'. So any Queens' fans in Limassol look out for it with its Queens' connections.

"I am still pinching myself and probably will all the way to May 24th, the Scottish Cup Final, Queen of the South v .................. who cares!!!! Bring them on!!!! And who knows, dare we say it ............. Rangers and European Football......................... C'Mon you Queens !!

"Whatever it brings, we are ready!!!!!!


PS This is a message for Molly. Molly wanted to beat cancer and to see Queens reach the Scottish Cup Final. So, come on Molly, your seat is waiting for you at the Final.

Match highlights from the stands 14th April 2008
The match report has now been updated with the highlights from David Gow. Check the 'Latest Report' page and scroll down to the bottom of the page.
Poignant letter 14th April 2008
First of all let me congratulate your team on their fabulous win yesterday at Hampden.

My dad was a former player for Queen of the South and I think he joined the club around 1950/51 - not sure if he was in the team that played at Hampden 58 years ago.

However, this weekend (13th April) is the 3rd anniversary of my dad's death and I thought it was going to be yet another sad one but with your teams result I was very excited to visit my dad's grave and give him this fantastic news on his old team. This is the first time I have found myself smiling instead of crying, thank you.

He would have been very proud.

Kindest regards

Hazel Campbell (nee Greenock)
[Jimmy Greenock] [Jimmy Greenock]
Jimmy, centre, with his brother and nephew, Lindsay, right on a visit to Palmerston in April 2000. Jimmy in action.
Cup DVD 14th April 2008
The club will be producing a DVD of the Scottish Cup Semi-Final - the first in it's history - to mark this momentous cup occasion and so everyone has a memento of a Saturday which will become legend.

The editing and manufacture process can be laborious, but hopefully it will be available soon. Watch this space for updates.

Please help support the club by not purchasing any bootleg or pirate copies of the match. It is, of course, illegal and not only does it steal from your club, but also from anyone purchasing - as the quality and production will be extremely poor.

Watch this space for more special items and services which will be available to all our supporters, to mark our first Scottish Cup Final appearance.

Jamie Rutherford
Convert 14th April 2008
I'm sure I'm not the first to offer my sincerest of congratulations - and hopefully I won't be the last within the context of this amazing story.

Suffice to say that as a Middlesbrough season ticket holder - and a football fan of 34 years, I can honestly say I have never witnessed a game like that I was privileged to be present at, at Hampden on Saturday. Privileged too to be part of the clubs' - and Dumfries' - historic achievement, for indeed, this is a fairytale story for me too.

I visited Palmerston for the first time back in November as part of my football education. For years fans in England are fed a diet of football from the insular world of Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea by the national media. Middlesbrough will always be my team, as any loyal fan would understand. Yet we have been a Premier League team for 10 years now and have little - if any - realistic hope of winning the competition. True football fans such as me yearn for something different so I set off in search of the lost soul of football.

Five months on my faith in the game I've devoted my whole life to, is being fully restored - and it's all down to Queen of the South.

For years just a quirky name on the 'World of Sport' vidi-printer, and of whom few even knew where the club play, Queens' have become as important a part in my football world as the day my Boro won their first trophy after 128 years in beating Bolton Wanderers 2-1 in the League Cup Final four years ago in Cardiff. I will now speak of Queens - and of Dumfries - in the same football breath as Steaua Bucharest, AS Roma, FC Basel and of an unforgettable night in the UEFA Cup Final in Eindhoven against Sevilla - all truly memorable experiences I treasure - for good and bad.

Queens' Cup story is up there with those nights for sure. More-so for the fact that unwittingly, on that dark November day, the re-habilitaion process began as Queens were rightly turned over 3-1 by Morton. At the final whistle that day, as I scurried around an empty floodlit Palmerston taking pictures of a visit I never for a moment thought I would make again, Saturday's events at Hampden seemed as far away as they ever could have been. Trust me, as a Middlesbrough supporter I know this only too well. I managed a quick word with a waiting and angry Gordon Chisholm as he waited by the tunnel for the press. He had sent his team out with clear instructions for the second half with the game delicately poised at 1 a-piece. He was clearly upset that his team had gone on to blatantly ignore everything he had said at half-time and 2 late second-half Morton goals sent Queens uncomfortably near to the Division 1 basement.

I promised myself I would follow this league from this point - and Queens progress too. I had enjoyed a fantastic day at Palmerston and met some real football people with real football stories. For them, I am thrilled their Queens' are deservedly Dumfries heroes who now stand within a whisker of immortality. Never in a million years, over a pint in the Supporters' Club Bar before the game, did I imagine my own Queen's experience would mirror - in a snapshot - that of the clubs, and that I would have my own Queen's story to tell.

I would love to be able to say I will return to Hampden for the Final to finish the job I started that dark, depressing November day last year against Morton. Sadly I am unable to do so as I will be mid-air on my way to visiting my Sister and Brother-in-Law in Houston, Texas. Rest assured, my heart will be with you all on May 24th and I have made arrangements already for my hosts to have the game available to watch on my arrival.

A wonderful story deserves a wonderful end. Go to Hampden and believe you can finish the job. Because you can - whoever the opposition. Play with with the freedom and the expression which has carried the the dream this far and the prize is yours. For me, another adventure across the northern Pennines on Wednesday for the re-arranged game with the Jags is the least I can do to send along the good wishes of Teesside, and pay my respects to those who refused to let the soul of football die.

Geoff Thomas
Middlesbrough Season Ticket Holder,
Local MP Russell Brown has hailed Queen of the South's "Hampden Heroes" after the Dumfries side's unbelievable 4-3 victory over Premier League club Aberdeen, to take them into their first ever Scottish Cup final.

Russell Brown said, "One newspaper described Queens' passage to the final to have been as spectacular as Cleopatra's entry into Rome, and I don't think anybody would argue with that! Saturday's Hampden thriller will surely go down in Scottish Cup folklore as one of the greatest ties of all time, and Queens' amazing victory is testament to the hard-work, determination and never-say-die attitude of the players and coaching staff.

"Reaching the cup final is just an unbelievable achievement for a club that only became full-time this season. The feel-good factor and confidence that Queens have injected into Dumfries have given the town a massive lift. It also means that the window display in our office, and some of the businesses in the town will stay up for at least another six weeks! And I'm sure many other businesses will also want to brighten up the town, and get behind the team, by steeping themselves in the blue and white of Queens.

"Heroic and historic are two words that will be forever associated with Queens' cup run this year, whatever is the result on 24 May. But one thing's for sure- half of Dumfries will again be in Glasgow that day, and the club have given all of us Queens fans every reason to believe that our Hampden Heroes will bring the cup doon hame!"

