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QUEEN OF THE SOUTH 0 : 3 DUNDEE UNITED 5th February 2005
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Name or IFC No.
What a shame; everything was set up for a cup shock, a beleaguered opposition manager, opponents who had just come off the back of a 7-1 defeat and were struggling in their league, all the media hype you could have wished for and to cap it all an absolutely superb attendance of over 5,500, all crammed in to see the 'big cup shock'. The only down side was the performance of the team that at least 4,800 of the crowd had turned up to see. The after match reports were unified in their disappointment at a 'tame' Queens side who disappointed all who witnessed them this afternoon. Not once did we threaten the United goal and to add insult to injury the three goals scored by United were all due to 'comedy' defending by the home side. Although having said that United fully deserved the victory with a very professional performance from players to a man more impressive than their first division counterparts.

The game itself was one in which Queens never really got going, and it was yet another early goal given away as is the norm in our 'big' cup matches in recent years. Twelve minutes was all that it took for United to go in front with Jim Thomson managing only to flick the ball with his head and at full stretch over his defensive line and into the path of Jim McIntyre, the former Killie striker controlled the ball beautifully before smashing it past Colin Scott and into the far corner of the net.

Scott can do nothing as McIntyre slams it home.
A second goal could have come just six minutes later and it was only the offside flag that prevented a Barry Robson header counting as number two.

The next action of note was another embarrassing moment as 'keeper Colin Scott was caught out whilst Mark Wilson crashed the ball towards goal from around thirty yards out. The effort was speculative and normally an alert Scott would have had the easiest of jobs to step across and collect the ball, however for some reason Scott's reaction was late and his attempt to collect turned into a fumble that saw the ball squirm through his arms, between the post and his body and end up in the back of the net for number two - oops!

The other way Jim!
United were producing some nice football with Queens unable to create anything for the front two to feed on. On thirty eight minutes a sweeping United move down the left saw a cross ball find its way to Willie Gibson at the back of the six yard box, somehow Willie managed to miss-hit his attempted clearance straight to the feet of Stuart Duff who promptly fired the ball straight into the back of the net to end any chance of the game becoming a contest.

On the stroke of half-time former Falkirk star Mark Kerr had a spectacular effort that just shaved the post but would have been a superb goal had it gone in.

About as close as we got!
The half-time team talk and the substitution of Willie Gibson for Brian McLaughlin appeared to give Queens a bit more purpose and direction with McLaughlin providing some ammunition for the strikers through his jinky runs down the left. Emilio Jaconelli, when he came on for David McNiven also injected a bit more effort up front but in reality United were content with 3-0 and always appeared to have a little bit left in reserve if they needed it.

In summary Queens disappointed the large and expectant crowd today and with two tough matches coming up they have some work to do to encourage those 'floating' supporters to part with their hard earned cash again!

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