To celebrate Queen of the South's historic achievement Russell Brown will table this Early Day Motion in the House of Commons upon Parliament's return:

That this House congratulates Queen of the South in reaching the Scottish Cup final for the first time in their 89 year history following the thrilling victory over SPL club Aberdeen; notes that this is a magnificent achievement for a club that only turned full-time this year; congratulates the entire squad, manager, coaching staff, directors, back-room staff and all the loyal supporters; and wishes them well on their return trip to Hampden on 24 May.
Well wishers 14th April 2008
I would like to thank Davie Rae, Gordon Chisholm and all of the backroom staff and players .For making yesterday one the greatest days in our history

From Craig Brydson


Well done to the boys,

A great result for the club, and well deserved for all involved and all the supporters (Best in Scotland).
Hopefully its a sign of things for the future and the club can continue to progress and make the SPL.
Got to say big J.T was solid at the back and wee burnsy continues to get better and was delighted to see him get on the score sheet.

All the best for the final and future

Emilio Jaconelli


I am a Doonhamer now living in Lancashire. Absoulutely chuffed at Queens reaching the final. I was in France with my brother when we heard the result, which resulted in a mad jig round the pub we were in,the locals thought we were mad.

Many congratulations and good luck in the final,I have happy memories of watching Queens,even played at Palmerston.

Ian Scott

Match Reaction 13th April 2008
Sorry there was no Match Reaction last night. Like every other Queens' fan I was out celebrating our superb victory at Hampden. The 4-3 win over Aberdeen will be carved in the history of Queen of the South forever. On our way to the final we've played five matches and scored 17 goals--that's an average of over three a game which is unbelievable.

The cup-tie itself was last night described by BBC pundits as phenomenal, an absolute cracker and the most entertaining they'd ever seen. And how right they were!. We witnessed five goals in the space of 12 minutes which was great entertainment.

To score four goals against Premier League opposition was outstanding and how our fans lapped it up! Over 10,000 made their way to the National Stadium and it's a day they'll be telling their children and grandchildren all about in years to come.

It will be our first-ever Scottish Cup Final and a chance to play in Europe. Back in September who would ever have contemplated that?

Said an upbeat Gordon Chisholm afterwards: "We didn't come into this semi-final to enjoy a day out. We came to win!. And I'm already savouring the thought of taking Queens into Europe next season. I've tasted Europe before with Dundee United and I would love to taste it again.

"It was just a dream to get to get to the final in our first year as a full-time club. But that dream has come true. It must have been a great game for any neutrals but it was a nightmare for me!".

Added skipper Jim Thomson, "This is a great day for everyone in Dumfries. They shut the whole town down for the day and it will be the same for the final. The gaffer has done a brilliant job and we have the chance of playing in the UEFA Cup now.

"We displayed tremendous character for usually when a SPL team equalise they go on and win. But Queens don't lie down for anybody--that shows the character we have. It was a fantastic result and the biggeat day of my football career. I must admit I had a tear in my eye when that final whistle blew".

John Stewart who netted our fourth and deciding counter said, "You couldn't have written a script for a game like that--no one would have believed it. To score the winner in a Hampden semi-final was an unforgettable feeling".

A jubilant Ryan McCann didn't manage to get on the scoresheet this time but stressed, "I could hardly keep track of the score as the goals were flying in during the second half. It was like a game of Pro-Evolution Soccer on the computer as we scored then Aberdeen kept pegging us back. Some of our defending was all that great at times but we showed no fear and dug in deep. The boys are smiling so much it's like they've got coat-hangers in their mouths".

And Stevie Tosh, who scored the opener, couldn't believe he was in his second Scottih Cup final in three seasons. Added 'Tosher', "I had a wee bit of sympathy for the Aberdeen support but enjoyed our victory. I turn 35 in a couple of week's time and I'm just thankful the old legs are still going strong.

"Our dressing-room had a lot of noise coming from it but it was quiet in Aberdeen's. I take no pleasure in beating my former club but it was all about getting Queens to the final".

His midfield partner Neil MacFarlane, another ex-Don revealed, "The boss has been to the final before with Dundee United so he'll know what to expect. He's masterminded our great cup run and I feel this is an even bigger achievement for him". And yet another former Aberdeen stalwart, Jamie McQuilken, insisted, "People had written us off as a 'wee team' and 'no hopers'. But we've gone full-time this season and we've loads of experience in the side".

In contrast Jimmy Calderwood was ashen-faced as he stepped forward for his interview, and the Pittodrie manager raged, "I just hope my players feel as bad as I do. I take nothing away from Queen of the South, but to lose four goals to them was nothing short of disgraceful".

Official attendance 24,008. (QOS 10,005 Aberdeen 14,003)

Bill Goldie
Well wishers 13th April 2008
Hi there,

I am writing from Canada. I have played soccer (football) my whole life, the highest level was Seris "D" in Italy when I was 18. I am now a lawyer.

Four years ago, at age 32, I sought some trials and I had a trial with QOS. From all accounts I did well in training, and was played in a preseason friendly where I was tackled hard and injured my hip. That pretty much ended my hopes of making a great impression and making the team. John Connolly was the manager then.

Anyway, it was agreat experience, and ever since I have been following Queens. I am so happy for the club and its supporters for the Scottish Cup final accomplishment. Unreal. Go Queens go !!

Robert MacNevin


We in the States won't see the game on Setanta until Tuesday morning, but I can't wait! Congrats on the huge win, and good luck in the final!

Jason Maxwell (Internet Fan Club Member #134, now in Denver, Colorado)


Hey heroes of Queens!

Congratulations for today's outstanding victory.
I wish all of you the very best of luck in the final.

H.Martin Pedersen
Oslo, Norway.


WOW!!! Wasn't able to see the match here in the states, only the text play by play.
It was torture. Couldn't believe what I was reading.

Congrats to all of Dumfries. Wish I could have been there tonight.

Michael Born
Ellicott City, Maryland, USA


May I send my very best wishes to the Manager and all the players at Queen of the South for a fantastic result in the Cup semi-final. I have been telling all my friends that "my" team would be in the final and they didn't believe me!

I was a season ticket holder when I lived in Moffat up to the early 1960s and have followed the results ever since. I remember bringing my children to visit Palmerston Park in the late 1970s when we had a holiday back in Moffat and a kind soul showed us round everywhere. I remember being at Celtic Park for a cup tie to watch the Queens v Rangers and we lost 7 - 0, I think. Hopefully it will be different this time - if it is Rangers.

I'd love to be at Hampden for the final but I don't think it is possible but I'll be there in spirit cheering the lads on. The very best of luck.

Kind regards and best wishes.
Sandy Douglas.


Very well done to everyone connected with the club for such a great win and good luck for the final! I watched the fantastic game live yesterday and it was a great spectacle. My folks are from Dumfries and I have followed the fortunes of the club all my life.

Best wishes

Kind regards,

Helen Higginbottom (nee Carmichael)
Sale Cheshire M33 3RR


Hi guys

I'm a long time Queen of the South fan from Cornwall, England. Loved watching the game on Sky on Saturday was amazing told nearly everyone I knew to watch it and what a performance couldn't have wished for a better semi final. Won't forget that game. am now trying to find a way to get to the finals.

Adam Sibley


I was a Queen's supporter in the 1950s. Good to see them in the headlines.
Have a good final.

John Gibson, France
Photo album 12th April 2008
With over 1000 photo's taken today it will take some time to sort them all out - so if you'd like to look through them click on this link and see if you can spot yourself. Please bear in mind that it's every shot that we took and none have been deleted, tidied up or altered from the camera.
Well wishers 12th April 2008
Following on from Queens famous victory at Hampden today, the club has already received congratulatory messages from a number of former players and managers.

Our thanks for their good wishes goes to Alex Totten, Iain Scott, Alex 'Sandy' Selkirk, Warren Hawke, 'Super' Des McKeown, George 'Chopper' Dickson, Brian McLaughlin, Gary Wood, Andy Thomson and Rab Thorburn.

Best wishes also go to Des McKeown who will be running the London Marathon tomorrow - here's hoping for another personal best for Super Des.

Colin Rutherford
Well wishers 12th April 2008
i am a carlisle united follower can i just pass on my congatulations on reaching the cup final i watched the semi final what a game well done and good luck in the final.

all the best Mr Colin Barr


Hey Guys,

Very well done on that great achievement at Hampden Park today aganist Aberdeen. I wish you all the very best luck in the final, I would just love to see you lift the Scottish Cup.

Graeme Wright (Motherwell supporter)
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


To all connected with Queen of the South FC

Please accept, from this exiled Dundee United supporter, my warmest congratulations for today's outstanding victory.

I would also like to wish all of you the very best of luck in the final. I trust, no matter what happens, that you will all enjoy your big day in the sun.


Aidan Hegarty, Christchurch, New Zealand


Congratulations for the victory in the semi-final of the SFA Cup

An Italian fan from Florence (I'm inscribed on your Internet fan club :-)

I hope to be present at the final on May 24 but it is very difficult for me to come, because I am a Glasgow April 24 to see Rangers-Fiorentina Uefa cup. I'm a Fiorentina supporter.

Sorry for my English

Good Luck for the final ""



Dear Mr Rae,

Wonderful game, your eyes and smile on TV said it all. Brilliant after almost 90 years to see such an effort from all your players. You had me worried each time Aberdeen equalised, then the ball of the bar and the post. Regardless the result is what counts.

Our sincere congratulation to Directors, Management and Staff on reaching the Final.

Wishing you continued success.

Andrew C Meiklejohn.


Im Celtic supporter as Im just send you an email to say well done after beat Aberdeen and good luck at SFA Cup final at Hampden Park - hope yer team win the cup (only if Partick Th beat Rangers) - Queens of South teams did good job to keep going on...

When yer team beat Dundee few weeks ago - the 2nd goal was excellent with 75 yards shot....

More tales from the Training Ground 11th April 2008
Thursday: Well, again it was 'Lights, Camera, Action' as the media descended on our semi-final squad at Glasgow Green. Encouraged by the gaffer an KB, we had a full scale practice match and particular mention has to be given of two super strikes by Budgie Stewart. Also some world class composure by the 'White Diaby' himself, Paul Burns, sending two defenders and 'Big Shay' the wrong way twice before firing the ball into the net. With 'Tosher' running the show in midfield and big Lauchie shoring up the back, the 'golden oldies' came out on top once again.

Talking to Jimmy Lauchlan, the guy just doesn't know when to stop. Every day after training he does 300 sit-ups in the physio room then off he goes for a 5k run to work off all those sumptious 'Subway' sandwiches he's always on about.

After training the white Cafu, Ryan McCann, attempted a repeat of his now famous 84 and a half yard goal against Dundee for the TV cameras. This time from 40 yards!. If you want to know if he scored--well the word shank should answer the question.

It's great to see Neil Scally back running again--that's a sight all Queens' fans miss. But he never tires of telling anyone who cares to listen that he won all seven Queen of the South 'Player of the Year' awards last year.

The gaffer and KB have all the players in tip-top condition for the big game at Hampden and the old stadium won't know what's hit it when a 10,000 strong army of Queens' fans decend on it at high noon on Saturday.

PS Big Sean came through a good training session today, so 'fingers-crossed'.

Friday: Think there's something wrong! Turned up at training and guess what? No Sky, No Press, no Cameras! Hold on--maybe the game is off! Not to worry it would give the manager and his coaches a chance to 'fine tune' the players for tomorrow. I'm happy to report that everyone looks sharp and raring to go.

After training we get kitted out in the new Scottish Cup casuals and Surridge tracksuits. There won't be a smarter looking side at Hampden this year. No--make that any year!

However, a special mention has to be made of the gaffer's trainers. Someone said they were stylish in Albania about 20 years ago.

Following that it was off to Hampden for a tour of the dressing rooms and then onto the pitch. And there it was--flashing up on the two giant scoreboards--the Doonhamer's badge and Sean O'Connor's face. What a sight for sore eyes! It then proceeded to run through the full squad of 20 players--all resplendent in their Queens' strips.

After our whirlwind tour it was off to our 'hideaway' hotel in East Kilbride which has to be said is excellent and 'out of the way'. Don't want to name it as we might get about 1000 Aberdeen fans outside at midnight keeping us off our sleep.

So it was rest and relaxation until our meal at 7 pm.

Then it was 'Kerso's' quiz which he runs like a headmaster with precission and pride. This always brings the wisecrackers in the squad like Tosher, Lauchie and Scally to the fore with Jambo Jamie not far behind. But, as usual, we will have a few quips from Top Man, Colin Rutherford and other members of the Board.

So roll on tomorrow and a Queens' victory at Hampden. UP THE DOONHAMERS.

The 'Mole in the Camp'.
Oldest fan 11th April 2008
Queen of the South's oldest fan is making the 100 mile trip to Hampden tomorrow.

Andy Frazer from Dalbeattie has been supporting the Palmerston side for 74 years.

And he was at the last Scottish Cup semi-final that Queens got to the semi-final 58 years ago. for Queens.

The sprightly fan who was 91 years on Wednesday says a victory over Aberdeen would be the perfect birthday present and give Queens their first ever Hampden cup final.

"I have been going to Palmerston since 1924 and I still never miss a home game.

"I don't get to as many away games now but this is one I definitely don't want to miss. I got my tickets and my daughter and some of the family are going up," said Andy.

He added: "I have my own seat in the stand at Palmerston and don't miss games unless I its an emergency."

Andy with his tickets - By Bob Geddes, Solway Press Services, Dalbeattie
Andy was born in Dumfries only a stone's throw from Palmerston and although his mother died when he was a tot and he lived with his grand-parents, Palmerston was always on his mind.

"My grandfather took me to the matches and I've never lost interest in the club," he said.

Andy was also a keen player and through the years and played alongside the famous Queens and Scotland star Billy Houliston.

"I knew Billy well and I've seen and met most of the Queens stars down through the years. This is the big one for us now and if we can play as we have been doing in the past, then we'll do it," said Andy.

From Bob Geddes Dalbeattie
Strathclyde Police have today issued traffic advice for the Scottish Cup semi-final between Queen of the South and Aberdeen. I would be grateful if there is anyway you could add it to your website. It is available on the front page of our website at
Queens in the media 11th April 2008
BBC Radio Scotland will have live commentary of the whole match tomorrow - coverage starts at 11:30hrs. And there will highlights of the game on BBC One Scotland television at 22:30hrs.

Sandra Brown
COUNTDOWN TO THE CUP (5) 11th April 2008
Jimmy Calderwood knows full well that four ex-Dons, Stevie Tosh, Jamie McQuilken, Neil MacFarlane and John Stewart could deny his team the chance of Scottish Cup glory. The Aberdeen boss still rues the day he let Stevie Tosh leave for Gretna and hopes our star midfielder and his three colleagues don't come back to haunt him at Hampden tomorrow.

Said Jimmy, "I know for a fact they'll want to get one over on their former team and are going to make it as hard as possible for us". He insists that Tosh is the Palmerston dangerman and the best player in our side and admits, "It was a big mistake to let him go!. But at that time I couldn't offer him the same terms as Gretna were coming up with and regretably he had to leave.

"Stevie's a great character and a good man to have in the dressing-room. He's enthusiastic, hungry and he'll certainly be a threat to us.

"Up front Queens have Stephen Dobbie and Sean O'Connor who'll have to be closely watched. Between then they have netted 32 goals this season and although O'Connor is listed 50-50, I'm sure 'Chis' will play him if he can.

"I saw them at Stirling last Saturday but they were obviously not 'flat-out', which was understandable. They also had a few of their best players rested.

"Two years ago it was their near neighbours, Gretna who were 'living the dream', but now it's the turn of Queen of the South. How things can change!

"We are going into the game under no illusions. We may be favourites to win but Queen of the South will come out with 'all guns blazing' and make it a tough task for us.

"I think it's over 50 years since they were last in a Scottish Cup semi-final, so it must be wonderful for everyone associated with the club at this time".

It's 13 year since Aberdeen last lifted a major trophy and they'll be hoping that this could be their year having knocked Celtic out in the quarter finals. But he and his number two, Jimmy Nicholl will be taking no chances.

The 'Dons' manager concluded, "I sincerely hope to be celebrating a win on Saturday afternoon but whatever happens I'll be sitting down and sharing a drink or two with 'Chis' and his management team after the game".

Bill Goldie
Good luck messages 11th April 2008
Dear Sir,

I have been following the fortunes of Queen of the South for almost 30 years ever since I stayed with a family in Dumfries as a 15 year old schoolboy visiting from Belfast.

I am delighted to see the team doing so well this season and wanted to take this opportunity to wish the team every success this Saturday in their bid to reach the Scottish Cup Final.

Yours in sport
Mark Nelson

There will be some Asian support on Saturday from the regulars at the Sportsman Bar on Orchard Road in Singpaore. The bar has a Queens strip which takes pride of place along with all the other Scottish teams on the pub walls. The bar is a haven for Scots visitors to Singapore and provides free mince an' tatties and Scottish football. The owners of the Sportsman are Harry Martin originaly from Clydebank and his Asian wife Sharan.

Dear Sir,

Having been a Queens fan for sixty years although since leaving Eastriggs in 1963, to join the Army and then the Met Police, the first result on a Saturday night is the Queens. I am looking forward to Saturday 12 Noon, to see the Queens at Hampden, I remember when Aberdeen came to Dumfries with, George Farm, Paddy Buckley, Wishart, etc. The Queens sent them home with their tails between their legs. My team was Henderson, Sharpe Binning, Mc bain, Smith Greenock, Black Mcgill, the great Jim Patterson Rothera and Oakes. I wish you good luck on Saturday, I will have the Blue scarf on and in front of the tele here in Surrey. Up the Queens and go for the final, there is nothing to lose.

good luck, from John Johnstone.
Latest Information for fans 10th April 2008
1. The police advise that all fans attending the game should make their way to the stadium as promptly as possible. Please do not misjudge the time it will take you to get to and enter the stadium as there will be an estimated crowd of 23,000

2. Any fan who wishes to take a banner or large flag to the game and wishes to display it on the empty seats in Section B should approach a steward who will assist in gaining access to the area where they can be displayed.

Fans will be allowed to enter the stadium with flags on garden canes(as sold in the Club Shop). Flags on telescopic poles, as seen in Europe, are not allowed in the stadium.

3. First ScotRail is advising regular customers that trains will be busier than usual on Saturday (12 April 2008) with football fans heading to Glasgow for the 1215 Scottish Cup Semi Final between Aberdeen and Queenof the South at Hampden Park.

The train operator is also keen to ensure that football fans check train times before travelling and allow sufficient time for their journey.

Extra staff will be on hand to assist customers at stations and additional carriages will be added to services on key routes.

Due to the influx of fans, First ScotRail, in partnership with Queen of the South, is running an additional train from Dumfries and Sanquhar to Glasgow Central in both directions before and after the game. The train will depart Dumfries at 0730hrs and Sanquhar at 0757hrs and return from Glasgow Central at 1602hrs. A limited number of tickets for this train are available in advance at the booking office at Dumfries station.

Queuing systems will be in place before the game at Aberdeen, Glasgow Central, Dumfries and Sanquhar Stations and at Mount Florida and Glasgow stations after the final whistle. A ban on the consumption of alcohol will be in place on selected trains arriving into and departing from Glasgow.

Eric Moffat
Club Secretary
Queen of the South FC
COUNTDOWN TO THE CUP (4) 10th April 2008
Gordon Chisholm is confident that the togetherness and camaraderie in the dressing room and on the training ground will act as a 'twelfth man' come Saturday.

Said the manager, "We've got a great bunch of lads and a tight dressing room. We've also got our fair share of 'wind-up merchants' but out on the park they'll fight 'tooth and nail' for each other. Our successful cup run has bonded them into a strong unit and now they can't wait to take the field at Hampden.

"I've come in for a bit of banter this week but it's all good-natured fun. We've more than our fair share of jokers in the camp and I've to 'watch my back' at times as I never know what they're up to. When I wear my glasses they call me 'Capello' but I don't mind. They all know not to push it too far and when it's time to work.

"The players all realise that they might never get another opportunity to grace the hallowed Hampden turf, but we've a good mixture of youth and experience and I'm hoping they'll all pull together on the big day".

'Chis' led Dundee United to the Scottish Cup final in 2005 but lost 1-0 to Celtic. However, he'd love to make it through to the final again as manager of Queen of the South.

But he warned, "Aberdeen will be on a 'high' after claiming a top six place in the Premier League on Monday night and we'll clearly need a wee bit of luck on our side if we are to reach the final. But it can be done and I'm quietly confident.

"There's a sense of enjoyment in taking a team to the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup.We've always been viewed as a small club but I feel we're now building and people's perceptions are changing.

"Some still say we're going to Hampden for a day out, but I assure you that's not the case. It could be the 'last chance saloon' for some of our lads. I'm going there to enjoy it and so too are our players".

Team News
Added the manager, "There's question marks hanging over Sean O'Connor and also Andy Aitken, who's had a knock. They were both rested from training this morning but I'm hoping to arrive at Hampden on Saturday with a full squad".

Bill Goldie
Queens on TV 10th April 2008
Queens will be featured in the BBC Scottish News at 6.30 pm tomorrow night. Jim Patterson will be there and two old fans, Arnott Marchbank and Willie Gordon will be re-living that last semi-final at Hampden in 1950. On BBC Radio Scotland on Saturday Queens will be featured between 6.00 am and 9.00 am and again on the John Beattie Sports Weekly show which commences at 9.00 am. So why not tune in en-route to Hampden.

Also on Saturday, Radio West Sound will be talking about the big match from 6.00 am onwards which includes interviews with players and fans alike. One of their reporters will be on a Supporters' Bus for comments on the way north. Later in the day the Super Scoreboard panel will be discussing the game in depth.

Bill Goldie
Refreshments 10th April 2008
The Glasgow Licensing board have announced that the licensing hours for public houses around Hampden will be as normal on Saturday, that is 11:00am.

Several establishments in the area have indicated to the club that they are happy to provide non-alcoholic beverages as well as snacks before 11am solely to fans from Queen of the South...

The Boswell Hotel is a very pleasant Tudor villa, a short distance from Hampden on Mansionhouse Road.
Visit The Boswell for more information.
Any interested parties of Queen of the South fans should call 0141 632 9812 to arrange bookings.

The Meadows, on Merrylee Road, has recently been refurbished, and offers good food in a family friendly pub. The restaurant is located in the newly built conservatory, and a beer garden garden is located at the rear of the building. With a Sports Bar theme, there are 5 large screen televisions within the bar area.
Visit The Meadows for more information.
Any interested parties of Queen of the South fans should call 0141 629 1900 to arrange bookings.

The Clockwork Beer Company on Cathcart Road is a family friendly bar with it's own microbrewery, and is also wiling to take early bookings for lunch and snacks.
Visit The Clockwork Beer Company for the location.
Any interested parties of Queen of the South fans should call 0141 649 0184 to arrange bookings.

The Florida Park is also a 'Queens-only' pub for the Semi-Final, and will be familiar to anyone who attends Scotland matches. Equidistant between Mount Florida station and Hampden, it has it's own beer garden and is a real football-friendly establishment.

The club would like to remind all Doonhamers to enjoy their drink responsibly, and keep our reputation as having some of Scotland's finest fans intact.

Jamie Rutherford
Ticket sales going well 9th April 2008
With still three days to go, ticket sales for the cup clash with Aberdeen are going well and are now through the 23,000 barrier. Queens themselves have sold around 8,500.

Bill Goldie
Tales from the training ground 9th April 2008
It's here at last, Cup semi-final week. Monday arrives and everyone turns up 'bright-eyed and bushy tailed' to be told that the Sky TV cameras were coming. 'Dobbs', Ryan and 'Tosher' all try and squeeze into the physio's room for interviews with 'Kerso' working away in a very restricted area.

Tuesday: Over 30 members of the press decend on our training quarters for the official Press Conference. Five TV camera units were there and the gaffer was kept busy going down the line and answering all the various questions flung at him. 'Kerso' reveals that the most asked question by the media army was: 'Will Sean O'Connor be fit to play?'. And, as usual, the answer was: ' He's 50-50'. But deep down we're all hoping that the 'big man' will make it as he's such an important player.

'Dobbs' was scintillating at training. He must have scored about 25 goals in the practice session!. And that takes some doing with the goalies we have. A 0-0 result in the actual training game which followed with big Shay (Stephen Grindley) and Jamie MacDonald unbeatable.

After training ends we head for 'Oculeye' the opticians in Glasgow. We're all getting Armari sunglasses!. This 'Auld Scottish Cup' is the life with 'freebies' getting handed out. So, there we were, all posing in the rain wearing our new sunglasses looking daft.

But let's hope the sun shines for the Queens on Saturday.

The mole in the camp.
Another supplement 9th April 2008
Look out for another cup supplement in the 'Courier' on Friday. It contains interviews with the Chairman and Manager, also Jim Thomson, Andy Aitken and Aberdeen's Barry Nicholson--a Dumfries boy himself. Other features include a 'Fans Section' with supporters airing their views and a match prediction by their very own 'Mystic Meg', Lara.
COUNTDOWN TO THE CUP (3) 9th April 2008
Doonhamers will be travelling from near and far to make it to Hampden on Saturday. And one exile who's particularly looking forward to the match against Aberdeen is 73-year-old Pat Scott who is travelling up with her husband, Greg (a Chelsea supporter) from their home in Tunbridge Wells.

Pat gives her maiden name, Scott, as that's what folk knew her as when she was in Dumfries. She stayed in Victoria Road and later moved to Suffolkhill Avenue where she was a neighbour of ex-Queen of the South Director/Secretary, Lewis Russell.

Says Pat, "I'm just back from visiting my brother in Australia and we'll be meeting up with my other brother, Robin Scott and his daughter, to go to Hampden. Robin was at the last semi-final when Queens met Rangers back in 1950--I didn't make that game but I was at the quarter-final tie against Aberdeen at Palmerston that same year when we drew 3-3, and I still have the match programme at home to prove it.

"I also attended that Queens v Hearts cup-tie in 1952 which attracted a record crowd of over 26,000 to Palmerston. I was crushed in like a sardine and my brother was sat on a grass verge around the track".

She used to collect autographs when she was young and still has the signatures of most of the Queens' players from the 1950's and adds, "I got Jimmy Binning, Wattie Rothera, Alex Smith and Jimmy McGill while travelling back home on a train from a Raith Rover's match and I still remember the last game I saw which was against Falkirk at Palmerston".

Pat also has happy memories of her schooldays at Dumfries--particularly her years at the Academy. She recalls, "The teachers then were real characters but they demanded respect--unlike today!. Some of the names still 'roll of my tongue' such as, 'Chubby' Russell (who taugh history), 'Titch' Hay, 'Chuckie' Howden, 'Curly' Adamson and 'Dolly' Williams (who taught French). All good teachers--firm but fair!".

We all hope Pat's long trip will not be in vain and she'll be making that return journey to the South of England celebrating a Queens' victory.

Bill Goldie
New Scarf 9th April 2008
We have a collectors special edition scarf now available from the club shop as shown below. It's just 10 - first come - first served. The badges commemorating the game are also available at the club shop so again be quick. We're open between 6.00pm and 8.30pm for the rest of the week.

Special for the game

Now in the shop - but be quick!

John Paterson
Breakfast in the Tree House 8th April 2008
The Tree House Cafe will be open on Saturday from 7am to provide those travelling to Hampden with breakfast.
COUNTDOWN TO THE CUP (2) 8th April 2008
Queens fans are now 'counting the days' until the big semi-final kick-off. Tickets are still selling well and between the two clubs, around 19,000 briefs have already been snapped up. It's one of the biggest days in our club's history with a Scottish Cup Final only 90 minutes away and well within our grasp. So no wonder the whole of Dumfries is buzzing with anticipation.

But manager, Gordon Chisholm insisted, "I'd go as far as to say it will be the biggest day ever for Queen of the South. It's a massive occasion for us all! It feels an awful long time since we beat Dundee in the quarter-finals and it's been very difficult for the players to stay focussed on league fixtures. We've tried not to think about the Aberdeen cup-tie too much, but human nature being what it is, it was practically impossible not to.

Chis watches the action
"We've had three hard matches in the run-up to the Cup. All were against sides 'fighting for their lives' and the conditions in all three games were terrible. They certainly didn't make it easy to play good football and it takes it's toll. But, fortunately, apart from a few bumps and bruises we'll have 18 fit players at our disposal on Saturday as there were no injuries or 'red-cards' at Stirling.

"The big question mark of course is Sean O'Connor. He's been in for light training those past couple of days but we'll monitor him on a daily basis and decide on the day of the match whether to risk him or not. Sean's such an important player and it would be a huge boost for us if he makes it.

"However, with the big day creeping closer we're all really looking forward to it now. It's a new groundbreaking experience for most of our lads--especially with it being shown live on Sky TV. We're thinking professional and following some light training on Friday morning we're heading straight for Hampden for a guided tour of the stadium.

"Some of the boys have played there before and know what it's like, some of them have been there for international matches but others have never yet set foot in our National Stadium. It will let them see what it's all about!. We tried to get a quick training session arranged for when we were there but the answer was a firm 'No-No'.

"We'll arrive at the ground about 10.45 am on Saturday morning and then it will be down to business. No doubt the Aberdeen fans will outnumber us but I'm sure our supporters will more than hold their own in the noise factor".

Bill Goldie
Press Conference 8th April 2008
There was a big turnout for our official pre-cup Press Conference at Glasgow Green today. Five TV camera crews were present along with two Radio Stations and 21 journalists. It's great to be famous!

Bill Goldie
COUNTDOWN TO THE CUP (1) - 'Tosher' on the Cup 7th April 2008
Stevie Tosh is a player who has seen plenty of action in his years in the game but he still cherishes every chance he gets to play at Hampden Park. Says the Fifer, who hails from Kirkcaldy and refers to it as 'God's Country', "When you're standing there in the tunnel just waiting to take the field all kind of thoughts go racing through your brain. Butterflies are fluttering in your stomach and the old legs feel like jelly.

"Then the ref gives the 'nod' and you troop out onto the hallowed turf with the roars of the respective fans ringing in your ears. Some players who have been in the game for years never get the chance to savour this occasion--so I'll be saying to all our young lads, 'Enjoy it when you can'!

Tosher breaks free
'Tosher' is a player who's been there on Scottish Cup semi-final duty before but recalls, "I've experienced both sides of the coin!. My first taste was when I was with Livingston and we met Hibs. The match was always the big talking point in the dressing room but, on the big day we 'froze' and lost 3-0.

"However, I was fortunate enough to get a second opportunity when at Gretna and we made it to the final, beating Dundee in the semis to meet Hearts. Unfortunately we lost in a penalty 'shoot-out' but it was an afternoon I'll never forget.

"Out of those two options I know the one I preferred, even though we didn't win the Cup. And I'll be getting that point through to all our players in the hotel on the Friday night prior to the game itself.

"This match means an awful lot to me as we may never get this far in the Cup again. I won't be taking anything for granted as it's a very special day for our fans, the Board of Directors and, of course, the players themselves. And I'm sure half of Dumfries will be there to cheer us on. Our players should really appreciate how big a day Saturday will really be. But I'm sure they will, once that whistle blows, and the experience will live with them forever".

It's 58 long years since Queen of the South were last in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup and Stevie admits, "I was still a long way from even being a 'twinkle in my father's eye' so we must make the most of it. The experience may never come again for another 50 years. So I'll be harping on to youngsters likes of Bob Harris, Paul Burns and Brian Gilmour to enjoy it--for I'm going to!

"However, I'm sure they'll all cope admirably as there's plenty of seasoned campaigners like Jim Thomson, Andy Aitken, Neil MacFarlane and Jamie McQuilken out on the park to keep them right.

"They'll be a lot of commaraderie on that Friday night before the match and I trust it will give those young players a taste of 'what it's like at the top'. Playing at the National Stadium is such a tremendous and emotional occasion and the opposition, Aberdeen, might just enlighten them to the level they must try and achieve if they hope to make it big in the game.

"The 'Dons' are one of my former clubs and also one of my favourites, but come the semi-finals, I'll be all out to beat them.

"When I arrived at Palmerston I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't at my best. It was a hard time as I'd been out of football for over seven weeks after leaving Gretna and my fitness level was well below standard. Then I picked up a nasty injury which saw me sidelined for another few weeks and I was beginning to even doubt myself.

"At one time I had seven clubs after my signature but I chose Queens and, once I got over that bad spell, I started to really enjoy my football again. I've no regrets whatsoever at coming to Palmerston!.

"Gordon Chisholm is a good manager and a great guy into the bargain.He's been there and done it! He played in finals and semi-finals on both sides of the border and managed Dundee United in a final as well. And don't let his outward appearance fool you--'Chis' is a man with fighting spirit in all departments".

Bill Goldie
Special Supplement 7th April 2008
Look out for a special Cup Supplement in Thursday's 'Galloway News' and Friday's 'Standard'. It has interviews with the 'legend', Jim Patterson; skipper, Jim Thomson; Andy Aitken; Stevie Tosh; the manager, Gordon Chisholm and the Chairman himself, David Rae. It called 'The Road to Hampden' and has pen-pictures of all the Queens' players.
Beers and Bacon Rolls 7th April 2008
'Mine host' at the Caven Arms, and semi-final player sponsor, Gary Jeffries is opening between 7.00am and 9.00am on Saturday morning to ensure that the travelling fans get something to line their stomachs with. So all you fans wishing to have pre-match beers & Bacon Rolls before setting off to Hampden you know where to go.
"C'MON ON THE SOUTH" SAYS MP 7th April 2008
Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown has wished Queen of the South the best of luck ahead of their historic Scottish Cup semi-final clash with Aberdeen on Saturday.

Russell Brown said, "Dumfries has been absolutely buzzing with excitement since the quarter-final win against Dundee which set up this historic occasion for Queens. Everyone at the club, the players, manager, coaching and backroom staff, and especially committed chairman Davie Rae, deserve massive praise for making the Hampden dream and reality for all of us Queens fans.

"Whatever happens at Hampden on Saturday, and let's all hope Queens can take their Scottish Cup adventure to the ultimate level, it truly will be an amazing and unforgettable day out for the thousands of Doonhamers who'll be making the trip to Glasgow. So best of luck to the Queens. C'mon the South!!"

To celebrate Queens' semi-final trip to Hampden Russell Brown MP and Elaine Murray MSP have decorated the shop front window of their Friars Vennel office.

Russell Brown and Elaine Murray with Queens Chairman Davie Rae outside Russell and Elaine's office window display.
Debenture Tickets 4th April 2008
The SFA have released a number of Debenture tickets. They are premium seats in the centre of the South Stand where dress is smart casual with no club colours.

Tickets at 23 provide a premium seat only.

Tickets at 40 provide a premium seat, access to a lounge for two hours before the game and 1 hour after the game, with a pay bar and pay snack bar.

There is a hot drink and pastry at half time. You also get a Souvenir Match Programme.

Orders should be placed with the Club Office.

Eric Moffat
Club Secretary
Queen of the South FC
Hampden Traffic Arrangements 4th April 2008
Would all fans travelling to Hampden for next weeks Scottish Cup sSemi-final please refer to the documents below.

1. Traffic Routes as provided by Strathclyde Police

2. Prohibition of Alcohol on vehicles

3. Disabled Parking and Coach Parking

Eric Moffat
Special newspaper 4th April 2008
Supporters unable to pick up a copy of the Up for the Cup souvenir newspaper from Palmerston, will be able to do so at Forthbank tommorrow directly from myself in the away section.

Similarly, as with any items we retail, any ex-pat Doonhamers can call Palmerston Park on 01387 254853 and arrange payment (P&P may apply).

Jamie Rutherford
Special Edition Strip Ready Now 3rd April 2008
The semi-final shirts are now at Palmerston and will be ready for collection by those who have ordered them on Sunday between 12.00pm and 4.00pm. They are also available to purchase from Barbours, the Tourist Board, Hogg's Newsagents in Great King Street, Johnstone Sports - Kirkcudbright and the Sport and Trophy Centre - Lockerbie.

All postal orders are on their way now.

John Paterson
You may travel by the railway line! 3rd April 2008
Scottish Cup Semi Final - Aberdeen V Queen of the South Saturday 12th April 2008. KO 12 15.

I have organised a special train in conjunction with First Scotrail for those football fans travelling to see the team take on Aberdeen at Hampden Park.

Train will depart from Dumfries at 0730 and Sanquhar at 0757 arriving Glasgow Central at 0911.

Fans will then travel onwards by regular service to Mount Florida/Kings Park.

Departure from Glasgow Central will be at 1602 arriving Sanquhar 1725 and Dumfries 1752.

A special ticket has been produced and will only be valid on Special train only, but is valid for onward and return service from Mount Florida/Kings Park. Total price 14.50

Tickets are adult only fares, children can travel, but same fare applies.

Tickets will be retailed at Dumfries station only from noon Friday 4th April until they are all sold out. Subject to availability and seat guaranteed.

Alcohol is prohibited on trains, are non refundable, and no further discount is available with this ticket.

The train service is run solely by First Scotrail, with the approval of the club.

Jamie Rutherford
Special newspaper 3rd April 2008
The official cup souvenir newspaper is now available to purchase for just 2 at Palmerston, as well as John Low Newsagents in Castle Dougles, and the Annandale Observer Offices (96 High St) in Annan.

Make sure you get yours before we sell out!
Jamie Rutherford
Ticket Sales 2nd April 2008
Over 6600 tickets have so far been sold.

25, and 22 tickets are sold out.

We only have 18 tickets for the West Stand and we are currently selling tickets in Section A5, along with Family Section tickets currently in Section A7. Section B1 will soon be opened as a Family Section.

There are only a few tickets left for the Buses being run by the Club at 10 each.

Tickets will again be on sale on Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from the Club Office.

They will also be on sale at the following times:

Sunday 6th - 12 noon to 4 p.m.
Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th April from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Any queries should be addressed to the Club Office on 01387 254853

Eric Moffat
Club Secretary
Queen of the South FC
Special newspaper 2nd April 2008
Make sure you pick up your special Up For The Cup newspaper before the Semi-Final. It's a special souvenir editiom, jam packed full of interviews, stats and stories to get your mouth watering before the big day in Glasgow. The centre pages also feature an exclusive pull-out poster of the cup squad to adorn your bedroom wall!

For only 2 - it's a 'must have' item! Pick up yours now from the shop and office at Palmerston, before we sell out of this limited item.
Jamie Rutherford
Scottish Cup in Dumfries 2nd April 2008

Queen of the South Captain, Jim Thomson, is pictured with the Scottish Cup and children enjoying the Easter Soccer Camp at King George V, Dumfries. Jim was delighted to lay his hands on the Scottish Cup and hopes this will be the first, but not the last time that he lifts the famous old trophy!

The Scottish Football Association and Dumfries and Galloway Leisure & Sport are working together to deliver 4 day football camps from 10am in each week of the Easter holidays for 5 - 12 year olds. Each child will receive a free gift and certificate. For prices and information telephone 01387 245918/

Margaret Heuchan
Photograph - Angus McDougal
Club Shop 27th March 2008
The Club Shop at Palmerston will be open on Sunday between 10.00am and 4.00pm. On the 6th April the Club Shop will open between the hours of 12.00pm and 4.00pm. Then on the Monday through to Friday the Club Shop will open between 6.00pm and 8.30pm.

John Paterson
Hampden Hospitality 25th March 2008
Special Edition Badge 22nd March 2008
A special edition semi-final badge is also in production at the moment and will be available for purchase from the Club Shop from the 1st April 2008.

The badge is priced at 3.00 and can be supplied mail order by phoning the office at Palmerston on 01387 254853. The p&p to be added is:- UK orders 3.50, oversea's orders 4.50.
John Paterson
Special Edition Strip 21st March 2008
To commemorate the achievement of reaching the semi-final of the Scottish Cup for the first time in 58 years Queens have produced an all new strip just for the occasion. This strip will be worn by the team on Saturday 12th April and you too could be wearing the same top. It is strictly limited in numbers and although available in all sizes it is expected to sell out very soon.

Orders are now being taken via email direct to and via telephone orders to the office at Palmerston during normal business hours. Shirts will be delivered prior to the semi-final so you should be able to match the sides colours as you cheer the history making 11 on.

John Paterson
Cup arrangements 20th March 2008
Scottish Cup Semi Final
12 April 2008
Sale of Tickets
Queen of the South fans will be housed in Sections P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 and P6 in the BT Scotland South Stand, and then in Sections A1 to A7 in the West Stand at Hampden Park.

Prices will be:

South Stand

West Stand

There will be a Family Section at the front of the West Stand
Adults 15
Children 5 maximum of 4 per adult.

Tickets will be sold to:

Season Ticket Holders only:
On Sunday 30 March 2008 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Season Ticket Holders, Voucher Holders and Shareholders
On Monday 31st March from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tuesday 1 April 2008 from 10a.m. to 3 p.m. (See details for coaches below)

General Sale
On Wednesday 2, 3, and 4 April 2008 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Tickets may be purchased from the Club Office at Palmerston in person, by post with a cheque or by telephone with use of credit/debit card. There will be a 1 per ticket charge for persons using a credit/debit card. Tickets ordered by post or telephone will be posted out by first class post.

Any person who has organised a coach to the game and has not yet done so should contact the Club Office asap to advise details of the coach (organiser,operator, size etc).

Organisers' of coaches should collect names and addresses of passengers along with their ticket requirements and cash and bring it to the Club Office when appropriate tickets will be allocated on Tuesday 1 April 2008 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

There will be no reasonable limit on the number of tickets sold to any individual.

Eric Moffat
Club Secretary

Dons win through 18th March 2008
In the Scottish Cup quarter final replay tonight Aberdeen ran out 1-0 winners against Celtic. This sets up a Queens versus Aberdeen semi-final on April 12th at Hampden Park with a 12.15pm kick-off.
The Doonhamers travel club buses to the Scottish semi final tie on April the 12th will be members only.The strict deadline to join the travel club is tomorrow Saturday 15th March at 2:00pm in the Palmerston lounge bar.

The buses will leave old Tesco car park at 8:00am picking up at Moffat.Prices will be adults 5 and juniors 3.The deadline to book a seat is 2:00pm on the 29th March to book a seat phone the travel club hotline on 07834687830 between 9am and 9pm.A ticket must be purchased for the buses before the day of the match.More details will follow when tickets will be on sale.

It has been arranged for the Doonhamers travel club to have a block purchase of tickets any member who wishes to book a seat along with other members must inform Jim when booking their bus seat more details will follow once Queens have ticket details e.t.c.

Please note as normal all our buses are strictly no alcohol.Any questions on the above please contact Ross on 07809490650 between 9am and 9pm.

Ross Corbett
COACHES TO HAMPDEN 14th March 2008
Will everyone who is organising or has already booked a coach to Hampden please contact the office either by telephone (01387 254853) or e mail ( or in person and provide the following information:

Name of Group (if appropriate)
Name of Organiser
Organiser's telephone number
Coach Company
Number of coaches
Number of Seats on coach

Please provide this information before Wednesday 19th March so that we can use the information when ordering tickets from the SFA at the planning meeting on Thursday 20th.

A block of tickets will be issued for the coach, after they go on sale.

There will be no need for vouchers for all passengers nor for individual passengers to collect their ticket from Palmerston.

The Club have booked a limited number of coaches and we will be selling seats on a coach at the same time as we sell the tickets for anyone who is not part of an organised group. These coaches will be leaving from Palmerston Park at 8-30 a.m. on 12.4.08

Further information about tickets will hopefully be available after the planning meeting at Hampden on Thursday 20th March.

Eric Moffat
Club Secretary
Win VIP tickets at Hampden 12th March 2008
The club are offering the opportunity for two lucky supporters to win VIP hospitality tickets at our forthcoming Scottish Cup Semi-Final at Hampden Park.

Everyone who buys or has bought a ticket to the forthcoming Queen of the South Burns Supper will be entered into the draw - and the lucky supporter will win 2 VIP tickets to watch the game in style in the executive area of the ground.

So not only will be able to enjoy a great night of football and fare at the Cairndale, but you also stand a chance of winning the tickets of a lifetime.

Tickets are 25 (attendance at the Burns Supper on the 28th March is optional) and to purchase one, you can call in at Palmerston, call Jamie Rutherford on 07763 373817 to reserve your place, or call 01387 254853 and pay over the phone. We'll accept cards, cash and cheque, as we realise this is an opportunity that Doonhamers all over the country will not want to miss!

The draw will be made at the QoS Burns Supper at the Cairndale Hotel on the 28th March. Get your tickets to enter the draw now before it's too late!

Jamie Rutherford
The manager's reflections 10th March 2008
In his post-match interview on Saturday, Gordon Chisholm remarked, "I'm looking forward to a nice drink tonight". But he was quick to admit today, "I did go out on Saturday night for a drink, but I didn't really need it. I was already on a 'high' after that tremendous display. All I wanted to do was to sit back and savour our magical moment.

"It will go down in the Queen of the South history books!. It's 58 years since the club last made it to the semi-finals, so we should all take the glory when we can.

"The wind may have marred the first half and I also felt there was a lot of pressure on players and fans alike. But Stephen Dobbie's goal was the spark that ignited the game and set it alight. After that the tension lifted, the football became more relaxed and our supporters found their voices.

"As the minutes ticked by it became more nerve-wracking but Ryan McCann's wonder strike from 84 yards capped a great victory. What a way to end a match!. It was like something out of 'Roy of the Rovers'. It was a game I'll never forget and I was thrilled for players, fans and particularly for the Chairman.

"We have a good balance of youth and experience now. Some of our senior pros like Stevie Tosh, Jamie McQuilken and Neil MacFarlane have played in cup-ties at Hampden before, but what an experience it will be for the likes of Paul Burns and Bob Harris. The whole place will be buzzing as it's such a big occasion. From my own person point of view I'd put it on par with the day I led Dundee United out at Hampden as manager in the Scottish Cup final.

"I watched the Aberdeen v Celtic match on TV on Sunday and when Celtic netted that late equaliser I had mixed feelings. If we meet Aberdeen we'd have a better chance to progress further, but Celtic would probably fill Hampden and give is a much bigger gate. But whoever it is we'll be going there in a positive frame of mind, not just to make up the numbers".

Bill Goldie
Tickets for Semi Final of Scottish Cup 2008 10th March 2008
Final arrangements for the Semi Finals will not be made until 20 March 2008 when hopefully the Quarter Final winners will be known.

A similar system to that used for the sale of tickets for our Quarter Final Match will be repeated, to ensure that Season Ticket Holders, Voucher Holders and Shareholders of the Club, have the opportunity to purchase tickets.

To this end Vouchers will be issued to all persons paying to enter the ground for the Queen of the South v Dunfermline Athletic game on Saturday 15 March 2008. Season Ticket holders will use Voucher No 2 from their Season Ticket Book.

On the first day that tickets are offered for sale they will be for Season Ticket Holders only, while on the second and third days they will be for Season Ticket Holders, Voucher Holders and Shareholders. The following day tickets will be offered for general sale.

Dependant on the number of tickets allocated to us it MAY be possible to permit the sale of more than one ticket per voucher.

Any person organising a coach, if they wish, may collect a Voucher from each person booked on their coach and bring them along with the price of the ticket to the Club Office in order to purchase a block of seats together.

The purpose of making these arrangements is to make the purchase of tickets as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Further details will be announced as soon as they are available.

Eric Moffat
Club Secretary
Semi-final date 10th March 2008
The date for our Scottish Cup semi-final tie against Aberdeen or Celtic at Hampden has been fixed for Saturday, 12th April with a 12.15 kick-off. The game is to be televised 'live' on Sky TV

Bill Goldie
Some interesting facts 9th March 2008
Never mind what the Romans did for Britain, let's talk about what Gordon Chisholm's done for Queen of the South. 'Chis' received some unwarranted criticism in early season when we were struggling with injuries and suspensions--but just look at us now!.

Into the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup for the first time in 58 years; played four cup-ties to date scoring 13 goals and keeping 'clean sheets' in all four; have now gone ten games undefeated, lost only once since Boxing Day and scored 28 goals into the bargain.

Following that poor start, which saw us drop to second bottom, we're now sitting comfortably in fourth place in the table. So let's give credit where credit is due!.

Bill Goldie
Celtic still alive 9th March 2008
An injury-time equaliser for Celtic at Pittodrie this afternoon kept our dream of a glamour tie with the Parkhead side alive. So, Gordon Strachan, you can breathe again.

Bill Goldie

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